How to Set an Intention for Manifestation

How to Set an Intention for Manifestation

Understanding how to set an intention for manifesting is a crucial part of the manifestation process. It involves getting really clear on exactly what you want and then fixing your mind and your emotions on that alone.

Learning how to set an intention for manifestation is all about learning to shift your focus. We will discuss this in more detail but shifting your focus from what you do NOT want to what you DO want is simple but not easy.

Manifesting anything in your life will require a very clear intention.

Whether you do this intentionally or unintentionally, you always have an intention before you manifest something – whether this is something want or something you do not want.

Learning how to set an intention for manifestation is really important to start deliberately manifesting the things you DO want to show up in your life.

Let me remind you that you are already manifesting – it may not be what you want but you are manifesting already.

What is an intention in manifestation?

In manifestation, your intention is that which you deliberately want to bring into your life through the law of attraction.

So, what is an intention?

An intention is getting clear on what you want. It sounds very simplistic but that is really all it is. When you set an intention it is about creating clarity around a specific thing (or things) you want to manifest.

Forming a clear idea in your mind of the exact end result you want requires a lot of inner work.

As soon as we start setting an intention, the analytical mind starts making its voice hear. We immediately start thinking about how we can or can’t make it happen.

Old beliefs kick in and previous experiences start clouding your vision and makes it really hard to gain clarity.

7 Simple Steps To Set an Intention For Manifesting:

There are 7 steps in how to set an intention for manifesting. One flows naturally into the next and this process is fun, exciting and quite literally life changing.

  1. Figure out what you DO NOT want
  2. Figure out exactly what you DO want
  3. Commit to it 1000%
  4. Let go of the details
  5. ‘BE’ What You Want To Manifest
  6. Keep asking
  7. Expect it

1. Start By Figuring out what you DO NOT want

This seems to be a lot easier because when you start by figuring out what you do not want, you start exposing your own limiting beliefs. What you do not want usually aligns with the current beliefs you may have.

When you say that you do not want to be “stuck in a dead-end job” what you may see is that you believe that you are stuck. You may believe that to “make ends meet” you can’t do something you love.

Start by writing down all the things you do not want around this idea of what you want to manifest.

Once you’ve written it down, look at it really closely and see how all of what you do not want is actually what you currently have.

Because you have given your energy to this (what you do not want) it is what manifested in your life.

Like I said in the beginning, you need to learn how to shift your focus. Its about turning from one side of a thought, to the other side of the same thought.

Imagine one side of a coin represents everything you DO NOT want and the other side represents everything you DO want. Your job is to always flip this coin mentally to the side you DO want.

It often feels uncomfortable entertaining thoughts that are the opposite to what you habitually think. This is normal and requires a lot of self analysis and awareness.

In time, this will become your new habitual thoughts and then manifesting becomes easy.

2. Set an Intention for What You DO Want

Knowing what you do not want is a good start but ultimately you need to move part that and create a crystal clear image of what you do want. The clearer you can make this image the easier it will manifest in your life.

Start by writing down exactly WHAT you want. Be very careful not to get caught up in the “how”. That is not your job in the creative process of manifesting. You only need to know what you want.

As soon as you start reasoning and figuring out what you think is possible for you and how you can make it happen or you bring the analytical mind into it and you stall the creative process.

Always focus on the end result. Never focus on how it will come about. This is not intention. This is called control and you have to let go.

Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited, whereas imagination embraces the entire world…

Albert Einstein

3. Absolute Commitment

An intention is always accompanies by a definite commitment. Without a commitment you only have a hope.

Most people live with hopes. They hope they will somehow get more money, or a better relationship of a better job.

Hopes rarely have any power because they come with a lot of doubt.

A commitment on the other hand comes with trust. When you place your trust in the universe you acknowledge and believe that what you want will come to you.

Until one is committed, there is hesitancy, the chance to draw back, always ineffectiveness. Concerning all acts of initiative and creation, there is one elementary truth the ignorance of which kills countless ideas and splendid plans: that the moment one definitely commits oneself, then providence moves too.

– William Hutchison Murray

Stop listening to the naysayers, the critics and the sceptics. If you know oin your heart of hearts that somehow you can manifest what you desire then commit to it.

Place your trust in the universe and know that it will come to you – especially if you have no idea ‘how’ it will happen.

4. Let Go of The Details

The specifics and conditions of what you want to manifest is important in helping you form a clear vision.

Having absolute clarity is the crux of manifesting and having a vision that is so clear that you can easily recreate it in your mind at will.

What you have to be cautious of is that you do not get caught up in what “is possible” or how it will come about. A powerful way to do this is to start asking yourself “what if” questions.

What would my life look like when…and then fill in what you want to manifest. This immediately opens your mind and forces you to focus on seeing the image of what your life will look like when you have manifested your intention.

The more you do this the more clarity you gain and the more clarity you have the stronger your intention for manifesting will be.

When you project yourself into that future reality you start creating your life. Your brain does not know the difference between an experience that you have in your mind and an experience you have in your physical reality.

One of the secret in how to set an intention for manifesting is not to concern yourself with how it will come about.

5. ‘BE’ What You Want To Manifest

By doing this mental rehearsal enough, you quite literally change you reality (in your mind at least).

Once you have changed your reality in your mind, your entire life starts to follow this new reality. This is what is meant by “BE what you want to attract”.

Living in this new reality in your mind projects you into a future that is free from the limitations in your current conditions.

You can spend your days working on limiting beliefs but once you can live in your new reality mentally, you overcome all that.

Stop being “real” and start being realistic. Being realistic means that you realize your potential which is unlimited. The only limitation is what you can imagine for yourself and your life.

6. Keep Asking With Your Intention

The way you ask the universe for what you want is through your intentions. This is not something you do just once and then forget about.

You have to be persistent and consistent in your asking because the law of attraction responds only to those ideas that you are consistently focussed upon.

Doubt and all sorts of negativity creep into our lives all the time. We simply can not avoid it.

For this reason you have to consistently focus, re-focus and realign yourself with what you really want to create in your life.

Your intention is something that is ‘alive’ and it needs constant nurturing for it to grow from an idea into a physical reality.

To set an intention for manifesting you constantly have to reinforce the idea because it is the act of thinking about already having it that directs both your mind and the law of attraction.

7. Expect It

Expectation is the glue that keeps your intention stuck in your mind. It is easy to give up after months of having an intention and not seeing any real results.

Bob Proctor explains it beautifully when he said that your desire is what draws you to what you want. Expectation is what draws it towards you.

When you expect what you want to show up you go beyond all doubt. You know its coming. You now concern yourself with when it shows up and not if it shows up.

You can not set an intention for manifesting without having a sense of expectation. The very definition of the word intention implies an expectation that it WILL manifest.

How to Supercharge Your Intentions

When we talk about the law of attraction it almost always brings up the idea of emotions and how emotion is the attractive force.

If you have an intention and you can clearly see your future in your mind and you can go there in your mind, does it create emotions for you?

Ultimately what we want to attract and manifest in our lives is emotions. We want more money or relationships or healings because of how it will make us feel emotionally.

Tapping into these emotions when setting and defining your intentions is so powerful and something you need to always keep in mind. When your intention creates negative emotions then you need to troubleshoot.

When you are learning (and practising) how to set an intention for manifestation you need to learn how to move beyond the limitations of your past and what is “real”.


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