The Spiritual Meaning of Smelling Lavender

Spiritual meaning of smelling lavender

The spiritual meaning of smelling lavender is that you should trust God and the Universe. It brings a message of emotional, physical or even a spiritual healing.

It also calls on you to trust.

Trust in that innate intelligence within you that has the power to heal all your wounds.

Lavender is a symbol of healing and purity. In the Bible, lavender was a symbol of grace, royalty, and healing.

It was believed that the lavender flower can reveal your innermost dreams and desires.

This occurrence of smelling something like lavender spontaneously without an obvious source close by is really a spiritual experience.

It is a synchronicity and a way for Spirit or your guides to communicate with you.

What Does The Smell of Lavender Signify?

What does the smell of lavender signify

Have you ever experienced visions of being inside a house and suddenly a wind rushing into it? The wind is carrying an aroma with it.

Well, I had a vision once and I smelled a lavender scent as if the wind carried the aromas.

Lavender, one of the most popular flowers has been around for thousands of years. From ancient Egypt to Ancient Romans.

It gives away a feeling of serenity and calmness.

This herb has a long history and it is found all over the world and has an important place in many cultural and spiritual traditions.

It has a delicate and light smell. It is a very distinct scent. Once you’ve smelled it you’ll recognize it always. Generally, the lavender scent is mild and many find it pleasant.

Because lavender offers a stress-reducing scent it is used in self-care products. The word lavender itself comes from the Latin word ‘’lavare’’ which means to wash.

Pay Attention

Romans have used the fragrance of lavender in their baths since ancient times. If you smell lavender and you are not able to see it in your surroundings that is a message. You must pay attention. Now, the message may differ according to your situation.

Yet, you must always be open to receiving messages from lavender. The smell of lavender is a good reminder that you are not alone. Even though, you feel lonely from time to time.

Be hopeful because something good is coming your way. Every time I smell lavender, I can sense the presence of the Universe all over me, protecting me.

Winds of Change

Smelling Lavender aroma also means that you should trust God’s Winds of change.

Embrace the winds.

Embrace the changes happening in your life.

Be open because God or Spirit is the reason for any season in your life. He protects you and makes plans for you while you’re asleep.

Remember, Lavender is a Heavenly aroma. If you feel the odor of the lavender, take it as a symbol that you have a soft and tender heart.


People with this kind of heart genuinely care and love others. They look for the good in other people. Because the lavender flower symbolizes tenderness the universe sends the lavender smell to you to inspire you to develop a soft heart.

You need to develop a heart that easily loves other people and sees only the best in them.


Lavender is also a symbol of progression. It means that you are making progress in your life. You don’t need to wait for the manifestation.

All you need to do is have more faith in the Universe.

What Does Lavender Symbolize in the Bible?

What Does Lavender Symbolize in the Bible

The Bible is one of the ancient texts that mention lavender. Although, not necessarily in the same way that we know it.

In biblical texts, lavender is often referred to as nard (from the Greek name for Lavender).

Under this name, it appears numerous times throughout the Bible. And it is most often associated with the amazing scent that ancient people prized.

It was often transformed into exclusive perfumes and oils that were used to purify and heal.

A passage of the Bible mentioning Lavender includes:

‘Then Mary took a pound of ointment of spikenard, very costly, and anointed the feet of Jesus. She wiped his feet with her hair. And the house was filled with the smell of the ointment.

Gospel of John, 12:3

Other passages from the Bible explain how Lavender got its unique scent. It is believed that Adam and Eve took the lavender plant from the Garden of Eden.

However, when Virgin Mary laid the clothes of infant Jesus onto the lavender bush to dry the plant was bestowed.

Virgin Mary also anointed Jesus after he was crucified. When she was preparing him for the burial ceremony she used lavender. She washed his feet because he was the Son of God, a ‘’sent one’’ from Heaven.

Lavender is referenced more than one hundred times in the Bible.

The meaning of lavender for Hebrews is the flower that was used as an offering in the Jerusalem temple. Lavender in the Bible symbolizes royalty.

The Lavender flower also symbolizes devotion, serenity, grace, and calmness. The lavender has a purple color and God uses that color as a symbol of royalty. That means that through the lavender plant, God is encouraging you to never settle for less than what you deserve.

God is inspiring you to aim higher.

Dare to do bigger things.

The purple color speaks of luxury and elegance. The flower of Lavender reminds us that we deserve all the fine things in life. We deserve to enjoy life.

It doesn’t matter how hard things can get we should take a deep breath and exhale negativity. It is also associated with the crown chakra.

The crown chakra is the central energy of spiritual connectivity. Lavender in the Bible also symbolizes new beginnings. Jesus is the door. And he can guide you to new beginnings.

Lavender is a symbol of the Virgin Mary in the Bible and that’s why it is also a symbol of purity and virtue. The plant reminds us to put in the right amount of effort so we can get rid of negative emotions and energy.

Does lavender represent healing?

People have used lavender not only for fragrances but also for healing and therapeutics. Lavender is one of the most beautiful flowers created by the Universe.

Ancient Greeks used lavender for its medicinal properties in easing headaches and gastritis. The odor of Lavender is believed to have therapeutic powers. This means that it can keep your soul calm.

Feeling stressed at work?

Smell some lavender flowers and they will take away the negative energies making you feel encouraged and happy again. In this way, we can say that lavender personifies healing.

Its fragrance carries the power to activate your chakras. Moreover, different studies have concluded that the smell of lavender can help reduce headache pain.

Its fragrance has the ability to calm the nervous system. Some studies have even discovered that women who smell lavender for 20 minutes a day during the first day of their period had less pain after 3 months.

If you dream of having a bath inside a pool filled with lavender flowers, that means that the Universe, or God, is healing you from a particular sickness.

Lavender is believed to have divine healing powers.

That is why seeing lavender in a pool is a sign of healing. If you have this dream but are not sick, then take it as a sign that someone close to you who is sick will be healed.

If you dream of receiving a lavender flower as a gift or someone gifts you a bouquet of lavender flowers it is a sign of emotional healing.

When it comes to emotional healing you need to understand something. We are not only talking about people that feel betrayed, even the stress of the day requires healing.

That stress tamper with your emotional balance. This is why you must remain open and receive this message.

A message from the universe. By receiving the lavender flower as a gift, you will find the balance you need to heal up emotionally.


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