It’s On The Verge Of Manifestation – Relax!

on the verge of manifestation

When are your desires and intentions on the verge of manifestation? There is a phase transition where thoughts become things and where intentions become reality.

Before this phase transition there are often tell-tale signs and if we become aware of them it can help us immensely in staying focussed and excited.

Looking for signs of manifestation and turning over every leaf looking for some indication that your desire is manifesting has a fundamental problem though.

It shows a lack of trust.

If you know beyond a shadow of a doubt that your desire WILL manifest, you turn your attention from looking for signs to living in a state of joy and gratitude.

Only when you live in a state where you feel like you already have what you want to manifest can you truly open the door to allow in that which is on the verge of manifestation.

The feeling of already having it is the real secret as Neville Goddard pointed out. It is that state of being that causes your intentions to manifest.

Not your thoughts, your hopes or your desires.

So, is it ‘wrong’ to look for signs that your intention is manifesting?

It could be.

If you have doubt it is your doubt that will manifest.

That is why for many people their intentions remain in a state of limbo – in a state where their intentions are on the verge of manifesting – never going through that last step where it becomes a reality.

Why Manifesting Your Desires Remain Just Outside The Door

Imagine for a second that everything you could ever want is within your reach – just sitting there waiting for you to take it.

The problem is that you are looking through binoculars – looking for it out there in the distance and because of that you can not see what is right in front of you.

The law of attraction, virtually every spiritual text ever written and an array for modern day literature all make it abundantly clear that EVERYTHING you want is not only available to you, but it is in fact already yours.

This idea takes some understanding to wrap your head around but from a quantum perspective we know that all possibilities already exist in the quantum field.

What is it then that brings any of these possibilities into existence – into having it in your life?

When you have an intention and you place your attention on that it starts the creative process. Your thoughts quite literally start arranging and rearranging reality.

At what state then is something on the verge of manifesting and when is there a ‘phase transition’ from its non-existence to its existence?

The problem is not with the manifestation of your desires but with your perception of it.

Your senses are really poor ‘receptors’ of reality since most of what you see, taste, touch and hear are not reality but rather your brain’s interpretation of reality.

Most of this reality is based on past experiences.

If you could perceive things on a quantum level then manifestation will be so much easier.

The instant you place your attention and intention on something, the manifestation process starts.

There’s no delay.

On the quantum level, everything is on the verge of manifestation the instant you place your attention on a clear intention to manifest something.

That is all great theory but it doesn’t help you much when you want your stuff, right?

It does offer us the insight though and gives us the realization that you most likely have everything you ever wanted to manifest already piled up ‘right outside your door’ – simply waiting for you to take it.

The idea of always ‘looking out there’ and looking forward and outside yourself with binoculars by definition can not let that what is on the verge of manifesting appear into your reality.

Until and unless there is that feeling and ‘knowing’ that it is already there and already in your reality can the universe mirror that ‘beingness’ and make it appear in your everyday experience.

The key piece of the puzzle is that you have to exchange your binoculars for a mirror.

The Missing Piece That Manifests What’s Already Waiting

It’s not only common but very natural to look outside yourself for what you want to manifest.

When you want to manifest more money, you look towards a job, a lottery win or some other way that your rational mind has learned and concluded are means in which money can manifest in your life.

Almost everybody does this the instant they have an intention to manifest something.

Your mind starts racing and thinks of all the ways in which it can possibly come to you.

When you start thinking of the means and how it can (or even should) come to you, you close the door to manifesting.

It may already be on the verge of manifesting because of your intention and your attention but because you have specified a specific means through which you want it to come to you, it remains sitting there – just outside your reality.

When you truly let go and allow the creative process to unfold fully, it will come to you in a way that you could never have predicted.

Because your intention is only on the outcome and not the process or the way in which it should come to you, the universe finds numerous ways in which something can go from being on the verge of manifesting, to manifesting.

When you think of a phase transition like when water turns into steam there is a period where you can sense its about to happen and when it finally does its instant.

You can think of your manifestation as a phase transition – as something that is on the verge of manifesting that then suddenly becomes part of your reality.

Most of this process happened long before you could ever see or perceive any of it with your sense.

Like the boiling water there was a lot of energy that went into the initial stage of that phase transition that you could not see or perceive.

Most people heat up the water of their desires sufficiently to have the manifestation on the verge of becoming real but because they can not see anything they abandon their efforts.

If you could stick your hand in the water of your desires and intentions and start feeling the water ‘heat up’ you would know that your intentions are on the verge of manifesting.

You would find it much easier to keep going knowing that it is on its way and that it is on the verge of manifestation.

When Is It On The Verge Of Manifestation?

If there was some evidence that your manifestations are on the verge of realizing then it will make it much easier to stay focussed and to keep your intention alive.

Having a way to dip your hand in the water and to feel it getting boiling hot – ready for a phase transition from thoughts to things can be invaluable when you want to manifest anything.

What are some of the signs that your manifestations are on the verge of realizing?

Here are 5 tell-tale signs that it is on the verge of manifesting:

1. When You Feel Divine Indifference

Do you go to bed worrying that the sun might not come up tomorrow? Do you sit at your desk worrying that your heart might stop beating or do you feel concerned that your body won’t be able to digest your lunch?

No. Most people don’t because we have a KNOWING that these things are taken care of. You have a Divine indifference because you trust that these things are taken care of by an intelligence greater than yourself.

When you reach that level of indifference about your desires and the thing(s) you want to manifest most in your life then you know that it is about to be manifested.

When you are worried, concerned and fearful about it showing up and not showing up in your life then you create resistance which keeps that ‘phase transition’ from happening.

How do you get to that state of Divine indifference?

When you think about already having it so often that it quite literally becomes part of your internal reality.

When you’ve rehearsed it in your mind so often and you feel the feelings of already having it so often that it becomes second nature. There is no more doubt.

2. You Feel Compelled To Do Something Completely New Or Different

When your thoughts and feelings align with a new reality and with manifesting something that you do not already have in your life then new experiences are inevitable.

You can not manifest something new if you keep doing only what you’ve always done before.

If you have a strong intention and you have enough attention to that intention then you will start drawing into your life new experiences.

These will often be radically new or different – things you’ve never done before and things you probably would not have imagined doing before.

When these opportunities start showing up, get excited.

Don’t shy away from them.

3. You Are Attracting Things That Are Completely Out of The Ordinary

In a similar vein, when you have an intention to manifest something new you will attract new events and circumstances to signal this change.

The challenge is that these often do not show up in a way that you would like it to.

A personal crisis, a tragedy, a misfortune…things that appear to not be aligned with what you want to manifest often show up to ‘clear the way’.

Virtually without fail, people who make it through tough times look back at it as their greatest blessings.

These circumstances show up to jolt you into a new way of being that can align you with that which you ultimately want to manifest in your life.

4. Synchronicities Start Showing Up All Over The Place

I’ve written extensively about synchronicity and how your intentions to manifest something will start attracting into your life all sorts of ‘meaningful coincidences’.

When something is on the verge of manifesting you will inevitably start seeing synchronicities that relate to it.

Common synchronicities are with numbers that keep showing up in your life, seeing signs or symbols everywhere or even certain people appearing in your life ‘by accident’.

5. You Broke The Habit of Being Yourself

In his groundbreaking book Breaking The Habit of Being Yourself, Dr. Joe Dispenza outlines a methodology for changing what you are and everything you think you are.

His argument is that we are all subconsciously programmed and that everything we think, feel and do are simply running a computer program in our minds.

Until and unless you break the habit of being yourself you can not attract and manifest something new.

Becoming conscious of this fact and changing the way you think and feel will inevitably manifest something new into your life.

When you start catching yourself and noticing your habitual thoughts and feelings and you start reacting in different ways you know you are starting to break the habit of being yourself – of who you used to be.

The universe does not respond to what you want. It responds to what you are.

When you change what you are, you can not help but attract and manifest something new.

From Being On The Verge of Manifesting To Manifesting

The final step of manifestation and the creative process is often referred to as ‘the art of allowing’.

Wanting what you want is one thing. Allowing it into your life is something very different.

What we want often remains an external concept. It remains something outside ourselves and this is quite normal since it’s not something we already have.

The real trick to manifesting and this process of allowing is to be able to have the feeling of already having it.

Can you truly see yourself having it? Can you see yourself living with it and it being a normal part of your daily life?

The universe responds not to what you want but to what you are.

What determines ‘what you are’?

It is your dominant thoughts and emotions – which in turn leads to your actions and decisions.

Because our thoughts and emotions get triggered by our environment we tend to think and feel the same things over and over again.

When you are in an elevated emotional state then no amount of thinking can change what you are being.

When anger, fear or depression gets triggered by someone or something in your everyday environment then you can not think yourself out of that emotional state.

You need to move well beyond these conditioned responses and practice (mentally) how you would feel when you already live the life you truly want.

So, how do you do that?

  • Don’t look out there. Look in here. Everything you want is ultimately found inside you. What appears outside in your reality is an effect. The cause of that effect is always inside you.
  • Practice feeling what it will feel like when you already have it. The value of this is not so much about visualization but rather about changing your habitual thoughts and feelings.
  • Having an intention combined with an elevated emotion creates on the quantum level. On a scientific level, this is how creation happens.

    By deliberately using this natural phenomena you can create an intention and cultivate emotions of gratitude, love and peace to create your life and allow that which is already on the verge of manifestation.
  • Its on its way. Use this mantra to overcome the habit of thinking that things will come some time in the future.

    Its not. Its on its way. Its coming now and it is in the process of forming NOW.


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