What To Do If You Find Money On The Ground

What To Do If You Find Money On The Ground

Do you know what to do if you find money on the ground? There certainly are moral obligations but for the most part, finding money on the ground is a sign, a synchronicity or some sort of guidance in your life.

If you believe that you live in a perfectly ordered universe and that the law of attraction is operating in your life then finding money takes on a completely different meaning.

Most people don’t even notice money and opportunities that are just ‘there’ and ready to be taken.

When you are tuned in and turned on to money then you not only start noticing money and abundance on your life path, you also start attracting more of it.

It is a spiral that expands in value and consciousness. It is what was meant with the famous Biblical statement that to those who have, more shall be given. It relates directly to the law of attraction and manifesting money.

Your relationship to money and how you react to money will largely determine your financial situation in life.

How you react to finding money on the ground often reveals our money consciousness.

Before we dig into that, there are some rules regarding money that you ‘just find’…

If You Find Money Can You Keep It?

So, you walk along the street minding your own business and you look down and see a wallet. You pick it up and it is filled with cash. What do you do?

If you find money, can you keep it? Apart from the moral obligation there is also a legal obligation since taking the wallet or the money can be considered theft and have legal repercussions.

I want to get into the metaphysical and esoteric ideas behind finding money but it is important to note the legal and moral obligations you have.

The simple rule is this. If the owner of the money can be identified then you can not take the money. This is your legal obligation.

From a moral point of view, everybody knows what a pain it is to lose a wallet. Canceling cards, getting new ones, being worried about fraud, identity theft etc.

The golden rule which is to do to others what you wish done to yourself applies here.

But, what if you find 100 dollars is it yours to keep? Stumbling upon a roll of banknotes or cash means the owner can not be identified and that certainly is yours to keep.

The idea of money showing up in your life is something that is very prominent for a lot of people who use the law of attraction to manifest money.

I’ve had complete strangers buy me coffee, pay for lunch and all sorts of abundance show up in so many ways because of using the law of attraction correctly.

Finding money on the ground and in all sorts of unthinkable places represents the flow of abundance in your life.

When you are tuned-in to abundance, money will start showing up everywhere.

The 4 Scenarios If You Find Money On The Ground

If you find money on the ground there are typically four scenarios. Each of these four scenarios represents a different level of money consciousness.Your money consciousness largely determines your financial position in life.

It dictates your relationship to money and acts as a mirror to reflect back to you what you “see” in terms of money in your life.

See where you fit in in these 4 scenarios and ultimately where you think you should fit in to reach a higher money consciousness.

1. You Don’t Even Notice

This is where most people are at. They might see coins on the ground by don’t even give it a second thought. Coins are seen as small change and insignificant amounts of money.

There are two important psychological aspects that come to play with people who don’t even notice money that come along their path. This could be coins on the ground but it usually represents their general attitude to all sorts of abundance that come their way.

People who don’t even notice money on the ground are usually people who don’t notice any sort of abundance and opportunity that come their way. There are two explanations.

  • Psychological Scotoma:

    A psychological scotoma is a mental blindspot. When you have a mental blindspot your mind turns a ‘blind eye’ to something that is inconvenient for your ego.

    A psychological scotoma usually arises as a response to cognitive dissonance. In plain English it means that when there is a conflict in your beliefs, your mind will turn a blind eye to avoid the inner conflict.

    Even if something is in plain sight and very obvious to everyone else, your mind will cause you to not see it.

    We see this everywhere in business and even in relationships. People who say that they can’t find a great guy or girl and that all the good ones are taken, usually remain single. Their belief is preventing them from seeing the opportunities.

    When you relate this to money it also becomes very obvious. People who believe that they live in an abundant universe and that there is plenty for everyone usually see opportunities everywhere.

    People who believe that money is a very limited resource, that they have to desperately cling on to what they have and that they are not entitled to an unlimited abundance will never ‘see’ the true abundance and opulence in the world around them.
  • The Reticular Activating System:

    The reticular activating system is a complex bundle of nerves in the brainstem that regulates your awareness. It helps your brain distinguish between important and unimportant messages.

    At any given time in your life there are millions of brain functions going on. Apart from all the regulatory functions inside your body (that you are not even consciously aware of) there are so many external events happening.

    Your brain can not possibly attend to everything. The reticular activating system helps your brain to filter out everything that is not important to you.

    A great example is this: look around you right now and try and find everything with the colour white. How many red objects did you see? Probably none because your brain was tasked with finding what is white. Now, look again and you will notice much more red than previously.

    To relate this back to finding money and finding opportunities in life we can see how the reticular activating system can help us either ‘see’ money and opportunity or to see only doom and gloom.

Your brain will figure out what to do if you find money on the ground based largely on these two psychological concepts.

People who don’t even notice money are simply not attentive to abundance and prosperity and most often their belief systems do not even allow them to see it.

2. You Notice The Money And You Ignore It

The second category of people will notice money that comes along their path, but they will ignore it – unless it is a significant amount of money.

These people do not understand the flow of abundance. They see money as paper bills and metal coins. If they see a coin, they only see the value of the coin. If its ‘not enough’ they will simply ignore it and move on.

People who notice money and ignore it can be wealthy, poor or anywhere in between. This response to finding money represents an attitude towards money.

Some people even consider it beneath them to pick up money off the ground.

3. You Notice The Money, And Pick It Up Because ‘Money is Money’

People who notice money, pick it up and feel lucky because they just ‘scored some cash’ are usually very ‘money self conscious’. They see money as a very limited resource.

Saving and getting a deal is at the top of their mind and their motto is: ‘a penny saved is a penny earned’.

Even though they are tuned into money on their path, their attitude and mindset is the problem. They come from a place of scarcity and even a penny is a lot to them.

They fail to see that there is an abundance of money in the universe and that they are entitled to it all. Instead, they believe that there is a very small pool of money and they have to fight hard and hold on tight to the small amount that they receive.

In some cultures, finding money on the ground is considered good luck. Many people will pick up money off the ground only because of the superstition that it will bring them good luck.

4. You Notice It, Pick It Up and Recognize The Abundance

People in this category represent true abundance. They know what to do if you find money on the ground to make that money grow in their lives.

They will find any amount of money on their path, they will pick it up and give thanks. They KNOW that abundance is abundance and that money represents an energy. When the energy of money comes along their path, they recognize it as abundance.

By picking it up and saying ‘thank you universe for this symbol of abundance flowing to me’ you recognize the abundance in your life.

I’ve written previously about a manifestation technique called the pennies to millions technique. It is based around this idea that you activate your reticular activating system for money.

You will then start noticing money and abundance everywhere. When it shows up, you accept it, you show gratitude for it and you allow the feeling of abundance to come into your heart.

This invokes the law of attraction in a very powerful way. Since money is energy, it is independent of the actual dollar amount.

The experience of money flowing into your life and you recognizing it and showing gratitude for it will activate the law of attraction to bring more of that into your experience.

I would urge you to read that article and start practicing this technique. It will set you on an amazing journey and the most incredible things have come into my life by practicing this technique.

Over time it becomes a habit. Everything that comes to you you accept and give thanks for. This can be money on the ground, someone buying you a coffee or someone paying your parking ticket for you.

What To Do If You Find Money On The Ground – Conclusion

Abundance is abundance. It is not tied to any amount of money. When you allow the energy of money to start flowing to you and trough you then you truly allow abundance into your life.

An abundance mindset will determine what to do if you find money on the ground. It will also show you what to do if you find any form of abundance that comes into your life.

Money can come to you in many different ways. Bills and coins are but one for of money. When you tune into a higher vibration through your abundance consciousness then you will start noticing abundance in your life.

At any given time there are opportunities available to you. There is an infinite amount of money in the universe. You are entitled to it all.

Your ‘job’ is to be conscious and aware of the abundance. Your ‘work’ is to work on your own beliefs and thoughts about money.

Always remember that money comes THROUGH other people or opportunities but ultimately money comes FROM the universe.


With a passion for spirituality, self discovery, and understanding this life, Neod spends his time musing about what is, what could be and what might come about. After writing for 20 years he's still growing, learning, exploring and sharing with love, joy and compassion.

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