How To Be a Vibrational Match To Someone

vibrational match to someone

To be a vibrational match to someone you have to align your thoughts and feelings with them.

Thoughts and feelings make up our vibrational state and when 2 (or more) people’s vibrations align it has a powerful uplifting effect.

How To Be a Vibrational Match To Someone

Most of us did the old pitch fork (tuning fork) experiment in school to illustrate the scientific concept of resonance.

In short, if you hold two pitch forks near each other and you vibrate one of them, the other will automatically start matching (or resonating) that vibration.

There is a transfer of energy through sound from the one object to the other.

Human beings work in much the same way.

When someone with a very high vibration who is filled with love, joy and peace it radiates out and can lift others.

It gets a bit more complicated because humans energy fields are incredibly subtle and incredibly complex since your thoughts and feelings are constantly creating and recreating your energy field and consequently the vibration that you are on.

When two people with a high vibration interact, it can lift them both up to much higher levels.

Someone with a low energy can suck the life right out of you. Their low energy can drain you and you can sometimes feel this after a conversation where someone just off loaded all their troubles on to you.

The idea of being a vibrational match to someone is not about manipulating a relationship between you whether it be for love, business or pleasure.

It’s about connecting with people in an authentic and truly powerful way.

When you start seeing God in yourself and in everyone else you realize that unity consciousness reveals you in everyone else and that ultimately we are all one.

Do not offer your vibrations in response to circumstances and events. That is called a reaction.

The Power of Being in a Vibrational Match With Someone

There’s a lot of power in being a vibrational match with someone. The way I use the word power requires some clarification though.

It’s not at all what most associate with the word power.

Most people associate the word power with a sort of dominance over someone or something else.

In his amazing book Power Vs Force, Dr. Hawkins provides a very poignant comparison between what he considers power to be.

What the general public considers to be power is in fact not power at all. It is force.

Dominating something or someone, having dominant influence and having superior strength are not factors of power but factors of force,

Force always creates a counter force.

It gives birth to conflict and is dominated by the ego.

True power on the other hand comes from your higher self. It is when you are tapped in and tunes into the higher faculties of the mind and when spirit is in charge (as opposed to the ego).

With power, things are accomplished without force and without trying too hard. It stems from that effortless flow when you are truly connected to your higher self and the power of creation in the universe.

When you have a vibrational match with someone the sum is greater than the total.

There is power because there is no desire to dominate another and the main goal is harmony, collaboration, and it is what is often referred to by mystics as unity consciousness.

When businesses and partnerships accomplish extraordinary success, it comes from being in a vibrational match.

When couples fall in love and stay in love for 50 years plus, it comes from being in a vibrational match with each other on a consistent basis.

Ultimately anything and everything you want to be, do or become involves other people to some extent.

The universe uses people more than any other device to arrange and rearrange circumstances and events to bring your dominant intentions into reality.

Knowing that people is the primary vehicle means that you can totally change your perspective on manifesting by simply looking at everyone and anyone that is, was and will be in your life from a vibrational point of view.

Being in a vibrational match to someone allows you to be on the same ‘vibe’ as that person and when you are on the same vibe people naturally feel like you understand them and that you are ‘like them’.

What’s even more fascinating is that when you are on a higher vibration than someone else you may not necessarily be a vibrational match but you will actually create a bigger attractive force to you because of that.

People are naturally drawn to other people who live at a high vibration.

Being in their presence feels good. It’s often hard to explain why but when you are in a high vibration the energy you emit is intoxicating.

Understanding The Ideas Behind Matching Vibrationally With Someone Else

Why would you want to be a vibrational match to someone? I think you will agree with me that our lives are made up of a multitude of relationships.

Not only intimate relationships but the relationships with your kids, your in-laws, your boss, the cashier at your local grocer – these are all relationships that have a profound effect on your daily life.

Being a vibrational match to someone does not mean that you always stoop to their level – especially if they have a low vibration.

The sad truth is that this often happens.

When you want to be liked by someone you often stoop to their level because when you match their vibration (however low it is) they will feel understood by you.

That is an example of force.

Not power.

When you live at the highest vibration possible you gain power because you move past the lower frequencies that come from anger, resentment, guilt, shame, dishonesty, jealousy etc.

When it comes to more personal and more intimate relationships the ideas behind being a vibrational match to someone becomes incredibly important.

Being in love for instance is a perfect example of being a vibrational match to someone.

You both think and feel the same way.

You share the same ideas, the same loves, the same hates and you are completely in harmony with your vibration.

Most people have experiences just how powerful it is when you are in love – when you are a pure vibrational match to someone.

You feel like you are ‘on a high’. You feel like you can move mountains and you just feel good for no specific reason.

You feel an intense desire to be around that other person because that energy between the two of you is intoxicating.

The vibrational match between the two of you is almost tangible.

Can’t you just see and feel when 2 people are truly in love?

3 Important Lessons From NLP

In the 1980’s and 1990’s Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) was at the forefront of human development and much of self help and personal development stemmed from the work of Richard Bandler and John Grinder.

NLP studied thought, language and behavioural patterns to look at overlapping ideas and concepts that can be ‘replicated’ to achieve similar results.

In NLP there is a concept/strategy called ‘matching and mirroring’ which relates closely to the ideas of being a vibrational match to someone.

Bandler and Grinder found that when 2 people communicate, having rapport allows for the most effective communication because when there is rapport they feel connected, understood and aligned with each other.

In simple terms, people like people who are like themselves.

When you like someone, you tend to trust them. You tend to see them as someone who is like you and you are far more likely to want to be with them, to do business with them or to be friends or lovers.

Although it comes from a slightly different angle, the ideas of being a vibrational match to someone is exactly the same.

There are 3 important takeaways we can draw from NLP and how we can be a vibrational match with someone else.

1. Matching someone’s thoughts:

NLP looked closely at people’s body language, mannerisms and language as a strategy to understand someone’s subconscious thoughts at any given time.

By mimicking and ‘matching and mirroring’ these subtle cues you subconsciously connect to that person.

While you are not directly matching someone else’s thoughts you are matching aspects of it and that alone is a powerful strategy to align with someone else’s vibration since thought is an important component of vibration.

Through matching and mirroring it was said that you are on the same ‘vibe’ as another person.

2. Matching someone’s feelings:

Body language offers great insight into emotion. NLP saw body language as an indirect reflection of someone’s feelings.

By matching body language and aspects like posture, breathing and movement you can align to someone else’s feelings – the second major component of what makes up your vibration.

3. Subconscious Details:

We all have a lot of subconscious details in our behaviour around different people.

The different aspects of your communication like tonality, physiology and even the use of certain ‘habitual words/responses’ and ‘ticks’ contribute as much as 93% of communication.

Most people are completely unaware of these habits but they make up the majority of communication.

By matching and mirroring these aspects of another person you can align better with them because it places you in a similar vibration.

People who are very compassionate tend to do a lot of this naturally. They can empathize with someone else’s circumstances and can truly understand their thoughts and feelings.

5 Steps To Be a Vibrational Match To Someone

To be a vibrational match to someone comes down to matching your thoughts and feelings with that person.

So, how do you do this? Here are 5 steps to help you to align vibrationally to someone else.

  1. Align Your Thoughts
  2. Align Your Feelings
  3. Align Your Goals and Dreams
  4. Stay In a High Vibration
  5. Physical Proximity (Be Together)

1. Align Your Thoughts

When people think alike they are aligned vibrationally. These are mostly the people you get along with well.

Because they think like you, there is minimal conflict. You do not think the same but your general ideas are aligned in terms of certain values and goals.

To be a vibrational match to someone your thoughts need to align.

If you have a completely different set of beliefs or values then it will be hard for you to be aligned with that opposite set of thoughts.

2. Align Your Feelings

Similarly, you have to align your feelings if you were to be a vibrational match to someone.

This does not mean you have to be in love with each other.

It generally means you love similar things and you dislike similar things. We’ve all experiences this…

You sit in a drab conversation and out of nowhere you find something you both love and feel passionate about. Instantly the energy shifts and you ‘click’.

What happened in that moment is that you found an emotional match vibrationally. You aligned your feelings – even if it is just around one topic and even if it’s just temporary.

3. Align Your Goals and Dreams

Goals and dreams are nothing but thoughts and emotions. We have thoughts about things we want to be, do or have and we have these thoughts because we believe that it will make us feel a certain way when we (eventually) have them.

People whose goals and dreams are aligned are in a vibrational match because they have these overarching thoughts and accompanying emotions that direct their lives.

Couples that share the same goals and dreams have a strong relationship because these overarching thoughts and emotions keep them in a vibrational match.

This idea also translates to many different areas of life and can be applied in business, in organisations and even in families.

4. Stay In a High Vibration

When two people are aligned in a low vibration then their lives can spiral downhill quite quickly. When couples start arguing and having trouble in their relationship this is what usually happens.

Their thoughts and feelings are not aligned and they both react on certain cues to trigger low energy thoughts (memories) and consequently feelings (like anger and resentment).

Even if one person is in a low vibration, you need to make a deliberate effort to remain in a high vibration.

You can still be aligned with them in many different ways through your goals and dreams, through the things you love and through your physical proximity.

We all have times with lower thoughts (negative thoughts) and lower emotional states (sadness, depression etc.)

Every thought state or emotional state has its counter point – every low vibration thought or feeling as a high vibration thought or feeling.

You need to focus on keeping your energetic vibration high at all times and never stoop to the low end just to empathize with someone else.

When you empathize from a low energy it may develop rapport but the end result is that you too stoop down to a lower frequency.

5. Physical Proximity (Be Together)

When 2 people are in physical proximity there is always an exchange of energy going on.

Because your external energy field can reach as far as 30 meters around you, there is always an energetic interaction between people in physical proximity to each other.

When you are a bit more sensitized to this you can easily sense if someone else is in an elevated energetic state like anger or euphoria.

While you can be a vibrational match to someone even if you are thousands of miles apart, being in physical proximity is so much more powerful.

Kirlian photography back in the 1940’s already started capturing this energy field that exists around human beings (and all living creatures).

Your thoughts and your feelings make up a vibration and the content of these thoughts and feelings will determine the nature of this force field or aura.

The real trick here is to never allow yourself to stoop down to lower vibrations but to be a force – a force that brings a higher vibration that lifts other up.

Many people want to stay down and expect you to come down to their level. They (unconsciously) want to pull you down.

If you have authentic power, you stand firm in your high vibration and reach your hand out to others to lift them up.

Having physical proximity is important because your energy field is palpable. It may be unseen but there is no doubt that someone with a high energy has a physical presence.

When you bring this high vibration – which in reality encapsulates you (invisibly) through your aura, it acts as a magnet because people in a lower vibration also feel drawn to ‘the light’.

When you are in someone’s physical proximity you need to pay particular attention on your own vibration.

Even if they are in a low vibration, you can still be a vibrational match to them through the subject matter at hand, but you need to focus on being the high vibration – to be the one to lift them up vibrationally.

Every thought and feeling has 2 polar opposites.

When you bring a high vibration to any thought and you offer love instead of hate, peace instead of anger, joy instead of sadness then you instantly raise the vibration of everyone around you.

People who live at very high vibrations do not even have to say anything. Their mere presence is enough.

This has been said of Mother Theresa, The Dali Lama and even people like Eckhart Tolle and others who live at these higher frequencies MORE OFTEN then the rest of us.


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