A Powerful Law Of Attraction Proof Experiment

law of attraction proof experiment

The most popular law of attraction proof experiment uses the RAS to illustrate how the mind can only pay attention to a very narrow band of information and how that eventually translates into what you focus on and what you attract and manifest.

That is not really proof that the law of attraction exists or that it actually works FOR YOU.

The most powerful proof of the law of attraction is in quantum physics and the fact that our observation and our consciousness can bring particles into existence is both mind boggling and exciting.

Quantum physics clearly illustrates that our consciousness – our energy and our attention directly affects the behaviour of matter.

Translating this into everyday experiences and manifesting your dream job, your soulmate or a million dollars seems a million miles removed from the scientific experiment though.

Quantum physics does however provide the scientific proof. The evidential proof is to be found in life experience though.

The most powerful proof of the law of attraction is in hindsight.

Looking back and deeply analyzing your life and certain ‘things’ that you attracted will lay bare how your thoughts and your energy and attention at the time lead to what you attracted.

That is often not enough though.

If you feel like no matter what you do you just can’t seem to manifest what you desire you feel like the law of attraction is just not working for you.

Doing a law of attraction proof experiment may be just what you need to show yourself that it is real, that it does work and that you can manifest whatever you desire.

Is There Any Evidence For The Law Of Attraction?

The discovery of quantum physics is often attributed to Max Planck but it was the result of numerous strange and wonderful discoveries in science in the late 1890’s and early 1900’s that baffled science in many ways.

Most of what was considered scientific fact became fiction.

For the first time in history science and spirituality started to intermingle and many metaphysical concepts became scientific facts.

All matter originates and exists only by virtue of a force… We must assume behind this force the existence of a conscious and intelligent Mind. This Mind is the matrix of all matter.

– Max Planck

For the first time science found evidence that there is a force – an intelligence beyond our comprehension that is behind all that is.

Planck described this ‘force’ as the matrix of all things.

Our consciousness is not merely an observer or player in life but is in fact the creator of everything that is.

Our consciousness is co-creating everything we can observe in life.

The observer effect became a very important concept in quantum physics and is at the heart of our interpretation of quantum physics and how it relates to the law of attraction.

Essentially, when you place your energy and your attention on something it comes into existence.

Your observation has a direct effect on your world. Matter only comes into being once it gets observed.

Your energy and your attention becomes incredibly significant from the quantum point of view. Matter seems to be swirling around in a field of possibilities.

Once you focus your energy and attention on it, it takes on form and complies to the laws of science under which you observe it.

In some of the major experiments that lead to the discoveries of quantum physics, physicists discovered that particles would behave or come into existence only once an observer observed it.

In other words, a person’s consciousness ‘created’ the existence and behaviour of particles – the very building blocks of our physical world.

Law Of Attraction Proof Experiment Using The RAS

The most popular experiment that many people tout as a law of attraction proof experiment uses the Reticular Activating System (RAS) in the brain.

Here’s how to use this RAS proof experiment:

  1. Wherever you are right now, look around and pay close attention to your current environment.
  2. Now, look for everything that has the colour BLUE
  3. Now, close your eyes and recall as many blue things you saw as possible.
  4. With your eyes close, now try and recall everything GREEN.
  5. Chances are you won’t remember much because your focus was on blue

This is the Reticular Activating System (RAS) at work. The RAS is a bundle of nerves in your brain stem that is designed to help filter out everything that is not immediately important in your environment.

It is designed to help you focus your energy and attention on what is most important to you.

Not only does it help you ‘allocate’ your limited mental and emotional resources but it often means the difference between life and death in a world where predators and external threats were a real danger.

While we don’t have those threats anymore, the RAS is still very active and plays a vital role in our lives.

How Does The RAS Relate To The Law Of Attraction?

I don’t see this as a direct law of attraction proof experiment because it does not proof the existence of the law of attraction directly.

It does however have huge implications in explaining why we attract and manifest certain things and why we fail to manifest some of our bigger desires.

Since the RAS dictates what you pay attention to it directly affects what you place your energy and your attention on.

Where your focus goes, your energy flows.

The law of attraction dictates that whatever you place your energy and your attention on you will attract into your life.

If your mind is consumed by your fears and the evidence (or reality) of your current life then that is where your energy and attention will be on.

You subconsciously tell your RAS that this is what is the most important to you and that is where your focus ‘should’ be.

Things that stress you is a classic example of placing your energy and attention on what you DO NOT want and consequently you attract more of what you do not want.

The RAS can be used as law of attraction proof experiment but only if you look at your life in hindsight.

When you look back you will clearly see how what you attracted and manifested in the past where those things that you subconsciously placed all your energy and attention on.

The opposite (or something better) was available (like the green instead of the blue) yet your RAS filtered out everything else and allowed you to only focus on that which you did not want.

The real secret to the law of attraction and to manifesting anything you desire is to use the RAS consciously – to deliberately filter out everything you DO NOT want and to only place your energy and attention on what you DO want.

A Powerful Law Of Attraction Proof Experiment

For me a proper law of attraction proof experiment is one where I can deliberately attract and manifest something and to do it without waiting 6 months for it to manifest.

We can all proof the law of attraction works and doing it can be a very powerful way to start creating massive change in your life.

The biggest problem with the law of attraction is that when most people first learn about it they set the intention to manifest 1 million dollars.

That is a huge mistake.

That is akin to someone who is 100 lbs overweight and who hasn’t done any exercise in 10 years to be thrown into the starting line up of the New York Marathon.

Most of the times the mere thought of wanting to manifest 1 million dollars only serves as a reminder of being broke and it is the feelings of lack and scarcity that dominate.

The RAS gets activated to pay attention to lack and scarcity instead of lavish millionaire abundance.

The ‘Something Minor’ Law of Attraction Proof Experiment

If you’ve been using the law of attraction for some time then you’ve probably noticed how you;ve been able to manifest certain things without much effort while those ‘big things’ you obsess over keep alluding to you.

Why is that?

The problem is not with your desire or your intention but with your focus.

When you place a high emotional charge on something that is very valuable and important to you, the fear of not having it or the reality of it not being in your life tends to dominate.

When you are indifferent to something manifesting in your life you are able to ‘let go’ and simply allow the universe to align it and manifest it for you.

When you obsess over something you tend to want to make it happen. You can not be indifferent to it because you are clinging to it so tightly.

That is the real value of this ‘Something Minor’ law of attraction proof experiment. It will not only show you first hand that the law of attraction is real but it will help you gain some ‘muscle’ to start manifesting bigger and better things.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Decide on something small and insignificant you want to manifest.
  2. Make sure that you have no emotional attachment to it
  3. Make sure it is something specific and something that you will recognize as showing up because of your intention.
  4. Create an intention. Know exactly what you want to manifest, declare that you intend to manifest it and ask the universe what you want to attract.
  5. Write down your intention and describe in as much detail as possible WHAT you want to manifest. Avoid at all costs HOW you want to manifest it. Focus only on the end result – only on what you want to manifest.
  6. Close your eyes. See yourself already having it. Experience the end result in your mind.
  7. Let go. Forget about it and set it aside completely. Go about your life as usual.

It will show up completely unexpected and when it does you will know because you will get that feeling that recognizes where it came from.

You might have to re-read your intention and practise the visualization for a few days but don’t make a big deal out of it.

Just relax.

I still practise this law of attraction proof experiment regularly. Not only does it help me strengthen my manifestation muscles but it helps to keep me focussed, optimistic and excited about the ‘big things’ I intend to manifest.

Some of the things readers have manifest with the ‘Something Minor’ law of attraction proof experiment are:

  • a free coffee
  • a message from an old friend
  • a free lunch
  • movie tickets
  • lost sweater
  • flowers
  • a locksmith
  • a (specific) stamp
  • a holiday
  • a painting
  • a (specific) book

Pick your own ‘something minor’ – something that you can be indifferent to and that is ‘low value’ but significant enough so that you (and only you) will know that it is something you manifested and attracted through your intention.


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