How To Stop Manifesting Your Fears

How To Stop Manifesting Your Fears

Learning how to stop manifesting your fears is all about understanding the law of attraction and becoming acutely aware of the real nature of your thoughts.

You probably know what you want, have a strong intention to manifest it yet, you seem to manifest the opposite. Are you manifesting what you don’t want!

Why is this happening?

Why is it that you seem to manifest your fears and the very things that you are trying to avoid?

These are all very common issues with manifesting and questions that we all have when we are deliberately creating our lives.

It is worth taking a step back and really looking at our thoughts from a distance. It is easy to hold subconscious fears about the things we want to manifest.

If you are desperate to manifest something it tends to come from a place of fear. While you want something specific in your life, the thought of not having it tends to dominate.

The problem is that we get so caught up in life and everyday reality that we do not have the perspective to be truly effective in manifesting what we really want.

It requires a keen sensitivity to your own true thoughts. These are not the conscious thoughts about what you want to manifest but the real emotions behind the thoughts.

Are You Manifesting What You Don’t Want?

Can you manifest your fears? Is it possible to manifest the opposite of what you really want?

The answer is yes and it can be found in looking at the law of attraction. The law does not interpret your thoughts. It simply responds to your dominant thoughts and emotions.

You will ALWAYS manifest what you are constantly thinking about.

When your fear of not having something is your dominant thought then that has to manifest. The law of attraction simply ‘reproduces’ your thoughts.

Fear is the main source of superstition, and one of the main sources of cruelty. To conquer fear is the beginning of wisdom.

– Bertrand Russell

You may have the intention of manifesting your soulmate but apart from the fleeting moments where you are focussed on being with your soulmate, being deeply in love and enjoying your love life, your thoughts are on the opposite.

If your dominant thoughts are on the fear of being alone. You start thinking of not ever having an amazing relationship, not having a family and ultimately the fear of dying alone

The result is that you will only manifest experiences that are consistent with these thoughts.

Consciously you may want the opposite but often the very thought of what you DO want only triggers the awareness that you do not have it.

Your mind starts racing and before you know it you are consumed by the fear of it not showing up – ever!

These subconscious fears can be incredibly strong and can linger in the back of your mind. Because it is so dominant and so emotionally charged it tends to manifest.

If you are manifesting your fears then you are not alone. Most people manifest their fears simply because their thoughts are dominated by these fears.

Consciously you may want the opposite and you may want to attract something different but the law of attraction stands firm. You can not attract anything that is not in alignment with your being.

When you think about what you want to manifest, does it fill you with a sense of hope; a sense of joy and excitement and can you see and feel it in your life?


Does it immediately create a sense of anxiety – a reminder that you do not have it?

Can you see the massive difference there is in these 2 responses and what it will attract into your life?

You may want to attract and manifest more money but every time you think about it there is a “knee jerk” reaction within you that reminds you that you are in a dire financial situation, that you need money now and if you don’t get it now then…

This is exactly the kind of thinking that causes you to manifest the opposite of what you want to manifest.
So, how do we change that?

How To Stop Manifesting Your Fears

If you are manifesting what you don’t want and you are manifesting your fears instead of your hope, goals and desires then there are some simple steps that can make a big difference.

Recognize that your fears are not “bad” and they are not because you can’t focus or you can’t manifest what you really want.

It is most likely the result of a complex series of events and association throughout your life that established these fears. You do not have to eliminate these fears – that would be impossible. You simply need to move beyond them.

1. Go Beyond Your Fears

In the springtime, go out and observe the blossoms on the fruit trees. The blossoms vanish of themselves, as the fruit grows. So too will the lower self vanish as the Divine grows within you.

– Swami Vivekananda

Pushing against your fears is like fighting fire with fire. By going beyond your fears there is not conflict and no wasted energy. At any moment you can choose to dwell on the fear or you can choose to dwell on your exciting and fulfilling future.

Which one you choose is entirely up to you. Choosing to focus on your compelling future takes you beyond the fear. To do this you have to become aware of your fears and when they arise.

Laughter is poison to fear.

– George R.R. Martin

When fear shows up, don’t try and fight it. Don’t try and change the fearful thoughts. Simply go beyond them. Shift your focus to something that feels good – anything!

2. Become Aware of Your Fears

Awareness alone can be a “cure”. At first it will take a tremendous effort but like any habit you need to change the way you think.

Whenever your fearful thoughts come up. Notice it. Recognize it. Talk to your subconscious mind and tell it that these fearful thoughts are no longer welcome and that you choose something else; something that serves you and that supports the future you want to create.

If the thought of what you want to manifest inspires fear, change which aspect of it you focus on.

3. Be Here Now

Your current reality is the result of your past thinking. If your current situation is fuelling your fear, know that is not because of the “now”.

It is because of what you thought in the past. The law of gestation is always applies. What has manifested in your life has been growing for some time.

The only way to change anything is in the here and now. Right now is where your power is. By resisting the temptation to dwell on the fears that your current situation invokes, you quite literally re-wire your brain.

You start thinking in a new way – beyond your fears. New thoughts lead to new action and a new destination.

People who manifest their fears are people who choose to dwell on the worse possible outcomes. They may not choose it consciously but they still choose it.

If you want to know how to stop manifesting your fears you have to learn how to be present and how to ‘be here now’. Your power is in the present moment.

4. Imagination & Visualization

A lot has been written about visualization since The Secret came out. While the practice of dedicated visualization is incredibly powerful you need to realize that you are always visualizing.

When you experience fear, you are actually visualizing things working out in a certain way – usually the opposite way in which you consciously want it to work out.

The good news is that you can use exactly the same mental faculty to visualize the opposite – to manifest what you ultimate DO want.

Whenever you experience fear and your mind starts conjuring up all the worse case scenarios, stop!

Turn your thoughts to something that you do want. You have the power to use your imagination to manifest what you do want but you have to take charge of your idle thoughts.

Having some empowering affirmations in your arsenal can be a great way to overcome these difficult moments where you may feel like you just can’t snap out of the fear.

This takes a bit of practice but you will soon turn this into a habit and then it becomes easy to manifest what you really want.

5. Watch Out Who You Surround Yourself With

If you are constantly around people that reinforce or support your fears then it will only add fuel to the fire. It might even be a best friend who is trying to support you but do not let ANYONE support your fears.

They might want to make you feel better but ultimately it will not help.

Talking about it, discussing it, b!tching about things are all things that fuel the fire. You need to guard your mind very carefully.

The law of attraction is very deliberate. It will respond perfectly to your requests whether they are positive or negative.

How To Stop Manifesting Your Fears – Conclusion

The law of attraction works both ways. While you can use it to deliberately manifest anything you want, it is not something you can switch off.

The law of attraction is always working. It is always responding to your dominant thoughts and feelings and attracting more of that into your life.

If you are manifesting your fears then you most likely have a lot of emotion around what you want to manifest.

This is normal and very natural. When there is something ‘missing’ from your life then the desire to have it naturally comes with the excitement of getting it AND the fear of not having it.

Allowing the fear of not getting it to dominate is a trap. Don’t fall into it!

At any moment you have the choice to place your attention on the joy of already having what you want to manifest…


you have the choice of allowing the fear of it not being in your life and the fear of it never showing up dominate your thoughts.

Fearful thoughts tend to dominate because they tend to be habitual. It tends to be the most ‘practiced’ thoughts.

Offering your thoughts in response to what you see or experience on your current reality also tends to be based in fear because they reflect back to you what you do not have.

You have to go well beyond this to manifest what you truly desire. Build the image of what you really want and hold on to that image no matter what. That is how to stop manifesting your fears.


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