What Happens When You Raise Your Vibration?

what happens when you raise your vibration

What happens when you raise your vibration? The physical symptoms of raising your vibration is that you feel better, you have more energy, sleep better and you start manifesting your desires.

Mentally and emotionally you feel more connected to your higher self, you feel more at peace and joy, love and gratitude becomes your dominant state of being.

There are many ways to get what you want in your life. Most success literature revolves around cultivating certain specific techniques and methods to achieve certain results.

Sometimes this works but most often it does not.

What really happens when you do achieve success with certain ideas is that you ultimately raised your vibration as a result of the idea.

Everything is about vibration because you are a vibrational being.

You can never attract or manifest anything that is not in harmony with your vibration.

What Changes When You Raise Your Vibration?

There are essentially two aspects when it comes to identifying an increased vibration within yourself. The first and most obvious is on the mental and emotional plane.

Since an increased vibration mostly revolves around how you choose to use your mind and emotions, that is where you tend to experience the higher vibration most.

There are also much more common and much more prominent ways of identifying an creased vibration in your life and that is on the physical and practical plane.

We often miss this because we do not always pay attention to it. This is what I mostly want to focus on here as I believe it can be an easy way for you to help you identify the ‘symptoms’ of raising your vibration.

Raising your vibration can be a ‘tricky’ thing. We are all bombarded with negativity and low vibration people from the everyday world.

It can be incredibly hard if you try to be positive, optimistic, loving, peaceful and joyous 100% of the time every day.

Especially if that is not how you’ve been for the last 20 plus years.

What happens when you raise your vibration is that you are better than you used to be – every single day. You will still have negative thoughts. You will still have low energy people around you. You will still get angry, depressed and sad.

The difference is that you become more conscious and more aware of yourself as a vibrational being and how your mood affects your vibration.

This awareness is incredibly powerful because that in itself can be the catalyst for change.

Some Common Symptoms of Raising Your Vibration

Mentall and emotionally it is easier to identify if you are living at a higher vibration. In broad terms, when you feel good you are at a high vibration.

Most of what you experience in life is experienced through your vibrational state which is the sum total of your thoughts and feelings at any given moment in time.

What happens when you raise your vibration?

Some of the most common symptoms are:

  • You feel more at peace
  • Less anger and frustration.
  • Less fear and anxiety
  • Feeling a deeper connection to God and your Higher Self
  • You can ‘hear’ your intuition louder and more clearly.
  • General sense of happiness and joy
  • You are less judgemental and less outer-directive
  • Feeling a greater sense of love for all people and creation

These ‘internal’ symptoms are easy to gauge because all you really have to do is to turn your attention inwards and you will know how you feel.

There are many external symptoms though which can be very useful to help you gauge your vibrational set point.

The 7 Physical Symptoms Of Raising Your Vibration

Physical Symptoms Of Raising Your Vibration

What happens when you raise your vibration is that you not only have all the mental and emotional benefits. There are real and concrete benefits that we can see as symptoms.

On the one hand, it acts as indicator to reveal to us that we are indeed living at a higher vibration.

On the other hand, these symptoms flow naturally. They are not ‘goals’ or ideas to try and implement in your life. They are not a means to an end but are merely the side-effects of being a certain way.

This is very different to much of what so-called self-help is about.

With the self-help approach, you can stove to achieve all of these ideas below. This often involves a lot of techniques, practices and ‘hard work’.

What I am talking about however is not that at all.

One of the most striking ideas I ever heard and that has stuck with me for the last 10 years is something I heard Dr. Wayne Dyer talks about.

He said that ‘if you correct your mind, everything else falls in place’.

Everything you ever want to be, do or have in your life has a solution on the outside world. It has a solution where you can work hard, struggle and try everything to eventually achieve some result.

That is when you exert physical effort.

What this really does is to change you internally. It might take years of external struggle and hard work to change your consciousness.

The ‘easy way’ however is when you start by changing your consciousness – by ‘correcting your mind’.

Working harder and trying harder is never the solution.

When you turn your attention and your focus on your vibration and on raising your vibration you can affect real change – and you can do it really fast without trying harder.

What happens when you raise your vibration is not just mental, emotional, and spiritual change within yourself.

There are real concrete and specific external physical changes you can easily perceive.

1. Increased Energy and Vitality

When we talk about energy and vitality we often talk about diet and physical health. That certainly is a component of feeling energetic but there is a much bigger component.

When you feel really ‘buzzed’ and energetic it is something that comes from within.

It is your mental and emotional state much more than your physical state that determines how much energy you have.

We’ve all experienced this: you feel completely drained and like you just want to fall into your bed. Then someone calls and asks you to go somewhere exciting and all of a sudden you are pumped and raring to go.

What happens when you raise your vibration is this energetic feeling you have. You feel like you can take on anything.

When you are at a high vibration you do not get tired. You don’t feel lethargic and you do not have that constant desire to just lie down.

2. The Feel-Good Factor

For the lack of a better term, I just call it the ‘feel good factor. It is when you just feel on top of the world for no particular reason.

We all experience this at times. Usually when something great happens.

When something amazing happens in your life, you usually give yourself permission (on an unconscious level) to feel exhilarated; to feel invincible and to have that great inner feeling that life is good and really worth living.

When you raise your vibration you get to cultivate that amazing feeling at will.

This soon becomes a self-feeding cycle. The more you feel good the more you will feel good. Feeling good attracts more things, people and events for you to feel good about.

Before you know it you are always happy, always upbeat and always feeling great – for no particular reason.

The challenge is that most of us have learnt that ‘we all have problems’ and that ‘we have bad days’ and that ‘feeling down’ is normal and natural.

Do NOT buy into those false beliefs.

Your natural state is one of happiness, joy and complete vitality.

3. Start Manifesting Things and Stuff

This is the real fun part and believe it or not, it is also the part that most people miss most of the time.

Suppose you want to manifest a new job or a new relationship or a promotion or whatever it may be. Your inner being knows this and law of attraction is always at work bringing it about.

Rarely will you wake up one day and out of nowhere your soulmate lies next to you or your bank account has 3 extra 0’s at the end.

There is a process of manifestation.

More often than not, this process does not follow your script.

The universe knows better.

The evidence may seem contradicting to what you ultimately want but it absolutely is in alignment. On the way to manifesting your ultimate desire you may lose your job to make way for the ideal one.

You may lose a partner to make room for the ‘right’ one. You may have financial struggles to prepare you for abundance.

When you start seeing the universe as a friendly place and a place where everything is happening FOR you then you can really start tapping into the power of the law of attraction.

When you live at a raised vibration you live in the receptive mode.

When you live in a low vibration of fear, worry, anger and a lack of love then you close the doors and see only obstacles in your way.

4. Sleep Better

This may sound like its not such a big deal but for sleep is a really important part of being happy and living your life at a high level.

Do you ever sleep 7 or 8 hours a day and wake up tired?

The amount of sleep you get rarely affects how rested and renewed you feel. I almost never sleep more than 5 hours and have more energy than I did back in the days when I slept 8, 9 or even 10 hours a day.

What happens when you raise your vibration is that you will need less sleep because when you are at a high vibration your mind is not preoccupied by your fears and worries.

Fear and worry puts your body in a stressed state.

You may not face physical danger but your mind creates exactly the same response within you when you worry about your finances, when you feel stressed about your job or when you feel depressed about your relationship status.

When you wake up in a state of peace, joy and gratitude your whole day follows that patterns through the working of the law of attraction.

Its not so much something that you have to cultivate in and of itself (although a wake-up gratitude practice can get you there) but is a side effect of when you are at a high vibration anyway.

5. Content of Your Dreams Change

Something that goes hand in hand with sleeping better is the content of your dreams. We are all dreaming all the time. Most of the time you simply don’t remember.

For a start, when you are living at a higher vibration the content of your dreams change.

Your dreams become more joyful, more meaningful and often more spiritual in nature.

The low-energy dreams that often contain elements of your fears and worries no longer plague you. What you take with you into your sleep state tends to play out while you are asleep.

When you go to sleep in a high vibration of love, gratitude and joy then that will be reflected in your dreams.

6. You Body Starts to Heal Itself

All disease (dis-ease) comes from a body that is not in its natural state of ease. This state of ‘ease’ is an effortless sense of well-being, perfect health and vitality.

That is what is normal and natural.

Your body is constantly trying to maintain or return to its natural state of perfect health. Your body is constantly working on maintaining and/or returning to its optimal state of perfect health.

Your vibration is what crosses the bridge between your mind and body.

When your mind creates an environment within you that is not conducive to perfect health then you create an environment where perfect health can not flow naturally.

When you correct your mind and raise your vibration your body goes along with it. As you start living at a higher vibration you create an environment within yourself where perfect health can once again be respected.

This is why the mind heals the body.

7. Sensitivity to The Energy of Substances

When you live your life unconscious and when you just go with the flow you automatically assume the vibration of what you are surrounded with.

For most people it is ‘bad news’ on TV and the media almost 24/7. It is gossip, envy and arguments with family and friends.

It is the frequent abuse of substances, low energy food and low energy conversation.

The lack of awareness means you don’t even know what you don’t know. With awareness comes the insight. You make the unconscious conscious and you start paying attention to it.

A higher consciousness is synonymous with a higher vibration.

When you are at high vibration you become very sensitive to any low vibration. It simply feels wrong and most importantly you are aware that it feels ‘wrong’ or ‘bad’ to YOU.

What happens when you raise your vibration that you start actively seeking people, places, circumstances and almost everything you surround yourself with to be at a higher vibration.

When something feels right or feels good to YOU then it is simply something that matches your vibration.

By looking closely at what resonates with you, you can easily determine your own vibration.

When low energy things resonate with you then you are most likely in a low vibration – and voice versa.


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