Common Obstacles Before Manifestation and How To Overcome Them

obstacles before manifestation

Some of the most common obstacles before manifestation are loss, being confronted by your past, having an identity crisis or even unexpected challenges showing up.

Many see these as signs that your manifestation is on the way. The truth however is that the instant you have an intention, it starts to manifest.

When your idea manifests into concrete reality and experience is not for anyone to predict or know.

The law of gestation is always at play and how long it will take for your intention to manifest is different from any other person.

Looking around every corner for where it could show up and constantly asking ‘where’s my stuff’ is not a good use of your time.

This mindset is rooted in doubt. Manifestation requires absolute trust.

You have your intention and you have a practice of focusing on what you want to manifest. In Between you do not concern yourself with the how and the when.

Knowing that ‘it is done’ allows you to let go and to simply carry on with life.

There are however these inevitable obstacles that will show up before manifestation can occur. Dealing with them effectively is the key to allowing your manifestation into your life.

Most people shut down when obstacles show up – not because they stop wanting what they want to manifest but because they misread what these obstacles mean.

7 Common Obstacles Before Manifestation

Any and every obstacle to your manifestation is only a thought. What happens on the outside world are completely independent of what happens to your inside world.

It is never the events and circumstances but only what you think and feel about them that matters.

It is impossible to manifest anything without obstacles showing up. When you have an intention to manifest something you will be confronted with everything that is in the way.

There are 7 common obstacles before manifesting what you intend to have in your life.

They are always blessings in disguise.

Some people are confronted by these obstacles and they fail to see beyond the apparent ‘roadblock’. The most common obstacles are…

  1. The Loss of Something
  2. Identity Crises
  3. Confronted By Your Past
  4. Doing The Unfamiliar
  5. Unexpected Challenge
  6. New Opponents Show Up
  7. Seeing It Everywhere

1. The Loss of Something

One of the biggest challenges with manifesting anything you deeply desire is that the universe works in ways you can not always understand or even comprehend.

We often attract what appears to be either in direct opposition to what we want or something that seems to be contrary to what we want to be aligned with.

You may want to attract more wealth and abundance and then out of the blue you lose your job. You may want to attract a loving relationship and out of the blue someone you love leaves your life.

This apparent ‘loss’ is almost always a sign that the universe is ‘clearing space’ for something new to come into your life.

The challenge is that we often look at this and think it is ‘wrong’ and that your manifesting is not working because you are attracting something that appears to contradict what you ultimately want.

This is one of the biggest obstacles before manifestation. Do not fall into this trap.

When there is any apparent loss or when anything leaves your life you should pay close attention because at some level you attracted it.

Most often it is necessary to make way – to clear space and to be able to allow what you want to manifest to come to you.

2. Identity Crises

It is important to understand something very fundamental about manifesting. To attract and manifest anything new into your life you will have to become a new person at some level of your being.

When you truly change your thinking, you ultimately change your personality on some level.

Many people hold on to the very things they do not want in their life because it helps to define them

Many people spend a lifetime dieting and trying to lose weight. With the focus on the external conditions they fail to recognize that it is their identity that is responsible for them not losing weight.

When you start manifesting something new it means that what you used to associate yourself with is disappearing.

This can lead to an identity crisis.

It is the ego’s desperate attempt to keep you where you were. The ego hates change and will do anything to keep what is familiar.

When you start questioning who you are, what you are and you feel like you have an identity crisis, get excited!

This is one of the big mental obstacles before manifestation but knowing that it is leading you to where you ultimately want to be can help you raise above the feelings that drags many people down and lowers their vibration.

3. Confronted By Your Past

When you align yourself with Spirit and you raise your vibration you will ‘outgrow’ many old emotions that are often rooted in your past.

Most of the things that you desperately want to manifest in your life are somehow blocked by thoughts, beliefs and experiences from your past.

One of the major obstacles before manifestation is that you will get confronted by your past. You will be confronted by them so you can move past them.

You may have to forgive or ask for forgiveness. You may have to reconcile differences. You may have to confront suppressed emotions.

Whatever it is, these lower energy present resistance and are holding you back from manifesting what you truly want.

It is not always pleasant but it is necessary and ultimately it is very freeing to finally be rid of that inner resistance that is holding you back subconsciously.

4. Doing The Unfamiliar

It is easy to lose sight of the fact that you will have to take action to manifest what you want.

Most people spend far too much time contemplating what they want to manifest and fail to act on those intuitive nudges that will move them forward.

If you do what you’ve always done you will only get more of what you already have.

At some point you will have to get out of your comfort zone. You will need to step into the unfamiliar.

Your conscious mind will resist. It wants what is comfortable and familiar.

When you are confronted by something new and unfamiliar and you feel inspired to take action, you have to do it.

This presents a big obstacle before manifestation because most people remain bound by fear and prefer the comfort that the familiar offers.

If you feel inspired to do something, that is the universe working through you to move you to what you want to manifest.

There will always be a sense of fear and even apprehension when you do something unfamiliar but realize that unless you do something new you can not manifest something different.

5. Unexpected Challenge

When you set an intention and the law of attraction start sending you breadcrumbs to follow it can be very exciting.

When we start seeing small things manifest on the way to that ‘big thing’ it is very encouraging and it can really inspire us.

A very common obstacle before manifestation is when some unexpected challenge shows up. It often seems contrary to the smooth progress you’ve been making up to that point.

You feel like you had momentum and was moving along nicely and then all of a sudden something unexpected happens that completely throws you.

This is often one last big challenge that causes you to dramatically shift your thinking. These challenges are not there to test you.

They are there to help you change your consciousness.

It often takes a big challenge at a difficult time for us to really dig in and to look deep within ourselves.

Every single person who has achieved what we call a ‘major success’ had to overcome serious challenges and they will all attest to the fact that these challenges were the biggest blessings.

6. New Opponents Show Up

Inevitably new people show up. Sometimes they show up in a way to help you that you may not recognize at the time.

Not everybody that comes along to help you to manifest what you want come with a smile and a helping hand.

They often show up as ‘worthy opponents’ and they challenge you in many ways. It can be frustrating, deflating and cause you to lose it at times.

Realize that they come along to teach you something.

7. Seeing It Everywhere

You start seeing what you want to manifest everywhere. The challenge is that this often makes us impatient.

It can even make you feel frustrated because you feel so close to it yet its not in YOUR life yet.

It can be particularly challenging when our friends start getting that which we want to manifest most. This can make you feel like you are getting left behind and you can start questioning your own ‘process’ for manifesting.

When you start seeing what you want to manifest everywhere, do not get frustrated.

Get excited.

Can you see that it is in your life in some shape already? If you see it everywhere and it feels like a dangling carrot then it is already moving into your life.

It is a sign that you are aligned in some way with that which you want to manifest.

How To Overcome The Obstacles Before Manifestation

Be Grateful

Being grateful is not just about having a ‘warm shower’ emotionally. Yes, it feels good when you are grateful but there is much more to it.

Gratitude is an energy that overcomes most other resistant energies. It dissipates fear, and can instantly raise your vibration.

When you are confronted by any obstacles to your manifestation, it lowers your vibration. When you perceive anything as an obstacle it creates resistant thoughts.

With gratitude you shift your focus from what you do not have, what’s missing and what’s wrong to its opposite.

Everything Happens For You – Not To You

People who live life with the mindset that life is happening to them will always have a life filled with problems and issues.

When you realize that life does not happen TO you but rather FOR you then you can see the gift in every situation.

When you have an intention to manifest something and you understand that the entire universe is working for you.

It is on your side and is arranging everything for your manifestation to come to pass. Now you do not see problems as problems but as opportunities.

Everything that happens in your life acts as wayfinders and only when you truly have your eyes open can you see how it is pointing you into the right direction every step of the way.

Always Have Perspective

It is easy to lose perspective when you become consumed with what you want to manifest.

Taking time for meditation and quiet reflection is really important because it helps you maintain a ‘bigger picture’ perspective on your life.

Imagine being outside yourself and looking down at the You living this life. Being ‘removed’ from the day-to-day events and seeing it from a different vantage point will help you gain more clarity and help you maintain a sense of perspective.

Most of the problems in life are either self created or is the result of erroneous thinking. When your face is pressed up close to your life you can not see this because you lack perspective.

One of the big obstacles before manifestation is that because we do not have perspective we do not see the bigger picture of what is really at work in our lives.

We are blinded by that which is right in front of us.

Do Not Be Blinded By The Process

When the fruits of your life are growing you do not concern yourself with the growth process. You concern yourself with tending to the soil.

You nurture the environment within which your thoughts are manifesting. You CAN NOT control any other part of the manifestation process anyway.

Don’t try.

You will only get tired, frustrated and demoralized.

Be Better Than You Used To Be

The goal is never to be better than anyone else. With that competitive mindset there are never any real winners.

Being better than you used to be means that you grow in consciousness.

Ultimately it is not the final result what you manifest on a given day in the future that brings you the reward but rather what you become in your consciousness.

When your consciousness expands it can never contract again. The secret to manifesting is not to get something but to become someone that you weren’t before.

When you change your thoughts at the deepest level, you change your emotions and you change your actions. You quite literally rewire your brain and you become a ‘new’ person.

Live From Your Highest Self

Living from your Highest Self is about maintaining a sense of spirituality in your life. It is about nurturing that part of you that is beyond your physical needs and desires.

Your Highest Self, the ‘Seat of the Soul’ is who you really are.

As long as your life is consumed with the needs of the ego you will always be left wanting more.

When you are aligned with your Highest Self you have a greater sense of peace and you are able to transcend many of the mundane needs to drive so much of modern life.

Ultimately, everything you want to manifest is not for the sake of having it but rather to satisfy a deeper need within yourself.

Understanding what that deeper need is can help you immensely in overcome many of the obstacles before manifestation


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