Feng Shui Essential Oils for Wealth

Feng Shui essential oils for wealth

Using Feng Shui essential oils for wealth can help balance the energy in your work and living spaces. The opowerful effect of smell and aroma can have a profound effect on our mood and the ‘vibes’ of your home.

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought forth not only the spread of a deadly disease but also the relapse in the worldwide economy.

The stringent enforcement of health protocols makes people’s lives an everyday struggle for survival. At a time when money has become an utmost necessity, the Feng Shui essential oils for wealth can be our ultimate resort.

Extensively used in perfume, cosmetics, and soap production, essential oils are practically everywhere.

They can also be found in food and drink flavorings, scents of incense, and household cleaning products. Indeed, essentials oils provide many beneficial effects to various aspects of our lives.

However, if people were to be asked what use do essential oils serve in money attraction, I bet only a small portion of the population could answer the question.

Let me tell you a secret. In Feng Shui’s philosophy, transforming essential oils as a money magnet is possible. Experts believe that through aromas and scents, the flow of chi (or energy) can be channeled successfully.

Essential Oils And Feng Shui

Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese practice of creating an energetic harmony between people and their living spaces.

Oils have long been associated with wealth and luxury. The practice of using oils to infuse or to generate olfactory experiences has been part of spiritual ceremonies for centuries.

Smeell has a profound effect on the Feng Shui of spaces and by using the right fragrances it can help to pormote wealth, success, abundance and prosperity in your life.

1. Maintaining a Sense of Tranquility

Harmonious relationships, such as those we form with our family and friends, can not only promote prosperity but is a form of prosperity in itself.

A pure lavender essential oil, known for its versatility in aromatherapy, provides a relaxed environment for you and your family creating better emotional and spiritual connections.

If these connections are sustained, good fortune is more likely to be attained.

The lavender essential oil also reestablishes energy balance to our mind, body, and spirit.

Another option I can offer is the sweet orange essential oil. It gives off a cheerful scent that helps improve your mood thus opening more doors for harmony in your homes.

2. Health is Wealth

Health should always be the priority of every person. Without it, every success we’ve managed to build so far will just crumble down.

If we put health on top of our priority list, we will attain a level of success and prosperity.

A pure, organic lemon essential oil will help you achieve abundance in your life.

It helps fight exhaustion, alleviates depression, disperses mental confusion, eases worry, and dissipates negative emotions.

Eucalyptus essential oil, on the other hand, is well-known for its magical wonders in healing. It also fixes breathing problems. To further boost the positive energy inside your household, try combining the two.

3. Success and Financial Stability

Your income predetermines how long you can keep up with expenses piling up.

To ensure your income can sustain all your most essential needs, proper handling of your finances is a crucial factor.

But aside from this, managing your self-confidence and exhibiting a positive mindset are also essential factors in achieving financial stability.

The Feng Shui of your living spaces and more particularly your work spaces is really important to maiontain that energetic balance.

You can achieve this by using Bergamot essential oil.

This natural oil extract will make you enter a tranquil state that can help alleviate stress and improve your mood.

Bergamot oil will likewise help you gain control of any situation.

You can also opt for the Rosemary essential oil to fuel up your mental capabilities and improve your concentration. It can help you access 100% of the skills needed to boost your career.

How Do I Set Up Essential Oils at Home and Work?

There are several ways I could suggest for you to incorporate Feng Shui essential oils for wealth in your households or offices. These include the following:

1. Clean the air

First things first, allow the air inside your house or workstation to circulate. You can either open up your windows or add air-purifying plants in your home or workspace. Integrating snake plants, chrysanthemums, Boston fern, and pineapple plants can help improve air quality.

2. Air sprays and diffusers

The ultrasonic diffuser utilizes ultrasonic waves and water to diffuse essential oils into the air. It is one of the most effective ways to spread the long-lasting fragrance of essential oils and the easiest way to spread happy feelings.

You can also make a DIY bottle of essential oil spray by mixing the oil of your choice with one ounce of water. Before using, make sure to try a small amount of the mixture first to see if you would develop an allergic reaction to it.

3. Direct inhalation

This is perhaps the easiest way of utilizing aromatherapy at home and work. The direct inhalation method can be done in several ways.

You can simply open the bottle of your preferred oil extract and inhale the scent that is diffused. Just a reminder, do not smell the scent directly. To be safe, add a few drops of essential oil in a bowl and sniff directly from it.

Putting it in a shallow container will make the oil less concentrated and safer to use. Another way is by soaking a cotton ball in the oil extract of your choice.

You can place the soaked cotton ball under your nose or put it in a container near you. Make sure the scent wafts effectively toward you. You may also use a gauze pad or a clean cloth instead of cotton balls.

You also have the option of rubbing the oil directly into your skin then sniffing in its aroma. In this way, the strong aroma of the oil will diffuse in the circulating air of your home.

4. Candles and Incense

If you like old-fashioned styles, it wouldn’t hurt if you still want to try these two. The energy they provide calms and soothes you in the most satisfying way possible.

These are best suited in small or enclosed spaces such as the bathroom and the bedroom. Just a reminder: always buy products with natural or organic ingredients so the money attraction technique would work just fine.

Scents and Essential Oils for Good Fortune

It has been a tough year, hasn’t it? If you think this year has been nothing but a headache to you, try considering the following go-to Feng shui essential oils for wealth that you can integrate into your life from this day onwards to make the rest of 2021 a little bit better.

• Basil – Are gestures of protection one of your love languages? Basil essential oil would be perfect for you. This scent can protect you and your family from bad omen since it blocks any form of negative energy.

• Bergamot – Success is not an easy place to reach. However, Bergamot essential oil might provide convenience to your journey. Put a few drops of this oil in your purse and wallet and good news might soon follow.

• Cinnamon – Cinnamon essential oil can attract positive energies and success. If you are looking forward to a prosperous year, using this essential oil might help you attain it.

• Frankincense – In all aspects of your daily life, health should never be compromised. Giving Frankincense a shot can purify your body as well as cleanse your environment. This holistic approach is essential to your overall health and wellbeing.

• Ginger – Popularized in most parts of Asia, this scent has been used for ages to attract good luck. If you’re feeling like things do not go your way lately, the ginger scent can improve your perspective about life.

• Mint – The refreshing feeling mint essential oil provides is exactly like what you feel after brushing your teeth. This fresh aroma can bring out positive energy and permit it to flow freely in your system.

• Rose – Tired of repeated heartbreaks and drama? Rose essential oil can lend you a helping hand in your love life. Try diffusing this to attract a potential lover. You can also add a few drops of rose oil into your face cream if you prefer.

Feng Shui essential oils for wealth does not only apply to the financial department. It also works on every aspect of our being: the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

They can work alone or in harmony with other essential oils to magnetize abundance in all areas of our lives.

In these trying times, using essential oils for wealth and prosperity might be our last resort. Remember, it doesn’t hurt to try.


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