The 1×11 Manifestation Method

1x11 manifestation method

The 1×11 manifestation method is a quick and simple daily exercise that is based on the angel number 111 to help you manifest anything you desire faster and easier.

This method gained a great following on TikTok where many users jumped on to the theory behind this technique.

The theory is that it taps into the power of the angel number 111 which is believed to hold particular significance for manifesting your thoughts and dominant vibration.

With dozens of different ideas, techniques and methods to help you manifest, the basic premise remains the same: you have to change your thoughts, your feelings and consequently your actions if you are to manifest something that is not in your life already.

The challenge with many of these manifestation techniques is that the technique itself tends to take over.

People start placing their hopes in the technique itself and not in what the technique helps them achieve.

Any and all manifestation techniques are only a means to an end. What helps you and what works for you may not help or work for another.

Not because the method is flawed but simply because the strategy may not suit your lifestyle, personality or development at that stage of your journey.

With that in mind, let’s look at the 1×11 manifestation method in more detail

The Significance of 111 And Its meaning

The very popular 3 6 9 manifestation method is based on Tesla’s ‘magical numbers’. The theory is that when you use these numbers in your manifestation practise you tap into the power of these numbers.

The 1×11 manifestation is based on the same principle and is based on the numbers 111.

These number sequences have great significance. I’ve written extensively about synchronicity and the meaning of seeing the numbers 11:11 everywhere.

The numbers 111 are ‘angel numbers’ (appearing 3 times) and its meaning relates directly to manifesting.

The meaning of the number 111 is that you are manifesting everything that you are a vibrational match to.

Be the energy you want to attract.

– Abraham (Ester Hicks)

In other words, when you see this number appearing in your life it serves as a reminder that whatever is busy manifesting is the result of your dominant thoughts and feelings.

It can serve as both a warning and an encouragement.

When you are manifesting something that is in alignment with what you really want to manifest then it simply means you have to keep doing more of what you are already doing.

When you are manifesting people, events and circumstances that you do not want then it acts as a warning – prompting you to correct your course by changing your thoughts and feelings.

How To Practise The 1×11 Manifestation Method

Practising the 1×11 manifestation method is very simple and requires only short intemissions of focus. It is ideal for busy people and can be incredibly effective if done correctly and consistently.

Here’s How You Do The 1×11 Manifestation Method:

  • Get yourself a journal and mark out 11 days – one page per day
  • Decide on one single ‘thing’ you want to manifest. Get very clear on exactly what that is.
  • Create an affirmation/statement that encapsulates what you want to manifest. Write it as if it is already part of your life and make sure the statement causes you to ‘see it’ in your mind.
  • For the next 11 days, you will write this statement out 11 times in the morning and 11 times in the evening.
  • Memorize the opening statement and write that down after you’ve written out your 11 affirmations.
  • Close your eyes, take a deep breath and place your attention on your heart. Allow yourself to settle and get still. Take just 1 minute to just ‘be’ and be still. Listen. God’s one and only voice is silence.

Opening Statement:
My thoughts and my feelings create my vibration and my vibration dictates what I attract into my life. There is a stream of abundance flowing freely in the universe and by raising my vibration I allow this stream to flow to and through me. I now direct my innermost thoughts and feelings to peace, love, joy, harmony and gratitude.

It’s important that you manage your expectations when doing this for 11 days. The purpose is not to manifest your biggest dream in just 11 days – although that could happen.

When your 11 days are over, take a break for a few days. Access where you are vibrationally. Then commit to another 11 days.

Forget about ‘how long’ it may take to manifest something.

Focus only on raising your vibration.

You need to take your attention off what you want to manifest completely and shift your focus entirely on creating a new vibration.

Manifesting is NEVER the result of what you do. No method will make you manifest anything.

When you raise your vibration and introduce something specific you want to manifest then it will manifest as an effect of your raised vibration and not necessarily because you are focussed on something specific.

For many people, focussing on something they want to manifest actually reminds of the fact that they don’t have it.

This lowers their vibration.

They may feel like they’ve tried it all and that they work really hard on their manifestations. Unless your thoughts and images of what you want can raise your vibration, you will keep attracting more of what you don’t want.

Why The 1×11 Manifestation Method Works

One of the philosophies I try to live by is that no one knows enough to be a pessimist. Those who criticize the 1×11 manifestation method for invoking the number 111 in an indirect way do have a point but who knows?

If you have an awareness of the meaning of the numbers and the sequence you do things in then that energy has to be present on what you do.

There are many law of attraction writing exercises. All of them focus on the same principle which is that writing causes thinking.

Writing helps you focus and removes mental and emotional distraction.

This is very different from just thinking about something or reciting affirmations in your mind.

When you write down your intention, you see it, you hear it and you do it. You also take a thought and give it substance – you make visible on paper.

There is no arguing how powerful and effective writing exercises are. Many of them can become very time consuming though. Scripting can take up an hour of your time every day.

When something becomes very time consuming it tends to not last very long unless you are incredibly disciplined.

The 1×11 manifestation method is fast and breaking it down into 11 day segments is something that everyone certainly can do – even with a very busy schedule.

Criticism Of The 1×11 Manifestation Method

There are two main points that I find a bit troublesome with the 1×11 manifestation method. Does writing your intentions/affirmations for 1×11 daily really invoke the power that is in the number 111?

This is the same argument I had against using Tesla’s 3 6 9 manifestation method.

The number 111 is usually a number that shows up as a guidance and is often a form of synchronicity.

Using it in this way as a strategy to invoke the manifestation references to the number may be a bit far fetched? Who know? Remember that no one knows enough to be a pessimist.

Another criticism is in the repetition of your affirmations for 11 times.

Is this enough?

One thing we know about affirmations is that it often requires a lot of consistent repetition for it to be effective.

Is more really better?

One of my coaches always said that more is not better.

Better is better.

Doing more of what doesn’t work won’t make it work any better. Its about doing less but doing it better.

What this means is that stale and dull repetitions will get you nowhere. Being truly focussed and present when writing your affirmations is the real key.

Methods like the 55×5 manifesting method is actually much more intense and when done correctly can be more effective because of the sheer amount of repetition.

Do not place your faith in the method itself. Always remind yourself that the method is a means to an end.

What is the end?

The end is to permanently change the way you think and feel and in doing so raising your vibration and changing your very consciousness.


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