Scripting Your Future – The Law of Attraction Manifestation Technique

Scripting Your Future

Scripting your future is a law of attraction manifestation technique where you use the power of ‘future pacing’ (an NLP technique) to bring a future goal or manifestation into the present through journaling.

Scripting with the Law of Attraction is the process of writing out the story of the life you want as if it has already happened. You can script your future or even just your next day, or both.

Scripting can help you manifest anything, from a new car to a pleasant day.

Scripting is one of the law of attraction manifestation techniques that is a lot of fun to do. It is also incredibly powerful because it quite literally allows you to predict your future by creating it.

Writing things down and creating a script allows your creative mind to come to the forefront. The instant you start setting your mind on your ideal future, it starts to forget about the past.

It has been said that most people live to be 60 and some people only live the same year, 60 times. People tend to be caught in their own bubble and simply repeat the same days over and over again.

Scripting allows you to break free.

It allows you to use your imagination to create a life that you love – and you get to write the script.

You are NOT a powerless being that is being dragged around by the events and circumstances of life.

You are a creator and you can create your life and using the law of attraction scripting technique is a great way to do this.

How Law Of Attraction Scripting Works

Scripting your future puts you in the mindset of having what you desire right now, which helps increase the frequencies you are sending out to the Universe.

To use scripting to manifest your desires, get clear about what you want, and write about it as if it is already yours.

Whatever it is that you want, a new job, a fitter physique, a beautiful home, write out as much detail as possible about what it is and how you feel now that you have it.

For example, let’s say you wish to live in the home of your dreams. You wouldn’t just write down “I want to live in my dream house.” You would want to describe that house, how big it is, where it is located, what you enjoy about it the most, etc.

You also wouldn’t write about your longings for your dream house. You would write about how you feel now that you live in it.

The key is that you can place yourself in a future where you ALREADY have it.

Tell a story about a perfect day spent in your beautiful home and focus on all the blissful feelings you have while going about your day.

For example, “It was so peaceful drinking my coffee and looking out at the lake this morning from the balcony of my bedroom as the sun came up.” Or, “The dinner party I had tonight was so wonderful.

It was such a joy to cook in my brand new kitchen with the fresh produce I picked from the gorgeous garden in my backyard. I love having a beautiful home to entertain my friends in.”

Don’t get worried about having too few or too many details. Stress will only create resistance that inhibits the process of manifestation.

As long as you have a clear idea about what you ultimately want, you can let your imagination take charge.

Have fun with scripting your future and allow yourself to write freely about your desires. You do not need every single word or detail to be perfect to manifest what you want.

Start with a vague description and add details as they come to you, if necessary.

Tips on How to Script Your Future Effectively

Getting the most out of your scripting I’ve listed 7 tips below. There are many different takes on how to script your future. For the most part you need to find your own ‘groove’.

  1. Write it down
  2. Choose your words carefully
  3. Be exact and be very clear
  4. Talk about everything as if you already have it
  5. Focus on how you feel about having it rather than what you want
  6. Gratitude
  7. Doubt will set in

1. Write It Down:

Writing is very different to typing or speaking. Putting something down in words gives your thoughts a concrete reality. There’s also a connection in your brain that comes from writing down a thought.

Writing gives you clarity. Writing gives your thoughts a form of reality and writing requires a different discipline to just thinking about something.

2. Choose your words carefully:

Write everything as if you already own it and as if it is already part of your everyday life.

Be very careful with your word choices. Choosing words like “I want x,y or z” is actually a mistake.

Wanting creates more wanting. Wanting is a very different energy to having.

Don’t write: “I now want a red BMW”
Instead, write: “I now have a red BMW…”

3. Be Exact and Be Very Clear:

“I now have a stunning red BMW X5 2022 model with sunroof and white leather seats.” That feels very different to just wanting ‘a car’.

Write about how it makes you feel now that you have it (before you actually have it): “I love that sound when starting up my new car and how quiet it is on the road.

The new interior has that fantastic ‘new car smell’ – it is fantastic every time I open the door. It is so clean. The leather seats are so firm comfortable that I never have a sore back when I get out of my beautiful car.

4. Talk about everything as if you already have it

The real secret to almost every law of attraction technique or exercise is in getting yourself to experience what you want to manifest.

The fascinating aspect of the mind is that through your imagination you can create more than just images. You can create experiences.

If you think of a very vivid memory – one that you can recall in great detail you will notice how it has the power to move you emotionally.

Using this same process in your mind, you can create ‘memories’ of that which you want to manifest. Your subconscious mind can not tell the difference between a past experience and an imagined future experience.

When the subconscious mind accepts an idea, it is incredibly powerful. It is the subconscious mind that dictates and controls much of your thinking and emotions and once you ‘flip this switch’ manifesting becomes more automatic.

5. Focus on how you feel:

Think of or make up ‘scenes’ where you are driving your new car. Think of how it feels when you open the door, start the car or wash it on a Saturday afternoon.

Think of picking up your best friend and taking him or her for a drive.

What would that look and feel like?

How would it look and feel when you arrive at work with your new car?

Driving my new car is fun and I feel incredibly confident in it. I feel like I can go anywhere and it gives me a sense of freedom. It also gives me a sense of safety – the old car would not do well in an accident.

6. Gratitude:

Express your gratitude in your script. Write about how grateful you are to have what you want, as if it is your current reality.

Gratitude is very powerful, because it puts you on the frequency of abundance. Gratitude opens you up to receiving more because it removes the doubts that usually come with longing for something.

7. Doubt will set in:

Doubt is not only normal but natural. Scripting your future will feel like you are lying to yourself in the beginning.

It takes a lot of re-doing to undo your past conditioning.

Write a story that you believe and add grander details as your faith in yourself grows. Trying to script a future where you are a billionaire will be tough if you can’t even pay your bills.

If you feel like the script you wrote can’t actually ever happen, your doubt will only draw more experiences that make you feel doubtful into your life.

Anything is possible, but you have to believe it.

Doubt will always set in. This is normal. Combat doubt by first writing a script about something you believe is at least possible for you.

As your confidence grows, you can write scripts to accommodate your manifestation powers. Read your script every day and believe that the Universe is working to align people and events to manifest your desires into reality.

Re-write and refine your script daily. The act of writing it is incredibly powerful and helps you visualize without trying to visualize.

Use The Law of Attraction Scripting Technique for Everything

You don’t have to create an autobiography of your entire life to make scripting work for you. You can use scripting to plan out individual days of your life.

You can do this when you have something important happening, like a presentation, or as a daily habit.

Before you go to bed, or as soon as you get up, create your day in advance with scripting, from getting your work done quickly, spending time with your family, or finding the energy to exercise.

You can get as detailed as you want, or just focus on a few major parts of your day; whatever makes you feel hopeful and excited for the day to come.

The same rules apply for writing daily scripts as they do for scripting larger life events.

Be clear about what you want and write about it as if it has already happened, expressing how you feel about it and your gratitude that it is so.

Scripting your future is a powerful tool that can help you manifest absolutely anything.


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