7 Signs From The Universe About Love Manifesting

signs from the universe about love

The main signs from the universe about love manifesting in your life is synchronicity, angel numbers, having a clear intention and being content with your past.

One of the biggest hurdles to manifesting love is the fact that you get frustrated and fail to see the small signs that could give you the faith and the motivation to keep going.

Learning to recognize the signs from the universe about love manifesting can help you navigate your intention and steer your own ship towards the love that you desire deeply.

When love starts manifesting in your life a little drop can soon turn into a river.

You have to be able to notice and recognize that first drop though.

As you place your energy and attention to those first signs the law of attraction is starting to work and your energy and attention on love will reinforce the idea and allow more to come to you.

When a big rain storm is coming there are usually those first few drops. It doesn’t seem like much but it quickly turns into a downpour.

Use that analogy for yourself and your life as you are manifesting love into your life.

The 7 Signs From The Universe On Love Manifesting

Unlike manifesting material objects or tangible ‘things’, manifesting love requires a very different approach.

The manifesting process is the same but the fact that love is such an emotionally charged and deeply personal subject we often get in our own way.

Manifesting love is not so much about attracting someone into your life. It is about finding the love within yourself, letting that shine and then allowing others to share and participate in this love that you have for yourself and for life.

There is an infinite well of love within you.

Some people only allow love to flow in their life ‘if or when’ the right person show up.

This may or may not happen.

When you allow the love within you to flow, more love will flow to you.

Like manifesting anything in your life you need to become what you want to attract into your life.

How do you know if you are ‘doing it right’?

You will know that you are doing it right by looking at what you are attracting and manifesting into your life.

These signs from the universe about love manifesting can help give you insights and reveal to you if you are on the right path or if you need a correcting in your thoughts or emotions.

The 7 signs of love manifesting in your life are:

  1. Synchronicities
  2. Seeing Signs of Love Everywhere
  3. Angel Numbers
  4. Being Content With The Past
  5. Having a Clear Intention
  6. Not Needing Love Anymore
  7. Listen To Your Intuition

1. Synchronicities

Synchronicity has been described as ‘anonymous gifts from God’. When Carl Jung coined the term it was met with fierce resistance from his peers.

Synchronicities refer to meaningful coincidences – events, circumstances and people that align to your life in a seemingly ‘accidental way’ but it is meaningful, purposeful and almost always aligned to your conscious or unconscious intention.

When you have an intention to manifest love in your life, synchronicities are some of the clearest and most powerful signs from the universe.

Start paying attention to everything and anything that you attract into your life.

The meanings of what you attract will reveal itself – whether they be a sign, a person, a book or even an accident.

One of the major signs from the universe about love is synchronicity and once you have a clear intention on manifesting love the universe will find so many ways to communicate with you through synchronicity.

When people, events and circumstances ‘pop up’ in your life and you get ‘that feeling’ that it is meaningful to you – don’t blow it off as accidental or as a coincidence.

Pay attention. Ask the universe what that signs means and act on it if it requires you to.

2. Seeing Signs of Love Everywhere

The reticular activating system (RAS) in the brain is a very powerful system of helping the mind focus its energy and attention on what is important.

When you have a clear intention to manifest love and romance you will start seeing signs of love everywhere.

The RAS also works directly with your own ability to invoke the law of attraction.

When you can shift your energy and your attention off what is missing in your life and you shift to what you really want to manifest then this shift in your energy will be reflected in what you see and experience in your life.

When you start seeing love everywhere whether it be a couple holding hands, a TV show, a song – the fact that you start seeing this in a world where there are a million other things to see means you are starting to align with love and the universe is communicating that to you through these signs.

3. Angel Numbers

Numbers and numerology is fascinating and the universe can use numbers in many creative ways to communicate with you.

Numbers can represent signs from the universe about love starting to manifest in your life. Seeing the number 1111 everywhere is one of the most common signs and it usually signals that you are aligned with your intention.

There are many other meaningful numbers that the universe use all the time to give you signs on love.

The angel number 777 is usually associated with love coming into your life so watch out for this number.

You may also see many other angel numbers (numbers that repeat 3 times) and they all have slightly different meanings related to the love your are busy manifesting.

4. Being Content With The Past

One of the big reasons why so many people have trouble manifesting love into their life is because of their past.

When your past has a dominant influence on your thoughts then you effectively keep reliving and recreating the past through the workings of the law of attraction.

When you reach a point in your life where you are truly content with your past and you can forgive anyone and everyone and let go then you are able to attract and manifest the future you truly desire.

At any given point in your life you will either manifest a memory of the past or a vision of your future.

When you have that inner knowing – a feeling of complete contentment with your past then that is a sign from the universe about love manifesting.

You are now ready to let go of the past and the endless cycle of recreating your past over and over again.

5. Having a Clear Intention

If you’ve been having the desire to manifest love but you just could not quite attract the right person then you probably could not hold a clear intention.

A common symptom of this is that you either bounce around from one relationship to the next or you keep placing other things in front of relationships – a sort of diversion.

When you reach a point in your life where you know what you want, you can clearly see the image in your mind and you become dead-set on creating that in your reality then you have a clear intention.

For some people this comes easily and quickly.

For others it can take a lot of life experience to truly figure out what they truly want.

When you get clarity and feel that desire to turn it into your real life experience then that is a sign from the universe about love coming into your life because a clear intention is the foundation of manifesting anything.

As you nurture your intention to manifest love, synchronicities will start showing up almost daily.

Pay attention. Act on your inner nudges and be truly open and receptive to the universe guiding you every step of the way.

6. Not Needing Love Anymore

There is a big difference between wanting love and needing love. The first and most important steps to realize that you do not need love because all the love you will ever need is already within you.

When you need love you will always have a problem because your (false) belief is that you get love from someone or somewhere else.

‘Wanting love’ is the next step up. You are not that needy but you still feel that you need someone else to bring out the love that is within you.

When you reach a place in your own evolution, growth and expansion where you not only feel but KNOW that you do not need or want love from an external source then you have flipped the switch.

These signs from the universe about love is one where your main motivation and driver for finding a loving relationship is to GIVE.

What you will get from a relationship becomes secondary and you have the urge to just share and give the limitless love that you have within you.

7. Listen To Your Intuition

One of the most powerful faculties of the human mind is intuition. We all have yet only a very small percentage of people ever develop their intuition.

Your intuition is effectively your sixth sense.

It is what allows you to feel what can not be seen or heard. We’ve all experienced this at times where you just get that strong inner feeling about someone or something.

Later it turns out you were right!

Even if your intuition is not fully ‘switched on’ one of the signs from the universe on love will be through your intuition.

When you feel this big inner nudge to go talk to someone, to help someone, to go do something unusual – do it!

When you get an inner nudge from your intuition it is universal intelligence ‘pushing you’ and telling you indirectly that this is the next step for you to manifest what you intend.


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