A Manifestation Journal – How To Use This Powerful Manifestation Technique

Manifestation Journal

Keeping a manifestation journal is a powerful technique to manifesting your dreams. We’ve all heard about journaling before and most of it comes from a psychological point of view.

Using journaling to help manage your emotions can do wonders for your state of mind.

Keeping a manifestation journal is not that.

It is a tool to help you manifest what you wish to have in your life. To bring something from the world of thoughts and ideas into the realm of your life and your personal and material experience requires one simple idea:

You need to align your thoughts and your emotions with what you want.

Not once every now and again but consistently.

Your power to attract things into your life is something you need to harness. You do this by learning to use it, by practising to get better at directing your mind and emotions and by being disciplined in your thoughts and desires.

This is where a manifestation journal comes in.

The act of writing something down takes it from the world of thoughts and gives it a more concrete reality. You can argue that in some way this already starts to “create” the idea or the thought.

When ideas just float around in your head, it is rarely fixed.

How To Keep a Manifestation Journal

There are no real rules but there are some ideas that I find incredibly helpful, useful and effective at manifesting. As a discipline, journaling about what you want to manifest is all about focus and clarity.

Here are 7 tips for keeping a manifestation journal and making it work for whatever you want to attract into your life.

  1. Start by doing your journal first thing in the morning. The sooner you do this after waking up the better. You want to do this before the “reality” (and the old habits) of daily life kicks in. Doing this in the morning when you wake up and again just before you go to bed is a really powerful manifestation technique.

  2. Begin your daily manifesting journal with gratitude. Write down 5 things that you are genuinely and deeply grateful for. The key is that you write down only what gives you the emotion of gratitude. Don’t let it become monotonous and really think and feel it every day.

  3. Write down the following statement:
    I can attract ANYTHING into my life. If I build the image, I will be provided with the means to make it real. What I give my energy and my attention to MUST come into my life through the unbreakable law of attraction.

  4. Write down exactly what you want to manifest in your life. It works best if it is 1 particular “thing” or it can be several things. What matters is that you explain clearly WHAT you want to manifest. As you write this, explain in detail what it looks like; what your life looks like now that it is manifested. Work on building this image in your mind.

  5. Ask the universe to help and guide you in manifesting what you desire.
    “I ask for the help and guidance to manifest [fill in the blank] into my life. All that I need to know or do is revealed to me now. I let go of my urge to make it happen and allow the universe to bring it to me in the fastest and easiest way possible.”

  6. Close your eyes and for 5 minutes, breathe deeply and slowly and try to empty your mind. Use the mantra “love” or “peace” and repeat it over and over again in your mind while you breathe deeply.

  7. Finish your journaling session by writing down the names of the 5 people you love most in your life. Send them love and light and all the blessings of the universe. You want to fill your heart with love because the power of love is the power of attraction.

This may sound like a long process but it really only takes 15 minutes in the morning and 15 minutes in the evening. It really is not much considering just how powerful this is.

Journaling is like whispering to one’s self and listening at the same time.

– Mina Murray

A manifestation journal really is one of the most powerful manifestation techniques there is. Once you can make it a habit, manifesting becomes easy. A journal for manifesting helps you do 4 really important things:

It helps you get clear on what you DO want…

So many people just complain about what they don’t want. Very few know exactly what they DO want. It is not easy and takes time to build and develop a clear picture for what you want.

It helps you stay focused on what you want…

So often we start with an intention to manifest something but 2 weeks later its all gone out of the door and it remains a vague goal. By doing it every day you will stay focused on what you DO want to manifest and not get side tracked by all the important things in life.

It helps you create a discipline to manifest what you want…

Manifesting requires a lot more than fleeting thoughts about the things you desire. You need to be disciplined in your thoughts. Not only in focusing on what you do want but more so about shifting aside the thoughts that prevents the good from coming to you.

Think of it as building your manifestation muscles. The caveat is that this must never feel like a chore. It has to be something that excites you. You get to dream and create your future!

One big challenge with manifesting is the idea of letting go and allowing the universe to bring it to you. We live in a world where being a “go getter” is valued very high and achievement is often closely related to making it happen. Keeping a manifestation journal gives you something “to do”.

If you want to work hard at something, let it be your mind and your thoughts – NOT trying to make it happen.

It helps to build your manifestation beliefs…

Once you see that you really are starting to attract things into your life, everything changes.

Once you start seeing the law of attraction in action life becomes incredibly exciting. The world starts opening up to you and you realise that the law of attraction clichés really are true.

Whether you’re keeping a journal or writing as a meditation, it’s the same thing. What’s important is you’re having a relationship with your mind.

– Natalie Goldberg

If you are new to the ideas of manifesting or if you feel like you are stuck and your best efforts at manifesting your desires are not “working” then you can try this.

Pick something relatively small but significant and commit to manifest it in the next 10 days. Do a little experiment to proof to yourself that this works.

As you manifest something small you will start to build your belief that you can and this will allow you to manifest bigger and better things.

There are a lot of fancy journals on the market and most of them are completely over priced.

You don’t need that.

What I would recommend though is to get yourself a journal or notebook that is thick enough to last 1 year. It becomes a record of your life and 10 years later these will be some very valuable possessions.

If you want it to be something special, then get a fancy manifestation journal. Whatever you need to do to help you.


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