Colors That Attract Money

Colors That Attract Money

What colors attract money? Is it even possible that colours can affect how and what you attract into your life? The energy of different colors most certainly CAN have a big effect on your vibration and how you attract money

If you’re familiar with Feng Shui, it’d make sense that one of its interesting applications is in choosing colors to maintain positive energy for your body and your immediate environment.

You may have heard that there are colors that attract money. Colors have varying energy levels that are distinct in their effects. When you understand how colors can attract positive energy into your life, you can apply it to improve your financial energy.

Color is a power which directly influences the soul.

– Wassily Kandinsky

We all have certain energy around money and finances. This energy comes from the way we think and feel about money.

Colors are incredibly interesting from a scientific point of view. Every color emits and reflects a different frequency of energy.

One of the really important lessons we learned from the law of attraction is that everything is energy and energy is everything.

The colors you choose to surround yourself with and the colors you chose for your wallets and bags can help you ensure there is never a lack of energy in and around them.

With the right color, you can attract respect, wealth, love, wellness, power, among others. It all depends on making the most of the energy around you and not ignoring how much impact they can have.

It is important to understand that simply having a certain color wallet won’t instantly attract money to it. You need to see it in a broader context of energy and how you allow certain energy to flow to you and through you.

Working With Colors That Attract Money

When you pay attention to your Feng Shui element, it becomes easier to know what works for you, and what doesn’t.

When it comes to colors, there are standard characteristics of Feng Shui elements that can help you know what colors attract money or what color will place you in the right frequency for vibrating on a higher and more abundant level.

Here is a list of colors and the Feng Shui money energy they emit:


This is the most powerful color when it comes to attracting fame, affluence, and wealth. It’s not surprising that it makes the number one on this list. The color of Gold is the easiest to interpret.

Everyone that comes in contact with gold feels the energy and power that emanates from it, even if they don’t understand anything about Feng Shui.

Not only does gold represent wealth, it’s clear evidence of monetary success. We use gold to display and represent things of high value and gold as a substance has a high value in monetary terms. It always has and even the Pharaohs used gold to symbolize their wealth.

If you use this color in your clothing, for bags, purses, and on other properties, there is a sense of need for financial liberation. Gold as a colour attracts more of what it is like which is opulence and abundance.


Red emits an energy that is bright and full of energy and power. It’s the symbol of life and has high energy. Red is one of the Feng Shui elements with lots of versatility that you should be careful with.

It’s great to stimulate wealth which is a positive thing but can stimulate the negative energy towards money as well.

When you positively direct the color, it expresses energy as attraction, affection, happiness, energy, strength, progressiveness, beauty, love, surplus, and control. In places where Feng Shui is popular like India and China, it’s a prominent color in almost all spheres of life.

In other places, the color red is feminine and often used with yellow to attract attention when there are a lot of possible distractions. For example in restaurants and supermarkets.


The color brown is unlike the first two colors, it’s not a strong or catchy color, but you shouldn’t underestimate this color when it comes to how well it can express wealth and attract money.

It emits and attracts the energy of control over your finances, as well as authority and control over your emotions. Decorating your home and offices with rich brown color in strategic places can bring about powerful results.

Brown leather wallets are some of the most commonly used colors for wallets.


Yellow is an interesting color that is one of the most effective for expressing positive energy and attraction. It has a lot of similarities to red in terms of its energy properties. The color yellow expresses activeness, agility, creativity, ingenuity, beauty, youthfulness.

There is a high chance of finding opportunities with yellow and is a great choice of color for attracting opportunities into your life.


Orange is a powerful color that sometimes gets under-appreciated. To understand the immense energy of this color, you have to imagine the merger of the powerful red energy and the effective yellow energy level, since the color orange is only a mixture of both.

You can see why the color orange is an element that attracts prosperity, wealth, and lots of emotions filled with positive energy.

Orange is a color that expresses progress, improvement, understanding, and determination.


The energy of this color is that of calmness, peace, and stability. It’s a generally accepted symbol of truthfulness, faith, guidance, support, reliability, and confidence.

Using blue color in your clothing and accessories makes you look trustworthy which attracts lots of opportunities as people are more open to relating with you.


The black color is delicate and you should engage its energy with caution. It expresses richness, quality, control, prestige, strength, dignity, pride, intelligence, authority, and power.

All these are attributes that attract people with money. But if you fall short in managing the energy, it can also give a sense of arrogance, close-mindedness, intolerance, and darkness.

If you’re into business or in a position of some authority and want to command respect and express your authority, black will make a powerful statement for you.

Black will make people believe you as an authority. It will attract people that seek quality and reliability which can provide opportunities for you to reach financial stability and wealth.

Black can, however, be a bad idea for a person without a previous right or authority, as it can prevent them from opportunities when the energy they portray is misunderstood. For example, a job seeker would look arrogant to have a completely black suit for an interview.

An employee would look rude and inappropriate in a completely black outfit for a conference meeting with the top officials.

Most exotic products are in black because people consider the color a symbol of sophistication.


Pink gives amazing energy, although it’s less dignified when compared to red, it expresses freedom, wealth, innocence, youthfulness, fun, femininity, friendliness, nice, playful, and charm.

Pink can be a great means to attract youthful energy and femininity energy. If you take full advantage of the energy in the color Pink you’d blend into environments of affluence with ease and benefit greatly.


White is one of the most recognizable colors of wealth. Its energy is so strong that everyone can relate to it. Since ancient times, people consider the white color to be good energy, a symbol of royalty and influence.

It’s the color for the representation of powerful monarch figures in history, and it expresses assurance, confidence, affluence, dignity, peace, and surplus. The white color releases energy that expresses a touch of authority to wealth.

Adding a touch of gold to white in your color choice can never go wrong. The energy released is so powerful that anyone who comes in contact with it appreciates it as being exotic.

What Color Wallet Attracts Money the Most?

What Color Wallet Attracts Money

In Feng Shui, everything connects to an energy system and how people interact with it. The colors mentioned earlier are all suitable for attracting money.

But, if you want the best results, consider wallets that are either red or black.

Try to at least add something with the colors in your wallet to boost the energy of the wallet. Red is very powerful and the energy is effective whether the person involved with it intends to apply it or not.

Black has the energy of prosperity and opportunity, objects with black color are present everywhere.

Managing your wallet is crucial for the effectiveness of Feng Shui, to apply this energy system you must prepare the wallet, and your mind to be open to receive the outcome.

The system can help evacuate blockages, replace dormancy and negative energy. The wallet is the environment for your money and it is important to keep it in order as part of the standard principles of Feng Shui.

If you’re not unfamiliar with the system, and you have applied it at home and in office, you’d know the fulfillment of the principles is necessary for Feng Shui to be effective.

Choosing color can be a very personal thing. We all have our own color preferences and you should pay attention to that.

But, when it’s done in the context of Feng Shui, you should consider the effect of the color because it’s the most potent representation of certain Feng Shui elements. To know colors that attract money, you have to weigh the suitability of the color in question to your element.

After making your choice and knowing what color is good luck for money, you want to consider the safety of your wallet. Based on the Feng Shui perspective, the safe way to protect your money with protective energy is to apply the element of color.

Choose the deeper color variation of red or pink. They are in this sense a better means of assurance than the same color with brighter variants.

For example, dark red is more effective for protective energy than light red, and dark pink is better than light pink and also better than white.

Increasing the “money energy” of your wallet is also important. Here are some great ways to do it besides just color.

  • Fill your wallet with big notes. Take away the $5 bills and replace it with $100. Energy attracts like energy.
  • Don’t fill your wallet with coins. Coins have low value. Keep them elsewhere.
  • Remove clutter from your wallet. Make sure there is space to be filled with money and not receipts.
  • Get a big wallet. The bigger the better because it has more space to receive
  • Choose credit card colours base on the advice above.

Colors That Attract Money – Conclusion

Knowing what color wallet attracts money is not the most important thing in Feng Shui. What is more important than merely using the power and energy of color is that your wallet and mind is ready for the ideas and the energy to work.

You can prepare for that by ensuring the wallet is clear of unnecessary objects and stuff that can hinder the flow of energy.

Also, you want to ensure that there is always space in your wallet. Having it stuffed to the brim with receipts and crap means there is no space for it to receive more. You want your wallet to be spacious and open to receive money.

Simply having a certain color of wallet in itself will not necessarily attract money to you. It is more about overall energy in your life and the colors you surround yourself with as a huge effect on that.


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