7 Powerful Questions To Ask Your Higher Self

questions to ask your higher self

The most powerful questions to ask your higher self are those questions that relate to your purpose, your deepest desires and your biggest problems in life.

What should I ask my higher self is often a difficult idea to contemplate. We tend to treat our higher self like some “king” that we need to tiptoe around.

The truth, however, is that your higher self is not something or someone outside yourself that you need to approach with caution or some sort of spiritual etiquette.

These are all ideas that stem predominantly from religious practices.

The way you communicate with your higher self is deeply personal. You and only you can discern the difference between communication coming from your ego and that coming from your higher self.

Your higher self communicates in nonverbal ways which is why it can be so challenging for many to hear their higher self. Once you learn to truly “listen” your life will take on a completely different dimension.

Questions To Ask Your Higher Self

Imagine for a second that you can get an answer to any of the most baffling questions in your life? Imagine that you never have to worry about making a “wrong” decision ever again?

When you are connected to your higher self and you learn to re-connect with the guidance that your higher self can give you any time you want then you can have the divine guidance that many people think is something they only see in fiction.

All great inventors, artists and even business people that have changed the world with their incredible ideas “received” these ideas not from their conscious and reasoning minds but from their highest self and creative intelligence.

Your highest self knows why you are here, what your mission is and what your soul came into this life to be, do, and experience.

Guidance from your highest self will always bring you peace and fulfilment. It is the path of bliss and joy.

It is what most people ultimately strive for yet they remain imprisoned by their ego’s – pursuing what the world advertises as happiness and fulfilment.

So, what questions should you ask your higher self? Simple. You can ask your higher self anything. You can get guidance for every step along life’s journey if you but only ask – and listen.

7 Powerful Questions to Ask Your Higher Self

Question #1: Why Am I Here?

What is my soul’s purpose? Why am I here and what is the real reason my soul took on this life here and now?

Question #2: How Can I Express More of My Self?

How can I express more of who I truly am at the highest level? How can my life reflect more of who I truly am as a spiritual being having this human experience.

Question #3: What Path Should I Take?

Which path should I take to bring me ultimate joy and fulfilment in life?

Question #4: What Is This Lesson I Need To Learn Here?

When you are faced with a difficult situation in life it often holds a hidden treasure. What is the lesson I need to learn from this experience?

Question #5: How Can I Choose Love Now?

You always have the choice to choose love over fear, hate or anger. How can I choose love over everything else in this challenging situation?

Question #6: What Do I Need To Know Now?

What do I need to know now to connect to my higher purpose?

Question #7: How Can I Attract ____ ?

How can I attract ____ into my life now? What do I need to know, understand or do to manifest ____ (what you desire most) ?

Remember that you can ask your higher self anything. Whatever is going on in your life today. Wherever is on your mind, causing you to stay up all night or causing anxiety or stress in your life.

The way out and the answers are always available to you.

Connecting To Your Higher Self

What questions should I ask my higher self starts with connecting and building the connection with your higher self. I strongly believe that every person has an inherent desire to connect with their higher self.

Let me remind you of the universal truth which is that you do not HAVE a soul. You ARE a soul.

You are not a human being having a spiritual experience. You are a spiritual being having a human experience.

There is no second, or higher self to search for. You are the highest self, only give up the false ideas you have about your self.

– Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

You are not here to achieve things, accumulate stuff or receive accolades. Those are all pursuits of the ego. Living from your ego is the opposite of living from your highest self.

We all have an ego. It is a necessary part of functioning in society and operating in the modern world. The problem is that when your ego becomes the dominant voice in your life you will never find peace or true fulfillment.

The ego can never have enough. It never wants to come second and it only cares about itself.

Your highest self wants only one thing and that is to experience itself through you. Ultimately the experience your highest self wants is that of love. Not love in an emotional sense but love in a spiritual sense.

To connect to your higher self does not require anything outside of yourself. You are already connected to your higher self. It is who and what you really are.

The question is how corroded is that consciousness and that connection to your higher self?

The more your ego is allowed to thrive in your life the more corroded the link to your higher self. The voice of your ego will drown out the voice of your higher self – but only if you allow it to.

You can not drown out the ego through conscious effort because your ego controls most of your conscious efforts.

The more you allow your higher self to grow and flourish the more your ego will fade into the background. Your higher self will become a more powerful voice in your life and the go will start taking a backseat.

This is when your life gets back on purpose. You forfeit success, achievement, and pleasing others and your focus is on self-actualization; on experiencing and becoming what your soul is here for.

How To Listen To Your Higher Self

Knowing which questions to ask your higher self is only one part of the process. Actually listening and ‘hearing’ the answers is where most people struggle.

It’s been said that God’s one and only voice is silence.

Meditation and spending time in quiet contemplation has been practiced and promoted by virtually every religion since the beginning of time.

For most people, it is not only a foreign idea, it is something they simply can not do. Life has become one big distraction. Try going without your phone for 24 hours and you will see how attached you are to the outside chatter.

I read something interesting about Bill Gates. He used to take 1-week “holidays” by himself where he would be completely disconnected from the outside world.

He would spend this week only with his own thoughts and much of the ideas that changed the world came to him during these times of self-imposed solitary confinement.

To hear your highest self and to allow its voice to become a more prominent voice in your life you need to find time to get still. You need to find time to block out outside distractions and to go within.

Spirit is the essence of consciousness, the energy of the universe that creates all things. Each one of us is a part of that spirit – a divine entity. So the spirit is the higher self, the eternal being that lives within us.

– Shakti Gawain

Your highest self communicated silently. It whispers to you in the still and quiet space in between your thoughts.

Inspiration, intuition, hunches, gut feelings – these are the language of your highest self. The ego communicates only with the five senses and most of us are really good at hearing these communications.

Learning to pay more attention and to become more sensitive to the “voice” of your higher self is as much about learning to discern this from the go as it is about trusting the communication from your higher self.

The easiest way to discern between the higher self and the ego is that everything from the ego will create some sort of anxiety while everything from the higher self will create a sense of inner peace.

Achieving more, having more, and being better than always creates a sense of anxiety within you. This is the ego at work.

Following your bliss, choosing love over fear, doing what your soul longs for, and acting on your intuition always leaves you feeling at peace.

Getting in touch with your intuition and being able to hear an interpret the voice of your highest self does not require any special skills.

Meditation and Contemplation

Meditation and quiet contemplation where you block out as much of your senses and sensory stimulation as possible is the best way. During and after these quite times pay close attention to the ideas and feelings that come to you.


Journaling is also another powerful way to do this. When you take a pen in your hand with a blank piece of paper in front of you, simply write down what you want to ask your higher self.

Write down whatever flows through you and whatever comes into your consciousness. You will soon start experiencing what many call “automatic writing” where you are guided and where your higher self starts having a conversation with you.


Dreaming is a very interesting experience and there are many theories about what our dreams really are. One thing is certain and that is during your sleep state your conscious mind and your ego is completely suppressed.

These are times where your higher self takes over. We all dream yet very few people can remember their dreams because they are so filled with fears, worries and chasing the next thing.

Make sure you have 30 to 45 minutes of calm and relaxing time before bed. Fill your mind with something inspirational or loving before you go to bed and as you fall asleep, ask your higher self anything.

Pay close attention to that first 15 minutes when you wake up. The answer to your question is usually right there for you or it could “pop” into your mind in the shower or in the car or even on the toilet.


With a passion for spirituality, self discovery, and understanding this life, Neod spends his time musing about what is, what could be and what might come about. After writing for 20 years he's still growing, learning, exploring and sharing with love, joy and compassion.

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