How To Raise The Vibration In Your Home

how to raise the vibration in your home

Learning how to raise the vibration in your home is all about making some simple changes that can cumulatively have a big effect. From design changes like optimizing natural light and using colors to more practical things like working on family relationships and interpersonal dynamics.

As a human being you can not be disconnected from your environment. You are an enviro-organism as Dr. Wayne Dyer pointed out.

We see this idea in action daily by how socio economic circumstances affect people as a whole.

Very few people lift themselves out of poverty. Growing up in an environment where poverty is accepted, standard and even expected is what keeps people from that environment trapped.

Your home is a very personal extension of yourself. It is the ‘stage’ where your life plays out.

Creating a wonderful place filled with love, joy and that provides a sense of safety and tranquility by extension must raise your vibration.

Consider the flipside…a chaotic home that is dark and gloomy, derelict and has no love put into it rarely makes anyone feel good.

What Does it Mean to Raise My Vibration?

In very basic terms, your vibration is reflected in your mood. When you feel good you are in a high vibration.

The intricate combination of thoughts and feelings dictate your vibration.

In reality we are vibrational beings and like everything else that appears solid, we are actually just a mass of molecules at a very high rate of vibration.

We all have an energy body or an aura that extends up to 30 meters beyond our physical bodies. Your vibration directly affects your aura and thus your ‘mood or your vibes’ not only affects you but everything and everyone around you.

Your Home, Its Energy and The Vibration Captured In Spaces

If you’ve ever visited places like the Anne Frank House, WW2 concentration camps or even some of the old Cathedrals of Europe then you have undoubtedly experienced the energy that is captured and contained in spaces.

It is as if ‘heavy energy’ somehow stays in certain spaces long after the occupants have departed.

While we can not measure this, it is present and almost everyone reports the same feelings and experiences. Empaths tend to experience this much more and because they are more sensitive to energy they tend to be able to describe it much better.

There are many aspects that affect the energy in a space and learning how to raise the vibration in your home can be quite simple and have a profound effect on the way you feel in your home.

The energy of the occupants of the home contributes to the vibration directly and indirectly.

Here are 12 great tips for you if you want to learn how to raise the vibration in your home…

1. Natural Light and Fresh Air

natural light and fresh air

One of the easiest ways to gauge the vibration of any space is simply by how you feel. How spaces make us feel are most often very subtle and if you are not ‘tuned in’ you may not be fully aware.

When you walk into a space that is bright, light and airy it makes you feel good – no matter where it is.

Next time you walk into a space that just feels good, pay attention to the quality of the light, the fresh air and how light and shadow connects you to the space.

It may not always be possible but look to ways you can bring more natural light and air into your home. It is one of the most effective ways to raise the vibration in your home.

Being confined to artificial light and air conditioned air not only makes you feel gloomy but it quite literally lowers your vibration.

2. Plants And Nature

Modern design and architecture centers largely around the idea of bringing outside spaces inside. With modern materials like steel, concrete and glass we are able to effectively blend inside and outside spaces.

Apart from the aesthetic benefits, bringing nature into your home raises its vibration. Nature is part of creation. There is a rhythm and a life force that flows through all things that are alive.

Bringing plants into your home connects you directly to this life force.

The beauty of plants and flowers make us feel good just by looking at it, appreciating it and by caring for it and allowing plants to grow and flourish connects us directly to that life force.

The great thing about plants is that no matter how small, gloomy or confined your living space may be, you can add plants in some shape or form.

3. Music

I went to quite a progressive school and our principal installed a sound system throughout the school. He played relaxing classical music throughout the school. It was turned down quite low and for the most part we never even noticed but it definitely had a huge impact on our mood.

Music is powerful and can affect our mood on many subtle levels.

Think about it…

When a song comes on that ‘triggers’ you, you instantly feel good. Having music you love at hand in your home can be incredibly powerful.

Music is a real quick-fix on how to raise the vibration in your home. Even if its just a subtle background music. Most restaurants and shops use it to great effects to set the mood.

I know that headphones are cool and usefull but having the music ‘fill the space’ in your house is very different.

Cranking up your favorite 80’s tune and dancing like no one is watching! It really does change your mood and your vibration quite drastically, does it not?

4. Color and Vibrancy

Color theory is fascinating. The idea that colors and different color combinations can affect our mood is no secret nor is it confined to spirituality.

I’ve written before about high vibration colors and how we can use color to raise our vibration.

Color affects living spaces more than you probably realize.

Dark and gloomy rooms can be uplifted through light colors that reflect light. Bright spaces can be enhanced by using ‘happy colors’.

This is also not just about a ‘paint job’.

Using paintings and pictures to add colors, texture and mood can be incredibly effective to raise the vibration in your home

5. Clutter and Being Organized

In recent years the art of organization has become ‘cool’ with people like Marie Condo. While there is an art to perfect organization, almost anyone can declutter.

A cluttered space tends to make us feel overwhelmed and out of control.

Without fail, when you walk into someone’s house that clutters their mood and their life tend to reflect that.

A cluttered home usually acompanies a cluttered mind.

These feelings of overwhelm and disarray quickly reflect in your feelings and these feelings impact your vibration.

From this point of view being organized and decluttering will raise the vibration in your home.

6. Mood

The thing about good design is that it captures a mood. It’s often hard to describe but really well designed spaces just feel great. It is usually a combination of layout, colors, textures and combinations.

While we are not all great designers, just some basic design principles and the use of colors can go a long way towards making your home FEEL good.

The mood in your home is not just about design though. I love to fill my home with beautiful pictures and photographs.

Photographs capture happy memories. Every time you look at it you feel good all over again. This is indeed a quick-fix for raising your vibration.

Smell is another very important and often overlooked aspect.

Most holy places throughout Asia use smell and incense to invoke certain moods.

While some smells just raise your mood because they smell so good, other smells can be powerful in evoking memories. Your sense of smell is intricately connected to your memory.

We’ve all experienced it. You smell something unique and all of a sudden you are back to when you are 2 years old on the beach collecting seashells.

Use this to your advantage. Find those smells that make you feel good and use essential oils or candles to raise the vibration in your home.

7. Relationships

If you want to know how to raise the vibration in your home more powerful than anything, focus on the people in that home. It makes up the majority of the energy in your home.

Work on your relationships.

Only allow love, joy and harmony in your home.

Never allow toxic relationships to fester. It will ‘pollute’ the energy and lower the vibration in your home (keep in mind how your living spaces are an extension of you).

Families that constantly argue and fight create a vibration in that home that is almost tangible when you walk in.

If you are an empath you will know what I mean. I can instantly tell if a home is happy and filled with love the instant I step into that home.

8. Cleansing Negative Energy

cleansing negative energy from space

Negative energy can remain stagnant or even trapped in spaces long after it was created. Homes where crimes were comitted are often ‘haunted’.

What this really means is that the negative energy is still present in that space.

This is not just for extreme things. It also counts for places where there where sadness or unhappy relationships.

There are many ways to cleanse these spaces.

Burning insence, performing cleansing rituals or getting an energy healer in can be very effective in cleansing negative energy from a space.

9.Electronics and Elecromagnetic Interference

This topic often crosses over into many conspiracy theories but the fact remains that electric devices does emit an elcromagnetic force.

No one really knows how this affects us but there certainly is a lot more attention on this subject – especially in the study of certain ilnesses.

Domestic appliances does not pose any serious health risks but if we are vibrational beings we most certainly can be affected by the exposure to an excess of electronic devices.

  • Try and switch things off completely (not just stand-by) when not in use
  • Avoid having numerous electric devices close to you when you sleep
  • Avoid having devices with high electric usage on for excissive time – especially heaters
  • If you live near cell phone towers, research the effects more closely – especially if you have sleeping problems.

10. Chemicals and Toxins

In our modern woprld chemicals and toxins can be a big factor in our homes. Everything from the actual building materials to the paint, the insulation and numerous finishes.

On top of that, we use an endless array of cleaning substances that wipe down virtually every surface of the inside of our homes weekly.

These chmicals and toxins lower our vibration because they are harmful to our natural health and well being.

Opt for organic cleaning detergents and if you have the opportunity to paint your home make sure you use non-toxic paints.

11. A Sacred Space

sacred space meditate

If you haven’t done so yet, I can also highly recommend you have a ‘sacred space’ in your house. This is a retreat where you can connect with Your Self spiritually.

It can be s small alcove or any space that makes you feel ‘alone’ and where you can find peace and solitude.

This used to be a common practice amongst Catrholoic people who had a ‘prayer space’.

In your sacred space you can keep quotes, sacred objects (that are sacred to you), spiritual books, candles etc.

A space like this can have a very high vibration and be a real sanctuary in your home. Use this space to retreat, to meditate or just to unwind and BE with yourself.

12. Pets

raise vibration pets

Another great way to raise the vibration in your home is to have a family pet. A pet is someone that the entire family can love and it often unites families in a beautiful way.

Pets love unconditionally – unlike the majority of people.

Having a pet not only makes you feel good when you get home and they react like they haven’t seen you in a year.

It adds an energy of unconditional love to a home and raises the vibration through love.


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