Law of Attraction Letting Go – The Key to Attract Anything

Law of Attraction Letting Go

With the law of attraction letting go is about releasing all the resistant thoughts that are preventing what you want to manifest from coming into your life.

Letting go is probably the one step in the whole process where most people fail. Its not easy.

It is particularly difficult but because it goes against the very nature of our desires, our thoughts and our habits.

How can you “let go” and not care about something you care so much about?

Lets quickly recap on the process of how the law of attraction works.

The First Step: Decide what you want.

You need to get very clear and very specific on exactly what you want. It is this clarity that creates the intention and starts off the attraction process.

Most people keep attracting what they do not want simply because in wanting the opposite, the keep all their attention on what they do not want.

The Second Step: Ask.

Ask the universe, god or whatever your understanding of the divine power of life may be. By asking, you invite it into your life. How do you ask? You can ask verbally, by writing it down, telling friends about it ec.

What it comes down to is that you ask with your thoughts and your intentions. Your request to the universe comes via your vibration and your vibration is dictated by how you feel. How you feel is dictated by your thoughts, beliefs and habits.

The Third Step: Receive.

Receiving should be the fun part but most people never get to the receiving. Why? It is because they can’t let go and “allow”.

With the law of attraction letting go is about allowing what you want into your life.

You need to make space for it in your life.

Suppose you get a brand new car but your garage is full of garbage, where will you put the new car? You need to empty out our mind and get rid of all the garbage FIRST.

When you create the space for it in your life, then you can receive it.

Most people have it the wrong way round. They think that they will create the space after they receive it. This is wrong and will block the flow of what you desire.

Letting Go – Removing The Blocks

Letting go and allowing is all about removing resistance. If the law of attraction is always working and always attracting to you energy that matches your dominant vibration then logic dictates that if what you want is not showing up then there must be a “block”.

We all carry a lot of emotional baggage. The difference is that some people hang on to it.


People would much rather hang on to a familiar past than embrace an unknown future. The unknown always holds an element of fear.

The past is always a place of comfort – even if the past are things that you consciously know does not support you.

Resentment, grudges, anger and any of these emotions builds a wall around you. You will never attract anything good while you have these walls built around you.

Start by forgiving any and everyone that you may hold any negative feelings towards. You do this not to let them off the hook but you do this for YOURSELF.

Forgive them.
Send them love.
Forgive yourself for holding on to these familiar and destructive emotions.

Now, choose something new. Choose unconditional love. Choose to live in a state of joy, gratitude and love.

Instead of trying to figure out why you are angry and why you can’t attract abundance and why your love life sucks…stop!

It is much easier to focus on cultivating love, joy and gratitude because none of the other stuff can live inside you if you are full of love, joy and gratitude.

You do not get rid of hate by trying to get rid of hate – that will take years of therapy! You get rid of hate by cultivating and focusing on love. You get rid of darkness by turning on the light.

The Blossom vanishes of itself
As the fruit grows.
So will your lower self vanish
As the Divine grows within you.


The Law of Attraction How To Let Go

Since your emotional state dictates your vibration and your vibration determines what you attract to you, it is really important that you do the work above and get rid of the junk in your own “garage” before you can allow what you want into your life.

The idea of letting go is often misunderstood. It is a bit tricky since letting go often implies that you should “not care” about the thing you care so much about.

There is a contradiction in that and leaves most people confused and in a state of limbo with their manifestations.

You’ve done everything “right” but what you want to manifest is still not showing up.

This is most probably because you are obsessing over it. What this does is that it constantly reminds you that what you want is not there. The more “life and death” your desire, the more you will repel it.


When the absence of what you want is the dominant thought, that is all you can possibly attract – the absence of it from your life.

Every now and again you may have a moment of clarity and law of attraction kicks in but when you get a bill in the mail, the fear kicks in and you put up the walls again.

What Does It Mean To Let Go and Allow?

Letting go and allowing is actually the easy part of the law of attraction – or at least it should be. It is where you sit back and watch things unfold.

Letting go does not mean that you do not care about your desire anymore. It simply implies that you do not care about the means (the methods, the events, the way) by which it comes to you.

You do not try and figure it out. You do not try and work harder or try and make it happen.

The HOW is not your job in the law of attraction.

It almost always comes in a way that you would never have imagined. This can only happen if you stop trying to control everything.

It does not mean that you get lazy and do nothing. What it does mean though is that you stop doing things only because you think you have to do them to “make it happen”.

Letting Go and Trusting

Letting go comes down to trusting in the law of attraction and in the process. The challenge is that with other laws of nature we can immediately see its effects.

With the law of gravity we know that something is always going to drop down to the ground.

We trust it because we can see it.

Because the law of attraction is more subtle and less visible we tend to not trust it the same way – or at least not trust it at first.

Everything that we want is downstream… And you don’t have even have to turn the boat and paddle downstream, just let go of the oars, the current will carry you.

– Abraham-Hicks

When you absolutely trust in the law of attraction and know that what you desire will and must come to you , then letting go becomes easy.

When you doubt it, that is when you try to control it because you feel that it needs your input to make it work. That is not how it works.

You have to trust in it completely to be able to let go. When you KNOW and there is no doubt then letting go is easy.

So, how do you get to this point of knowing and certainty and complete trust in the law of attraction?

You can start by looking back on your life and all the things you have attracted – either deliberately or unconsciously. Examine how your thoughts at the time brought the experiences into your life. This will help you believe that the law works without fail.

You can also start by deliberately attracting small things. Seeing the law of attraction in action can be incredibly powerful in helping you release control.

Set your intention to manifest a $5 note. It is something “small” that you can easily let go of.

Being Open to All Possibilities

If you become so hung up on the way in which something has to come to you then you are simply limiting the law of attraction.

If you are hung up about things coming to you only in a certain way then you are most likely missing out on so many opportunities.

The law of attraction is creative and will most often deliver your desires in a way that exceeds your wildest imagination. If you look at some of the testimonials of many famous people then you see how they all testify to this fact.

You have to be open to it though. You can not limit the law of attraction because that is not truly letting go to any and all possibilities.

So many people want to attract abundance into their lives and they are completely hung up about money – i.e pieces of paper. Wealth is not money. It is not cash. There are so many ways in which the law of attraction can pure abundance into your life other than money.

You have to let go of the means by which you allow the universe to deliver. Be truly open to anything and everything.

When you truly let go then you are in a state of allowing…allowing the universe to deliver it in the fastest and most efficient way possible.


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