Can I Manifest For My Child?

can I manifest for my child

You can not manifest for your child or for anyone because you will violate the sacred law of imposing yourself on their free will. You also can not enter their consciousness and you do not know their dharma.

Generally speaking, when you start interfering in someone else’s creation of their own lives you start entering some very dangerous territory.

While you can not directly create for your child you most certainly can influence them in a very profound way – often to the detriment of their own soul purpose.

As a parent who cares deeply about your child you only want what is best for them. This is very normal and natural.

It can be frustrating and even heartbreaking to see your child being crushed when something they really want in their life doesn’t happen.

As a parent you feel like you have to step in and help.

Most things that you have control over you will probably change if you can. It is the things that are out of your control that becomes a real issue.

As a parent who knows the law of attraction and manifestation you know how it is possible to create or change anything in life using this powerful law.

With the law of attraction you really can attract anything you desire, but can you attract something for someone else?

Can you manifest something for your child as caring, loving or even as a concerned parent?

The good news is that nobody can create in someone else’s life using the law of attraction. Can you imagine what a mess this world will be if we could manifest for someone else?

There is a Divine or Cosmic law that dictates that nobody can create in someone else’s reality and the way that the law of attraction works has set this up perfectly so that this can never happen.

Can You Manifest For Someone Else?

Can You Manifest For Someone Else

Almost all intentions to create for someone else appears to be ‘good’. Yes, some bad people try and use the law of attraction to hurt or harm others but in large I would say people have good objectives when they start learning about LOA.

The question of whether you should or shouldn’t is a moral discussion I won’t get into.

What I can say with certainty though is that you can not create in another person’s reality.

Your free will and your choices is yur real birthright.

Until and unless someone can ‘inhabit’ your subconscious and your consciousness they simply can not manifest ‘for you’.

Why You Can Not Manifest For a Child

If I can manifest anything using the law of attraction then why can I not manifest something for your child?

This is where it becomes a bit more complicated. As a parent of younger kids (under 10) your lives are so integrated that you are basically doing much of their thinking and decision making for them.

Most of what you would materialize in your life will impact them directly and it is rarely necessary for you to interfere by trying to create directly in their lives.

Can I manifest for my child if I have their best interest at heart?

With older kids we tend to lose more of the control we had as parents when they were younger. That is because at around 10 years of age children start waking up to their own consciousness and their ability to make their own decisions.

Regardless of the age, you can not attract and create anything directly for your child.

Here’s why:

1. Violate Their Free Free Will

One of the most sacred things we have as human beings is our own free will. The ability to think for yourself gives you the ability to create your own world.

Violating someone else’s free will is a gross violation at the deepest level. You may think that you have your child’s best interests at heart by trying to manifest for them but the big question is:

How do you know what their ‘best interest’ is? Most of the time, if you really look closely it is in fact your best interest that you really have at heart.

Allow each soul to walk its own path. That is the golden rule.

2. Consciousness

Can I create for my child by using my thoughts and visualizations to create something for them in their lives?

No you can’t! Your thoughts and visualizations can only attract into YOUR life. You can never step into someone else’s consciousness.

You can not be your child’s thoughts. You can not be their vibration and alignment with what it is you want to attract for them.

The law of attraction is set up perfectly to ensure that no one can step into your creations to make or break it through their intentions.

Your child’s consciousness is theirs and theirs alone.

3. You Are Only a Guardian

I love the idea that as parents we are guardians. The idea of a guardian is very different from the idea of a dictator or a king.

Most parents are either dictators or kings. They claim ownership over their children and try to bend them to their will at every opportunity.

Your children are not your children.
They are the sons and daughters of Life’s longing for itself.
They come through you but not from you,
And though they are with you yet they belong not to you.

– Kahlil Gibran

You do not own your child. You have no right to decide what they should or should not manifest in their lives.

Always remember that your child is a soul. They are not a little soul or a ‘half soul’. They may be in a child’s body but they are a soul just like you.

They may still be ‘in training’ to learn how to be a human being but never try and materialize for them something that they know for themselves.

As a guardian you can offer guidance and watch over them in this unfamiliar place they find themselves but never forget that they have the anchor of the universe built into them at birth (maybe even at conception).

4. Dharma

Every soul comes into this life with its own dharma. This concept of dharma simply refers to the fact that every soul comes here with a ‘mission’ to fulfil.

We don’t know what this mission is ahead of time and only discover it as it unfolds.

Can I manifest for my child if I have no idea what their dharma is? You may think you have their best interest at heart but you have no idea what their soul has planned for this life.

Some souls take on a body and come into this life for 5 minutes or 5 years or 50 years. Some come here to experience things that we consider ‘terrible’ but you simply do not have the right to judge what any soul has come to experience.

As a guardian your only job (and it is a very tough one) is to allow your child to freely experience the life they came here to live.

Resist the temptation to control, direct and mould them to your will.

Parenting and Manifestation: What You Can Do To As a Parent

So, if I can’t manifest for my child, what can I do to help them or to guide them better in manifesting something that they may want or need.

The fact that you can not interfere in your child’s free will does not mean you have to completely pull back.

You are the guardian and you can guide and direct them to use their own power. In fact, that is one of your great tasks as a parent who lives at a higher consciousness with a more spiritual approach to life.

Here’s what you CAN do to help…

1. Teach Them

Kids over 10 are usually old enough to start learning about the law of attraction. Teaching your kids about the law of attraction can be a really fun thing to do.

Unlike adults, children are very open to the ideas of manifesting. If these ideas come from you as their parent, they often do not question any of it and just take it as fact.

Why would you want to manifest for your child if you can give them the gift of doing it themselves?

It is the old story of giving your child a fish versus teaching them how to fish.

Children have a child-like belief in everything that comes from their parents. You have the opportunity to establish some very powerful beliefs early on in their lives so make full use of the opportunity.

Teach them positive and empowering affirmations from a young age. The writings of Neville Goddard provides a wealth of ‘I Am’ affirmations that can drastically alter a child’s life if they have them ingrained from a young age.

2. Do It Yourself (First)

With younger kids your lives are often so intricately connected that your manifestations will affect them and their lives directly.

Newborns and even toddlers rely on their parents for everything. They also look to you for all their emotional needs.

If you desperately want to make something happen for your child then it is often better to think of ways in which you can manifest it into your own life in such a way that it will benefit your child.

This way you can always influence things indirectly for your kids. You don’t have to interfere with their dharma or their free will and this is a strategy that you absolutely do have full control over and ‘permission’ to do.

3. Align Your Intentions With Your Child

Can I manifest for my child if we are both 100% aligned with one common idea or goal? The answer to this is a resounding yes!

In fact, this is a very powerful way to attract anything. When two minds join forces and set their intentions upon a single idea you can often manifest something very powerfully.

If your child is a bit older (over 10) and they have a good grasp of the law of attraction then the two of you can do this together.

The only real caveat is that you make very sure that it is something that you both have a burning desire to manifest and that it is ultimately for the greater good of both your lives.

4. Be The Light

Children do not really do what you tell them. They do what you show them. Your unconscious everyday actions is what will influence them more than your deliberate teachings.

If you want your child to become a powerful manifestor and creator of their own life then you have to lead the way.

Don’t tell them how to do it. Show them.

Show them your manifestations, your own desires and your own best life. Share with them what you intend to attract into your life. Share with them your daily practises of journaling or visualization.

When they see and experience first hand how you are able to take an idea and make it real, it can have a profound impact on them.

Can I Manifest For My Child A Healing?

Can I Manifest For My Child A Healing?

When someone recently asked me ‘can I manifest for my child a healing’ I recalled some of the amazing stories of remote healings in Lynne McTaggart book called ‘The Field’.

This idea of remote healings and ESP is often discussed at length by people who claim that you can create in someone else’s life and that you can indeed manifest for your child.

There are two key points to understand in support of my argument. The first is that if you want to create a remote healing ‘for’ someone else, that person has to accept it.

They have to be conscious of the remote healing efforts towards them and they have to allow it. They have to consciously surrender their own free will to it.

Secondly, people who perform remote healings are highly skilled and operate at a very high level of human consciousness.

People who are at that level of consciousness have to be free from all thoughts that could harm anyone.

The instant they have thoughts that could harm anyone, their consciousness will shift and they will not be able to align with someone remotely.

Closing Thoughts…

We tend to think that interfering in other people’s lives will solve our own problems. On the surface this may seem true but with a deeper spiritual insight you will start to see that it all starts and ends with YOU.

Dr. Wayne Dyer’s famous book There’s a Spiritual Solution To Every Problem touches on this in a profound and practical way.

  • You think that a miscarriage for someone else will solve your relationship problem
  • You think that getting your ex back into your life will fill the void
  • You think that a breakup will give you your soulmate
  • You think that a healing for someone else will save you the heartache

You never know what choices another Soul made before they embarked on this life. You have no right to interfere on another Soul’s journey.

Tend to your own garden!


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