How to Manifest Someone to Talk to You Again

Manifest Someone to Talk to You Again

Learning how to manifest someone to talk to you again is all about fixing your attention on that specific person and then creating a clear mental image of talking to them and even being in love again.

This is a great little manifestation exercise that I still do.

I used to do this a lot before I met ‘the one’ and I would simply hang out in my local coffee shop and pick the people I would like to meet.

I did not have a 100% success rate but it was close to 90%.

Manifesting people in your life with the law of attraction relies a lot on understanding energy.

If you have a great energy about yourself and you are filled with love, joy and inner peace then people who match that will naturally be drawn to you.

If you hold the image of any person in your mind they will somehow be drawn into your life.

Here’s a fun thing to do to ‘check’ this theory:

Think of an actor, actress or someone famous. Close your eyes and see them in your mind. Do this for as long as you can. Most people won;t make it past 5 minutes but that is okay.

Now, forget about this person and go about your daily life. At some point during the next 24 hours that person will come into your life. It may be in a movie, a news article or any other way, but they will show up.

This shows you that your intention can deliberately attract and create your reality.

Manifesting Somethings Small

I’ve written previously about manifesting something small as a way to test and proof the law of attraction to yourself.

Manifesting someone to talk to you is a great example of this and a ‘test’ that I can highly recommend.

Manifesting something small and something easy gives you the experience of deliberate creation and using your intention to bring an idea into reality.

The real BIG question is whether it is something ‘small’ or do you have a lot of emotional attachment?

Who do you manifest talking to you? It could be…

  • Someone you look up to and admire
  • Someone you like or have a crush on
  • Someone you want to meet but don’t have the confidence
  • A celebrity or someone inspirational

Regardless of who it is, you absolutely can but there is just one catch: you can not have an emotional attachment to this person talking to you.

This means that you need to be indifferent to it. If it happens, great. If it doesn’t then it won’t scar you for life.

People who are able to detach themselves from the outcome are those who are usually the best at manifesting.

An Inspirational Story About Manifesting Someone To Talk To You Again

There’ve been many great stories like this but a recent one that someone told me about was just another great example.

Manifesting someone to talk to you again is great because it is so easy to visualize yourself talking and interacting with someone specific.

Manifesting more money or a new job can be shared because it often remains elusive ideas.

This story is about a girl who wanted to meet and talk to a famous Hollywood star that she had a real crush on. With her living in Australia it seemed like a real pipe dream to most of her friends.

Yet, she persisted in visualizing having a great conversation with this star and striking up a friendship.

When you impress an idea on your subconscious mind it gets imprinted and the law of attraction has clear instructions to work to. This acts as a command and the universe has to ‘do what it does’ and that is to translate your idea into a physical reality.

As ‘luck’ would have it, 2020 rolls around and the COVID pandemic has the whole world in lockdown.

With Australia as one of the safe havens with very few COVID cases many Hollywood films flocked there to continue filming – something that was suspended in the USA and many other countries.

Numerous small towns in Australia became flooded with Hollywood celebs and this is exactly where this young girl experienced her manifestation.

On a regular day in a regular coffee shop this celebrity strolled in, standing behind her in the line he even initiated a conversation with her.

After seeing him there every morning they soon became friends.

5 Steps To Manifest Someone To Talk To You

I’ve covered the steps to manifesting in great detail before but I wanted to give you a simple 5 step plan that you can use.

I also want to add one caveat.

If you pick someone that you have a high likeliness to be around or to have proximity to then this gets a whole lot easier.

Picking someone who you know lives on the opposite side of the world does not make it impossible but may require a lot more orchestration by the universe for it to happen.

If you have a strained relationship with someone and you want to be on good, loving and talking terms then this is a great guide you can follow.

1. Get Clear On Exactly Who You Want To Talk To You

This almost goes without saying but you need to fix your attention on a specific person that you want to talk to you.

The basic premise here is that you will ‘make it happen’ without doing anything. You are creating an intention and handing it over to the law of attraction.

For that to happen you need to communicate your desire for this to happen to the law of attraction.

The way you communicate your desire is not by asking with words but by asking through your intention.

The first step is to be clear on exactly who this person is. If you know them by name, great. If you only know the way they look, great. As long as you can ‘see them in your mind’.

2. Create A Clear Mental Picture

In order to manifest someone to talk to you again, you need to instruct the law of attraction and you do that by communicating your desire through your own mental images.

You need to use your imagination to create an image or a ‘movie’ in your mind where you are actually talking to this person.

Anyone can do this. Its very similar to daydreaming. Just close your eyes and imagine yourself in a familiar setting actually being approached by this person and them starting to talk to you.

Make this mental movie as clear and as vivid as you possibly can. Imagine what you would talk about. Imagine the sound of their voice. Imagine the music playing in the background…the smells, the laughter…

The more detail you can add the better and the better you can feel when you recall this mental movie the faster it will happen.

Once you’ve created this mental movie you want to try and ‘fix’ it in your mind so that you can replay and rehearse it as often as possible.

If there was an argument, put it out of your mind completely.

Focusing on what caused the relationship to break down and seperate you from speaking terms will only perpetuate the sittuation.

3. Write Out Your Intention

Having the mental image is important in manifesting anything. Knowing exactly what you want and being clear and precise about what you want is what we call an intention.

I always recommend that you write out your intentions in a journal.

When you write something down it becomes real because you can now see it. There is also a different energy to the intention when it is written out and you can see it on a piece of paper.

Sometimes our mental state can make it harder to focus on our mental image and in that case you can simply take out a piece of paper and write out your intention.

4. Build The Image

Bob Proctor made a powerful statement when he said that when you build the image of what you want, the universe will orchestrate everything you need to bring that into your reality.

You need to rehearse the image or the mental movie over and over again.

There is a great manifestation technique called scripting that actually combines these two ideas into a powerful exercise.

With scripting you write a journal about your day AS IF your intention has already manifested.

Basically, if you take your written intention about the person who you want to talk to you and you use your mental movie as the basis you can write out the experience of this person coming over to talk to you.

The difference is that you write about it as if it already happened.

This allows you to fully immerse yourself in the imagined reality and you make it feel as if it is already part of your concrete experience.

5. Relax And Let Go

This is often the hardest part to manifest anything. You need to relax and let go.

Trust fully in the universe to make it happen. Stop trying to figure out how it could happen or how you could make it happen or what you can possibly do to make it happen.

That is NOT your job and it is not your part to play in the manifestation process.

Your ONLY job is to be very clear on exactly what you want and to burn that idea into your mind through the images you hold.

When you feel inspired to go somewhere to do something then do it.

The universe will often bring certain people or events on your path to ‘make it happen’ BUT it almost always happens in a way that you would never have predicted.

You have to be open and receptive and allow the universe to do its job.

Learning how to manifest someone to talk to you is not about learning communication skills or trying to be more or less attractive.

Its all about letting go and allowing the law of attraction to work its magic in your life.


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