How To Make Things Happen With Law Of Attraction

how to make things happen with law of attraction

Learning how to make things happen with law of attraction is about unlearning your desire to work hard, to be in control and in making things happen.

The law of attraction is not to be dictated to.

The more you try to exert your own control over the law of attraction the less effective it will be in your life.

This idea of ‘being powerful’ and making things happen is often the result of misconceptions about success.

If hard work and making things happen is a means to the end then you will most likely never reach that end.

People who appear to work incredibly hard to achieve success are usually not working hard TO achieve their success.

They do it because it brings them joy. To the outside world it looks like hard work but it rarely is. If it brings you so much joy that you can do it 15 hours a day with great energy then its not hard work.

Its not an attempt to ‘make it happen’.

The way to make things happen with law of attraction is to not try and make anything happen.

The law of attraction MAKES it happen. You are simply steering the ship.

The Real Secret To Make Things Happen With Law Of Attraction

The real secret to make things happen with law of attraction is not make it happen. The idea of making things happen is a trap and it is one that most people fall into – even when they know the law of attraction really well.

We’ve all been conditioned to believe that hard work and effort is somewhat noble or admirable.

We’ve all been conditioned that working really hard is the pathway to success and achieving what we truly desire in life.

This is a big lie.

It stems from an industrial way of thinking.

If you earn $20 an hour then earning more simply means you have to work more. That is the basis on which an industrial society was built.

The truth and the real secret to make things happen with the law of attraction is that you do not get what you want based on what you DO but on what you ARE.

When your mind, your thoughts, your energy and your vibration is on the ‘right things’ then the amount of action needed to manifest something is minimal.

Yes, working hard often leads to success and manifesting what you work really hard to achieve but it is a very slow and inefficient way to shift your thoughts, emotions and energy.

You need to set aside the idea of being a worker bee who is going to expel a lot of force to make things happen.

You need to become an orchestra conducted who simply directs and instructs the law of attraction to do the hard work for you.

7 Powerful Tips To Make Things Happen With Law Of Attraction

I’ve always been fascinated by orchestra conductors. They seem to not do much yet they are always the ones getting all the fame and adoration. I must add that I am in no way an expert.

It got me thinking because in many ways this is exactly what we are when we use the law of attraction consciously.

You are simply orchestrating events and circumstances when you use the law of attraction. You don’t have to play any of the instruments. You simply act as the one orchestrating exactly what you want.

The problem is that most people try and be the whole orchestra – trying to do everything themselves.

The result is that you expend all your energy and attention on ‘busy work’ which leaves you stressed out and depleted with no power to do the REAL work.

The REAL work is your ‘energy work’. It is the work you do on your consciousness and using your energy and attention to deliberate focus on and create what you truly desire.

1. Remove The Resistance

We often get caught up in the means to the end. You may want to manifest more money and you usually base the more money on some strategy that you are used to.

Working harder, getting a better job, winning the lottery etc.

When you focus on the means to the end you automatically create a lot of resistance. You quickly get reminded of why you do not have it already.

Resistance are any thoughts or emotions that causes you to think about the opposite of what you really want to manifest.

The fastest way to remove resistance is to always focus ONLY on the end result you want to be, do or have.

Don’t focus on how you are going to get the money to buy the house you truly want. Focus only on the house – on already enjoying the house and living there.

2. Stop Working Hard

When we feel frustrated we often resort to working ourselves out of a situation. Working harder is never the best option.

Going within, tapping into your own authentic power and working on your self and on your consciousness is where you get the most bang for your buck.

Abraham once said that 15 minutes of energy work is worth more than 1 full day of hard work in trying to make things happen.

Whenever you feel tempted to work harder and to try harder, stop!

Go within.

Get clear on the exact outcome you want. See it in your life already. Relax and know that if you can see it in your mind it is on its way.

Allow it to come to you and allow the universe to orchestrate the perfect means to the end.

3. Learn To Let Go

The need to be in control is in many ways an addiction. Being in control is a way of creating a predictable outcome.

Being in control makes us feel safe.

To make things happen with law of attraction you have to release control and allow things to happen.

You have to let go and allow something bigger than you to take over the reigns. The law of attraction is smarter, faster, wiser and infinitely more powerful than you and your peony efforts to make things happen.

As long as you want to be the one dictating to the law of attraction the what, where and how then you simply can not manifest what you desire.

When you let go and surrender you allow the law of attraction to bring things to you in ways that will amaze you.

4. Be Present and Be Still

When you are trying to make things happen you are always living in the future. It is always about doing and finishing the next thing that YOU think will take you closer to manifest what you desire.

This often leads to being very busy.

You always want to do more. Doing more leads to stress and anxiety and you end up being very tired and feeling depleted.

You can not work with the law of attraction if you can not be still, calm and at ease.

The law of attraction will guide you and lead you every step of the way but if you can not ‘hear’ the guidance you simply can not use it.

5. Follow Your Intuition

When you are still, calm and present your intuition will start to guide you in the most miraculous ways.

We all have intuition.

Some develop their intuition more than others but developing your intuition is not hard all. When you are calm, peaceful and nurture your Higher Self then your intuitive voice will become louder and clearer.

To make things happen with law of attraction you simply have to follow your intuition. It will guide you every step of the way. It will also make it very clear that this is your inner guidance directing you..

6. Raise Your Vibration

The idea of vibration is often talked about in law of attraction and often misunderstood. You are an energetic being.

Your thoughts and feelings dictate the state in which your in in as an energetic being.

When you are filled with joy, peace, love and gratitude your energy will be vibrating at a high rate. It will expand from your being and open you up to similar energies coming into your life.

Like energy attracts like energy.

When you are angry, resentful, depressed and sad then you are in a low vibration and you simply can not attract anything that is in a higher vibration.

To make things happen with law of attraction you simply have to work really hard at your vibration. If you do nothing else, work at feeling good.

This is not about seeking please as much as it is about seeking joy.

7. Nurture Your Intention

The law of attraction boils down to one simple idea: you need to think more about what you DO want than what you don’t want.

It’s a simple idea but the execution of that idea can get very complicated. Our mental and emotional habits as well as our environment tend to trigger old patterns of thinking.

Consciously you may want to change or manifest something and you ‘know’ where you thoughts and emotions need to be in order to manifest that.

Then, life happens. Things happen and without your conscious awareness your thoughts and emotions drift back into the default.

The default thinking patterns is what caused your current circumstances to manifest.

If you want to manifest something different you need to nurture your intention. You need to constantly remind yourself of what you DO want.

You need to also become aware of your own thinking. You need to become more mindful and more present in your life and do not allow the autopilot to take over.

When you deliberately create your thoughts and when you deliberately take charge of your thinking you quite literally change who you are.

You do this by nurturing your intention. Use affirmations, visualization or any other technique to keep your intentions at the forefront of your thinking.

Become ruthless in blocking out any and all old thoughts and ideas from wrestling baclk control.

Practise mindfulness (either as a meditation or as a way of living) to help you be more present and more aware of your own thoughts.

To make things happen with law of attraction it is more about what you don’t do than what you do DO.

The doing is often based on what you’ve done before and what you’ve done before is not a creation. It is a reaction and most of the time that is reflected in what your current reality looks like.