14 Weird Soulmate Signs That They Are ‘The One’

weird soulmate signs

Some of the weird soulmate signs include the ability to communicate non-verbally, a strange and inexplicable attraction and their ability to trigger dormant and suppressed emotions instantly.

Soulmate relationships are very different to most other relationships.

While most movies portray it as a sort of fairy tale, the reality is that it is more of a fire-and-ice type of relationship.

Soulmates are not those who share your loves, your passions or your hobbies. They rarely match with your personality type and you are often like chalk and cheese.

Why Your Soulmate Is NOT What You Think They Are

Wayne Dyer once said that ‘your soulmate is the person you can’t stand’. What he meant with that statement is that your soulmate is not necessarily the person you lock eyes with and then live happily ever after with.

Your soulmate is the person who can really push your buttons.

It is rarely the person(s) that you only have a blissful, harmonic and joyous time with.

Yes, there is a deep connection between two souls who recognize each other at the highest level of their beings. Dr. Brain Weiss suggested that our soulmates are the people who meet in this life after we agreed with them prior to coming into this life.

We often try to control every aspect of our lives and because of this we fight the natural flow of things. This is partly why we often miss our soulmates or fail to recognize them along this life path.

Your Soulmate in Intimate and Love Relationships

We all have many soulmates. They are those souls you knew before coming into this life and with whom you agreed to spend some or all of your life with on this particular ‘trip’.

Your soulmate can be your mom, your child or even your boss.

There are no limits because soulmates take on many different roles. Each role is there to accompany you or guide you in some way through your life or some part of your life.

In our culture we tend to talk about soulmates as ‘lovers’ or romantic life partners.

While this may be the case, it is only a small portion of those soulmates that are or could be in your life.

I will however focus a bit more on soulmates as romantic life partners in this discussion because we can easily recognize many of these weird soulmate signs in our own lives and the lives of those around us.

What are the signs of a true soulmate?

What are the signs of a true soulmate

We will cover this in more detail but I first want to talk in broader terms. The idea that you bump into someone and its all love and fireworks seldom reflect a true soulmate encounter.

The signs of meeting a soulmate often comes disguised as an accident, an adversary or even a villain.

The ovverriding fact is that a soulmate is someone who you KNOW at a soul level. These are souls that you most likely shared previous lives with and whom you had an agreement or arrangement before this life.

Soulmates are those people who push your buttons. they are those souls who compell you to change, grow and often transform some or every aspect of your life.

They are therefore often those peole who you curse, despise and wish out of your life.

Once you ‘get it’ and understand the real meaning of having them in your life yolu can make some spiritual leaps forward.

The 14 Weird Soulmate Signs

14 Weird Soulmate Signs

1.You have strange and illogical feelings towards them

Most often it is someone who completely catches you by surprise. It’s usually someone you would never have thought you’d be interested in.

That is because you are connected at the ‘soul level’ and not on appearances, credentials or personality preferences.

Those low-level attractor factors is how most people ‘choose’ their life partners and it is almost never based on real, deep connections.

2. There’s a strange feeling of familiarity

Have you ever had an encounter with someone you do not know and within a very short time you feel like you’ve known them all your life?

There is a very strange sense that you somehow ‘know’ this person.

  • You just get along.
  • You just feel connected.
  • You are just on the same frequency.

This is one of those weird soulmate signs that most people brush off but in reality it is very significant.

This is not a connection to another based on likes, cultural or social similarities but it is two souls that are rekindled and who somehow ‘remember’ each other.

3. You feel comfortable just ‘being’

We all know that awkward feeling when you are alone with someone and you just can’t find the words to break the awkward silences.

There is tension in the air because there is a mismatch in your vibration.

Most people fill the silence with meaningless conversations to drown out that awkward feeling.

One of the weird soulmate signs is that you do not feel weird, awkward or even remotely uncomfortable during silences together.

You feel completely comfortable just being together. You don’t need to talk and nobody needs to say anything.

Your vibration is in harmony with each other and the silence makes you feel completely in tune with each other.

4. You don’t need external stimulation to have a good time

Most of what we do in life is aimed at managing our moods. Yes, we all work and very often we work because we ‘have to’.

Almost all the entertainment in your life is there to make you feel better. Whether it is netflix or climbing a mountain.

Very few people are happy to be together and do nothing.

It may seem weird, but with a soulmate you very often do not want to do anything. You don’t need distractions to feel good.

Being in each other’s presence is enough.

5. You communicate non verbally with ease

Language accounts for only 7% of our communication. Tonality and body language makes up 93% of all communication.

Even beyond that there is the energetic ‘interference’ between people.

When you are in a high vibration and your heart is filled with love, peace and joy then you radiate that energy.

While you can not see it, almost anyone can perceive it.

Soulmates can more easily understand each other on an energetic level. Its almost like you can ‘feel’ what the other person is feeling.

This leads to a greater sense of understanding and empathy for each other. This is weird sign, but soulmates do communicate non-verbally on a spiritual level.

6. Respect and dignity

In our culture there is this notion that ‘respect has to be earned’. Nothing can be further from the truth. When you have a more spiritual approach to life you KNOW that each person is not really ‘a person’ but a soul and you both share the same creator, the same origin and the same destination.

I love the greeting ‘Namaste’ because what it really means is that the Divinity in me greets and acknowledges the Divinity in you.

Soulmates have the deep respect for each other because their connection is at the level of the soul – that part of you that recognizes itself in another.

This is weird because there is no respect to be ‘earned’ and dignity is a given.

7. Their physical flaws are endearing to you

Far too many people deny themselves love and relationships because they have a belief that their flaw(s) are too dominant to be loved.

You may have a thousand amazing qualities, yet the two or three ‘flaws’ dominate your self image.

If you look at how most people ‘choose’ relationships then it’s really driven by deficiencies. We do our very best to hide our ‘flaws’ and buy into this cultural picture where your entire life is just perfect.

One of the weird soulmate signs is these physical flaws are not only a non-issue, they often go completely unnoticed.

When there is a connection beyond the physical and that is the foundation for the relationship then physical appearances become irrelevant.

There is not a person alive on this planet who won’t have someone else absolutely love them exactly for what they are.

Don’t lose sight of this.

Recognize those people who have flaws that you actually find endearing. It may be weird or even ‘ugly’ to a million people but to that one person it is exactly what they love.

8. You find their quirks ‘cute’ and adorable

We’ve all met some nasty, irritating or even downright unpleasant people. I often wonder with some of these people in my life…who on earth would want to be with them!?

The reality is that soulmates don’t care about character flaws either.

You can be stuttering, you can have the worst laugh, you can even be a miserable person. Your soulmate(s) will absolutely love that about you.

I have a good friend who finds her grumpy husband really ‘cute’ and his grumpiness is what she really likes about his personality, his sense of humor and his social interaction.

9. You see them as a friend (first)

There is a common misconception in relationships to not get into the so-called ‘friend zone’. Its believed to kill off all future romance and that friendship should be a secondary consideration in romantic relationships.

One of the weird soulmate signs is that your natural connection is one of friendship. Yes, there may be romantic sparks but because your connection is at the soul level, the friendship flows naturally.

What I have found is that romance in a relationship will come and go.

The friendship and that deeper connection is what acts as the real glue in any romantic relationship.

I’ve heard it said before that love is what is left over when falling in love fades away.

10. It feels like your love is “normal” and even boring

The common belief in our society is that relationships take ‘work’ and that it requires consistent effort to maintain a certain level of harmony and love in a relationship.

That may be true for the ‘average relationship’ that is founded on intellectual and emotional connections.

Soulmate relations require no ‘work’ on the relationship.

There is an automatic love that is ‘just there’ – seemingly from day one. This natural love is just there and unlike there grand love gestures that other relations need to survive your will seem quite boring.

This is a weird soulmate sign not because your love is boring but more because you don’t need grand gestures, expensive gifts or spilling your guts on Facebook to reinforce your love for each other.

11. You just ‘know’ that this person is ‘the one’

Virtually every relationship that ‘works’ and where people are madly in love even after 30, 40 or 50 years together has one common denominator.

Both parties in the relationship ‘just knew’ that the other was ‘the one’.

When you have doubts, when you have to be convinced of the person and when you are just not sure then it is a sign that your intellect, your emotions and your ego is making the decision.

When you just know – when you have that inner knowing that know one can explain then you know that you are with your soulmate.

12. You don’t worry about them losing interest, cheating or leaving

Nothing is more stressful in a relationship when you have to constantly worry about the other person’s interest or love for you.

This flows naturally from some of the previous points that I made earlier.

The deep sense of respect and love for each other as well as the fact that you just know that they are the one takes a massive burden off the relationship in terms of questioning their love for you.

This is a weird sign of someone being your soulmate because it seems counterintuitive to how most relationships play out.

13. They can get on your nerves unlike anyone else

One of the weird soulmate signs is that they can get on your nerves unlike anyone else. This is hard for most people to understand.

It is why some of the people you can’t stand are actually your soulmate as I’ve already discussed earlier.

In intimate love relationships it often leads to firework.

Not in the sense that you fight like cats and dogs but rather the fact that the other person knows you on such a deep level that they can really get to you.

They can not only make you happier than anyone else but they can make you feel almost anything at a much deeper and higher level.

Know that the intense experience of emotions – both good and bad is what makes the relationship so amazing.

14. They can easily and quickly trigger you

Someone else can say or do something and you won’t even notice. Your soulmate does it and it instantly triggers a big response in you.

The fact that they did it or said it is what gets you.

Why is that and why is it a weird soulmate sign?

It is weird because only your soulmate can trigger you in that way. Some part of you recognizes what they do or say within yourself and since the two of you are so intricately connected you are really being upset with yourself.

Do soulmates always end up together?

Soulmates always end up together in some shape or form. This does not mean that the guy or girl you have a crus on will always end up with you.

What it means though is that the souls with whom you had an agreement before this life can, must and will come into your life at the perfect time.

A soulmate can be your brother, mother, sister, co-worker or even the guy who robs you at the corner store.

It goes in the face of all these misguided romantic ideas we have about soulmate relationships.

It does however help us immensely with our own spiritual growth and understanding.

There are no accidents and no coincidences in this life. When you understand that everything is perfectly orchestrated and you go through life with your eyes wide open then you can start to really see all the soulmates past and present that have helped to shape and coordinate your life.

These weird soulmate signs may not be so weird after all.


With a passion for spirituality, self discovery, and understanding this life, Neod spends his time musing about what is, what could be and what might come about. After writing for 20 years he's still growing, learning, exploring and sharing with love, joy and compassion.

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