How Long Does it Take to Open Your Third Eye?

How Long Does it Take to Open Your Third Eye

How long it takes to open your third eye? While some are born with it wide open, most of us spent a lifetime opening it in varying degrees.

It is not a door you open once and then live in complete bliss for the rest of your life.

Your consciousness affects the degree to which your 3rd eye will be open and for most people this is constantly fluctuating depending on your inner state and your level of consciousness at any given moment in time.

Opening the third eye completely depends on the individual. It may take moments, months, or even years. This may sound discouraging or even depressing but in reality this good news.

There is no limit to how connected and how intuitive you can become through your third eye. Those who reach very high levels of spirituality do not do it as a form of ‘achievement’ but they are stiving for a bigger taste of the Divine.

In this article we will identify the third eye and talk about how to open it. How long it takes to open your third eye is entirely up to you.

How Do I Know If My Third Eye is Open?

You’ll know your third eye is open when you are experiencing the following:

  • Precognition- You feel you’re experiencing foresight. Don’t be afraid! This means you are in tune.
  • Decisiveness- You will have no trouble defining what your gut tells you. You experience a strong sense of right and wrong for your own self. Clear direction is a telling indicator of an open third eye.
  • Great Concentration- If you have no trouble honing in on mental processes, your third eye is definitely in action.
  • You’re Open Minded- The third eye is focused on seeing the world with an open mind. If you find yourself flowing freely, entertaining new ideas and being able to navigate them with inner wisdom, you are absolutely being guided with your third eye.
  • Psychic Vision- If you are seeing auras or noticing energy within the chakras, congratulations! These can only be seen using the third eye.

What is the Third Eye Anyway?

The third eye refers to the vision which sees beyond limitations of the physical. It is the invisible eye that links us to the spiritual plane.

It helps us to look within, connecting to our personal wisdom and ultimate truths.

The third eye can also be thought of as the sixth sense. To the question how long does it take to open your third eye, we have to also understand a bit more about what it does – and what it allows you to ‘do’.

What Does the Third Eye Do?

Our third eye enables us to execute excellent perception, feel our intuition clearly, and experience spiritual powers.

This may be having clairvoyant visions and seeing chakras or auras. It could also be something as simple as being in control of our energy.

An open third eye means having strong faith in the universe, displaying commitment to mindfulness, and being able to exercise deep wisdom.

How long does it take to open your third eye if you do not come at it from a spiritual perspective? The answer is never! Most likely.

You simply can not open the 3rd eye if your ego is dominant in your life.

Where is the Third Eye Located?

The third eye is located between the brows at the site of Ajna chakra. This is the sixth chakra in the chakra system, which governs intuition and consciousness.

Its name means, “to perceive” or, “to command” in Sanskrit, which is the ancient language used to write many sacred Hindu texts.

Pretty much all terminology in Yoga and Meditation is in Sanskrit.

In most traditions, the third eye and Ajna chakra are treated as one in the same. Here, we will use them interchangeably.

How to Open Your Third Eye

To determine how long does it take to open your third eye we need to look closer at some of the most common practices, methods and techniques to ‘help’ you open your third eye.

I use the word ‘help’ because ultimately it is an inner process and all your external efforts are only a means to an end.

Doing more, trying harder and looking for shortcuts simply can not work. How long it takes to open your third eye is not reliant on your effort, technique or strategy.

There are many easy and effective ways to activate Ajna chakra. Some great ways to do this are to perform certain Asanas, or yoga poses, or to implement a practice of third eye meditation.

There are also specific foods, crystals, and herbs to help you open your third eye. We’ll explore all of these here.

1. Third Eye Asanas

Balasana (Child’s Pose) – This pose is an excellent choice to bring energy to your Ajna chakra. In Child’s Pose we bow deeply, with our foreheads resting upon the ground.

To perform Balasana, start in a table top position. From there, bring your toes to kiss and place your knees wide. Lean back into the buttox and stretch your arms out in front of you with the fingers barely grazing the floor.

Ideally your back is flat and your hips are as low as possible. Allow the weight of your skull to fall onto the forehead and elongate your neck. Breathe into this stretch for five deep breaths, and feel energy pooling into the third eye.

Halasana (Plough Pose) – This pose may seem a little daunting but I promise it isn’t that difficult. In Plough Pose, we experience a beautiful inversion that allows energy to flow the opposite of its usual course; gravity brings it right down to this higher chakra.

To perform Halasana, lay on your back and scoot your shoulder blades as close together as you can. From here, clasp the hands underneath your glutes, press off of your grounded arms and shoulders, and use your core to kick the legs over the head.

For beginners, you’ll want a chair behind you to prop your feet upon.

If advanced, you’ll be able to have your feet perpendicular to and touching the ground. In either case, your legs are meant to be straight. Settle in and make sure you are in line.

The chin should be lifted.

Once comfortable in this position, unclasp the hands and let them lay palms-up on either side of the body. Take five deep breaths here, focusing on breathing into the third eye.

Visualize yourself blowing off any dust that may be clouding its vision. When finished, come out slowly and with control, to avoid any stress on the neck or shoulders.

Viparita Karani (Legs Up the Wall Pose) – This inversion is wonderfully accessible for practitioners of all levels. To perform this pose, simply back your spine up to a wall, placing your legs in a 90 degree angle from the head, feet in the air but resting on the wall.

Relax as universal energy flows, with no effort, into your third eye. Breathe deeply, at least five rounds.

2. Third Eye Meditation

When I am how long does it take to open your third eye, I usually start with exploring meditation. Not only is it the ‘fastest’ way but it is the most effective.

Meditation allows you to overcome your ego faster than any other practice.

When we meditate on the third eye, we enter a simple meditative posture and focus our awareness at the location of Ajna chakra.

Focusing our attention here, we utilize breath and visualization techniques to bring our Ajna chakra to life.

With physical eyes closed, imagine a glimmer of light beginning in the spot between your brows. The color may be purple, but it could also be a light blue, or gold.

As you center your inner gaze upon it, it grows. With each breath, the light becomes stronger and more powerful, finally developing you completely.

Meditating on your third eye every day is a sure way to keep it unblocked and open.

Another effective meditation for the third eye is candle gazing. For one to three minutes, focus your eyes upon the dancing flame of a candle.

Let your gaze soften, until the eyes are almost closed. Rest here for a moment, continuing to ground yourself with the light of the flame.

Gradually, close your eyes completely. A small light should remain in your vision. Stay with this light and use it to deepen your own vision within.

Call to universal truth and loving awareness, which is after all, our own personal truth as well.

3. Foods, Herbs, and Crystals to Open Your Third Eye

1. Foods & Substances

Some foods that will help you open your third eye are cacao, deep purple fruits and vegetables, and foods rich in omega-3’s. Each of these provides mental support, as the brain is the organ that the third eye governs.

Cacao contains powerful antioxidants and causes a richer flow of blood to the brain. Eggplant, blueberries, red kale, grapes, blackberries, or other foods that are a deep purple are great for nourishing Ajna chakra.

They reflect the deep indigo that represents spiritual power. Omega 3-rich foods are essential for proper function of the mind.

Some good options for this are salmon, ground flax, or avocado. Walnuts are a great source as well, especially because they themselves look like brains!

2. Herbs

Herbs that are helpful to opening the third eye include gotu kola, ginkgo biloba, lavender, blue lotus, and butterfly pea flower.

Each of these herbs is an assistor in unlocking ancient wisdom and increasing personal intuition.

While gotu-kola and ginkgo biloba increase circulation and improve mental stamina, the deep indigo of the flowers listed call our third eye to activation. Lavender is a clarifying herb when burned.

Blue lotus is a meditative herb when smoked. Butterfly pea flower is a gorgeous addition to any tea, and will turn the liquid from deep purple to magenta when citrus is added.

Use any combination of the herbs above in smoking blends, teas, and tinctures.

3. Crystals

Crystals for the third eye include amethyst, lapis lazuli, labradorite and other indigo to deep-blue crystals that call upon divine vision and guidance.

Other crystals helpful for clearing blockages and aligning all seven chakras are black obsidian and clear quartz.

Obsidian is the master cleanser, and will aid you in burning off toxic energy from root to crown. Clear quartz is a fantastic healer and will help you in bringing clarity to your third eye.

Is There a Mudra for the Third Eye?

Mudras are symbolic gestures using your hand that is widely used in some religions. I won’t go into how or why they work but they can be powerful aides in your own spiritual practices.

There are a few mudras that focus on the third eye. Here are two sources for you to explore.

Symptoms of Imbalanced Ajna Chakra

One more important idea to look at when we consider how long does it take to open your third eye, is what actually ‘blocks’ or prevents your third eye from opening.

When Ajna chakra is blocked or imbalanced, we are unable to see with our third eyes. Symptoms of this include:

  • confusion
  • poor memory
  • lack of open mind
  • being stuck in the ego
  • inability to concentrate
  • inability to trust the self
  • headaches and migraines

These are some broad ideas but when you encounter any of them, it may be a sign or a symptom that alerts you to a block.


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