Help! The Law Of Attraction Doesn’t Work – 7 Simple Fixes When The Law of Attraction Is Not Working

The Law Of Attraction Doesn’t Work

If the law of attraction doesn’t work for you then you are probably making one or more of the 7 most common mistakes.

A common response you hear when talking to many people who saw The Secret is that the law of attraction doesn’t work. “I tried it” they would say and then proceed to tell you about some goal or dream they only paid lip service to.

There is another group of people who respond very differently. They get soooo excited and inspired after watching The Secret that they become consumed with the idea.

They usually manifest things very quickly and transform their lives in a very short period.

Most people however fall somewhere in between. If you believe in the law of attraction and you are deliberately using it to create your life then you will most certainly run into some roadblocks.

You set an intention and you do everything “right” but somehow the law of attraction is not working for you.

What’s going on?

Why is the law of attraction not working if you are doing everything “right” ?

The challenge here is to develop a deeper understanding of the law of attraction and also to understand yourself and your ego better.

Understanding the Law of Attraction and Why It’s Not Working

The law of attraction is always working whether you want it to or not. What you are thinking and feeling is always manifesting in your life.

When law of attraction doesn’t work then its just not working for you. When you are not attracting that which you really want then it all boils down to resistance.

When you ask, it is always given but if you have resistance it can not come into your life. You may ask for more money and have moments where you visualize it, feel good about it and see it coming to you.

Then, 10 minutes later you fall back into your fearful thoughts and attract the opposite. The walls go back up.

Things get easier when you realize that what you want, wants you. When you have an intention or desire to attract something into your life, law of attraction immediately sets it in motion. It starts moving towards you and starts seeking you out.

The question then is whether you are in vibrational harmony to allow it into your life?

So, how do you do this? Its simple but not easy. Its not easy because we all have ingrained beliefs that causes us to think in certain ways.

Below I’ve outlined the 7 emergency fixes that can help you if the law of attraction is not working for you.

1. Did You Write It Down?

Every single person has a long list of things they want to have. Most people keep this ever changing list of things in their head only. It becomes a dream list that they know will never come to fruition.

If you are serious though about manifesting something you need to fix your mind upon that one thing (it can be more than one thing but it makes it harder).

You need to write it down because that pins down your intention and creates a commitment.

Writing it down is the first step to making it real. It takes your dream/goal/desire from the world of thought and brings it into reality. Now you can see it even though its only on paper.

If your intention only drifts around in your mind it is not specific, its not a commitment and its not real.

Do not ignore this important step. It is one of the main reasons why the law of attraction is not working for many.

2. Are You Attached to a particular means?

When we have an intention to manifest something, the analytical mind almost immediately steps in to start offering “solutions”. When you want to attract something you almost immediately start to try and figure out “how” it can come into your life.

The “how” is not your job in the creative process. It is entirely up to the law of attraction to figure out the how. It knows the fastest, the best and the most fulfilling way to bring anything into your life.

However, when you start placing limitations on how you want things to come to you, you start limiting the law of attraction and the process slows down.

Are you focussed on what you want or on the means by which you want it to come to you?

You may want to attract more money into your life but you are focussed on winning the lottery. You can take this even further. You want to manifest wealth in your life but you are focussed only on money coming to you?

There are a million ways to attract more money that does not involve the lottery.

There are a million ways to attract wealth that does not involve money flowing into your bank account.

It is important to really look closely at your thoughts and make sure you remove as many means from it. As long as you are attached to a specific means to your end you are limiting the law of attraction and offering resistance to the ways and means that it could be coming into your life.

3. Do You Feel Good about what you want to manifest?

This is a big one and probably one of the biggest mistakes people make with the law of attraction.

When you think about what you want to manifest, does it serve as a reminder of its absence?

This is why you may be attracting the opposite of what you want to attract. Every time you think about it, it creates a wave emotion that only reminds you of not having it and your mind immediately drifts to the fear and anxiety of not having it.

The only thing that you can attract is that which you give your energy and attention to and if your energy and attention is on what you don’t want then you will only attract more of what you don’t want.

When you think about what you want to manifest it needs to excite you.

The emotion behind your thoughts is where the vibration comes from and is the real power to attract.

This is what happens when you set an intention but the more you “try” to attract it the worse it gets. You may now be worse off then when you started to deliberately use the law of attraction.

It all comes down to this problem.

You need to feel good. That is the foundation of manifesting. Your intention has to excite you and make you feel good. Be very wary of drifting into thoughts of its absence.

If thinking about attracting more money only reminds you of not having enough, of not being able to pay a bill or not being ab;e to afford X, Y or Z then STOP!

Move your attention to something else. Something that will make you feel good. How about focusing all your attention on being in your dream car; on driving it, smelling that new car smell ec.

If there is something lacking from your life that you are desperately trying to “fill” the emotional attachments can be incredibly strong.

That is why thinking about your intention brings up a reminder of what’s missing. You have to either be very conscious of this or simply change what you are visualizing.

Change your mental focus and your imaging on things that will make you feel good instead.

4. Did you put a timetable on your manifestation?

We’ve all be exposed to goal setting where we are taught to always set a deadline. A gaol without a deadline is a dream, right?

While there is certainly a time and a place for setting goals, working with the law of attraction is not the same.

Setting a deadline for when you want to have something manifested can be a big mistake. As soon as you do that you immediately start feeling a bit nervous. You start looking around, tapping your toe and doubt start setting in.

This creates resistance.

Never limit the law of attraction in any way. Know that what you desire is on its way and that it is coming to you at the perfect time.

While this idea may not please your impatient ego, it will put your mind at ease and in the process break down vibrational resistance.

The irony is that as soon as you let go of any time limits it actually brings it to you much faster simply because you do not have that resistance in your thoughts.

5. Are you acting on inspired action?

When you Ask for what you want, the law of attraction responds. Almost always you will be prompted to take inspired action.

There are impulses you get to do certain things – often contrary to how and what you would normally do. Sometimes it is a brilliant creative idea that just comes to you.

Your job is to act on this.

Your job is not to sit on the sofa and wait for the law of attraction to kick the door down. You have to follow the breadcrumbs that the law of attraction will lay before you.

I will add one important point. You should not sit down and make a list of things you “could do” to manifest what you desire. This is your analytical mind at work – not creative intelligence. This is your ego fighting to be in charge.

You set your intention, you live the end result in your mind and you spend as much time as you can imagining your future reality. Then, you set it aside and live your life.

When you feel inspired to take action, do it. Don’t hesitate or allow your analytical mind to kick in.

6. Are you pay attention to what is manifesting?

Are you thinking of the law of attraction as a genie who will just magically make things appear overnight? While that may be the case, most of the time it is not.

There is a process through which things manifest. Often times the universe will guide you by leaving breadcrumbs of you to follow.

Small things will start to show up in your life. You need to notice them. Give thanks and get excited because it is in the process of becoming.

If you set an intention to attract more money, you may pick up a $20 bill. Are you p!ssed because its not a million? No! You are excited because you are now magnetized to money.

Far too many people fail to see these small manifestations. They build momentum. They build your belief and help you to trust in the universe.

Start looking for the small little signs of what’s manifesting for you. It can make all the difference in the world.

I recommend that you keep a manifestation journal where you can record everything that is manifesting in your life. Not only can you look back at it and use it as “proof” but it can help you match up how you are thinking and feeling to what you are attracting.

7. Are you afraid of change and actually manifesting your desires?

This may sound a bit strange but even though you want change and you want to manifest something new, at some level you may still fear actually having it.

Dr. Joe Dispenza in his brilliant book “Breaking The Habit of Being Yourself” explains an interesting fact: most people prefer a known past than an unknown future even if the past (or present) is not what they consciously want.

You may have the intention of being wealthy but are you truly ready for that? Or do you have some level of fear about handling all that money?

You may want to attract your soulmate but are you truly ready to give up some of the things you love having and doing while you are still single?

You have to really examine yourself closely to really spot this as it can be a bit more subtle. Address these fears that you may have and put yourself at easy and affirm that you are truly ready emotionally, spiritually and physically to receive what you desire.


With a passion for spirituality, self discovery, and understanding this life, Neod spends his time musing about what is, what could be and what might come about. After writing for 20 years he's still growing, learning, exploring and sharing with love, joy and compassion.

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