5 Manifestation Methods for Love

manifestation methods for love

There are many manifestation methods for love that are based around the ideas of the law of attraction. Instead of covering the usual affirmations, visualizations and writing exercises.

I will share some lesser known methods that can be very effective.

Love and money are two of the trickiest things to manifest. Not because it’s hard or difficult but because we tend to have so much negative emotion attached to it that it consumes our thinking.

Changing habitual thoughts and emotions is the real trick.

On the surface it sounds easy to do but when it comes down to it, very few people manage to do it – or at least do it for long enough to start seeing evidence of it in their lives.

Do You Really Need Manifestation Methods and Techniques ?

As I already mentioned, I am not going to bore you with methods like affirmations and visualization. There’s plenty of good information about these ‘mainstream’ manifestation methods for love or anything you may desire.

I am not implying these do not work or that they are not effective.

They are.

For the most part.

The problem with affirmations and visualization is that we’ve heard it so often have (mis)used it so long and failed at it for far too long to let it be effective.

Manifestation methods are NOT about ‘the method’.

The method is only a means to an end. It’s a working process to help you reach the consciousness required to manifest the love and relationship you desire.

5 Little Known Methods To Manifest Love

Love is as essential to our well being as food, water and oxygen. I believe that love is the ‘food’ for your soul and it is why we all crave it at various levels.

Love is also something that human beings can manipulate and we all have a myriad of beliefs around love that we have gathered, distorted and created though our life experiences.

  • Love is not outside yourself.
  • Love is not some ‘thing’ you have to attract from ‘out there’
  • Love is not something you get

Love the love you want and will ever get is within you already. It is something you release from within yourself.

For most people, they need someone else (a lover or a spouse) to help them release this love that is already within them. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this.

Romantic love is an experience and it is best experienced with someone that can best help you release the endless pit of love that is already within you.

This is a different way of looking at things. It helped me immensely and I hope it help you overcome this nagging need you may feel to get love from ‘out there’.

Always remember the central idea of the law of attraction: you attract more of what you ARE. The more you feel, focus on and experience love the more of it you will attract into your life.

Below are 5 more alternative and lesser known manifestation methods for love.

1. The Thank You Method

This is a method I first read about in Dr. Joseph Murphy’s best selling book The Power Of Your Subconscious Mind.

While he did not go into much detail about the method he did explain a fundamental truth.

When you are grateful for something there is a presupposition that you already have it. When you say thank you, you acknowledge that IT IS DONE and you recognize that it is already in your life.

This moves you past many of the sticking points that I see most people struggle with when they try to manifest a relationship.

The law of attraction makes it very clear: focus only on the end result and be very clear and very specific in what you DO want.

Most people however, get caught up in the when, where and how. This creates doubt and causes them to spend all their emotional time thinking about what they DO NOT want.

Whenever you start feeling the fear or the doubt, just say ‘Thank You’ – thank you for this amazing person in my life and thank you for the beautiful relationship we have.

This instantly shifts you focus, your attention and your energy.

2. The End Result Method

Neville Goddard was without a doubt one of the most prolific teachers of the law of attraction. His work is what inspired most of The Secret and many of the modern day teachers of the law of attraction still draw from Neville’s wealth of knowledge and insight into the law.

He had many ideas, methods and techniques to help you manifest your desires.

His methods were unique but sometimes a bit cumbersome and almost always required a trained mind.

I think he had a very disciplined mind and I think he was an intensely focussed person.

One of his methods that I found really useful – and that I think is a wonderful manifestation method for love is the ‘looking back’ method. It goes like this…

3. Burn Your Beliefs

The late Bob Proctor spoke passionately about the law of attraction until he passed away in early 2022. Something I learned from him more than 15 years ago was an idea he shared in his Science of Getting Rich program (which was not really about money – just so you know).

He shared a powerful process for dealing with limiting beliefs.

We all have limiting beliefs and if you consciously desire love and relationship and you do not have it in your life then you have beliefs holding you back.

You may want all the wonderful experiences that love and relationships will bring to your life but at the same time you have beliefs that relationships will bring something into your life that outweighs the wonderful benefits.

Bob suggested that you start pulling these beliefs out and putting them on paper. Start writing down what your beliefs are.

As you start writing down everything you believe about yourself and what relationships mean to you you will soon stumble upon your most limiting beliefs.

Seeing them, identifying them and realizing what they are IS the key to overcoming them.

When you question a belief it loses its grip over you.

He suggested you write down the 10 to 20 most limiting beliefs you have about relationships and then take that piece of paper and burn it.

Burning it is a symbolic act. It’s something your subconscious mind responds to.

As its burns and disintegrates on that piece of paper, so does it burn and disintegrate in your subconscious mind.

4. The Giving Method

There is a secret to getting everything you want and when you develop a deeper understanding of the law of attraction it starts to make even more sense.

We’ve all heard this secret before and for most it does not really make sense. The secret is this:

Whatever you want in life, find a way to GIVE it first and you will get it too.

The very important caveat to this secret is that you can not give with the intention or even just the hope that you will get something back.

You have to give unconditionally with no attachment and zero expectation of receiving anything back.

You have to give with the sole intention of GIVING.

When you discover that the true joy lies in giving, you have ‘cracked the code’.

This manifestation method for love works because you can not give away what you do not have. When you give away love, you recognize that ALL the love you desire is already within you.

What you thought you needed to attract from outside yourself was within you all along.

The law of attraction dictates that you attract what you are in harmony with. Most single people who want to attract love are so focussed on the love, the lover or the relationship that is missing from their live that their entire focus and energy is on what is missing.

You can never attract what is missing if you are focussed on what is missing.

5. The Wishlist Method

This manifestation method for love has been taught by quite a few people in some variation or another. I first learned it from Tony Robbins and I can say that it is by far the most powerful method you can use.

It really is like being the architect of your life.

The ironic thing is that even though I learned it many years ago, I only really did it much later. It stuck with me for many years and only once I really sat down and did it my love life started changing – and changed dramatically.

The method is simple but not so easy.

I think most people like to daydream about their ideal partner and their dream relationship.

When it comes to actually committing to what you want, it’s not that easy.

This method is all about sitting down and listing out everything you want in a partner and in a romantic relationship.

You start off by just writing and listing down absolutely everything. From the way they should look, to the way they should talk, smell and every detail you can think of.

As you start creating this wishlist you will soon start uncovering what you really want. You will start with superficial things but as you keep going you will soon run out of ideas.

This is when you start figuring out what you REALLY want.

This is when the law of attraction kicks in – when you figure out what you really want.

Set your wishlist aside for a day or two. Then go back to it and cross out everything on the list that is not an absolute MUST have.

You will end up with a much shorter list. I took this list of 10 qualities I MUST have in a partner and ina relationship and I wrote it on a card.

I carried the card with me for more than 6 months – reading it and looking at it every so often.

The results were amazing and every single thing that was on that list is embodied by my amazing wife.


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