How To Be More Aligned With The Universe

how to be more aligned with the universe

Learning how to be more aligned with the universe is learning how to be more like it. Love, Joy, Peace, Abundance and Harmony are but a few characteristics of the universe.

Any time you ‘match up’ with these qualities you become aligned with the universe.

You become like ‘it’ by matching up your thoughts and your consciousness to ‘it’.

Aligning with the universe is not about trying to be in alignment, practising certain rituals or trying to connect with it through some practice.

Alignment is all about knowing what The Universe ‘is’ like and then being more like that.

Aligning with the universe is a way of being. Its a way of living that flows from your consciousness.

As you raise your consciousness you will naturally be more aligned. If your consciousness is the sum of your being then there are a lot of areas in your life that may need work.

Being Aligned With The Universe

When you are aligned with the universe you create a clear and uninterrupted pathway that allows the universe to flow to and through your life unimpeded.

When you are not aligned with the universe there is resistance.

Resistant thoughts or emotions act as ‘blockages’ that prevent the universe’s energy from flowing freely to and through you.

Alignment with the universe means you are free from resistance.

Your thoughts and feelings (which give birth to your vibration and your energy) are aligned with the energy of the universe.

There is a neverending and all-provoking stream of energy that flows through all of life.

You are either connected to it or you are disconnected from it through your consciousness.

When you are aligned with the universe this stream flows through your life and you experience abundance, joy, peace and love – to the extent to which you are aligned with it.

When you are disconnected from it, you experience scarcity and you feel a lack of purpose and power in your life.

How To Be Aligned With The Universe

To be more aligned with the universe we have to ask ourselves, what does The Universe look like?

What IS this energy that we call God or The Universe really ‘like’?

If we had to describe the universe what qualities does it have and most of all what energy does it embody?

For centuries mankind has used God as a sort of human-like character to help describe and understand this energy or this force of creation.

We tend to relate much easier to the qualities of a person than to think of The Universe simply as an energy or a Force.

Either way, it looks like this:

  • Peace
  • Love
  • Joy
  • Harmony
  • Compassion
  • Empathy
  • Forgiveness
  • Gratitude
  • Kindness
  • Abundance
  • Creativity
  • Beauty

These are just some of the qualities of this energy of the universe.

Any time you are in alignment with those qualities you are aligned with the universe.

Aligning with the universe and this Force of creation is all about matching up with its energy and its true nature.

Think about people you get along with well.

These are people you are aligned with. You think and feel the same about a variety of things in life.

Conversely, people you do not get along with are people you are not aligned with. You argue a lot, being with them does not feel good and you disagree on almost everything.

Knowing ‘what’ the universe is like, can you match your thoughts and feelings to be aligned with its characteristics?

Any time your thoughts, your actions, or your emotions are aligned with any of the 12 ‘characteristics’ of the universe you are aligned with the universe.

The more you can match yourself up with any of these characteristics the more you will be aligned.

Most people try to be more aligned with the universe by trying to get rid of anything that they know is offering resistance.

When you have a lot of anger, fear or scarcity in your life you tend to look for ways to remove it from your life.

That is the wrong way to get back into alignment.

This is what Vivekananda had to say:

The blossom vanishes of itself as the fruit grows. So will your lower self vanish as the Divine grows within you.

– Vivekenanda

As you focus your energy and your attention on being more like the 12 characteristics of the universe and you try and match up with that, the lower energies will vanish of themselves.

As you focus on being more aligned with the universe all those ‘things’ that you thought you have to get rid of will vanish.

What you resist persists.

Trying to overcome negative beliefs, emotions or thoughts is futile.

5 Practices To Be More Aligned With The Universe

Knowing what It is like can help us to be more aligned with the universe. The problem is that life gets in the way.

You have a desire to be aligned with the universe and to live in joy, abundance and unconditional love but then certain people come along and push your buttons.

You get triggered, your negative beliefs come up or your fears consume you.

You get out of alignment.

To be more aligned with the universe is a consistent and never-ending process of small ‘course corrections’.

So, how do you do this?

How do you get to be more aligned with the universe and allow this all providing source of abundance to flow freely and unimpeded in your life?

Here are 5 daily practises that can transform your alignment with the universe:

1. Meditation

A lot has been said about meditation here on this blog and many others.

The benefits of meditation to reduce stress, minimize anxiety and even help alleviate many mental and physical ailments is only now starting to enter the field of medicine.

There are countless ways in which you can benefit from meditation.

My main goal and purpose with meditation is simple: it is a way to align with the universe.

When you quiet your mind and release the noise and chatter you can enter an altered state of mind where you can make ‘conscious contact’ with God (as Dr. Wayne Dyer used to say).

The reason why meditation allows you to be more aligned with the universe is that it gives you inner peace.

Your fears, your worries and all the minutiae of life takes a backseat and you reconnect to what is real and what really matters.

2. Forgiveness

Harbouring any resentment towards anyone is like drinking poison hoping to kill of someone else.

Forgiveness releases YOU from toxic thoughts and emotions and it is something you do for yourself.

We all have things from our past that we use to blame certain conditions on. Some of it is more valid than others but the simple fact is that you can not change the past.

Forgiveness is an act of releasing and detaching yourself from the negative energy that acts as an invisible ball and chain in your life.

You can not have peace and unconditional love in your life if you harbour resentment.

Forgive everyone and anyone and never hold grudges.

Take your list of people who annoy you, the people who have wronged you and the people who you just can’t stand and send them love.

3. Practise Gratitude

The energy of gratitude is the energy of acceptance. So many people fall short with the law of attraction because they are not good at allowing things into their life.

Being grateful for everything you already have opens you up to get more.

The law of attraction works like a bright light. When you create an opening this light will; burst through.

The way you create an opening is by being grateful.

Keeping a gratitude journal, being grateful in quiet contemplation or vocalizing your gratitude are all great practises that work wonders when you do it daily.

Gratitude is the gateway to abundance, joy and beauty in your life.

Practising a daily gratitude routine is the fastest way to be more aligned with the universe.

4. Unconditional Love

Love is arguably the most accurate description of this energy we call The Universe. Love encompasses this energy that is always giving.

In human terms, the closest we can get to this Divine Love is with what we call unconditional love.

It’s the kind of love you have for your children and loved ones.

You love them not for what you get in return for your love. You love and give all of yourself purely because you want to give.

There is an endless well of love within you.

The only way to let this love flow through you is for you to give it away.

When you start placing conditions on your love – who you give it to, when you give it and why you give it you create resistance.
To be more aligned with the universe you simply have to look for more ways to give away love.

Unconditional love leads to compassion and empathy. Reaching these highest states of awareness raises your vibration and aligns you with The Divine Mind.

5. Experience Beauty

While beauty is in the eye of the beholder it is still something you have to cultivate.

There is no question that life is beautiful, but are you noting?

Are you paying attention?

Whether it is being out in nature, in a museum looking at a painting or out at a concert listing to music. Experiencing beauty aligns you with the universe.

Take time out of your busy schedule and devote it to what you find beautiful in life.

This is what invites joy and inner peace.

It creates harmony within you, stirs your creativity and helps you see meaning and purpose in life.


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