7 Money Blocks And Breakthroughs To Change Your Life

money blocks and breakthroughs

Money blocks and breakthroughs refer to overcoming the mental, emotional and subconscious impediments that prevents you from attracting and having more money in your life.

On a warm and sunny afternoon in 1954 something impossible happened at Oxford University. Up until that day athletes, coaches and even scientists believed that it was impossible for a human being top run a mile in under 4 minutes.

However, when Roger Bannister broke that barrier it paved the way for many more to follow. Within months, others started breaking the 4 minute mile and today it’s not really seen as a big achievement.

The limitation was never physical. It was a mental and emotional limitation and it reflects the mental and emotional limitations that hold us back in most areas of our lives.

If you want more money in your life then it is never the outside circumstances and conditions that hold you back.

It is always mental, emotional and subconscious money blocks but when you have a breakthrough it can change your entire perception and as a result everything else changes.

===What Are Money Blocks?

A money block is anything that prevents the natural flow of abundance into your life.

Money blocks are rarely a physical impediment but rather mental and emotional thoughts, ideas and habits that prevent more money from coming into your life.

Money blocks are ‘invisible barriers’ that hold us back financially. They are invisible because they are in your energy and in your vibration – not in your brain or in your environment.

Our perceptions and understanding of money can be very complex. Money is a very emotionally charged subject and money is kind of a big deal in life.

We all need money to live. Money is a form of life energy and it is intricately linked to almost every aspect of our physical existence.

Intellectually most people want more money.

More money usually translates into a better and more comfortable life. More money means more choices, less stress and a greater and fuller experience of all the joys life has to offer.

While we all want more money intellectually, it rarely makes a difference in our financial lives.

An intellectual and conscious desire for more money rarely results in any change.

It is our gut level subconscious and emotional responses to money and the idea of money that really matters.

This is where our money blocks reside.

It is below our conscious awareness and beneath our conscious choices.

Understanding these money blocks and breakthroughs is vital if you are to make any real changes to your finances.

The 7 Most Common Money Blocks and Breakthrough

We all have money blocks and they affect us to a more or lesser degree. Money blocks do not just affect those who are living in poverty or those who are broke.

Even millionaires who are successful have money blocks. Those blocks are what prevents you from getting to the next level.

Understanding these common money blocks and breakthroughs for each one can help you advance financially.

Remember that it is never your physical actions or external conditions that hold you back financially. It is always what goes on in your mind and consciousness.

Having a breakthrough when it comes to money blocks is when you have a new understanding – not intellectually but emotionally.

When you allow subconscious thoughts, beliefs and ideas to surface you can ‘see them’ and gain a new perspective and a new understanding about them.

This allows you to ‘break through’ the invisible barrier that’s been holding you back.

1. Limiting Beliefs About Money

Your limiting beliefs about money are habitual thoughts and ideas about money that are ingrained in your subconscious mind.

They are usually those ideas that were formed before you were even 10 years old. As children our minds are hungry to create meaning.

We learn very quickly and our minds easily jump to conclusions. We soak up everything we hear and see from authority figures in our lives.

We tend to soak up all our parents’ beliefs about money and most of the time these are very limiting beliefs.

With young families there is often financial stress and this usually gets handed down to the children.

Beliefs are often reinforced by life experiences and they can become so ingrained that they become convictions.

How to deal with limiting beliefs:

  • Identify your limiting beliefs:
    This often takes some soul searching and uncovering your limiting beliefs requires some inner work. What is it that you believe about money? What did your parents believe about money? What did your parents tell you about money? How did they handle money?
  • Question your limiting beliefs:
    Once you know your limiting beliefs and you can ‘see them’ it often is enough to change them. Start questioning these beliefs. Are they really true?
  • Find evidence to support the opposite view:
    Start looking for evidence to support the opposite view of your beliefs. You will quickly see evidence everywhere. When you see this you can start building some new foundations to help support new beliefs.
  • Choose new beliefs:
    Almost no one chose their own money beliefs as a child. Now that you are conscious and aware you can actually choose every belief about money you want. When you choose new beliefs consciously you need to think about it often, practice it and affirm it to make these new beliefs your new normal.

Money Block: Limiting beliefs
Breakthrough: Expose your limiting beliefs, question them and choose new beliefs

2. Fear and Stress

Money stress is very real and something that affects the vast majority of people. The stress of not having enough money or not being able to afford your lifestyle

There are so many things that can cause money stress and this often leads to fear. Once money becomes something you fear it will be incredibly hard for you to attract and manifest abundance.

By design, fear is something your whole being is designed to avoid.

There are a lot of practical steps you can take to get rid of money stress. Learning to budget, manage money and understanding finances can go a long way.

Stress is a way of thinking. Stressing about money is a way of thinking about money – especially everything that could go wrong.

Live in the moment. Stop worrying too much about tomorrow. Focus on what you do have and be grateful for that.

Money Block: Constant fear and stress about money.
Breakthrough: Focus on what you do have. Be grateful for all your blessings. Get smart with money and avoid stress caused by ignorance or worrying about what’s out of your control anyway.

3.Grudges and Condemning Money

How do you feel about other people’s abundance and success? This is usually a very telling reflection of your own feelings about money.

How you perceive others’ wealth and success can be a huge money block. When you condemn others’ wealth and success you effectively condemn money.

Always rejoice in other people’s wealth and success.

How they got it is none of your business. Make a point of never talking bad about what someone else has and avoid any and all feelings of jealousy and envy. This is one of the biggest money blocks and breakthroughs you can have.

Money Block: Holding grudges and condemning other people’s wealth and success.
Breakthrough: Stop being jealous and money avoid envy at all costs. Be authentically happy for anyone who has anything more than you.

4. Scarcity Consciousness

A scarcity consciousness is a consciousness where your reality about money is completely distorted from the reality of money and what it truly is.

With a scarcity mindset you believe that there is not enough money to go around. You believe that money is a limited resource.

You believe that you are only entitled to a small amount of it and that the universe is somehow withholding wealth from you.

When these beliefs permeate your entire thinking process at a subconscious level it colours your every experience of money.

The truth however is that you were born into an abundant universe. There is more than enough for everyone and you are indeed entitled to abundance.

You are entitled to abundance not because of your education, your hard work or your social background but because you are essentially a Divine being and you are an out picturing of Divinity and the abundant universe.

Money Block: Having a scarcity consciousness
Breakthrough: Learn about the TRUTH of life and abundance. Develop a prosperity consciousness and let go of scarcity thinking.

5. Forgiveness And Guilt

If you made some poor money decisions in the past then you may find yourself in a tight spot financially.

You may have ‘messed up’ with a job, an investment or a business. This often leads to feeling guilty.

Guilt is one of the most disempowering emotions there are. Money and the emotion of guilt simply does not mix. You need to forgive yourself.

You did the best you could at the time and maybe there was something bigger at work to bring you to this point right now.

Money Block: Feeling guilty and not forgiving yourself or others
Breakthrough: Forgive yourself completely for any and all money mistakes you may have made. Forgive anyone who has harmed you financially – not to let them off the hook but to free yourself and to remove this money block.

6. Feeling Worthy (loving yourself)

Do you feel like you deserve everything you desire financially? Most people don’t because we grew up being told that we don’t.

What you have in your life right now is simply a reflection of what you think you deserve.

One of the really big money blocks and breakthroughs is in addressing your own feelings of worthiness and truly loving yourself enough to allow what you want into your life.

Money Block: Feeling worthy of having a lot of money
Breakthrough: You are as worthy as anyone else to have abundance and prosperity. It is your birth right because you come from abundance. Realize this fact and think about it deeply. Meditate on it and you will come to understand this great truth.

7. Hoarding Money

People who hoard money, who have a ‘save more’ mindset and who always need a bargain are hoarders at heart.

The belief that you have to protect your money, hold on to it very tightly and keep as much of it as you can is a massive money block.

The energy of money is like water. It has to flow for it to be healthy. Stagnant water becomes stale and rotten and so does stagnant money.

When you allow money to flow through your life it will forever replenish itself.

When you hoard it and hold on too tightly it will find ways to negatively affect your life.

Ultimately money is just an energy and you are only a custodian. You can not take it with your when you leave this life.

Why would you want to pile it up and keep it?

When you allow it to flow you get to experience its joy in your life and the more you do that the faster it will flow.

Money Block: Not allowing money to flow in your life.
Breakthrough: Stop holding on so tightly to what you have. Trust that when you let go and allow money to flow that more will come to you.

Understanding Your Own Thoughts and Ideas About Money

Whether you want to or not, you have a relationship with money. If you looked at money as your friend, what would that relationship look like?

Is it a healthy, fun and loving relationship filled with joy or is it a resentful relationship with no joy and a lot of arguing?

Money blocks and breakthroughs through these invisible barriers to wealth will inevitably change your relationship to money.

Understanding your own thinking and emotions towards money will give you great insight into what’s really going on underneath the surface.

The money in your life is merely a shadow that reflects what is going on inside you – in your own consciousness.

Here are a few questions to ask yourself to help you expose some of your thoughts about money. I suggest you write them down and then really look at your answers.

  • Why do you not have the level of money you desire consciously?
  • How do you feel when you ‘have to’ spend money on bills or expenses?
  • How do you feel when you spend money on something ‘nice’?
  • How do you feel when you get your pay check?
  • How do you feel when you get money unexpectedly?
  • How do you feel when someone asks you for money?
  • How do you feel about donating money to worthy causes?
  • Is earning money a joy or a drag?

Making the unconscious conscious is a powerful way to help you create a new money consciousness.

Most people are sleepwalking through their financial lives. They look to external events and conditions to explain their money situations but the truth is that its ALWAYS inside.

Money blocks and breakthroughs – through these invisible limitations is what will eventually change the external money conditions.

Money is an effect – not a cause. The true cause of money in your life lies in your consciousness.


With a passion for spirituality, self discovery, and understanding this life, Neod spends his time musing about what is, what could be and what might come about. After writing for 20 years he's still growing, learning, exploring and sharing with love, joy and compassion.

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