What Does the Crown Chakra Do?

What Does the Crown Chakra Do

What does the Crown Chakra do? It connected you to the Divine. It is the energy centre in your body that transcends human consciousness and allows you to experience Divinity.

When you are at peace, feel connected to your Highest Self and when you transcend your Self then your crown chakra is in balance.

Anyone who’s even slightly dipped their toe into a pool of spirituality has heard of the Chakra system. What are they, and what function do they serve?

This article explains the basics of the chakras, focusing specifically on an in-depth exploration of what does the Crown Chakra do?

Here, we’ll dive deeply into what it is, what it does, where it’s located, how to know if it’s in balance, what to do if it is blocked.

Take a breath, get in alignment, and let’s begin!

What are Chakras Anyway?

If you’ve ever taken a yoga class, dabbled in meditation, or had an energetic healing session like reiki, you’ve probably been acquainted with the chakras. They are an integral system present in each of us.

There are seven chakras in total, and every one of them represents a different aspect of being. Ideally, we keep our chakra system healthy so that we can live emotionally and spiritually balanced lives.

Chakra means “wheel,” in Sanskrit. This is the ancient language in which many sacred Hindu scriptures and epics were written. There are seven chakras, and these energetic wheels are located from the base of our spine to the top of our head.

This is where the Crown chakra dwells.

What Does the Crown Chakra Do In Your Body?

To really understand what does the Crown chakra do, we need to understand its qualities in a bit more detail.

Sahasrara is the Sankskrit name for the Crown chakra. It is the chakra that is least connected with the physical body, as it is the meeting point between the physical and spiritual realms.

This is where individual consciousness connects with the collective, tapping into universal energy.

The Crown chakra is associated with clarity, unity, and awareness. It is at the top of the chakra ladder as the door to experiencing enlightenment.

When your Crown chakra is balanced and open, you experience deep peace about life. You are able to see past the material into the cosmically bigger picture.

You feel one with yourself, your community, and the farthest reaches of the cosmos.

The keyword of the Crown chakra is transcendence.

Transcendence of limiting thoughts and beliefs, transcendence of individuality, and transcendence of your awareness.

The Crown chakra connects us to the divine.

Finding Your Crown Chakra?

The Crown chakra is located at the top of your head. It is pointing upwards to the heavens, and is your direct source of connection to spirit.

The crown chakra is the highest of the seven chakras, and can be thought of as the shimmering halo that we often see painted around the heads of saints.

What Color is the Crown Chakra?

The color most associated with Sahasrara is violet, but it is sometimes depicted as gold or white.

Violet is the color of spirituality, because it is mysterious and playful by nature. White is the color of purity or clarity, and gold is reminiscent of royalty.

Each of these represents the Crown chakra as it is our connection to the spiritual realm that helps us see clearly our own divinity.

Energy photography and those who are able to perceive human energy can clearly see when purple is the dominant color in someone’s aura.

This is a sign of an active and vibrant crown chakra and clearly illustrates what does the crown chakra do in that person will reflect the qualities of love, peace and higher awareness.

What are Symptoms of an Overactive Crown Chakra?

What does the crown chakra do when it is not in balance? If you consider your body as an energy system then its all about balance.

When there is ‘too much’ emphasis and energy in this particular chakra you may experience:

  • Anxiety
  • Insomnia
  • Confusion
  • Depression
  • Dominance
  • Mental Fatigue
  • Inability to Empathize

It’s pretty common to have a difficult time controlling our minds. Our brains stay in a constant state of stimulus due to so many competing sources (hello, screens) and thus experience more trouble regulating our many rapid thoughts.

You may have heard the phrase, “monkey mind.” This refers to the constant running of thoughts that trap us in mental difficulties such as anxiety, depression, and brain fog.

This is why we practice yoga and meditation: to train our brains to calm down. This is where the Crown chakra comes in.

When Sahasrara is overactive, it is firing at all angles- sending everything out of whack. This causes us to lack empathy, being very focused on ourselves.

Lacking empathy forces us to act in more of a fight-or-flight mentality, which can show itself in a behavior of acting dominant or superior.

This is, of course, not how we want to behave, which contributes to the confusion and fogginess that makes us lose our sense of self. That’s when we become anxious and depressed.

It is so important to keep our Crown chakra in check, as it regulates mental energy in all seven chakras.

What are Symptoms of an Underactive Crown Chakra?

What does the crown chakra do when it is not stimulated sufficiently and when it is underactive? You may experience:

  • Negativity
  • Nerve Issues
  • Loss of Interest
  • Lack of Purpose
  • Dullness of the Senses

If everything is sort of just feeling… blah, then you probably have an underactive Crown chakra. Since Sahasrara is directly linked to the brain, it controls what we think- which is immediately related to how we feel about things, be it ourselves or life in general.

An underactive Crown chakra can make us walk with negativity.

A pessimistic attitude colors our entire experience grey. It robs us of any possibility of joy.

This leads us to experience a loss of purpose; in our fog, we are unable to see the point of it all. This apathy causes us to have a loss of interest in things we enjoy, such as exercising or being sociable.

When this chakra is dormant, our senses are dulled. Colors might not seem as bright. Food might not taste as good.

We may find ourselves unable to really hear our favorite songs, or listen to the advice of a trusted friend. This numbness of feeling is what happens when the Crown chakra is not activated.

What Happens if the Crown Chakra is Blocked?

If the Crown chakra is blocked, you’ll likely be experiencing the symptoms listed above. In addition, you could feel:

  • Lonely and isolated
  • Unable to set or adhere to goals
  • Disconnected to yourself and your spiritual path

You may experience recurring headaches, migraines, or other nerve dysfunction. When the Crown chakra is blocked, we experience a general disconnect in basically every aspect of our lives.

How to Activate or Balance the Crown Chakra


Meditation is a foolproof solution to an unbalanced Chakra. When we meditate, we focus on bringing our awareness into the present moment, untouched by untrue or hurtful thoughts.

When we are able to quiet our minds, we peel back the earthly layers that keep us from experiencing peace in its rawest form.

Meditation brings us to our truest self, a being who is rooted in love and wants only to exist in the space of loving awareness.

There are so many forms that meditation can take. Though useful, it doesn’t have to necessarily look like sitting still and silent.

That might not be what works for you, and that’s okay! There are guided meditations or walking meditations. It can even take the form of dance.

Figure out which works for you, then develop a practice. With continuation, your Crown chakra is sure to come alive.

2. Fasting and Detoxes

Fasting is a quick way to burn away distraction and get to the root of a spiritual issue. This is because the body is unbothered with metabolic function. Fasting brings us mental clarity.

Detoxifying helps as well. There are tons of chemicals and artificial colors in many commercial foods that can cause our brains to function poorly.

Focus on organic produce and foods with as little processing as possible. Drink teas made with detoxifying and cleansing qualities.

3. Asanas

There are a massive number of asanas, which are just yoga poses, that bring energy to the Crown chakra.

For brevity’s sake, I chose the 3 that I find most powerful and helpful:

  1. Headstand: This is the top choice of asana as it allows gravity to bring energy into your crown. Inversions are intensely effective for activating the higher chakras.
  2. Lotus: This simple meditation pose is praised for bringing loving awareness to the Crown chakra. Focus on lengthening your spine, feeling the crown of your head pulled to the heavens. Imagine a golden light beaming down, clearing away any blockages you may feel.
  3. Savasana: This restful pose is perfect for surrender. Savasana is ideal for letting go of any attachment to performance or control. When we loosen our grip, and let light flow through those white knuckles, infinite space is created. This is the environment that allows your Crown chakra to shine.

Consume the Right Elements

For many chakras there are suggested foods to eat which activate each in different ways. They are usually connected to the color of the chakra, so you can try eating dark purple foods, like blueberries or red kale to activate Sahasrara.

That being said, the Crown chakra is unique because it is connected to the spiritual, rather than physical, so it is not traditionally linked with any specific foods.

What will feed the activation of Sahasrara is purified water, sunlight, and fresh air.

Bonus points if you’re able to get your hands dirty by planting something or connecting to nature with touch. Interacting with the elements is a beautiful way to activate the Crown chakra.


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