What Is a Focus Wheel and How To Use It

what is a focus wheel

What is a focus wheel and why do you need one (or two or three)? A focus wheel is a law of attraction “tool” or technique that is designed to help you attract and manifest what you desire.

The idea of a focus wheel became very popular through Abraham (Ester Hicks) who is one of the most popular laws of attraction teachers and who featured prominently in the The Secret.

According to the law of attraction, you will attract into your life that which you consistently focus on.

This is a simple idea but it is something that is not easy. You may know what you want but its absence in your life or the experience of its opposite often gets the better of your thoughts and emotions.

Because of this, you keep attracting more of what you don’t want – even though you really want its opposite.

It becomes a “hamster wheel experience” of attracting the opposite of what you intend and the harder you try the more you seem to attract the opposite of what you want.

If this sounds like you then a focus wheel can be a great tool to help you snap out of that pattern.

What is a Focus Wheel Anyway?

To really use a focus wheel effectively you need a very thorough understanding of what is a focus wheel and why it works.

The better you understand something and the more detail you give your mind the better you can use it. Don’t dismiss things because you’ve “heard it before”. You can make some powerful new distinctions abut the law of attraction when you understand a focus wheel.

Where focus goes, energy flows

– Tony Robbins

A focus wheel is a bit like mind map. It uses words to create a visual “map” around a specific idea, desire, or intention that you want to manifest in your life.

In the middle of a blank page, write down a statement of what you intend to manifest. This needs to be something specific and something that is focussed around a specific end goal.

Avoid language like “I want” or “I will”. Make it is a present-tense statement as if you already have it.

Here are some examples:

  • I am so happy that I am now at my ideal weight of 120lbs
  • I am so happy and grateful now that I have my dream job as a ___ and earning ___ .
  • I am so happy and grateful now that I am married to my soulmate.

As soon as you write this down and create the intention of what you want to manifest, your internal resistance will come up.

There will be some excitement but most people experience the instantaneous resistance from their minds that tells you “No you don’t have it” or that it is out of your reach or that it’s not possible or any of the hundreds of thoughts, ideas, and memories that will quickly come up with reasons why you can’t have it.

This “stuff” that comes up for you when you set an intention is your resistance. It is your mind’s attempt to keep you safe and to protect you from potential disappointment.

This is your mind’s job. It is there to protect you and keep you safe. The challenge is that unless you reach for something better you will always remain stuck.

So, how do we do that?

This is the purpose of the focus wheel. To help you overcome your resistance and start building on ideas that can create a positive vibration about your intention.

While your mind might initially reject your intention, when you start building and stacking up ideas that you could believe or that you know is true then you start breaking down the resistance.

In the “spokes” of your focus wheel, you want to write down ideas that help you break down the internal resistance you have about your intention.

When your intention is to manifest your soulmate, your internal resistance might come up and tell you “who are you kidding. You are ugly and haven’t had a relationship in over 2 years. Who would want you!”

Now you can use your focus wheel to start breaking down and “weaken” that inner critic. Remember it wants you to stay single because staying where you feel comfortable and it feels familiar.

You might start building ideas like:

I have a lot of love to give and I know I will make someone happy.
There are a lot of fat and ugly people who have beautiful relationships.
If I put on my red dress I look pretty good and I know it turns heads.

You get the idea.

Some people also like to put inspirational quotes down or evidence of things starting to manifest. There is no real right or wrong.

Your focus wheel can also be something fluid. As long as you keep your intention unchanged, you can redo it often. The exercise of doing it alone helps you gain clarity and overcome resistance.

5 Important Focus Wheel Tips

If you’ve never done a focus wheel then you might have trouble starting or finding enough supporting ideas to put in the spokes of your wheel.

One thing I would discourage you from doing is finding a focus wheel online and simply use it as your own. This has to be something that comes from you. You and you alone know yourself and your inner “stuff”.

Here are 5 easy tips to help you do a focus wheel more effectively.

  1. If a wheel is limiting or intimidating, just use bubbled or just write randomly around your main intention.
  2. Try and identify the resistance that comes up when you think of your intention. Write it down.
  3. Think of potential reasons why these resistant thoughts COULD be false.
  4. Think of any small or insignificant idea that supports your intention. Anything that can make you feel good.
  5. Was there ever a time in your life when experienced or had your intention in some shape or form?

Why Use a Focus Wheel?

The main reason for using a focus wheel is to help you overcome the internal resistance that arises when you set an intention to manifest something that is not currently in your life.

Everybody has something they want to manifest. We want to bring something into our lives that is not currently in our lives. It is its absence that creates the desire to have it.

This absence – the not having it is where the problem comes in.

According to the law of attraction, you can manifest anything you want as long as you give it enough energy and attention.

If you doubt the power of focus, try riding two bikes simultaneously.

– Tim Fargo

This means that you have to be able to see and experience having it – without actually having it. See, having it in your mind is no different than having it in your hand. It’s just a different experience.

When your conscious mind kicks in, it can quickly talk you out of all this. Within seconds it can come up with loads of reasons why you can’t have something, why you haven’t been able to have it yet and why you most likely won’t have it ever.

This conflict between your desires and the reality in which your mind operates is where the biggest barrier lies in the process of manifesting.

A focus wheel is designed to help you break down these barriers.

It helps you build smaller and more believable ideas that the conscious mind does not resist. In a way it helps you to bypass your resistance and in the process helps you manifest what you want with much more ease and joy.

Conculsion: What Is a Focus Wheel And How To Use It

Doing a focus wheel should feel good. Resistant thoughts about your intention feel bad.

This sounds very elementary but by simply gauging what feels good and what feels bad you can easily judge whether an idea has resistance or not.

The process of doing a focus wheel can be very uplifting and empowering. If you’ve been trying very hard to manifest something then you’ve probably just been battling with the resistance within you.

When you think of what you want to manifest it only serves as a reminder that you don’t have it.

You quickly go into spiral of negative emotions and thoughts and according to the law of attraction that is what you will attract more of.

Alignment trumps everything. Stay off the subject that disturbs your alignment, and everything that you are about will come into alignment.

– Abraham Hicks

If you do not feel good and inspired when you think about what you want to manifest and attract into your life then you have resistance at some level.

A focus wheel will help you overcome this resistance and it is a powerful tool in your law of attraction arsenal for attracting what you truly desire.

Don’t let the idea of a “wheel” limit you. This can be a more freeform or creative thing you do. There are no real rules.

Many people build their focus wheel over time and it just keeps expanding. Some people like to “redo” their focus wheels weekly as an exercise. This can also be very powerful as it helps you gain more clarity.


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