10 Easy Manifestation Techniques That Work

Easy Manifestation Techniques That Work

There are easy manifestation techniques that work without fail. The real challenge with manifesting is not in finding techniques or gimmicks but actually changing the way you think.

Many of them you may have heard of before but probably never really committed to.

When we want to manifest something we tend to want to “do something”. The idea of letting go and handing over control to the universe is incredibly tough for most people.

However, there are some easy manifestation techniques and law of attraction exercise that can help those of us who want to “make it happen”.

Making the law of attraction work in your life is simple but its not easy. The reason why its not easy is because of your habitual thoughts and actions.

They are often the exact opposite of what you want to attract – and that is why you keep attracting more of what you don’t want.

I’ve outlined 10 easy law of attraction techniques that work. They are easy because it does not take any real skill – just practise.

The hardest part is to actually do it. To dedicate time out of your day to practise these techniques.

They will help you overcome yourself and help you to get out of your own way to allow the good that you desire to come to you effortlessly.

I suggest you focus on 2 or 3 of these techniques that appeal most to you.

Focus on using these techniques for 30 days as a bare minimum. The idea is to create new thinking habits. You want your habitual and unconscious thoughts to be on what you do want instead of what you don’t want.

What you think about is what you bring about.

We’ve all heard this and understand this. The challenge is that about 90% of your thoughts today will be the same as your thoughts yesterday.

Changing your thoughts takes a deliberate and often massive effort. That is where these manifestation techniques can be incredibly helpful.

The Ten Easy Manifestation Techniques That Work

The internet is full of all sorts of strange and wonderful techniques and methods to help you attract and manifest what you desire.

Some are truly gimmicks and based on very weak principles. Some are great but can get very complicated.

Being open to anything is an important mindset. What works for you may not work for 100 other people. You don’t need 50 techniques to manifest your best life.

You simply need one or two manifestation techniques that work FOR YOU. Here are ten techniques that are fool-proof, simple and proven to work.

  1. I am Love. I am Peace. Meditation
  2. Practise Gratitude
  3. Visualisation
  4. Give away what you want
  5. Burn your old beliefs
  6. Create a Manifestation List
  7. Focus Wheels
  8. ‘Brain Wave’ Audio Tracks
  9. Lay me down to sleep
  10. Tell 3 friends

1. I am Love. I am Peace. Meditation

Meditation has gotten a bad wrap and it scares off a lot of people who associate it with ‘new age’ stuff.

Its not that at all. It is one of the most powerful ways to alter your thinking.

When you wake up in the morning, before you even step out of bed, do this 5-minute meditation. Put your feet on the floor and sit upright in bed.

Take a deep breath in and repeat the mantra “I am love. I am peace” and then slowly exhale. As you do this, put your attention on your heart.

The idea is to create a brain-heart coherence as you re-wire your mind for love and peace – the two most powerful emotions.

2. Practise Gratitude

As you finish your ‘I am Love, I am Peace’ meditation you want to spend 1-minute to focus on something that you are deeply grateful for. The secret is to get to that feeling place inside you where you truly feel grateful.

It is not about the “thing” that you are grateful for but rather about the feeling of gratitude. You want to feel the gratitude and stay there in your mind for as long as you can.

Starting your day this way will put you in a whole different level of life. Doing this meditation and gratitude for just 7 days will transform your life. It will drown all the anger, frustration and anxiety you may be experiencing your life.

Keeping a gratitude journal is also a very powerful manifestation technique. The feelings of gratitude opens your heart and accelerates whatever you want to attract to you.

One caveat with keeping a gratitude journal is that it should not become a chore and something that you just do on a superficial level. You have to feel the feelings and be in that state of gratitude to gain any benefit from it.

3. Visualisation

We all know this very well from The Secret but it has become a bit misunderstood in recent times. Visualization is not about attracting your vision. Its about paving a new neural pathway in your brain.

When you visualize something your brain does not know if its from a past event or from a future event. If your brain is dominated by your past then that is what your dominant thoughts and actions will be.

If your brain is dominated by a vision of your future then that is where your thoughts and actions will be. Visualizing and using all the sense can create a very strong and compelling image for your mind to work towards.

Many people like to collect pictures and create vision boards. Others like to write things down. Some like to close their eyes and meditate/pray on what they want. There is no right or wrong.

The principle is the same. You want to visualize the future you do want instead of the future you fear – which is the future that is a repetition of your past.

If you struggle with this, take a notebook and every day, write an answer to this question:

“What would my life be like when…”

Write a detailed answer of exactly how your life will be when you have manifested what you really want.

4. Give away what you want to manifest

This might sound silly, right? How can you give away something that you really want when you don’t have it?

Giving and receiving is one and the same thing. Its just different sides of the same coin. When you give, something interesting happens inside of you. It is impossible to sincerely give something without feeling good.

This feeling good alone will open you up to attracting more good to you. When you give away something that you really want, you teach your mind to feel good about that “thing” you want to manifest.

If you want to manifest money and abundance and you just can’t seem to make it happen. Give away money. It will help you let go of some of your attachments and teach your brain that you have enough.

We all have something we can give away – especially the things that you think you lack. Can you give of your time? Your love? Your skills?

The caveat though is that you do this sincerely. You can not fool yourself.

5. Burn your old beliefs

No matter what you want to attract into your life, you will have some beliefs around it that does not support you. These are thoughts that you keep thinking – either habitually or unconsciously. Remember that what you think about you bring about.

Take a piece of paper and start writing down all the disempowering beliefs that you have. Keep writing and don’t stop after 4 or 5. When you get to 20 you will start uncovering all the real beliefs holding you back.

Once you have them all written down. Look at it. Read it out loud to yourself and see that these are all ideas that are not really true.

Then, take a match and burn the paper (please be safe!). As you burn the piece of paper know that you are burning the ideas and beliefs with it.

This is a powerful visual way to remove limiting beliefs from your life. You may have to do this more than once but it is law of attraction exercise that I would encourage everyone to do.

6. Create a Manifestation List

Keeping tabs of what you are manifesting in your life can be very powerful. We tend to want to manifest big things. We can get so fixated on having the big thing manifest and in the process we fail to see the magic.

As soon as you set your intention to manifest something, the law of attraction kicks into gear and starts bringing it to you.

Little breadcrumbs will start showing up; small little steps for you to follow. If you are only fixed on the 1 big thing then you will probably miss these small steps.

Keeping a list of things that are manifesting in your life will not only keep you motivated but it will help build your belief in the law of attraction. When you start seeing things show up you will be far more likely to look for it and keep your focus on what you want to attract.

You can also use a manifestation list by setting your intention on attracting “small things” and using it as “proof” to build your beliefs.

We’ve all had things that manifested through the law of attraction and by writing it down you can quickly build a big list of things that you already manifested with your mind and your intentions.

Seeing that the law of attraction works right there in front of you on a piece of paper can have a huge impact on your own thinking – especially when you get frustrated when its not manifesting.

7. Focus Wheels

A focus wheel a law of attraction technique that is promoted by Abraham (Ester Hicks) and is a great visual tool to help you get clear on what you want and overcome some of the blocks that are holding you back.

It takes a bit of time to do it and it takes some emotional effort because you really have to tune into your feelings about what you want to attract. It is a very effective technique and once you get the hand of it you can do this often as it helps you gain a lot of clarity.

I’ve included a video below that explains Abraham Hicks’ focus wheel really well.

8. ‘Brain Wave’ Audio Tracks

The study of the brain and brain waves have come a long way. Ten years ago the idea of brain wave audio for self improvement was considered new age jargon.

We now know scientifically that certain thoughts emit certain brain waves. We can take the time to cultivate the thoughts and emotions that create these high frequency brain waves within us or we can use audio.

With sound these high frequency brain waves can be simulated. When you combine high frequency brain wave audio with visualization it can be very powerful. These high frequencies quite literally accelerate your manifestation.

If you think of the very concept of the law of attraction and how you vibrate at a certain frequency then it does not take much to understand the power of brain wave audio.

It is a powerful technique and something that should be in your law of attraction toolbox.

9. Lay me down to sleep

Neville Goddard was one of the “original” law of attraction teachers back in the 1950’s and he promoted this idea of focusing your intentions just before you fall asleep.

The 5 to 10 minutes before you fall asleep is probably the most important time in your day as far as manifesting is concerned. Your mind is between worlds and your subconscious mind is wide open.

Most people spend this time recollecting the day’s events – especially the bad events. What you want to do with these 5 – 10 minutes however is to focus on your intentions and what you want to manifest.

This is the time to deliberately create your life.

If you spend this valuable “creation” time on the day or week that has been, you will simply recreate the day or week that has been. That is why most people are stuck.

This is a manifestation technique that works and will help you get out of whatever attraction cycle you are stuck in.

If you keep attracting the same negative stuff (that is the opposite of what you want to attract) then you need to focus on this technique.

10. Tell 3 friends

I include this last because for some people this may not be a good idea. When you tell friends about what you intend to manifest, it can be incredibly powerful.

It can help you create a clearer vision for what you want to attract as you talk to your 3 friends about it. It can also help you stay focussed because your friends will constantly ask you about it – helping you re-affirm it.

Lastly, it will give you a sense of accountability as you will most likely feel more committed knowing that someone else will hold you to your intentions.

The reason why this can also be a not-so-great idea is because many people either tell the wrong friends or they don’t have friends that are supportive of ideas like this. Only you will know if you friends are supportive with ideas like this.

If they are, tell them that you intend to manifest “X” and that you are going to use the law of attraction to bring it into your life.

Making these manifestation techniques work for you

These are all manifestation techniques that work and all have been proven over and over again. It is important to understand that these manifestation techniques are not there to ‘make anything happen’.

No manifestation technique will ever manifest something for you, It is only there to help change you. You don’t manifest and attract what you want but rather you manifest and attract what you are.

Don’t try and use these techniques to ‘make’ something happen. Use these techniques with the mindset that you want to change your habitual thoughts.

After all, that is the root cause of why you are not attracting what you want.

When you feel like you want to “do something” to get what you want faster or like you want to do a million things to “make it happen”, stop! Pull out any of these law of attraction exercises and work on yourself instead.

You most certainly can work hard and make things happen. In some cases you will get to your goal and manifest what you want but this often does not last.

Unless and until you change the roots, the fruits will always suffer.

These are by no means the only manifestation techniques that work. These are really simple ones and any one of them can really change your life.

There are many more advanced law of attraction techniques. The danger with some of them is that you can easily get caught up in the techniques.

You get caught up in the means to the end when the end is what is really important.

One of the most powerful manifestation techniques is something called scripting. I’ve written a much more detailed post about the scripting technique and you can read it here.


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