The Spiritual Meaning Of Finding Money

spiritual meaning of finding money

The spiritual meaning of finding money relates directly to your self-worth, the abundance in your life, and your vibrational set point to money.

Some people see a penny on the street and ignore it just because it is “only a penny”. One thing I learned from Dr. Wayne Dyer a long time ago is to never pass up on the opportunity when money comes along your path.

When any form of money comes along my path, I now stop, pick it up and say “thank you for this symbol of abundance that has come my way. I bless you and allow more to come to me now.”

This simple ritual has become second nature. The fact is also that I rarely go a day without money coming along my path in some way.

Abundance is an energy that you simply have to plug in to. Just like electricity. Its always flowing and always available. The question is never whether there is enough or not.

The real question is always whether you are plugged in and tune into the energy of abundance.

Finding money on the road, in your pocket under the sofa or even getting too much change when you buy something – these are all signs that you are connected to the energy of abundance.

When you are truly connected to abundance and prosperity, money flows to you effortlessly. Just like money just showing up in your life, the effortless flow of abundance is natural.

While money is a symbol of abundance it is by no means the definition of abundance.

The True Meaning and Value of Money Spiritually

Money has value. Money represents something valuable. It is the means through which we live and function in this world.

It allows us to exchange things of value without resorting back to barter. I know a lot of people who consider themselves spiritual do not like the idea of money.

Somewhere in our Judeo-Christian society, the belief of money as the root of all evil has stuck. The reality, however, is that money is no more or less spiritual than a rock.

Money is merely a symbol. The dollar bills you put in your pocket and the coins that you freely toss aside are not money.

Money is an idea. It is an energy and the bills and coins that we call money simply represent those ideas and that energy.

Money is a form of life energy. We can not live or function without it. More money gives you more of this life energy which allows you to be more, to do more and to live more.

Being more, living more, experiencing more are all deeply spiritual ideas. You did not come into this life to be small. You came here to experience ALL of life.

Wealth is the ability to fully experience life.

– Henry David Thoreau

For this very reason the more you have the more you can become and the fuller and richer your experience of life will be.

By definition, money can never be good or bad. It is an innate object.

The only way money can become good or bad is if you decide to make it so. If you make the decision that money is evil or un-spiritual or that it corrupts the world then that is the energy YOU assign to your money.

The first and most important step you need to take in living a more abundant life is to decide what money means to you.

Whatever you decide money means is the energy that money will assume in your life.

Money is only a tool. It will take you wherever you wish, but it will not replace you as the driver.

– Ayn Rand

The 5 Spiritual Meanings of Finding Money

The spiritual meaning of finding money depends a lot on your own beliefs about money. Finding money always feels good.

If you only find a 10 cent and shrug it off because it is “not enough” then think again! The energy of money is the same energy whether it is 10 cents or $1000.

The spiritual meaning of finding money goes well beyond money as a means to buy stuff with. Here are the 5 spiritual meanings of finding money

1. You Are Not Alone

Any signs you get from the universe is first and foremost a comforting reminder that you are not alone. You are Divinely guided at all times in your life.

Knowing that you are not alone is both comforting and encouraging. When life is tough we tend to feel alone.

The main reason for that is that our outside world of events and circumstances tends to dominate when things are not going well. We ignore the inside world. We ignore our connection to the Divine.

Whenever I find any coin, bill or any form of abundance showing up in my life I know that it is a sign that I am not alone.

It is a reminder that God wants me to prosper and live a full and abundant life.

2. You Are Valued and Valuable

Finding money is also a reminder that you are valuable. In some cultures finding money on the street is considered “good luck” and that you are “favored” by God.

Since money is a symbol of value and that which is valuable, finding it along your daily life path is a reminder that you are indeed valuable.

One of the biggest problems most people have in money and relationships is the feeling that they are not “enough”.

This is nothing more than a belief that you have about yourself. When you believe that you are worthy and deserving of everything you desire; that you are worthy of an abundant life ten the belief itself will start to change your reality according to the law of attraction.

Finding money is a reminder of your value and your worth.

3. Abundance Reminder

When money is tight in your life it is easy to forget that you live in an abundant universe. When you start finding money it serves as a reminder that you live in an abundant universe.

Everything we need in life is available in abundance. We have more than enough oxygen, water and food. Why not money?

Money is a life force and there is more than enough available to you. There is an ocean of abundance and you can take as much or as little from it as you choose.

There is no God who decides who gets a little and who gets a lot. It is all up top you and what you choose to allow into your life.

Let every coin you pick up be a reminder that you live in an abundant universe and that you are entitled to have more than you need.

4. Your Vibrational Set-point is Aligned

Understanding and deliberately using the law of attraction is a powerful way to attract financial abundance into your life.

When you set an intention and start shifting your thoughts you will almost immediately start attracting things that are in alignment with your intention.

Finding money is usually the first sign that you are vibrationally aligned with the abundance you want to attract.

Your intention might be to manifest $100,00 but that $1 bill you find in an old handbag or the 10 cent coin that’s on the street are all signs that you are vibrationally aligned to abundance.

5. A Sign From The Universe

When you are on this spiritual journey and live life more consciously and create your life more deliberately you start knowing that you are not alone.

You are guided all the time and there are many ways the universe can communicate with you. When you start finding money it usually is a message of self worth and abundance but it could also have other meanings.

When you find a coin and you pick it up, what is that first and instant “message” in your head? What does your intuition tell you it means?

It could be an answet to a question. It could be a number (like 5 on a $5 bill) or simply a sign that confirms something to you.

Learn to trust your intuition to”read” the signs of the univere.

Are You Noticing?

The question is never if there are coins and small change coming along your life path. The real question is whether you are noting or not.

If yo are not tuned in then you will not notice it. Some people do notice it but shrug it off.

If you are tuned in and aligned with abundance and prosperity then you will notice it, pick it up and be thankful. I’ve written about the Pennies to Millions manifestation technique before and I would recommend you read that.

The fact remains that those who do not notice pennies will most likely not notice the “hundreds” or the “thouands” either.

Money making opportunties often come disguised and if you are not tuned into abundance as an energy then you will not notice that either.

There is a part of your brain called the Reticular Activating System and it largely determines what your conscious awareness will pay attention to.

At any given time in your life there are thousands of things going on in your environment that your mind simply does not have the resources to pay attention to.

If you become conscious and aware of abundance and make money importtant then you will start noticing it.

Your Reticular activating System will start seeking it out; it will start to notice – not just small coins but abundance as a whole.

All you have to do to activate it is to decide that finding abundance in your life is important to you. You will start noting it everywhere and you will start paying attention to ways and means to attract and manifest more.

The Meaning of Finding Money – Conclusion

The spiritual meaning of finding money is generally connected to value, abundance and “good luck”.

Money is a symbol of value and when money starts showing up on your path it is usually a reminder that you are valuable and that you are indeed worth something.

For wealth to translate into wellbeing, you need a spiritual element within you. Without that, your success will work against you.

– Shadguru

Some might argue that finding coins in the street or a five dollar bill in an old handbag are pure coincidence. These things are in fact synchronicities and in a perfectly orchestrated universe there are no accidents.

The spiritual meaning of finding money is that you are a divine being with great value. Your value is not in what you do but in what you are.

Finding money often serves as a reminder that you are connected to the abundance of the univesre. It ius often also a way for the univesre to communicate with you.

Ultimately you need to start paying attention to the signs of the universe.. You are never alone and abundance and prosperity is your birthright.


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