Manifesting Abundance: The Energy Of Money & The 8 Steps to Manifest Abundance

Do you want to manifest abundance in your life? Of course you do. Nobody wants to live in lack or limitation. One of the main problems with manifesting abundance is that we tend to think that “more” will make us happy.

This can be “more” of anything. More money, more cars, more clothes ec.

The reality is that “more” rarely makes you happy. To manifest abundance you need to realise one key idea:

This ‘thing’ that you believe is missing from your life will never make you happy.

This is called a scarcity mindset and is the root cause of why you lack the abundance that you are seeking.

Abundance is the absence of lack and scarcity. It is to have more than enough; to have plenty and to be overflowing with everything.

Abundance is your natural state. You are born into abundance. You are entitled to everything in this world. There is no “god” who has doomed some people so lack and some people to abundance.

If this is a believe that you have, then the first step of manifesting abundance is to break down and destroy that belief.

You can look at any place in the world where there is severe poverty and somewhere you will find someone who has risen above this poverty to create abundance. No because they were lucky or got born into wealth but because they used their innate ability to CREATE their lives and ATTRACT abundance.

The Energy Of Money

If you want to manifest money fast then you need to understand the energy of money. The coins and bills that you put in your wallet is not money. They are symbols that represent money but they are not money.

Money is an idea.

Money is an energy.

For most of us abundance means having more than enough money. That is to say that we want to have more than enough resources to live the life we truly desire.

Its an absence of lack or shortage of resources (and this is mostly money).

Understanding the energy of money will help you understand how to manifest money. Like everything in life, LIKE ATTRACTS LIKE. If you are consumed by an energy of lack and limitation then that is what you will attract.

Consciously you may want more money but the thoughts behind your thought of abundance is the real energy – and that is what causes the attraction.

It is the thought that has emotions attached to it that creates the attraction.

It is incredibly important to understand this concept. It will also help us to better understand the energy of money and how to attract a greater abundance.

If the thought of money has an emotion of fear, unhappiness, desperation, despondency, anger or frustration attached to it then you will never attract abundance.

The energy of money and an abundance of it is happiness, joy, gratitude, generosity.

Learning to attach these emotions to your thoughts of money will allow you to attract money now. Always remember that LIKE ATTRACTS LIKE. You can only attract that which you give your energy and attention to.

By cultivating the emotions of abundance you must attract it into your life.

This is the law.

Strategies to Manifest Money Fast

Understanding the theory about the energy of money is all good and well but how do you do it?

How do you manifest money fast?

Money can be an incredibly emotional subject for most of us. So much of what we believe has been ingrained into us as children. Sayings like “money is the root of all evil” or “money doesn’t grow on trees” or “all rich people are dishonest” ec.

Start by analysing some of the things you were taught about money (consciously and subconsciously) when you grew up. Exposing some of these ideas is a great start in moving beyond them. We all have them but we do not have to live by them anymore.

There is enough for everyone. If you believe it, if you can see it, if you act from it, it will show up for you. That’s the truth.

― Michael Beckwith

When you think about money and abundance, what are the first things that come up in your mind? Is it the fear of not having enough? The fear of not being able to pay the bills? To provide for your family?

These fearful thoughts is what will prevent abundance from coming to you. You need to move beyond this and it starts with self-regulating your thoughts.

Whenever you think of money and the fears start to surface, STOP. Shift to all the wonderful things money will do in your life. Correct your own thoughts whenever you catch yourself thinking the wrong way.

Write down all the wonderful things that having abundance in your life will do for you and those people close to you.

Focus on emotions. You need to condition your mind to feel good about having money.

Visualisation is a great tool and one of the most powerful ways to manifest money. You need to build a vision for having wealth and abundance in your life. Do whatever it takes to build this idea in your mind and make it as vivid as possible.

The key is to make this so real in your mind that it FEELS like its already happened.

Dedicate 10 minutes three times a day to focus on the wealth and abundance you want to manifest. You need to pull yourself out of the day-to-day reality and CREATE your future.

You can only do that by removing all distractions, closing your eyes and shifting your mind and emotions on to that which you do want to manifest.

Using a guided meditation can help for some while others can just close their eyes but the important thing is to remove as much sensory stimulation from your environment as possible.

The last 10 minutes before you fall asleep every night and the first 10 minutes after you wake up in the morning are the 2 most important times if you want to manifest abundance.

During these times your mind is “between worlds” and the conscious mind is still suppressed. The subconscious is very active and you can more easily pass ideas on to your deeper mind.

During these times, use visualisation and running mental movies af your manifestation realised. mentally live in those scenes where you have all the money your heart desires. These are the most effective times for doing visualisation.

Affirmations got a bad wrap thanks to many self help books abusing the idea. Affirmations are incredibly effective. Your mind will ALWAYS be focused on something. With affirmations you can help your mind to not focus on the negative.

Create a few affirmations that is meaningful to you. Memorize them and use it like a mantra – repeating it over and over to yourself. Even just something as simple as the word “wealth”. Repeating it over and over again will cast away negative and fearful thoughts.

Gratitude. This is without a doubt the most important part in manifesting abundance. By appreciating everything that you already have your increase its value (it appreciates).

The energy of gratitude is the energy that attracts money and abundance to you.

When you are grateful, fear disappears and abundance appears

– Tony Robbins

It is impossible to be grateful and unhappy at the same time. True gratitude has the power to eliminate all the fears and worries that may prevent abundance from manifesting in your life.

Manifesting abundance does not have to be this “big” and complicated project. In fact, if you make it this mountain in your mind then that will be your experience.

When you change your energy, what you attract into your life changes immediately.

If you want to manifest $10 million in the next 3 days then you probably won’t because in your mind it seems impossible. Set yourself a goal, an amount or something that you can easily imagine and visualize and make sure that it is not way outside your spectrum of belief.

Start with something small and build on that – each time going for something bigger.

Manifesting abundance in smaller steps will help you get better at it and you will start to realize that you truly can attract anything into your life.

Set yourself a challenge to focus entirely on manifesting abundance for the next 21 days. If you really put all your energy into it you will see amazing results.


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