How to Write a Petition to the Universe

how to write a petition to the universe

Learning how to write a petition to the universe is about stating your case to the universe as to why you deserve what you desire.

While we will be writing an actual petition, this manifestation exercise is deeply symbolic.

It is also based on some very deep and meaningful metaphysical concepts about manifestation.

This article is based on two very influential books that I’ve been immersed in over the past few months. Both have been life-changing and both have been very hard to digest.

The concepts are challenging and both address the self-imposed limitations we have all placed on our consciousness.

The first is The Abundance Book by John Randolph Price and the second is Miracles by Stuart Wilde.

Both books address the fact that everything we have or will ever have does not come FROM the physical world – even though it comes THROUGH it.

Why a Petition To The Universe?

Writing a petition to the universe is an interesting manifestation method that works on many different levels.

Like any manifestation method, the method itself will not magically manifest all your dreams ‘for you’ by tomorrow morning.

What it will do for you however is to helps you in your overall process of correcting your thoughts and aligning them with the universe and what you ultimately want to manifest.

The idea behind a petition is to appeal to some authority through a formal and signed request to either get something or to change something.

A petition is usually used in two ways.

1. Petitions to authorities

A formally signed petition is usually drawn up by a group of people to appeal to some authority to grant them their wish based on their argument.

When large amounts of people sign a petition is usually lends more credibility to that petition and acts as a sign of support for the request.

2. Petitions to God – Also called Supplication

Petitioning in religious terms refers to making special requests to God either for yourself or for someone else. In reality, it is a way of begging God for a Divine intervention.

Most people have done some sort of petitioning to God – even if you are not religious. ‘Please God, do this one thing for me and I will never again…’

To write a petition to the universe we will use a bit of both these characteristics of a petition. The idea is not to beg for something or to bargain with the universe for what you want.

The Theory Behind This Manifestation Method

You may not realize this but you’ve been ‘paying the price’ for what you desire in your life for some time already.

In the everyday physical world, we usually offer some sort of labor in return for some sort of reward – usually a payment. Most people do this through a job.

In reality that is not how the universe operates.

What you want in your life DOES NOT come through your job or some external source.

Everything that comes into your life comes from the unlimited supply of The Source. You may receive money THROUGH your job but it does not come FROM your job.

The same is true for your health, your relationships or anything for that matter.

There is an infinite Source of supply. This is the very same Source from which you originated. You are intricately connected to this Source for it is the very nature of life itself.

Your awareness and understanding of this fact is what activated and employs it in your life. To write a petition to the universe is a way for you to define and confirm your own belief and understanding of this fact.

Money is not my supply. No person, place or condition is my supply. My awareness, understanding and knowledge of the all-providing activity of the Divine Mind within me is my supply.

– John Randolph Price

How To Write A Petition To The Universe in 5 Steps

When writing a petition to the universe you are not pleading to the universe to give you something for nothing. You are not bargaining or begging for favors.

You are merely stating your case and making yourself fully aware that you are indeed worthy and deserving of what you desire.

You have already done ‘the work’ required to deserve what you are asking the universe for.

Writing this petition is a way for you to understand it yourself and to bring into your consciousness the awareness of this fact.

Here are the 5 steps to write a petition to the universe:

Step #1: Define Your Request To The Universe

Your request is the main purpose of your petition. What is it that you want to ask from the universe?

This is nothing more than your intention.

What is it that you have a burning desire for? What do you want more than anything else in the world?

Your intention is a powerful idea and the clearer you can define it, visualize it and experience it in your mind the easier the universe can interpret what you want.

Step #2: Define Your Argument

You may have tried and failed numerous times at achieving your desired results. You may have seen many business failures, read dozens of books, done hundreds of affirmations, attended seminars etc.

You may feel burnt.

You may feel like you’ve wasted all that time and effort for nothing.

In reality, this is what your petition is all about.

According to Stuart Wilde, you need to make this argument to the universe because all those ‘failed’ attempts are not failed at all.

They represent the energy that you plowed into your desires.

In a universe where everything is energy, what you put in must provide a return. For every action, there is an equal but opposite reaction.

Your beliefs and fears may have prevented the ‘return on your investment of energy but you are still entitled to the returns.

This is the argument that you will use to write a petition to the universe.

All your struggles, all your failed attempts, all your hours of thinking about, dreaming about and wishing for what you want are in fact a currency that you are using to ‘purchase’ what you desire.

Think about everything that you have put towards what you want. Think about all your efforts, all your time desiring and wanting it and write it down.

Instead of feeling depressed about it, get excited because you absolutely deserve a return on this investment in yourself.

Step #3: Write Your Petition To The Universe

What makes a petition to the universe different is that your wish will ALWAYS be granted. The Universe is an authority that always sides with you, that always hears your case and that always grants your request.

A big part of why most people never manifest their desires is because they don’t believe they deserve it.

Writing a petition to the universe helps you understand that you do deserve it.

It is what you put in in terms of your energy and attention that ‘repays’ you and not what you do on the physical realm in terms of work or physical actions.

Here’s an example of a petition to the universe. It incorporates some of the idea from Stuart Wilde.

Dear Universe,

I’ve been diligently working on creating financial abundance in my life. I’ve been reading books, doing affirmations, creating intentions and working diligently and enthusiastically on my desire for more than 5 years.

I’ve invested hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars towards this desire.

I now request a full cash refund from You (The Universe) for all this energy that I have placed on my desire and plowed into it over the years.

I know and understand now that all this energy has already accumulated to an amount equivalent to my desire and is awaiting withdrawal.

I also understand that my belief system has prevented the withdrawal but I now let go of all these limiting beliefs.

I recognize that everything that comes to me comes from You (The Source) and I now let go of all my expectations and demands and allow you to deliver this withdrawal in any way, shape or form that is the fastest and easiest for You to release it into my life.

I am so thankful for everything that I already have in my life and I give thanks for this amazing blessing that is now coming into my life.

{your name} {today’s date}
{your signature}

Step #4: Sign Your Petition

Every petition is usually only given value and significance when it is signed. We sign all important documents in life.

Your mortgage, your marriage certificate, your job contract – all of these documents are signed and sealed with your signature.

By placing your signature on your petition to the universe you claim ownership and responsibility.

This is a really important symbolic act.

If you have a close friend or a partner with who you freely share your desires and your intentions to manifest something then you can ask them to also sign the petition.

Having someone very trustworthy witness your petition adds more credibility to it.

Step #5: Place It In a Prominent Place

Stuart Wilde suggests that you place this petition in a very special or significant part of your home.

If you have a sacred place in your home or if you have a manifestation box, place it there.

You don’t have to read it every day but having this petition in a prominent place will help to remind you of it – and to remind you that something great is on its way.

Writing a petition to the universe is an important and significant symbolic act. By treating this petition with respect and with care adds to how important it is in your life.

Know that without a shadow of a doubt, what you have written here and requested from the universe is now on its way.


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