Can You Manifest Bad Things For Others?

can you manifest bad things for others

Can you manifest bad things for others and use the law of attraction to create negative and destructive things to be attracted into someone else’s life?

Thankfully you can’t, but while you can not manifest for someone else, you most certainly can affect someone indirectly.

We are all the creators of our own lives and collectively our consciousness is creating the world we live in.

Can you imagine a world where we can manifest bad things for others? Anytime someone would tick you off you would send them a pile of bad luck.

Trying to manifest anything negative is actually much harder than you think. Negative thoughts of any kind has a very low vibration and it takes an immense amount of negative energy to manifest.

Yes, most people do manifest bad things for themselves but they do this because they tend to live in negativity 24/7.

The most common argument that many people have to argue that you can manifest for someone else is with energy healers.

How can an energy healer heal you and in essence create or manifest a healing ‘for you’?

The truth is that no energy healer can create a healing for you. They simply help shift your own energy so you can create the healing yourself.

When your thoughts and energy are aligned with another person it has the immense power to amplify your manifestation.

That is a very different idea to that of having someone else manifest something in your life that is against your wishes.

In the end it boils down to your intention. Whoever holds the intention for what they want to manifest will be the one manifesting it in their life.

Manifesting For Others

Is it even possible to manifest for others? What if you want to manifest good things for others?

The fact that you can not create in another’s reality stands firm but there are certainly exceptions – not in the laws themselves but in how it works and how we perceive and work with the laws of the universe.

You can not manifest for others because you can not assume their consciousness.

It is the superficial understanding of the law of attraction that leads many to believe that they can somehow manifest for someone else.

If your thoughts can attract and manifest anything, can’t you just think bad things for someone else and manifest bad things for others?

An attempt to do this will be futile because you will in reality not manifest those bad things for others but rather manifest them for yourself.

It is not the thoughts that really cause the manifestation.

The law of attraction is a secondary law.

The law of vibration is the primary law.

It is not so much what you think as it is what you feel that causes the attraction. Your thoughts are only the precursor and is what leads to the vibration you are in.

You will manifest whatever you are in vibrational alignment with.

That is exactly why you can not manifest bad things for others because you can not assume their consciousness. You can not ‘be’ someone else’s vibration.

You can not assume another person’s energy body even though you can affect it with your presence, but ultimately we ALL have the sacred right to choose our own destiny whether it be conscious or unconscious.

Every attempt you may have to attract bad things for someone else will in fact be attracted into your own life.

Ultimately you need to understand that you have no business interfering in someone else’s manifestation.

You do not know the path their soul is on.

Whether you have good intentions or bad intentions for another, it makes no difference.

We all have a sacred path we walk in this life. We all have our own dharma and trying to interfere in someone else’s life path is an attempt to violate something as sacred as life itself.

Why You Should Never Try To Manifest Bad Things For Others

If you are trying to manifest bad things for others then the first and most obvious question is why!?

Wishing anyone anything bad has immense repercussions for yourself. The most obvious is the fact that whatever bad things you have in mind for others will in fact not manifest in their lives but rather in your own.

The law of attraction makes it abundantly clear that wherever thoughts and feelings are dominant in your life will manifest in YOUR reality.

You may have bad intentions for another but the law of attraction does not understand ‘manifest for someone else’. It simply responds to YOUR thoughts and YOUR energy and vibration.

If you hold bad thoughts towards someone else, those are YOUR bad thoughts and because they are your thoughts they lead to your vibration which in turn leads to what you will attract into your life.

So-called ‘black magic’ and ‘dark arts’ attempt to interfere in other’s creation by sending negative energy to another person.

When people were cursed back in the middle ages, it was not the curse but rather the belief that they are cursed that caused a certain reaction.

Only when you accept an idea and allow an energy into your life can it take hold on your thoughts and your vibration.

The good news is that nobody can ever cause anything bad in your life. Nobody can manifest bad things for you unless you allow their bad energy into your life.

This is usually were the problem comes in.

If you are around someone who has the power to influence how you think and feel then their intentions for you can in fact enter your own thoughts and feelings and in this way they can indirectly cause you to manifest bad things in your life.

Ultimately the person with the bad thoughts and intentions is the one will will cop it most. Ultimately it will (and must) manifest in their own life in some way.

If you hold ill thoughts toward someone else then it will eat away at you – not them. It will manifest in your life – not theirs.

You are better off forgiving them and sending them love instead of seeking revenge in some cowardly way. Not only will you heal yourself but you will heal the world.

How The Law Of Attraction Works Between Different People

In the 1960’s Maharishi Mahesh Yogi created an experiment to illustrate the power of Transcendental Meditation.

His theory was that if only 1% of the population of any given town or city held a positive intent through Transcendental Meditation it has the power to affect the entire life within that community.

This has become known as The Maharishi Effect and has been created and studied with great results over the last 50 years.

In virtually every study and every city, crime rates went down significantly and this has been backed up by numerous studies.

The Maharishi effect proves something very interesting that is often quoted from The Bible as well. Jesus said that whenever 2 or more people are gathered ‘in His name’ whatever they ask for will be done.

While you can not manifest bad things for others, you most certainly can manifest good things BUT only if your intention and attention is aligned.

This is why an energy healer can heal you.

This is why you can pray for someone else.

This is why you can send someone positive energy.

If they are aligned with your energy and have the same intention then your energies can amplify each other and you can manifest much faster.

If you and your partner have similar intentions and want to manifest the same thing you can use this concept to great affect.

The sum is greater than the total. When you bring together your energies and your intention you can truly create amazing things in your lives collectively.

This is how you can indirectly create in someone else’s live.

This also explains why organizations with a strong and a clear vision can get people to ‘buy into’ a common idea.

When you have people aligned with the idea you can create an amplified energy and a collective vibration that is immensely powerful to manifest great things.

What you can create and manifest as an individual pales in comparison to what we can create and accomplish collectively.

Whenever there’s a revolution in the world it is because people bought into the collective idea. It is their collective consciousness that all contribute to the same energy and this can cause ‘unbreakable’ empires to crumble.

Crimes that violate someone’s free will – crimes like rape, abduction and murder carry the highest penalties.

As a society we recognize just how grossly this violates the sanctity of life and your soul. Many cultures believe that these crimes carry severe karmic debt.


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