Can You Manifest Someone’s Death?

can you manifest someone's death

Can you manifest someone’s death? While the law of attraction promises that you can manifest anything, this does not include life or death.

You can not minifest someone’s death either directly or indirectly using your thoughts and intentions.

The scared law of life means that you can not create in someone else’s reality. Even with the best intentions you can not manifest anything in someone else’s life.

That alone means you can not manifest someone’s death but there is something even more sacred than that principle and that is the fact that human beings do not have dominion over life and death.

Yes, you can make a baby and ‘create life’ or you can kill someone and ‘take life’ but neither of those acts are acts of manifestation.

Life and death is, was and will always be the most sacred of things in this life.

Manifesting Life and Death

If manifesting is something that you can create through the (God give) power of your thoughts and your will, then can you manifest someone’s death?

Is life and death something over which we have power with thought and will alone?

Absolutely not!

Life and death is not something that human beings can manifest. The power to give life is most certainly not within our direct control.

I attract into my life whatever I give my attention, energy, and focus to, whether positive or negative. – Michael Losier

We can ‘create’ life by obeying the law and by working with the natural flow of creation.

We can create life by planting a seed and allowing ‘life’ to spring forth from that invisible force we call God or Light.

Are you the one creating the life in that plant or are you merely working with the natural laws that leads to the life that is inherent in that seed to come forth?

The same can be said for making a human (baby) or any other form of life that we may think we can ‘create’.

When it comes to death it gets more tricky to understand.

We live in a worl where murser has become an everyday occurrence. Human beings most certainly can take life away from another.

This involves an act of force and violates the most sacred of Divine laws which is to interfere in someone else’se free will to live.

Life truly is sacred.

This idea is ingrained into the very nature of every cell in your body. Every part of you is designed to seek life and to seek to live more.

Every culture of every age throughout humanity understood and upheld this idea that life is sacred and something incredibly valuable.

The idea of manifesting someone’s death by using the principles of manifestation is not only impossible but the very idea violates every law in the universe.

Even the best effort simply can not manifest death in any way since human beings do not have dominion over life and death.

However, human beings may think they do.

Just because we can clone embryos and kill others does not give us the ability or the right to create or take life.

There is a great Karmic debt to pay when you take someone’s life. It can take many lifetimes – often lifetimes of suffering to repay this debt.

Why You Can Not Manifest Someone’s Death

This thing we call life is what animates our bodies, powers our minds and keeps the light on in your consciousness.

Life is much bigger than merely being ‘alive’ in this world and in this body.

Ultimately, your life was given to you by God or The Source when it created you. When you die from this life you simply go back to where you come from and will continue to exist as pure spirit – which is that what you truly are.

This does not devalue life in this body though.

It is still sacred and of great value.

Can you manifest someone’s death with your own thoughts, intentions and without any physical actions that takes their life?

You absolutely can’t.

That is never something you have to worry about.

It is never something you even have to spend any time contemplating and much more is is not something you need to focus any attention on.

Contemplating thoughts of death will create a level of energy within you that can only bring forth what is bad, ugly and destructive.

Many people however are worried that they may have directly or indirectly manifested someone’s death

Lets briefly look at the 3 most common scioenarios when it comes to the law of attraction and the idea of possibly manifesting death.

1. You Fear That You Actually Manifested Someone’s Death

Sometimes we harbour a lot of ill-will towards someone that we once loved or that we still love.

When this person dies, people often feel responsible.

People often feel worried and remorseful – wondering if they were in some way responsible for someone’s death through their direct or indirect manifestations.

Absolutely not!

You can never be truly responsible for someone’s death.

When someone passes on, it simply means that they have fulfilled their purpose in this life. They have finished what they came here for and now they are ready to move on to their new adventure.

Never hold yourself responsible for someone’s death – especially if you feel that you may have manifested it through your thoughts about them.

Feeling guilty will inflict a world of pain upon yourself as it is one of the lowest vibration thoughts that humans are capable of.

2. You Worry That Your Thoughts and Anxiety Might Manifest Someone You Love’s Death

If you are someone who is very anxious and your thoughts are easily dominated by fear then you may be concerned that these thoughts could lead to you manifesting someone’s death.

We often worry greatly for the people we love – especially family and friends who we hold dear.

Having anxiety about someone else’s well-being can be very troublesome.

The fear of losing someone you hold dear can be one of the most paralyzing fears there is.

Can you manifest someone’s death with these ‘heavy’ emotional thoughts that become so persistent?

Absolutely not.

You can rest at ease knowing that there is no way in this universe that your anxious thoughts about worrying for someone else’s safety and well-being can cause their death.

Perish that thought!

3. You Despise Someone and Want to Know If You Can Manifest Someone’s Death With The Law of Attraction

Someone may have done something terrible to you and you start thinking that having them gone would be a good thing.


No law of attraction or manifestation practise can help you get rid pf someone through their death.

Having these thoughts though will start working its darkness on you though, so be very careful.

By choosing your thoughts, and by selecting which emotional currents you will release and which you will reinforce, you determine the quality of your light. You determine the effects that you will have upon others and the nature of the experiences of your life.

– Gary Zukav

The old saying that what you wish for another will visit upon yourself is actually true. Your evil thoughts towards another will not manifest in their life but in yours

They are your thoughts and your feelings and you are the creator in your life.

The Only Death You Can Manifest

While you can not manifest someone’s death, can you manifest your own death?

Apart fromthe obvious answer that you can take your own life, if you consider the idea of manifesting death with your thoughts and intentions then there are some worrying ideas to consider.

You actually can manifest your own death.

In fact, we all do.

Yes, life has a Karmic path that needs to unfold but most diseases and ilnesses are caused either directly or indirectly by the way you think and feel.

From this point of view, most people manifest their own death.

Metaphysical teachers all agree now that most cancers are caused by harbouring negative thoughts and em,otions for prolonged periods of time.

Your body is nothing but a mass of energy.

Your thoughts and emotions are energy.

When your thoughts an emotions caused disruptions in the natural flow of your body’s energy then diseases can occur.

We know for a fact that we can cure ourselves with our minds but this presupposes that it is the mind that makes us sick.

This is usually a slow process and something that unfolds over a few decades of living life with thoughts and emotions that are not conducive to joy, love and peace.

So, what then about accidents.

Is it possible that you can manifest accidents?

While you certainly can not manifest accidents in someone else’s life, you most certainly can manifest accidents in your own life.

The things you fear most tends to be drawn into your life.

This comes back to the most basic of teachings in the law of attraction. Your dominant thoughts and emotions emit a vibration that the law of attraction respond to.

If your dominant thoughts are on an accident and these thoughts are filled with fear and anxiety then sooner or later it must manifest.


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