Is Quantum Jumping Dangerous?

is quantum jumping dangerous

Is quantum jumping dangerous or is it just another FAD method to hook people into the promise that they can get everything they want?

This idea in itself makes it dangerous but the real dangers lie in regressing to past lives, pinning all your hopes on this method or not being ready for rapid change in your life.

Quantum physics certainly has changed more than our perception of science. It has changed our perception and understanding of life itself.

The idea that something can exists in multiple dimensions at the same time is a really tough concept to get your head around.

We are so conditioned to think in terms of linear time and most of us live a life that is very neatly divided into our past, our present and our future.

Yet, we’ve all had experiences where we had very vivid dreams – dreams where you wake up and can hardly tell the difference between where you are and where you were.

Dr. Brian Weiss explained that these types of dreams are usually from past (or even future) lives. When the conscious mind and even the subconscious mind is suppressed, the superconscious becomes active.

We are able to peer into alternate realities and can see and experience ourselves in a different times-space reality.

This all sounds a lot like science fiction but the brilliant work of Jose Silva and his so-called Silva Mind Control methods started exploring the vast world of consciousness that exist behind this very limited human experience we call everyday awareness.

Quantum jumping as a method is an extension of these ideas and although it can be incredibly useful, helpful and even transformative, quantum jumping is dangerous if you do not do it responsibly.

Understanding Quantum Jumping And Its Implications

In physics the concept of quantum jumping refers to the instantaneous transition of an atom, molecule or subatomic particle from one state to another.

Quantum jumping is a ‘strange’ phenomena and contradicts a lot of classic scientific models where all changes are gradual.

With quantum jumping it is like switching a light on and off. With more classic models, it is like ice becoming water or water becoming steam.

The concept of quantum jumping as it relates to the law of attraction is a term that was coined by Burt Goldman and it refers to a technique that allows you to ‘jump’ from your present reality to an alternate reality through the use of advanced visualization and relaxation techniques.

While the term quantum jumping is unique, the ideas behind it are not. Burt Goldman worked closely with Jose Silva – the renowned author of Silva Mind Control.

In a similar vein, the ideas and methods revolve around accessing alternate states of mind where you can access parts of your mind that lie dormant – parts of your mind that is intimately connected to infinite intelligence.

The best way to describe quantum jumping is that it is basically the same process as past life regressions.

While past life regressions tend to look backwards, quantum jumping tends to look forward. With past life regressions you will ‘jump’ to previous lives and uncover wounds and problems that you brought (unconsciously) into this life.

With quantum jumping, the focus is more on ‘meeting’ future or alternate versions of yourself to gain knowledge and insight into what you would like to be, become or experience in this life.

This all may sound like science fiction to many but quantum physics is starting to reveal some of the concrete facts around these ideas.

If time is an illusion the future you in all its different variations already exist. The idea of time as a linear sequence of events is just not true. This is a man made idea that we use to help make sense of life and our world.

The conscious mind acts as a guardian of your awareness of time and space.

It is your conscious mind (and even your subconscious mind) that sufficiently suppress memories from past or future lives to keep you functioning ‘normally’ in this life.

Quantum jumping opens the door and allows you to escape the illusion of this reality and peer into different dimensions to gain knowledge that can advance you into different versions of yourself in this life.

With everyday awareness, we tend to make changes in life and evolve in life in a way similar to classic models of physics.

It is slow and gradual. It is a process that unfolds one step after another.

With quantum jumping, the changes are instantaneous. It is like switching on the light inside yourself.

It activates parts of yourself in an instantaneous way that allows you to make rapid and dramatic changes.

Is quantum jumping dangerous? Yes, it certainly could be and there are 5 things in particular you have to look out for.

5 Reasons Why Quantum Jumping Is Dangerous

There are lots of theories about the effects of quantum jumping. Some people argue that you have no business interfering with past or future lives and that it is an attempt to play God.

To this I can say that you Soul or your Higher Self is what remains consistent. It is ultimately who you really are and that all the different lives you may have had or will still have are all part of the journey of your soul.

Quantum jumping is not dangerous in the sense that you try and alter the path of your soul or that you try and ‘recreate’ your past or try and play God.

You can not do these things even if you try.

Ultimately quantum jumping is about learning through vivid mental experiences.

If someone tells you that you ‘could be’ an artist or an inventor or anything you want to be then that knowledge is external. We sort of know its true but we fail to internalize it and really act on it.

Through quantum jumping you get a more vivid experience of your true potential. This can awaken dormant forces and faculties within you that allows you to leap into different versions of your full potential.

This in itself can make quantum jumping dangerous and there are 5 main reasons why quantum jumping is dangerous.

1. Opening Unknown Wounds From Past Lives

Quantum jumping can be dangerous in the same way past life regressions can be dangerous. When you jump to past lives it can be incredibly insightful and helpful in this life.

The danger is that it can open some really deep wounds. If you experienced trauma in past lives it tends to have some residual energy in this life because it was so impactful.

When you revisit these traumas from the past lives it can be very upsetting. Many people sob and become incredibly emotional during past life regressions.

Having someone who is very well trained to help you work through this is really important.

You need an expert to help guide you through these experiences and put it into context for this life to really understand the meaning and bring back the positive lessons.

2. You Are Not Ready For Radical Change

Quantum jumping is dangerous when rapid changes occur at the wrong time in your life. Most people want things that they are not really ready for.

So many people who are in financial strife want more money. They want to win the lottery or manifest large amounts of money overnight.

The problem is that external change is never the answer. It is the internal change that has to precede the external change – otherwise there will always be a mismatch between your inner energy and your outer reality.

It explains why so many lottery winners or athletes implode as soon as they come into wealth.

You need to make sure that your do the inner work first – otherwise quantum jumping can be dangerous.

The rapid changes that it can invoke in your life may catch you off guard and you may not be ready for it.

This can plunge you into personal crises which can be very dangerous for your own mental health and wellbeing.

3. Abundance Will Amplify What You Already Are

Most of the changes that we want in our lives revolve having greater abundance. We want more money, better relationships or improved health.

The truth is that your current relationships, health or wealth reflect your inner world and your innermost thoughts.

Having greater abundance in any area of your life will not change your inner world but simply amplify what you already are.

If you are anxious and fearful then more money will make you more anxious and fearful. Whatever you want more of in your life will NOT change it but simply amplify what you already are.

Is quantum jumping dangerous if you are anxious, fearful or stressed out? Absolutely! You may think that better health, your dream relationship or more money will change your thoughts but in reality it is the other way round.

Using quantum jumping to try and fix the holes in your life will most likely only make it bigger.

4. Have Your Hopes Crushed

Because quantum jumping promises such rapid and such traumatic life changes it often draws people into the methods and theories for all the wrong reasons.

Healing incurable diseases and many miraculous results certainly could be possible but for most people is won’t.

Is quantum jumping dangerous if you place your hopes on it and rely on it out of desperation or last resort to fix a problem?

It most certainly is dangerous and some people certainly are drawn to this for all the wrong reasons.

Quantum jumping does not work for everyone and many people will get absolutely nothing out of it. This does not mean you should not try it.

It simply means that when you approach it out of a sense of desperation is can be dangerous and you can get your hopes crushed.

5. Unrealistic Expectations

Just like hypnosis, quantum jumping does not work for everyone. Many people simply can not be hypnotized and it is not because you ‘can’t’ but more because your conscious mind is very opposed to the idea.

With quantum jumping many people get very excited by the prospect of instantaneously becoming everything they ever wanted to be.

While this is the promise it also makes quantum jumping dangerous. To think that you can magically flick a switch and become a world champion chess player is a dangerous lie.

Many people spend a lot of money on courses and coaching to do quantum jumping only to find out that it is not really what they thought it would be.

Burt Goldman likes to tout is achievements with quantum jumping by becoming a pianist, an artist and an author within a short period of time.

The truth is that he put a LOT of work into becoming these ‘people’. There is an element of rapid advancement through quantum jumping but it does not mean you lie on the sofa and do nothing.

Burt painted more than 100 canvases before he even started creating any work worthy of being called art.


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