Why You Should Not Manifest A Specific Person

The reasons why you should not manifest a specific person boils down to the fact that you may be trying to create in another person’s reality and in doing so you violate the sacred law of free will.

There are of course many exceptions.

We all want to attract people into our lives for many different reasons. If you want to attract people into your life for reasons that are noble, honest and you have the intention to only bring love, peace and joy into their life then I would say, go for it!

If you have family members or friends you have fallen out with, grown apart from or have lost touch with then this is a great way to connect.

In fact, using the law of attraction can be a powerful way to attract people into your life.

If you want to manifest love, romance or your soulmate then this is probably not a wise strategy as it can lead to all sorts of issues for yourself and for the other person.

Whether you want to manifest your ex back into your life, you want to manifest someone you have a crush on or if you want to manifest a friend as a lover then I hope this will be a good guide to help you along the way.

Can We Manifest A Specific Person?

The first and most obvious question is whether you can actually manifest a specific person?

With the law of attraction we really can manifest ANYTHING we place our energy and our attention on.

I’ve written before how you can manifest something small and specific to prove to yourself that you can manifest what you place your attention on.

The idea that you can design something in your mind and have it manifest, proves without a doubt that it is at least possible to manifest a specific person.

The tricky problem is this: trying to manifest a specific person is not entirely up to your manifestation effort.

Unlike manifesting $1,362 or a hot pink Ferrari with green fur seats you are dealing with another person who has their own wants, needs and desires.

Should You Manifest A Specific Person?

I will address this in more detail later, but the moral and ethical question whether you should manifest a specific person is definitely something you need to consider deeply.

What I will say whether you should or shouldn’t is simply this:

Trying to manifest love on your terms and thinking that you know exactly who and what the best person and circumstances are is simply a case of being naive.

We get emotionally attached to certain people and personalities because of what we project on to them.

When you are truly open and receptive to the universe and you completely surrender your desires to the universe then you can open yourself up to manifesting ‘true love’ and allow your soulmate into your life.

3 Reasons Why You Should Not Manifest A Specific Person

There are 3 main reasons why you should not manifest a specific person. It may be hard to come to terms with this if you are blinded by your emotional attachment to a specific person.

I once heard there very wise words: if you truly love someone else you would wish for them only the best – especially if their best is a life without you.

You do not know that you are the best thing for them because every soul knows its own truth and its often even hidden from our own conscious awareness.

1. The Specific Person Is NOT ‘The One’

Almost all of us fall into this trap – especially when it comes to people we are in love with.
When you are in love with someone it is not really that person (or personality) that you are in love with.

It is the way they make you feel – meaning they allow YOU to create certain feelings within yourself. You are always in charge of your own emotions.

Anyone that you are in love with has certain qualities that invoke within yourself certain feelings.

This is what causes the real attraction.

When you understand what YOU really want from and in a relationship then you can start to truly use the law of attraction.

One of the main reasons why you should not manifest a specific person is exactly for this reason. It makes it almost impossible to manifest a specific person because you create a massive limitation to the universe.

Its the same reason why almost no one who wants to manifest a million dollars manages to do so.

The million dollars or the specific person is a means to an end.

When you want to manifest with real power you need to focus on the end and not on the means.

The specific person you want to manifest is a means to an end. What you really want is the qualities that person embodies and you want to experience these qualities and how it makes you feel.

2. You Have No Control Over It

Another big reason why you should not manifest a specific person is because you are attempting to manifest in someone else’s reality.

By law this is not possible.

We all have free will and we all have the sacred right to only manifest in our loves what we want.
Many people manifest by default and are not really aware how their energy and attention is what causes their manifestation but whether it is conscious or unconscious, you are still ion complete control of your own life.

Trying to manifest a specific person means you are trying to affect and influence what someone else is manifesting in their own life.

You simply have no power or control over this.

This is the ultimate uphill battle because no matter how hard you try you simply can not create in someone else’s reality.

3. You Are Missing The True Miracle

The way I see the law of attraction in relationships is that you simply tell the universe all the qualities you want in another person and you sit back and allow the universe to work its magic – bringing it to you in its own way.

When you try to take over and ‘make things happen’ life usually goes sour.

When you think that a specific person ‘has it all’ then you will be wrong most of the time.
The perfect person for you almost always comes wrapped up differently to what you prescribe, what you think they should look like or what you assume you are entitled to.

When you have a clear intention and ‘let go and let God’ the universe will work its magic and bring into your life someone that exceeds your expectations in every way.

This is exactly why you should not manifest a specific person. You are most likely attempting to manifest the ‘wrong’ person.

Manifest Love: Attract The ‘Right’ Person

manifest love law attract

Far too many people are stuck in mediocre or even terrible relationships because they get attached to specific people and they get hung up on personalities.

When a specific person makes you feel a certain way then its easy to get seduced by those feelings and to start believing that it is them causing you to feel love within yourself.

Manifesting the ‘right person’ is about figuring out what you want on a very deep level and then turning that over to the universe.

The universe can find the perfect person that embodies all your deepest desires and then deliver that person into your life.

1.Let go of all attachment

We all have attachments when it comes to relationships and romance. For the most part we are all attached to the ideas of what our social circle instilled in us about what and whom we have to be attracted to.

Most people want a specific person in their life for the sole reason of how it will make them look socially.

You have to let go of ALL of this if you want a truly magical relationship.

Let go of everything you think you ‘should’ have in your ideal partner or your perfect relationship.
This can be hard to overcome but the payoff is huge.

The payoff is ‘true love’ which is a love you have for yourself first and a love that you can share in abundance – not because of how someone else makes you feel but rather how you make yourself feel.

2.Be open and receptive to any and all possibilities

This leaves you feeling free and liberated. It removes the anxiety and fear of obsessing over one specific individual.

When you are attached to one person and think they are the one and only then you close yourself off to true love.

When you are open and receptive to any and all possibilities then you allow the universe to bring to you what you desire on the deepest level of your being.

3.Know what you REALLY want.

Think about the specific person you want to manifest…what is it about them that you love? Think about these qualities and detach them from the specific person.

Keep your energy and attention on these qualities or ideas and they will manifest in a person.

4.Make your list

I’ve written before about the magic of ‘making a list’ and getting real clarity on exactly what you want in another person and in a relationship.

This clarity is what creates your intention.

Without a clear intention you can not manifest anything.

When you have clarity on all those things that go beyond the obvious looks and personality then you truly activate your power to attract and manifest your best relationship.

5.Keep your emotions in check.

The law of attraction dicates that your vibration will attract to you that which is in vibrational harmony to you.

Your emotions play a crucial role in determining your vibration and if you become obsessed with a specific person you are draining your energy and lowering your own vibration.

This emotional rollercoaster is exactly why you should not manifest a specific person because you will rarely be in a high vibration for long enough to attract and manifest anything good.

Is It Bad To Manifest A Specific Person?

One obvious question that sits in the back of all our minds is this: is it bad to manifest a specific person?

There are obvious morality issues that has to come into this discussion but I want to go beyond mere morality and what may be considered ‘good and bad’.

Good and bad are judgements. Everything simply is.

When it comes to manifesting however, that still small voice inside you that tells you whether something is good or bad FOR YOU has an all important impact on your manifestations.

It colors all your thoughts and it impacts all your emotions.

Is it bad to manifest a specific person? If you feel like it is bad, that there is something bad about it and it somehow makes you feel uneasy at a deeper level then it obviously is bad.

From my perspective, the idea of trying to interfere in someone else’s reality and trying to create something in someone else’s life has karmic implications.

No one likes to have their own free will thwarted in any way.


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