7 Small Things To Manifest For Beginners

small things to manifest for beginners

Some of the small things to manifest for beginners are a cup of coffee, a parking spot or even a phone call or a text message.

Manifesting small things is not really about learning how to manifest but rather having the first hand experience of deliberately drawing something into your life through your intention.

We all know the theory.

We all know that in theory we can be, do and have everything.

This doesn’t mean much though. It is only when it becomes real in your life that it has any significance. We learn by doing and even if you manifest just something small it can be very significant.

I’ve written previously about the idea of manifesting something small but here I want to give you some ideas of small things to manifest.

But, first I will cover some basic and fundamental ideas…

Why Manifest Small Things?

If the law of attraction promises that you can have absolutely anything you want then why on earth would you settle for something small?

Why choose to manifest $1 if you can manifest $1 million?

This is a very valid argument but unfortunately it is why 99.9% of people never manifest what they truly desire.

I was one of them once.

Like most people, when I first leared about the law of attraction (from The Secret) I set my sights really high. I had a huge ‘shopping list’ that would be the envy of many millionatres.

Needless to say that after a year of trying nothing was manifesting.

These where some tough lessons, but in hindsight they where very necessary lessons.

The reason why you want to pick small things to manifest as a beginner simply boils down to two very important ideas in manifesting anything.

1. Resistance

The main reason why I really encourage small things to manifest for beginners is because of actually seeing and experiencing the process of manifestation.

The principle is that to the universe there is absolutely no difference between $1 and $1 million. The differenc between these two exist only in the minds of human beings.

To the universe there is no ‘big and small’ or ‘easy and difficult’. These are YOUR ideas and they quite literally make the difference between what you can or can’t manifest.

Small things manifest easily because you have little to no resistance. These can be resistant thoughts or even your attempts to ‘make it happen’ and to force it through your own plans and actions.

2. Momentum

If you walk into a gym after doing no exercise for 10 years and you try lifting heavy weights you will most likely end up in hospital.

The same is true for most things we learn. There is a natural progress that comes from doing something (instead of indulging in theory).

The more you do, the more you CAN do.

We all learn by doing and the physical and practical experience that comes from doing something, seeing results and receiving feedback is how we progress at anything.

Manifesting is no different.

Trying to manifest $1 million if you’ve never made more than $100 k is like trying to lift weights way above your current capacity.

This does NOT mean you can’t. It simply means you can’t YET.

When it comes to small things to manifest for beginners you can practise the ‘NNE rule’. NNE stands for Nice but Not Essential.

A small thing means that it is something that would be something nice but if it does not show up then it won’t affect or bother you in any way.

An NNE item to manifest would be something…

  • You have no attachement to
  • You have no deep emotional need for it
  • You are indifferent about the outcome
  • You don’t have emotional baggage or negative beliefs about it
  • Your happiness is not attached to it
  • That will not affect your life in any way if it does not show up

With that in mind, lets look a bit closer at some small things to manifest for beginners.

7 Small Things To Manifest Easily And Effortlessly

So, what are the best small things to manifest for beginners? As an overall idea, you want to focus on manifesting things that you are indifferent about.

As soon as you have any fear or anxiety around what you want to manifest it instantly puts up resistance.

1. Manifest a Free Coffee

One of the most popular small things to manifest for beginners is a cup of coffee, or tea or even a drink.

The reason why this is great i because it is something that yuo would normally buy anyway. It is ‘in your path’ of your daily life and there are many avenues and channels for the universe to deliver this manifestation to you.

2. Manifest a Phone Call or Text Message

Most people think of telepathy as some sort of fictional or new age idea but in reality we are all connected through thought.

We’ve all had the experience of thinking about someone only to have the phone ring or to get a text message from them.

This is actually a great small thing to manifest for beginners and is a great way to ‘prove’ to yourself that you can manifest through other people.

This is often the easiest thing to manifest through deliberate creation – especially with someone you are very intimately connected.

3. Manifest A Parking Spot

This was one of the first things I really caught on to from The Secret and to this day I still use it.

Where I live there are often real problems with finding parking – especially on weekends. Almost everyone complains about there being ‘no parking anywhere’.

My mindset it different.

I ALWAYS find the perfect parking spot. I believe it.

I now visualize the exact spot I want before I even leave home. That gives the universe time to line it up and inevitably I always find that exact spot or one close to it.

Manifesting a parking spot is a great small things to manifest for beginners because it is something that won’t make or break your life yet it is still significant enough to prove the law of attraction to you.

4. Manifest a Smooth Commute

When I was working in the city I noticed something very interesting even before I ever heard of the law of attraction.

It seemed like the same people where always complaining about their commute – how bad traffic is, how slow the trains are and how everything just always goes ‘wrong’ on their way in to work.

I have since come to understand exactly why this was. It is our expectations and beliefs that not just create and manifest the big things in our life but also every single ‘small thing’ throughout the day.

The truth is that you can ‘create’ your commute into work well in advance. Even in The Secret, Rhonda Byrne talks about the idea of creating your day in advance.

This is a great small thing to manifest as a beginner because it will show you how you are in fact in control of mcuh more than you ever thought you could be.

5. Manifest a Book

Manifesting a book is a great small thing to manifest for beginners because books are relatively ‘low value’ yet they are very specific and can be incredibly impactful in your life.

Some of the most significant books I’ve ever read where ones that I manifested.

You can use this exercise in two ways. The first is to pick a specific book you want to manifest. This is easy in the sense that it is something that you can clearly visualize and givenm that its only a $10 to $15 value most people could easily afford it anyway.

The second way to manifest a book as a small thing is to think of a specific problem you have or a specific skill you want to learn.

As you focus on that, have the intention to manifest ‘the perfect book’ to help you solve your problem or learn what you want to learn.

The universe knows exactly what the best solution for you is. Allow it to come into your life and you will manifest it.

6. Manifest a Song

This is one of my favorite things to manifest. Songs can conjure up so many memories and we all tend to associate different experiences to certain songs.

Think of a song that you associate with some great memeories. Hold that thought and the memories for as long as you can.

Inevitably that song will pop up at some point during the day.

7. Manifest a Sign From The Universe

I’ve written quite a bit about receiving signs from the universe and getting guidance along your own manifestation journey.

I think it is such an important part of manifesting.

Knowing that you are not alone and that the universe wants to help and support you.

This is a great idea that I learned from Dr. Joe Dispenza. He said that you can ask the universe for a sign to show you and to reveal itself to you in a way that YOU will understand and KNOW.

Dear Universe, I ask that you will give me a sign and show yourself to me in a way that I will know and understand. I ask that you will give me this sign not because I lack faith but because I need some reinforcement and some encouragement. Thank you!

Then, go about your day and your life as usual. When the sign shows up, you will know.


With a passion for spirituality, self discovery, and understanding this life, Neod spends his time musing about what is, what could be and what might come about. After writing for 20 years he's still growing, learning, exploring and sharing with love, joy and compassion.

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