How To Manifest Something Small

how to manifest something small

Learning how to manifest something small is about creating the intention to manifest something that you feel indifferent to, that you have no emotional attachment to and that you have no resistant thoughts to.

Manifesting something small is easy because you subconsciously believe that it is easy.

The law of attraction does not distinguish between something big and something small.

You decide what is big and what is small.

To the universe there is just energy.

If you decide that it is something small then you have little to no resistance. Your energy can easily align with something small and it can come to you with greater ease.

If you are just being introduced to the idea of manifesting or if you’ve been struggling to manifest anything, then this is a great exercise.

How To Manifest Something Small

Learning to manifest something small is no different from manifesting something big. The concept of big and small are judgements that you assign to it.

The law of attraction does not distinguish between something small and something big – between what is easy to manifest and what is hard to manifest.

You and only you do that.

When you try to manifest something ‘big’ – something that you place a lot of value on and that you’ve been struggling to create in your life then you are the one that makes it ‘hard’ to manifest.

It is your beliefs that prevent you from thinking and vibrating on the level that allows the law of attraction to bring it into your life.

You have resistance.

The idea of manifesting something small is all about removing resistance. When you manifest something small you are indifferent to it which allows you to relax and truly let go.

You do not have all the heavy emotional charge on it which makes it easy for you to move through the 3 steps of manifesting.

Just to recap: the 3 steps of manifesting is the same regardless of what you want to manifest.

Step #1: Ask – Get clarity and create an intention
Step #2: Believe – See yourself having it
Step #3: Receive – Expect it, allow it into your life and be grateful

Later on I will expand on this process and break it down in more detail so we can quickly and easily manifest something small.

First we need to decide what we are going to manifest…

What Small Thing Should You Manifest?

Something small can be anything. Most people pick a cup of coffee, a parking space or manifesting a free lunch.

A great tip I learned from The Secret was to create something very specific you want to manifest. The example from the book was a person who pictured a very specific feather.

You can pick something that you know very well (and that you can imagine in great detail) but it has to be of ‘low value’. Don’t try and manifest a rare pink diamond. I will explain why later.

I would also not recommend that you try and manifest people into your life. Since we all have our own free will, trying to manifest someone into your life will most likely involve many more factors.

Make sure that it is something that you can easily imagine yourself having – something that you use or buy everyday anyway is probably the best pick.

1. Create an Intention

Creating an intention starts with getting very clear on exactly what you want to manifest. Something small and ‘easy’ is the key. It can not be something that you have emotional attachment to.

Once you are really clear on what you want to manifest, you commit to it coming into your life. You can write it down or say it out loud: ‘It is my intention to manifest a $5 bill today’

2. See Yourself Having It

Many people get hung up on step 2 of manifesting which is to believe. Believing that you have something that you do not have can get tricky.

The quantum model of reality however lays it out quite clearly that everything that you can imagine and visualize in your mind, is in fact created already.

When you see yourself having something that you intend to manifest, you set in motion the creative process and it immediately starts to manifest.

Doing this with something small is easy. You can easily see yourself getting the perfect parking spot in a familiar place or getting a free coffee because you do it everyday anyway.

Trying to imagine having a million dollars is hard for many people simply because they have no sense of what that feels like and what that would truly look like in their lives.

3. Expect It

Expectation is what takes you beyond hope. Expectation is what draws it into your life.

What is your mindset when you order something, you pay for it and then just wait for delivery?

It is a mindset of total expectation and even excitement. You KNOW its coming. There is no doubt or hope.

People who ‘try’ the law of attraction and who fail are those who never move beyond hope. They remain in doubt and the uncertainty can never allow what you want into your life.

When you are trying to manifest something small however, the indifference often helps you overcome the doubt.

4. Receive It

Allowing what you want into your life may sound obvious and it can be hard to wrap your mind around the idea, but most people unconsciously block what they want from coming into their lives.

Receiving what you want to manifest requires of you to have an open mind. The universe often brings about strange or synchronistic events in order to arrange events and circumstances to bring it to you.

People who are pessimistic, overly rigid and unwilling to surrender could have what they want knocking at the door but they are still unwilling to open it and allow it in.

When you have a clear intention and you expect it, then you need to watch out because it IS coming. The only question then is whether you are willing to allow it.

Pay particular attention to ‘different’ things happening to you and around you. You often have to take some action and meet the law of attraction half way.

Sitting with your arms folded and demanding that it miraculously land on your lap probably won’t happen.

5. Gratitude

Gratitude is one of the most powerful emotional states there is. It is probably doing it a disservice to call it an ‘emotion’ because gratitude is a state of being.

When you are grateful for something, it shifts your energy.

It instantly raises your vibration and quite literally opens you up to the law of attraction.

When you have an intention to manifest something small, you can see yourself having it and you spend just 5 minutes thinking about something in your life that you are grateful for, you magnify your attractive power.

Gratitude is also a powerful way to remove doubt and fear (that it won’t work).

Why Manifest Something Small?

Why manifest something small if what you really want to manifest is $10 million dollars, your dream job or your soulmate?

There are two reasons why this exercise of manifesting something small is so important.

Firstly, most people make the mistake of trying to manifest something big, something important and often something unbelievable right off the bat.

That is a huge mistake. It means you will most likely not manifest it and then end up calling the law of attraction a hoax.

Manifesting anything of great value – anything that you consider ‘big and important’ means that it has a lot of emotion and resistance already.

You need to overcome that if you want to manifest it and for most people this includes a lifetime of thinking and behaving in a certain way.

Manifesting something small is about manifesting without resistance. It allows you to really experience the process of manifesting without the resistant thoughts and emotions that come with trying to manifest big and unbelievable things.

Secondly, when you manifest something small you proof to yourself that this is real, that the law of attraction works and that you can turn an intention into reality.

Seeing it work with something small will help you develop the belief that you CAN and it gives you the confidence to aim for bigger and ‘more difficult’ things to manifest.

Should You Test The Law of Attraction?

This idea of manifesting something small to ‘test’ the law of attraction is often seen as a bad idea.

While I do understand the argument, I do not agree.

The argument is that ‘testing’ the law of attraction comes with doubt. When you bring that doubt to the manifestation process, you often see the placebo effect in action.

Someone who is skeptical and who is decidedly against the law of attraction and who simply does not believe can not attract anything.

This most certainly is true, but if you can have an open mind, suspend your disbelief and truly have a fair and unbiased ‘test’ then trying to manifest something small to proof to yourself that it ‘works’ can be life changing.

Do as many tests as you need to convince yourself and to proof to yourself that the law of attraction works.

The only caveat is that you should only do this if you can truly be indifferent top the results and have a complete open mind.

Examples of Manifesting Something Small

The power of learning to manifest something small is the power of building beliefs. When you manifest something small, you see and experience first hand how you can turn an idea and an intention into concrete reality.

If you are keeping a journal, I would encourage you to record your manifestations. Over time you can stack these and develop the belief that you can in fact manifest anything.

I’ve been doing this for more than 15 years now. I still manifest small things all the time.

I see it as a way of ‘exercising’ my manifestation muscles. I have hundreds of recorded examples of small things I’ve manifested over the years.

Not only do I believe that I can manifest anything small, I now have so much first hand evidence that my doubts are virtually wiped out.

Here are some examples of the free coffee’s I’ve manifested:

  • I walk into my regular coffee shop. There’s a new barista! An old friend’s brother. He gives me a free coffee.
  • I arrive at my favourite coffee shop at 7 am. It’s closed after a burst pipe flooded it. They give me a voucher for a free coffee the next day to say ‘sorry for the inconvenience’.
  • Run into a co-worker. She insists on buying me a coffee while we discuss work.
  • It’s 10pm already and still haven’t manifested the free coffee I intended for that day. I get a notification from a rewards app on my phone – a free coffee!
  • Went for a run. Ran into friends and after 10 minutes of chatting the run ends. Walking home I decided I want a coffee. Problem is I have no money or card on me. As I’m walking and visualizing the coffee, I see a $5 note right there in the footpath – enough for a coffee!

My list goes on and one. Its not just coffee or parking spaces. I use it almost daily to set an intention to manifest something small and build my manifestation muscles.

When it comes to manifesting the ‘bigger’ things that I place more value on and that I have more emotional attachment to it definitely helps me overcome much of the resistance and attachments that I see holds most people back.


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