Writing Affirmations For 21 Days – A Powerful Exercise

writing affirmations for 21 days

Writing affirmations for 21 days is a program or a method that allows you to focus on a single idea and using the power of affirmations to focus your energy and attention on manifesting something or changing something in your life.

There are numerous writing exercises that use the law of attraction. Most of them revolve around the idea of repetition.

Repetition is more than just a way we learn something intellectually.

It helps us understand something on a much deeper level but above all, every thought emits an energy and the more energy you put towards an idea the more likely it is to manifest into reality.

The law of attraction is often spoken about loosely and the belief that you will manifest what you think about is a very superficial understanding of the law.

Ultimately it is not what you think about as much as it is the energy and the attention that you put towards a specific idea that will manifest in your life.

The Real Power Of Affirmations

The more traditional and conventional understanding about affirmations comes from much of the so-called ‘success literature’ from the 1990’s.

The understanding was that your mind was ‘programmed’ through repetition and you can use affirmations as a repetition tool to reprogram your mind.

While this is true to some extent it does take into account the emotion and experience that rooted many beliefs that make up your programming.

Repetition is not enough.

You can say ‘I am happy’ ten thousand times and still feel depressed. This also explains why general affirmations are nothing more than a warm shower.

It makes you feel good and has some value in that regard but using affirmations as a real psychological tool for manifestation is something completely different.

If you’ve been exposed to lists of general affirmations for wealth, health or success then you probably found yourself running out of motivation for repeating them daily after just a few weeks.

These general affirmations do help from a psychological point of view but to use affirmations that invoke the law of attraction is something completely different.

The real value of affirmations is in visualization.

When you have a clear intention for something you want to manifest and you turn that into a good affirmation, it has the power to invoke visualization.

The words ‘forces’ your mind to visualize the end result of what you want to manifest and the law of attraction responds to these images – not the words.

The words are only a means to an end and has no meaning in and of themselves.

That is why using another person’s words or affirmations may bear no fruits in your life.

Which Affirmations To Write for 21 Days

When you commit to writing affirmations for 21 days, the most important question is what affirmations should you focus on?

Do you just download a long list from the internet and start writing?


That is not a smart way of using your precious time. You need to really focus your energy and your attention on one single idea.

What is the one thing you want to change or manifest most in your life?

Once you know what this is you need to spend a few days getting very clear on exactly what you want. Think of all the details and think of every aspect about what you want to manifest.

The more clarity you have the easier the whole process will be.

It is incredibly important that you ONLY focus on the end result of what you want to manifest. Never concern yourself with the process or the means to the end.

This is often much harder than most people think.

You may think you want more money but why? If you want more money so that you can buy a new house then don’t focus on the money.

The money is a means to an end.

Money is the hardest and probably the worse thing to try and manifest. It is very hard to visualize and most people have lorry loads of baggage to drag them down.

Now that you know exactly what you want, turn it into a specific, present tense and (already) accomplished affirmations:

I, John am now the proud owner of a beautiful modern 5 bedroom house in Chancery Hill with swimming pool, 3 car garage and a home gym.

Why 21 Days?

Writing affirmations for 21 days is mostly just an arbitrary period of time that most people are able to stick with.

There is however a lot of significance placed on 21 days as a time frame in the Bible. All fasting was recommended to last for 21 days as it was a ‘Godly’ period that was deemed sufficient to abstain from your old ways.

If we relate this to affirmations it is in a way a time frame for you to abstain from your old way of thinking.

By being fully committed for 21 days you can purge yourself from your old thinking and ‘install’ new images and recreate your life.

Most scientific studies however point to the fact that it takes an average person about 90 days to change their thinking.

Writing affirmations for 21 days may not be enough to change your world but its a great start.

I like it because it seems very doable. I can commit to 21 days, but committing to 60 days starts adding a bit more weight to the idea.

Breaking it down to 3 ‘batches’ of 21 day plans is an excellent way to approach this – just commit to the next 21 days and then take a break.

Using affirmations to implant new images of the life that you truly want is much harder than most people think.

Those subconscious images tend to be dominated by what you already have and what you fear most.

Overcoming those two habits can be incredibly tough and it will take more than 21 days for most people.

Writing Affirmations for 21 Days

Having a set period of focussing intensely on one specific manifestation is far more effective than just writing your affirmations every day for an indefinite period.

This does not mean that you will be guaranteed to manifest your intention after just 21 days.

It’s just that the 21 days blocks out a period of time and you commit to this. Forever is a long time and the mind does not cope well with that idea.

By committing for 21 days you have a definite time frame and your focus is on the next 21 days to give it all the energy and attention it deserves.

I found that the hardest part to manifesting is not with doing the right techniques or methods but simply to dedicate time to actually sit down and focus on what you really want.

It’s so easy to get side tracked, to get busy or even to get lazy.

The 21 Day Affirmation Plan:

Writing affirmations for 21 days is not hard. The real question is not if you can do it, but will you do it? Can you stick with it for 21 days?

If your desire to manifest your intention is strong enough and you are driven by the joy and excitement of having it in your life then it is much easier.

Being driven by the pain of not having it can also be a strong motivating factor but do not let that be the only driver as that can inject fear and negativity into what you do.

The 21 day affirmation plan is simple:

  • Pick a definite day to start
  • Mark out 21 days in advance on your calendar and tick them off one day at a time
  • Set aside 10 minutes at a specific time every morning and every evening
  • Have your journal and pen ready so that you can quickly settle in at your set times
  • Take 1 minute before you start writing to close your eyes, take a deep breath and calm your mind down.
  • Start writing your affirmations by hand. Write slight variations and use slightly different words every line you write.
  • Speak it out loud or softly to yourself as you write
  • Make an effort to stay aware and to keep your attention on the words and do not allow your attention to drift.
  • In a 10 minute session you should be able to write your affirmations 30 to 50 times.
  • More is not better. Better is better.
  • Just before the 10 minutes is up, put down your pen, close your journal and with your eyes closed SEE yourself already having what you want to manifest.
  • If you skip a day, you have to start over from day one.

The 21 days plan is all about commitment and consistency. Skipping just one day will allow your consciousness to relax and ease back into your old ways.

When you make this new image your new destination (destiny) your mind MUST respond. It knows no other way.

Your mind is always moving in a direction and it is the images that you hold that dictates the direction your mind is moving in.

These images are also your instructions to the universe and infinity intelligence that works in harmony with your subconscious mind to create everything that could possibly be needed to bring about the realization of these images.

The 5 Golden Rules To Writing Affirmations

Writing affirmations for 21 days may seem like a lot of writing. If you do 20 minutes a day for 21 days then you could easily fill half a journal.

The greatest danger with affirmations is that it becomes dull repetitions that you repeat as a chore instead of being fully awake and aware and engaging your mind, body and emotions to what you are focussing on and what you are visualizing.

Always remember that writing affirmations is a tool to help you visualize.

It is not about the words and it is not about how many times you write it down. Its about directing your mind and flooding your subconscious with a new image of what you really want.

Here are the 5 golden rules to writing affirmations that will help you get the most out of your 21 day plan:

1. Be fully present

Being fully present and having your mind completely and totally focussed and aligned with what you are writing is the biggest challenge when writing affirmations for 21 days.

Being fully present and fully engaged is what will really create the power to manifest what you are writing.

When your mind is drifting and you are thinking of anything other than what you are writing then you should stop and refocus.

Writing down affirmations is one of the most powerful ways to help you to have this intense focus but the mind can still drift – especially if there’s a lot going on in your life.

Do not allow yourself to slack off.

Dull repetitions and doing this because it feels like a chore will not yield any real results.

Speaking your affirmations out loud as you write is an incredibly effective way to help you stay engaged.

Your mind can only hold one thought at a time and your attention can only be on one thought at a time. Choose wisely.

2. No distractions

When your phone rings, someone bursts into the room or any other form of distraction instantly breaks your connection with your Higher Self.

When you are fully engaged in writing your affirmations you are in the flow.

You are disconnected from the present reality and your mind is ‘future pacing’ and you are present in a new future reality that you want to create.

Do not allow anything to disrupt you as it will cause your process to be less effective and it will instantly snap you back into your present reality.

3. One affirmation at a time

How many affirmations should you focus on at a time? There’s no real right or wrong and 3 to 5 seems to be the most common number of affirmations.

One caveat I will add to that is that if all 3 to 5 affirmations are around a similar idea then its fine. If one is about health, the other about wealth and another about relationships than you might be less efficient in your efforts.

For the 21 days of writing affirmations I suggest you pick just one affirmation or idea. This allows you to really focus your energy and your attention and you will see the most results from that.

4. Write by hand on paper in a journal

When you write by hand you take full advantage of your brain’s ability to focus. Writing establishes a connection between your hand and your mind and it allows you to form ideas on paper.

Writing gives you a connection that you can not get from typing or simply speaking your affirmations.

You quite literally see your ideas and thoughts come to life on the paper. Many argue that this in itself is a form of manifestation where you take an idea in your mind and you give it a concrete existence on paper.

5. Allow your subconscious to take over

As you get into writing your affirmations you will slowly start entering a different state of mind.

The idea behind writing non-stop is that you do not allow any other thoughts or ideas into your mind. You are completely immersed in one idea.

Your subconscious mind will take over.

The words you write will automatically invoke images.

As you stay with it and really concentrate on what you are writing on the screen of your mind, you are implanting new images in your mind and this acts as an instruction to the subconscious.

This indirect way of visualizing is really powerful because you are not ‘trying’ or forcing yourself to conjure up images and visualizations


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