Releasing Resistance To Manifest Anything

releasing resistance to manifest

The secret of releasing resistance to manifest anything you desire is to understand what is causing the resistant thoughts and emotions and move past them as soon as you possibly can.

Having resistance is normal and natural. Whenever you want to manifest something that you do not have already, there is a natural level of resistance.

We all have thoughts and beliefs about why we do not have what we want. The difference in people is not in having resistance but how we deal with it.

When you allow resistant thoughts to consume and control you then you build walls that prevent the law of attraction from bringing into your life what you desire.

When you recognize the resistance you can see it for what it is and you can choose a new thought – one that opens you up and allows what you want to come into your life.

This sounds simple – and it is. While it is simple, it is not easy because we have to confront a lot of our own beliefs and habitual thoughts to move past resistance.

What Is Resistance?

Resistance is any thought, word or action that creates an opposition to the law of attraction, drawing in what you intend to manifest.

A great analogy is with electricity. In an electrical circuit, we refer to resistance as everything that provides an opposition to the flow of electricity.

The higher the resistance, the lower the flow of the current. The lower the resistance the greater the flow of the current.

We can extend this metaphor to manifesting since everything is energy anyway. If you consider that what you want to manifest is only a form of energy that flows into (and through) your life.

Every thought you have creates and inspires the flow of energy through the law of attraction. Right now, what you have in your life is in perfect harmony with the energy that you are allowing into and through your life.

If you want to manifest something new or different you need to align your thoughts to something new and different.

Some thoughts will lead to resistance. Some thoughts will not be aligned with what you want to manifest.

Any thought that is not in perfect harmony with what you intend to manifest will create an opposition to the flow of that energy into your life.

Abraham Hicks uses a similar metaphor in her law of attraction teachings. She compares it to the flow of a river. Every thought you have will either be an ‘upstream’ or a ‘downstream’ though.

An upstream thought is one where you try to swim against the current. It does not feel good and becomes a struggle. You expend a lot of energy and get nowhere.

A downstream thought is easy. It feels relaxed and joyful.

How Resistance Is Blocking Your Manifestation

The only thing that stands between you and what you want to manifest is your resistance. Everything you want, wants you. When you ask, it IS given.

When you set an intention to manifest something, the law of attraction immediately kicks in and start drawing things to you.

The current starts flowing.

You start attracting everything that is aligned with your manifestation. No, you Ferrari is not manifesting overnight but many subtle energies are starting to align – even if you can not perceive them.

The question is never whether you are attracting what you want. The real question is with your allowing it.

It is your resistance that is blocking the ‘allowing’ of what you want into your life. Your resistance is what causes the flow of the current to be opposed.

If you place a piece of wood between two electrical wires then the current simply cannot pass through.

When you place thoughts of fear, worry and anxiety between where you are and where you want to be then what you want simply can not come into your life.

Fear only exists when you do not understand that you have the power to project thought and that the Universe will respond.

– Esther Hicks

Resistance can show up in many different ways in your life. Some of the most common forms of resistance are:

  • Fear – you worry ‘if’ it is going to come. You worry ‘when’ it is going to come.
  • Anxiety – if what you want to manifest does not come soon X, Y and Z will happen. It must come NOW!
  • Worry – what will happen if it does not come by next month? What will happen? You start spiralling down and you start imagining all the worse outcomes possible.
  • Stress – you are placing all your hopes on manifesting ‘this thing’ and you are stressing out about how it’s going to come, who is bringing it into your life and all the various details.
  • Obsessing – you start obsessing over what you want to manifest

Resistance can also come in the form of beliefs. Beliefs are subconscious thoughts that become ‘automated’ responses.

Beliefs often form the biggest form of resistance because it is so ingrained in us. It is also subconscious and we are often not even fully aware of the beliefs that create the resistance.

While thoughts and beliefs are mostly responsible for the resistance, our actions can also create resistance. It often creates the biggest resistance because it has more energy than a mere thought.

Since our thoughts lead to our emotions and actions it is often a cycle of behaviour that is responsible for the resistance in our lives.

Releasing resistance to manifest what you truly desire is often caught up in a belief system. Part of the reason why you do not already have what you want is because of your beliefs.

Whether it is your everyday thoughts, your beliefs or your actions that cause the resistance in your life, the good news is that none of these has to trap you.

The fact that you can choose your thoughts is the reason why you can release resistance to manifest whatever you want.

How to Release Resistance To Manifest What You Desire

There is a great analogy to understanding this concept of releasing resistance to manifest. In India, when they catch monkeys, there is a very interesting ‘monkey trap’ that’s been used for decades.

The trapper will attach a hollowed out coconut to a tree. He will cut a small hole in the coconut that is just big enough for the money to squeeze his hand through. He will then place a treat inside the coconut and when the money sees it he will stick his hand in to get the treat.

As soon as his hand clutches the treat, his hand is too big and he can not get it out.

He is trapped.

Escaping would be easy. All he has to do is to let go of the treat and pull his hand out. The monkey’s however can not do that and cling so hard on to the treat that they can never pull their hand out.

We also become attached to the very thoughts and beliefs that keep us trapped. Letting go of the resistant thoughts is all you really need to do to be free and to allow what you want to flow to you.

Your mind loves what is familiar. Most people will hold on to familiar thoughts, beliefs and habits even if it is destructive. Familiarity is what makes you feel safe.

The unknown is scary and uncertain. Changing your thoughts and letting go of the familiar and embracing something new can be a struggle.

Everything you want to manifest is waiting to flow into your life.

All you have to do is to let go of everything that is preventing it from flowing into your life.

1. Awareness:

What you want to manifest is going to keep flowing to you as long as you have the intention. Resistance will only cut you off from the flow permanently if your resistant thoughts, beliefs and actions are habitual and goes unchecked.

Becoming aware of when you offer resistant thoughts is crucial because only then can you self-regulate your thoughts and re-align with what you do want.

2. Don’t Fight The Resistance

It is easy to make resistance the villain but that in itself is a problem. What you resist persists and the harder you try the most resistance you create.

What you resist persists.

– Carl Jung

When I say to you don’t think of a pink elephant, then that is all you can think of, isn’t it? It is easy to get caught up in this pattern of thinking.

When your resistant thoughts become dominant thoughts it is often because you try not to think of them. This is a truly strange and perplexing characteristic of the mind and it is one that you are not likely to change.

It is important that you stop fighting resistant thoughts. Stop vilifying your limiting beliefs and stop judging yourself.

So often people amplify their resistance by making their beliefs ‘a thing’. There is great value in overcoming limiting beliefs but this takes time and is a process of working on yourself.

When your beliefs show up as resistance, don’t go into ‘beast mode’ and try and fight them. When you allow it to be there and you recognize the thought or the belief it loses its power already.

3. Change Your State

We all have days where we start feeling despondent and we reflect on how our manifestations are not working or not showing up.

Before you know it you feel awful and stuck in a resistant thought pattern. Sometimes it can be hard to break out of these thoughts and feelings.

Instead if feeling excited and joyful about what you want to manifest you feel depressed, sad or even angry.

In simple terms, you have to want what you want and feel good about it.

Managing your own state of mind is crucial. You can not live in a constant state of anger, fear, resentment and guilt and expect to manifest something that is not in harmony with those states of mind.

If you have the ability to desire it, the Universe has the ability to deliver it. You’ve just got to line up with what you want, which means – be as happy as you can be as often as you can be there, and let everything else take care of itself.

– Esther Hicks

You need to condition yourself to find better feeling thoughts and to reach for them quickly – especially when your mind starts drifting towards thoughts and emotions that are not in harmony with what you want to manifest.

Most of the destructive thoughts and emotions in your life are habitual and we tend to indulge in them simply because we don’t consciously choose a better feeling thought.

You can choose a thought of gratitude, focus on someone you live or just smile and you instantly change your state of mind.

It is not hard to do but having the mental and emotional fortitude to do it when it matters is what is hard.

Do not allow yourself to indulge in negativity. It is resistance and its ultimate cost is in giving up on what you truly want to manifest in your life.

Put on some music you love, look at a picture if someone you love on your phone or just go and sleep it off.

Do whatever it takes to snap out of resistant thoughts.

4. Do YOUR Job

One of the main causes of resistance to manifestation is when you start taking matters into your own hands.

Your job in the creative process is to know what you want and nNOT to trying and figure out how, when or where it will come to you.

As soon as you do that you invoke resistant thoughts. You start worrying when it will show up. You take stock on how long you’ve been having the intention and before you know it you feel depressed.

You try and figure out how you can ‘make it happen’ and for the most part your mind just can’t see how.

You forget that the universe will take care of the HOW. It knows the fastest, most efficient and most joyous way for it to flow to you.

You trying to figure things out almost always lead to resistant thoughts.

Stop doing that sh!t.

Focus only on what you DO want. Spend all your time and energy only on getting crystal clear and exactly what you want and let the universe do its job.

Releasing your need to make things happen and to be in control will help releasing resistance to manifest – without you even having to try.

Releasing Resistance To Manifest Your Intentions – Conclusion

Releasing resistance to manifest your intentions is all about not trying too hard to release it.

We tend to want to DO too much when it comes to manifesting. We want to be in control and ‘make things happen’.

This in itself is often the very cause of why resistance shows up in your manifestations.

Manifesting is not about doing nothing but rather doing everything that aligns your thoughts and emotions with what you want to manifest.

It is your desire to have something that you do not already have that often reveals your own limiting thoughts and beliefs.

This in itself is something to be grateful for because your soul loves you enough to give you the desire in order to help you overcome these self-imposed limitations.

Manifesting IS NOT about accumulating things and stuff. It is about growing and evolving as a human being and learning to tap into your true power.

Men are anxious to improve their circumstances, but are unwilling to improve themselves; they therefore remain bound.

– James Allen

You can not overcome your resistance without looking deep within yourself. You will soon find out that what you are full of inside is what is reflected back to you in your life.

What you have to become as a human being to manifest what you desire is of far greater value than the thing you want to manifest.


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