Does Sending Love Energy Work?

does sending love energy work

Does sending love energy work or is it just some ‘new age’ idea that has no real merit? Intuitively, I believe that most people understand that it is at least possible to communicate nonverbally through energy.

Most of us can read body language to some extent and most of us can sense the vibe of someone who is in a bad mood.

While these are very basic examples it does illustrate the possibilities.

In recent years we’ve seen many new technologies where people are able to control artificial limbs or even computers with their thoughts alone.

Thoughts are energy and we are only just beginning to understand how we can harness this energy.

While science is only just catching on, many traditions throughout history used some form of spiritual practice to harness the power of thought.

Prayer is one example.

Through prayer people could direct their thoughts and attention towards a person or an idea and collectively (or individually) ‘send’ a healing or a blessing to them.

People are praying for others all the time and do not think it strange in any way. As soon as you start talking about sending love energy to someone people tend to frown.

What’s the difference?

The fact remains that we have been using this idea of sending energy to someone who may be on the other side of the world for centuries through the practise of prayer.

What you think about activates a vibration within you.

– Abraham Hicks

Telepathy has also been very well documented with numerous studies showing conclusive proof that people can communicate with each other remotely.

People who actively improve their intuitive abilities can also improve their telepathy.

What Is Love Energy Anyway?

If someone is really mad at you and they feel hate towards you, can you feel it without them even having to say anything? If someone loves you deeply, can you feel it without them having to say anything?

Even if you are not very sensitive to picking up on other people’s vibrations you can feel this energy that radiates from someone else.

People who are more attuned and who are very sensitive can easily pick up on other people’s vibrations and this is a skill that we can all learn.

While your physical body occupies a certain amount of space, you also have an ‘energy body’ that radiates around you in the form of a sphere that is about 3 to 5 meters wide.

While we can not see this energy body with our naked eyes, we know it exists. Can you ‘feel it’ when someone stands a few meters behind you?

This energy body is often referred to as an aura and we all experience auras all the time.

Whenever you interact with any person you can pick up their mood and some people can make you feel nervous while some people can make you feel calm.

These are all everyday examples of very perceptible energy. The energy of love is no different.

In the English language, love can be a confusing emotion. We are not talking about the feelings of being ‘in love’ or the romantic connections of love. These are really very different sets of emotions that we tend to clump together as ‘being in love’.

When we talk about the energy of love we talk about an energy that is free from judgement, anger, resentment and fear.

Human emotions can be measured by means of a frequency and this is often referred to as ‘vibrations’.

Every human brain is both a broadcasting and receiving station for the vibration of thought.

– Napoleon Hill

The energy of love has a high vibration while an energy like hate or resentment has a low vibration.

High vibrations are uplifting, makes us feel good and our minds and bodies function better at a high vibration. In many ways human beings can not function without the presence of love in some shape or form.

Living in emotional states with a low vibration will eventually lead to mental and/or emotional disease (your mind and body is not at ease).

Love Energy and Dr. Emoto’s Work

Can you send love energy to people and objects? Since we can not perceive energy with our senses it can be a hard concept to grasp.

Just like you can not see a radio signal or a wifi signal you can send these signals over great distances and pick it up to see its effects.

Sending love energy works on the same principle. There are many accounts of remote healings where energy healers will send loving and healing energy to someone who might be on the other side of the world.

One of the most prominent examples of the power of sending energy is beautifully illustrated by the work of Dr. Emoto in his book The Hidden Messages of Water.

What Dr. Emoto did was to send energy to water and then freeze the water to expose very specific crystalline structures to different thought energies.

If he sent the energy of love to water, it conformed to a beautiful crystalline structure while the energy of hate looked unstructured, chaotic and misformed.

His work gives us a very clear visual representation of how we can send energy to an object and how that energy affects the object.

Love Energy and Brain Scans

It has long been known to scientists how different emotions are formed in different parts of the brain. The fMRI technique measures brain activity and scientists can see how certain thoughts ‘light up’ certain parts of the brain.

From this point of view, love can be measured and when a person holds a thought of love in their mind, it dissipates almost all other thoughts. It is as if love ‘clears’ all other thoughts.

Another really important aspect about the energy of love is how it also affects your heart. The HeartMath Institute has done some fascinating studies about the relationship between the head and the heart.

We often relate love to our hearts. The every symbol of love is a heart and we have long known that love resides in the heart more than in the mind.

The science behind it reveals that your heart is much more than a pump. Your heart shares certain cells with your brain and there is in fact an intelligence in your heart which relates directly to love.

The heart center or the heart chakra has long been seen as the source of love from which love emanates into your energy body.

Remote Healings And Sending Love Energy

In the 1960’s Maharishi Mahesh Yogi proposed a metaphysical theory that if 1% of people in any given area practised Transcendental Meditation in unison, it could ‘tip over’ the consciousness of that area.

This became known as the Maharishi Effect and it has been measured in numerous cities all around the world by various groups of people.

The Maharishi Effect has proven beyond any doubt that when people focus their energy on love and compassion it produces dramatic effects.

In these cities where the experiments were done, crime rates went down significantly. Car accidents went down and even suicide rates decreased significantly. Stock markets also increased dramatically in some cases.

Does sending love energy work? The Maharishi Effect definitely proves that our collective consciousness focussed around love and compassion certainly can have large scale effects.

Sending love energy from one person to another can be equally powerful as we have seen from Dr. Emoto’s experiments.

This idea of sending energy from one person to another remotely is nothing new. Much has been written about remote healings and in his book The Power of The Subconscious Mind, Dr. Joseph Murphy talks extensively about how he healed his sister remotely.

The power of our minds and thoughts transcend time and space. Time and space are human constructs and limitations that we have placed on our real-world existence.

If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration.

– Nikola Tesla

If you consider the fact that everything is energy – including yourself then the idea of remote healings becomes less ‘airy fairy’. You are a mass of molecules and so are your thoughts.

Everything is simply energy in different rates of vibration.

Can your thought energy affect your body energy? Absolutely. We know that simply from the way our thoughts can change the way we feel.

If energy is not limited by time and space then your thought energy can transcend time and space.

How To Send Love Energy To Anyone

There are many reasons to send love to someone. This very idea has been present in the practice of prayer for many centuries.

You may send love to someone who is going through a tough time to offer them comfort. You may send love to a loved one whom you miss. You may send love to someone who needs healing.

Regardless of the reason, you can send love energy to anyone and it won’t cost you anything but extending some of your unlimited supply of love energy.

There are 3 simple steps to sending love energy to someone:

Raise your vibration to love:

Close your eyes and block off as much of the outside world as possible. Bring into your mind and consciousness a thought of love. Think of someone you love or a loving act you experienced.

Allow yourself to really feel this love and try and hold that thought for as long as you can. You can even try some loving thoughts together to help you reach this vibration of love more deeply.

Bring a person into your consciousness:

Once you’ve raised your vibration to love, bring into your consciousness this person whom you want to send love energy to.

Hold an image of this person in your mind or just contemplate the idea of this person. You can also just say their name .

Send them love and light:

Imagine yourself creating a connection with this person from where you are to where they are. Imagine yourself being able to ‘transmit’ love to them from where you are. Say “NAME, I send you love and light” and repeat it as a mantra.

You can send love energy to anyone – even yourself. Most people overlook themselves and that is often the person that needs the love energy the most.

Many people are in the habit of berating themselves, criticizing themselves and not really loving themselves.

Send yourself love and light and you absolutely will start feeling differently about your Self.

Does Sending Love Energy Work – Conclusion

Does sending love energy work from a perspective that you can measure it, document it and write it up as a scientific study?

Absolutely not.

Sending someone love energy for whatever good, positive or wholesome reason it may be, absolutely works. Can this be measured in a double blind scientific study? No. Not at this stage anyway.

The effects of sending love energy are subtle and projecting enough energy to someone remotely to see immediate changes requires an enlightened consciousness.

Sending someone love as a daily practise will over time have very powerful consequences. Your energy can be transmitted and the energy of love can be received by someone for whom it is intended.

If you could tell the person you are sending love to about what you are doing it can actually make them more receptive as well.

Even if there are no measurable differences in that person’s life at the very least you will feel more loving because you have to connect with the energy of love if you want to send love.

Opening my heart in gratitude tunes me to a higher vibration of love.

– Dr. Debra L. Reble

Another powerful but indirect way to send someone love is through gratitude. Being grateful for someone and everything they mean to you will indirectly send them the energy of love.

People who have developed their intuition and who have deep love for each other can actually feel love being sent to them. You can try that with someone who


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