The 7 Initial Signs of Manifestation

initial signs of manifestation

The initial signs of manifestation usually show up as synchronicities, or ‘breadcrumbs’ but most of the time it is internal signs – a changed perception, feeling at ease and being inspired.

You set an intention to manifest something. You are enthusiastic about it. You may use affirmations, visualization or some other technique but after 3 weeks you start feeling impatient.

Where’s my stuff!?

You start doubting yourself and doubting your ability, your techniques or even your sanity.

You want to see it and have it NOW. Three weeks might feel like three years. Having the same enthusiasm on day 60 that you had on day 1 can be tough.

These initial signs of manifestation are usually internal more than external. Sometimes, small little bits and pieces start materializing but for the most part the initial signs remain internal and very subtle.

What Happens Before Manifestation?

The best analogy is with a seed that is germinating and starting to sprout. The early signs are not visible. It remains under the surface.

Just because you can’t see it does not mean it’s not happening. Having faith and trusting in the universe is something you just have to have.

There’s an awful lot happeing before the growth process reveals itslef in something you can see and touch.

The same goes for anything you want to manifest.

Most people give up simply because they can not see all the intricate details going on before their dreams and goals start to show up in a shape and form that you can see and touch.

Our doubts are traitors, and make us lose the good we oft might win, by fearing to attempt.

– William Shakespeare

Doubt and fear is natural but the choice to have faith is what really sets apart those people who manifest everything they desire from those who never quite see their intentions manifest.

Seeing these early signs is important in the sense that gives you that push to keep the faith. To know that ‘it is working’ is what is often needed to stick with it.

Manifesting anything of value and anything that you truly desire will take time. Pay attention to the signs and use it to fuel your intentions.

The 7 Early Signs That Your Manifestation Is Coming

Signs That Your Manifestation Is Coming

Seeing the initial signs of manifestation is usually much more subtle and often much harder to see.

Seeing these signs can act as a powerful encouragement and can help strengthen your belief and resolve.

One thing that is critically important to understand is that the law of attraction works instantaneously.

You do not have to – nor can you ‘make’ the law of attraction work. All that you can really do is to get out of the way and to allow things to unfold naturally.

Naturally we are impatient and we want what we want and we want it now. These 7 early signs that your manifestation is coming will help you satisfy that desire to ‘see results’.

The law of gestation dictates that there is a natural process of growth to unfold for something to turn from thought into concrete reality.

The early signs of manifestation is like the first sprouting of a seed. It is small and happens under the surface – it is something you can not really see but nonetheless it IS happening.

  1. Change Shows Up
  2. Letting Go & Being At Ease
  3. Synchronicities
  4. You Feel Inspired
  5. Breadcrumbs Start Showing Up
  6. Changed Perception
  7. Loss and Personal Crises

1. Change Shows Up

One of the most prominent early signs of manifestation comes in the form of a change in your life. Most often this change seems to be completely unrelated to what you want to manifest.

We tend to be short sighted and blinded by the immensity of how the universe operates.

Changes show up and we reject it. We can not see the connection between the change and what we want to manifest and think it is wrong and that we do not want it in our lives.

Progress is impossible without change. Let that sink in!

No matter what you want to manifest, it can not manifest unless there is some sort of change in your life. Without change, everything will stay the same.

When any sort of change starts showing up, get excited.

It is a sign that the universe is starting to rearrange things in and around your life for your manifestation.

2. Letting Go & Being At Ease

One of the most powerful early signs of manifestation is when you can start feeling at ease about it.

When you are anxious, nervous and impatient with what you want to attract then you are in fact blocking your manifestation.

When you start feeling at ease and you feel that you have that sense of trust that it WILL and MUST manifest, you can truly let go.

When you reach this point of feeling at ease, you’ve let go of your resistance and now the universe can use any and all avenues for your manifestation to come into your life.

This doesn’t mean that resistant thoughts won’t show up. It will.

The challenge is really in reveling in this state of ease and ingraining the feeling of letting go. When resistant thoughts show up, remember these feelings.

3. Synchronicities

When synchronicities start showing up in your life it can be truly mind blowing. It is probably the clearest signs that your manifestation is starting to germinate.

These meaningful coincidences can show up in many different ways. One common characteristic is that when it shows up, you will know.

It may not have any meaning to anyone else, but you will have that strange and wonderful feeling – that ‘inner ding’ that signals a relationship between your intention and the synchronicity.

Synchronicities can come in many different forms. Anything from a chance encounter with someone, specific numbers showing up, deja vu, a dream, a wrong number phone call etc.

When these signs start showing up, pay attention and give thanks. It really is the universe giving you encouragement.

4. You Feel Inspired

Inspiration is something that can not be faked. When you truly feel inspired then it is something that wells up from deep inside you.

So often when I set an intention to manifest something I get inspired to do something I would never have thought of doing.

When you are inspired by some great purpose, some extraordinary project, all of your thoughts break their bonds. Your mind transcends limitations; your consciousness expands in every direction; and you find yourself in a new, great and wonderful world. Dormant forces, faculties and talents become alive and you discover yourself to be a greater person than you ever dreamed yourself to be.

– Patanjali

The secret though is to actually act on these inspirations – especially if it is something that you would otherwise never have thought of doing.

Remember that if you want something in your life that is currently not in your life there needs to be some level of change.

Inspiration is often the instigator of this change.

Welcome it. Act on it and be grateful for it.

5. Breadcrumbs Start Showing Up

When you set an intention, the law of attraction immediately responds to that intention. Most of the time a single thought is not enough to gather enough energy to manifest.

Sustained thinking in a certain way, MUST eventually manifest. As you start focusing on your intention, small little breadcrumbs will start showing up.

These are often much smaller and sometimes less significant manifestations but they all start pointing towards that which you ultimately want to manifest.

Take the first step in faith. You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.

– Martin Luther King Jr.

These are like stepping stones. No one who has even manifested anything significant was able to see every step mapped out on day one.

You take each step as it unfolds – always trusting that the universe is in charge and will reveal the next step as you move forward.

When one step unfolds before you, it is in itself an initial sign of manifestation.

Do not stare at these stepping stones and remain motionless. Take action – but be mindful not to force anything.

6. Changed Perception

I just love Dr. Wayne Dyer’s famous saying that when you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.

It is an incredibly significant insight and explains much of manifesting.

One of the most powerful initial signs of manifesting is a changed perception. You see things in a new and different way.

Your old ways of looking at your life or anything in your life now seems like a distant memory – a way of thinking that no longer makes sense to you.

When your perception shifts, your thinking shifts. When your thinking shift you can no longer keep attracting and manifesting what was consistent with your old consciousness.

Something new must manifest.

7. Loss and Personal Crises

This is often the hardest and most difficult of the initial signs of manifestation as it can be hard to really see past what’s happening.

When you have the intention to manifest and create something new and different in your life, the universe will arrange itself in ways and means that you may not understand.

  • You may lose a job.
  • You may see a relationship end.
  • You may even be in an accident or get some bad news.

Instead of condemning these events, try and see past it. Try and see that it is for your higher good and even though you can not ‘see it’ yet, it will eventually become clear.

Remember what Steve Jobs said – we can only connect the dots looking back.

When you set an intention to manifest anything in your life, stick to the belief that everything is happening FOR you – not to you.

When you have this belief you will be able to see these initial signs instead of condemning the very things you want to manifest only because they show up in a way that is different to how you think it ‘should’.

Don’t Look For Signs That Your Manifestation Is Coming

,amifestation signs

The problem with ‘needing’ a sign is almost always a reflection of a lack of belief.

If you need a sign in order to believe in the law of attraction then you will always end up manifesting the doubt.

I suggest you start by manifesting something small. Proof to yourself that it is real and that ‘it works’.

Neville Goddard said that once you can assume the feeling of the wish fulfilled then your manifestation (your proof) is inevitable.

What this means is that you KNOW it can, must and will manifest.

Doubt and fear is very real though and affects us all.

Whenever doubt and fear creap in, use this powerful affirmation:

Its on its way and it comes to me in ways that blows my mind and exceeds all my expectations.

You can also use the phrase ‘its on its way’ as a mantra to help direct your thoughts away from negativity and doubt.

Initial Signs of Manifestation – Final Thoughts

As a general rule, the more desperate you are for your intention to manifest, the greater your resistance will be.

The ability to truly let go and to trust completely in ‘the process’ and allowing the universe to bring everything to you is often much harder than it sounds.

We tend to take matters into our own hands. We want to ‘make it happen’ – often out of impatience or desperation.

When you see any of these initial signs of manifestation, don’t use it as an impetus to DO more. Let it be a sign that you are already doing things ‘right’.

Detach yourself from it as much as you can without losing sight of your intention.

Always remember that you are not the one manifesting it. It may manifest through you but not by you.

All you really have to do is to allow it to happen. When you want a seed to germinate, sprout and grow you can only control the environment that makes it possible.

The same is true for what you want to manifest.


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