Money and the Law of Attraction by Esther and Jerry Hicks – Book Summary

Money and the Law of Attraction is another book based on the teachings of Abraham who is a non-physical entity channelled by Esther and Jerry Hicks, which instructs the reader how to use the basics of this law to gain health, happiness and wealth.

This book identifies the many misconceptions surrounding attraction, and gives example of how to align your thoughts to bring about what you want.

According to the Law of Attraction not having good health or enough money puts you in the ideal position to create more of that which you don’t have. However this book shows you how to deliberately align to the Law of Attraction, so that it works for you.

This book is written in five parts and the summary will also be broken down in this manner:

  1. Processing of Pivoting and Positive Aspects
  2. Attracting Money and Manifesting Abundance
  3. Maintaining Your Physical Well-Being
  4. Perspectives of Health, Weight, and Mind
  5. Careers, as Profitable Sources of Pleasure

In some places in the book there is a lot of back and forth dialogue between Abraham and Jerry, but for the sake of this summary only the points of interest will be noted, rather than who said what, and reference will be made to the authors in plural.

Processing of Pivoting and Positive Aspects

The book starts by explaining that all parts of your life experience come about by the Law of Attraction because of the thoughts you think, and the way you see your life story, and when you use intention to revise your story, then it and your life will improve.

You think life is unfair because you have worked hard, yet you see no improvement, whilst those around you seem to achieve much more without even trying.

This leads you to ask what you are missing – what is it these successful people know that you don’t.

When you know you are doing your best, and everything anyone has told you will bring you success, but still it eludes you, this can make you feel defensive and angry at those who have what you want, and can lead to you condemning their success.

According to the Law of Attraction, if you do this, you will never be financially successful, healthy or happy.

You may even believe that there is some undesirable forces at work preventing you from getting what you want, but this is not true, as success is in your control, and you can consciously and deliberately control it.

When you return to the real nature of your Being you can achieve whatever you desire. In order to remember how to achieve success the author suggests that you deliberately relax and breath deeply as you read the book, as this will allow you to recognize the absolute truths as you see them.

It is your natural birthright to achieve success, but when you blame others for your lack of success you are powerless to change the situation.

The fact that you feel emotional discomfort indicates that something is wrong and this is as it should be because you are meant to succeed, be happy and healthy.

This does not mean that an injustice has occurred but merely that you are not attuned to your own Being – who you really are.

What is wrong is inside you and gaining control is easy once you understand the crux of the matter regarding the Law of Attraction and the merit the Emotional Guidance System, which is always with you.

We are often told that money is the root of all evil, but this is not true and neither is it the route to happiness.

The problem is that money is a major factor in your vibrational makeup because you think about it many times a day. However as soon as you are able to purposefully guide your thoughts, your financial situation will improve and this can help you purposely improve all aspects of your

life. Understanding the Law of Attraction will serve you well.

You came into your body knowing that you had the power to create and expand with a guidance system to help you, and felt eager to experience this time space reality, but starting out in a new small physical body, you were not a beginner but a creative genius.

You were born aware that you are a powerful Being capable of creating your own experience and that the Law of Attraction would serve you well and was the means to all creation in this new environment.

As an infant you were aware that you do not achieve through action but through your thoughts and that you would eventually become totally reoriented in your new life.

Much of your confidence on this new venture came from the fact that the Law of Attraction stays steady and even, and that the response of life would help you remember and stay balanced.

The origin of everything is vibration and the Law of Attraction holds like vibrations together and dissimilar ones apart.

So when you feel weighed down people cannot help you recover from this feeling because you cannot find them, and the people that you are in contact only add to this bad feeling.

Likewise when you feel you are being mistreated, then justice cannot find you because you see injustice, and send out this vibration which prevents anything else coming to you.

This works the same with money, so if you are unhappy that you don’t have enough money or the opportunity to earn it, then this is not because you don’t deserve it, but because the Law of Attraction matches like for like.

Consequently when you feel poor you will experience poverty and when you feel prosperous you will be rich, and when you pay attention, the law will teach you through life experience.

Again the authors stress that when you remember that you get what you think about, you have the keys to Deliberate Creation.


Vibration exists in everything and your body is vibration in motion. The Law of Attraction constantly sorts to bring like vibrations together whereas things at a different vibrational level and nature are being repelled.

Everything both physical and non physical is vibration and it is your knowledge of vibration, which will help you bridge both worlds, consciously, but you do not have to understand in order to feel the difference between discord and harmony.

Vibrations are interpreted through your five senses, but it is the sixth sense, your emotions, which give you constant feedback about your current vibrations, your thoughts.

It is when you become aware of the link between how you feel and what is coming into your life that you are empowered to make changes. If you don’t make this connection and continue to think that you don’t have the things that you want, then they will not come to you.

“Abundance cannot find you unless you offer a vibration of abundance.”

– Abraham

The common reply to this is, “how can I offer a vibration of prosperity when I am not prosperous” The thing is that you don’t have to be prosperous in order offer this, all you have to do is take notice of the good things that come to you and this will keep them coming.

You have to find a way of feeling the anticipation and exhilaration of your unrealized dreams before they can become a reality.

It is time to live life deliberately, time to remember your reason for being, your personal power and again the authors request that you get comfortable, take a deep breath and slowly read the book to establish your vibrational essence to what it was in the beginning.

You have to start telling the story of your life, as you want it to be now and stop telling stories about how it is, or how it has been.

You have to think deliberately in order to live deliberately, which means having a reference point to establish correct thinking, and telling the story you want to experience. To do this you have to feel good about your story every time you tell it.

Every subject is two subjects, as you see with the example, abundance/poverty – you either have abundance or lack of abundance, which of course is poverty and this applies to all things.

The problem is that you are inclined to focus on telling it like it is, rather than making the statement of what you desire and it is this that is responsible for mis-creating.

Consequently, this is why if you want the Law of Attraction to bring you a new life you have to start telling a new story.

The best way to start telling a new story is to listen to what you now say as you go through your day.

When you find yourself stating something that opposes what you want stop and admit that you know what you don’t want, and ask yourself what you do want. Then with force and intent make your statement of desire.

In this way instead of saying I am fat, state I want to be slender.

This will cause a shift in the way you feel about the subject, which is a sign of a vibrational shift.

When this happens your point of attraction also shifts. This process of recognizing that every subject is in fact two subjects, and then intentionally thinking or speaking about the part you desire is known as pivoting.

However, if you have doubts as you speak these words, they will not bring you what you want, as the Law of Attraction is responding to the vibration emanating from you, not your words.

Pivoting is powerful and can immediately change your life.

You create by virtue of the thought that you are offering, and each thought has its own vibrational frequency.

The thoughts you create attract another thought that is its vibrational match, and by the Law of Attraction will attract another and another until they are sufficiently powerful to attract a manifestation, a real life situation.

When thoughts are aligned they feel good because the vibration is set in motion by your better feeling thought will be similar to your larger non physical part, your Inner Being.

Whereas when you focus on seeing your self as a failure you are out of alignment, as your inner being only focuses on your success.

The times when you feel total exhilaration are when you are aligned with the Source within and with who you really are. This allows you to achieve satisfying careers and wonderful relationships faster.

The thought you are choosing right now attracts the next and the next and provides the source of your alignment with your inner being.

It is also possible for you to have a conflicting experience if you are out of alignment with your Source and Well-Being. Consequently you lack well-being and become ill.

Whenever you have fears, frustrations, doubts, feel lonely or any other negative emotion, you are experiencing the result of a negative thought that is not in tune with your Inner Being. When you allow this to continue for a long time, you health often deteriorates. Illness is caused by separation between you and your Inner Being.

It is possible to pivot from feeling bad to feeling good, but most people think that everything around them has to be how they want it to be before they can feel good, and feel powerless to feel good all the time because they things need to change, and they cannot do anything about their situation.

But once you comprehend that every subject is two subjects:

“What is wanted and lack of it”

You can become skilled at seeing the more positive aspects of what you are thinking about, as the process of pivoting is intentionally looking for a better feeling way.

So when you are facing an unwelcome condition and so feeling bad deliberately say:

“I know what I do not want – what is it that I do want?”

This means instead of saying that you never have enough money, tell yourself that you are looking forward to having more money.

These two stories are poles apart and will bring about a totally different vibration, which over time will bring you a different result.

Do this (the process of pivoting) any time you have a negative emotion, to change a bad feeling into a good feeling.


People usually resist telling a different story about their life because they have been taught to always speak the truth, but when you grasp the idea that the Law of Attraction acts in response when you tell your story how it is, you will learn that it is in your interest to tell a different story:

  • The story that closely matches how you want to live.

Especially as the Law of Attraction is precise and consistent, so you are not only telling the story of how your life is now, but also mapping out your future experience.

Deliberately applying the Process of Pivoting is deliberately:

  • Choosing your own thoughts.
  • Choosing your vibrational point of attraction.
  • Choosing how your life unfolds.

This does not mean that you have to wait for something good to happen before you can feel good, as you have the necessary talent to direct your thoughts towards better things, whatever your present circumstances.

“Find good-feeling thoughts and good-feeling manifestations must follow.”

And remember:

  • It is not up to others to make you feel good.
  • Unwanted attracts more unwanted.

To clarify the last point, when you focus on something that you don’t want and try to push it away, it will come closer because whatever you think about you will get, whether you want it or not.

At all times it is necessary to be aware of how you are feeling, as it is possible to think that you are focused on what you want when you are not. Positive words and smiling lips do not always mean a positive vibration.

You have to focus on the solution not the problem:

  • How it will happen
  • When it will happen
  • Who will bring it

Your thoughts are authoritative, and you are in charge of your own experience much more than most of you realize.

An example is given here:

A young father is constantly frustrated because his son wets the bed each night. When he enters his bedroom each morning he smells the odor and feels angry, frustrated and helpless and tells his son he’s too old for all this and to remove his wet clothes and have a bath.

The authors explain that the father is actually responsible for the bedwetting because he feels controlled by it, and it is impossible to change this unless he changes how he feel about the condition.

When asked what he wants the father replies that he wants his son to wake up dry, happy and proud of himself, rather than embarrassed.

This father felt liberated as he focused upon what he wanted as he was in accord with his desire.

The authors explained to the father that with these thoughts his words will be in harmony with what he actually wants and will consequently influence his son positively:

  • We have all been through this, as it is part of growing up and you are growing up fast, so take of your wet clothes and have a bath.

Your feelings are important because indicate what you are attracting. When you feel bad – you are on route to attracting something that you will not like and the reason for this is that you are alert to something you lack or do not want. This guidance system lets you know its time to pivot and choose better feeling thoughts.

When you are experiencing a negative emotion and are in the process of attracting something that you do not want, just recognizing that you want to feel good, will start to turn your thoughts around.

The author stresses that it is important to know the difference between not wanting to feel bad and wanting to feel good, as these are total opposites with vast vibrational differences.

As you make up your mind that you want to feel good you will find it simple to choose a better feeling thought, time and time again, but when your thoughts are moving back and forth between unwanted and wanted all the time, you lose the benefit of the energy of your positive thought.

The authors encourage you to buy a notebook and write, “My Book of Positive Aspects” boldly across the front cover.


  • Then whenever you want to improve your feelings write down the positive aspects of your present situation. You can also write about the things you already feel positive about, as this gets you into the habit of having good feeling thoughts and help you become more positively orientated.

The Law of Attraction manages all vibrations and adds power to thoughts so it is easier to go from a thought that makes you feel slightly better to an even better feeling thought to a much better feeling thought that go straight to a really great feeling thought.

After a good nights sleep, you are in your most positive vibrational state when you first wake up in the morning. So before you even get out of bed, start your day by looking for a few positive aspects of your life, then you will have a positive start to the day, which will set the tone of your thoughts as you go through you day.

The authors explain that awaking in the morning is similar to being born, so the moment you open your eyes you should say to your self,”today I will look for reasons to feel good in order to echo the positive aspects of the Universe”.

When you awake your vibration is in the same place you left it, so if you worry about something before you go to sleep, then you will pick up the vibration where you left it and start the day with that negative footing. This also means that the Law of Attraction will bring more of these types of thoughts to you, but if you identify positive aspects of your life before you go to sleep, you will wake up with a positive attitude and look for reasons to feel good.

This is how you start to gain control over your thoughts and life.

Bedtime and Morning Process

  • Recall the best things that happened during the day.
  • My favorite part was….
  • The thing I liked about that was….
  • Focus on getting a good night sleep and waking up totally refreshed.
  • Think about how comfortable you feel now, how soft your pillow feels.
  • Make your intention to sleep well and wake up refreshed with a positive point of attraction.
  • Sleep.

In the morning spend a few minutes before you get out of bed looking for positive aspects in your surroundings and continue this as you go through the day. The moment you feel any negative emotion, stop and acknowledge this emotion and say, “I want to feel good.” Look for reasons to laugh and have fun.

Whenever you are feeling negative it means you are resisting something that you want.

It is not difficult to become more intentional about the things you think about and whenever you are not feeling good, just stop and say, “Nothing is more important than that I feel good – I want to find a reason now to feel good.”

As you are intentionally looking for positive aspects in yourself or in others, you will find more of those things:

“The better it gets, the better it gets.” This is because you always get more and more of what you are thinking about – “whether you want it or not”.

This is because when you give your attention to anything either by saying, come to me or go away the Law of Attraction starts the process of bringing it to you.

In this way when you say you want perfect health you attract it, but in the same way when you say you do not want sickness you attract it.

Start each day with the statement: “My main intent is to look for what I want to see.”


A question Jerry asked Abraham was if he could use the Pivoting Process so that he did not feel other people’s pain and discomfort. He is told that the pain he is feeling is not because the other person is in pain, but because he has chosen to look at a part of them that causes him to feel pain.

At times like this it is necessary to deliberately keep your focus positive, as you are not feeling the pain, which their situation is causing them, but your own pain that has been bought about by your own thinking.

If you do not focus on other people’s problems, they will still have the problem, but you will feel good. However when you focus on their problems, they will still have the problem, and so will you.

By far the best way is to imagine a solution, which will make you feel good and possibly influence them into a more positive thinking way.

How do you end a relationship without being hurt by the other person being hurt?

When you end a relationship and the other person is distraught, you will find that you are powerless to maintain a balance if you pay attention to this, as you cannot control this persons perspective.

The authors advise that the best way is to find your vibrational balance first by focusing on what you want before you separate, otherwise you may be uncomfortable for a long time, and these negative vibrations will linger even into a new relationship.

You should never walk away from a relationship feeling guilty, defensive or angry, but when you do the vibrational work and leave feeling good, you will not experience a replay of what went before.

Likewise you should not take responsibility for other peoples lives, but when you see them as lacking and know that things will get better for them, you will start to feel better.

Keep your thoughts about them as happy ones, and do not go over and over sad conversations you have had with them, but see them getting on with their lives and trust that they will have the inner strength to find their own way.

When finishing a relationship talk to your partner and tell him or her that you think he or she is a wonderful person, and explain that although you haven’t connected in as many ways as you would have liked, you know that there is a perfect partner waiting for them, and that you are releasing him or her to make this possible.

Make it clear that even though he or she is unhappy now, happiness is around the corner.

No matter how negative something appears you have the ability to listen for guidance or reach for good feelings by pivoting. The authors advise us not to play what if games because you can find a positive solution to any situation as long as you focus strongly.

If you have to play the “what if” game then do so looking for positive aspects and tell a story that gives you a feeling of empowerment. Look for the things you want to see, those that will make you feel better.

When you deliberately look for evidence of success, thriving, well being or happiness you become in tune with the vibrations of these things and good feeling vibrations will dictate your life.

When you are an intentional and positive contributor to your world you will love life, and when you decide that you want to feel good and intentionally look for the positively in your everyday life, and identify and focus on what you want from life, you will be on the path of perpetual satisfaction and joy.

Attracting Money and Manifesting Abundance

Most people find freedom and money are synonymous and although some people have the freedom of having a lot of money, it is more common to have less money than you want.

However the journey to being wealthy does not have to be a long one, nor does it take much time or physical effort, as there is a direct link between the thoughts you have and the money that comes to you.

Like everything else the subject of money is really two subjects:

  • Plenty of money and the feeling of freedom that it can provide
  • Lack of money and the feeling of fear the thought of this induce.

When you say you want more money you assume that you are speaking in a positive tone, but if talking about anything makes you feel fearful, you are speaking about not having enough money.

For example if you admire an object and say you cannot afford it, then your vibrational position will not allow you the abundance you want.

The authors explain that if you keep looking and speaking of what is you will not get what you desire. So in order to change this you have to offer different vibration.

When you look after you alignment first then what you accumulate enhances the way you feel, but if you do not do this and try to make yourself feel better with more, or partake in more activities to make yourself feel better, you will only find yourself further out of balance, as you are defying the Law.

In fact any action you take that comes from a place of lack is always counterproductive, and will only lead to further feeling of lack, as the void you feel cannot be filled with things or fulfilled with action.

This is because it is due to a vibrational discord between your desires and your constant habitual thought.

As in the first part of the book, the answer lies in offering better feeling thoughts, telling another story and looking for positive, ”what if’s”.

When you do this, the things you have wanted will appear, but they do not come to fill the void, as it no longer exists and this is also the reason why they do appear.

Neither money nor poverty is the path to happiness and you must find a way to look optimistically forward in order to make any progress in your experience. Struggling never has a happy ending because it goes against the Law.

You are not here to accumulate but to create and as you achieve a constantly happy state, and begin to feel prosperous, you will be able to attract more of what you want.

Process to help money flow:

  • Put $100 in your pocket
  • Keep it with you always
  • As you go through the day, intentionally notice how many things you could buy with this money.

The authors explain that when you mentally spend $100 a thousand times in a day, you have vibrationally spent $100,000. This process will cause you to feel differently about money and when you point of attraction shift, the Law makes money flow into your experience.

How other people assess you has no bearing on your point of attraction and what you attract has nothing to do with what anyone else is doing.

The best way to be productive is to pay attention to the feelings you have about money. If you want more money but have doubts that you will get it, then you are not in balance.

When you feel insecure, jealous, inadequate etc your Emotional Guidance System is letting you know that you are not aligned with what you want. When you feel good you are in harmony with your intent and the Universe will respond.

Make the following statements:

  • “I want to be the best that I can be.”
  • “I want to do and have and live in a way that is in agreement with my idea of the greatest goodness.”
  • “I want to harmonize physically here in this body with that which I believe to be the best, or the good way, of life.”

There is only one thing that affects your experience and that is the way you make use of the Non-Physical Energy with your thought. It is all to do with perspective, and if you want money to flow, you have to start telling a different story.

Criticizing others for living well only serves to hold you in vibrational discord with what you want, and this is always the reason for negative emotion.

When you feel any negative emotion you should redirect your thoughts to align vibrationally with your current desires and who you really are.

When you understand about the Law of Attraction, you won’t be concerned about things that are out of your control, such as the value of the dollar, inflation or depression.

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Downward Spirals

The authors explain that the reason for a downward spiral is attention to lack, and as long as this is your point of attention, all you will get is more loss. People often then hit rock bottom and once they have nothing else to lose, shift their attention and are no longer in a place of guardedness.

This in turn shifts the point of vibration and attraction, which forces them to start telling a different story and circumstances can only improve. The more you intentionally choose better feelings, the door will open and everything you want will flood in.

Skills, talents and abilities have very little to do with how much money comes into your experience, as your words and thoughts are why you life develops as it does.

The most valuable talent that you will ever need is the skill of directing your thoughts toward what you want, and following this through with your undivided attention.

Hoping that you will win the lottery is a little more productive than doubting, but expecting is so much more productive than hoping.

Many people ask how they can expect something if they haven’t experienced it, and the key is to start telling stories that point towards what you want instead of what you have, so that your vibration shift and get different results.

Negativity in respect to money and cancer

One question Jerry asked Abraham was about the difference about having a negative feeling about money and therefore having none come your way, and saying you don’t want cancer, yet getting it.

The answer lies in that you get the essence of what you think about. Consequently if your thoughts are about a lack of health, then this is what you get.

Likewise, if they are about a lack of money, this is what you will get. You will know by the way you feel whether you are attracting positive or negative facets. The Universe does not hear the word no, so when you say no, I don’t want cancer, your attention is saying, yes; bring me what I don’t want.

When you believe that money comes to you only through hard work, then this means money cannot come to you unless you do work hard.

However the money you receive from working hard is very little in comparison of what comes from alignment to thought.

If you do not feel comfortable with the idea of spending money, the authors explain that you should definitely not spend any thing whilst you feel this way, as doing this amidst a negative emotion is not a good idea because you thoughts in this moment are not a vibrational match to your own desire.

You should never allow others to set standards regarding how much money you should have, or what you should do with it. Investing and saving your money is neither positive nor negative, but it can inspire you to feel good and be in harmony with what you want.

People often say that wanting money is materialistic, not spiritual but the authors explain that your spirit has materialized into this physical world where Spirit and physical blend, and in this state you cannot separate your self from either the Spiritual or the physical, as all wonderful physical things around you are Spiritual in nature.

“Old” Story about Money:

  • I just can’t afford all the things that I want.
  • Although I make more money than I used to, I never seem to have enough to be able to get ahead.
  • My parents have always struggled with money, so I guess I’ve inherited this.
  • Everyone I know is struggling and worried about money.
  • Making a deliberate effort to tell a new story can change all this and attract what you want into your life.

“New” Story about Money:

  • I like the notion that money is on hand as is the air I breathe.
  • It is fun to imagine loads of money flowing to me; I can control my attitude about money, and like the notion of breathing in and breathing out more money.
  • The more I tell my story of abundance, the happier I feel.
  • I like the idea that I can adjust how much money I receive, just by adjusting my thoughts.
  • I feel secure knowing that in time, I will line up my thoughts with abundance and money will flow to me.
  • I understand that others have various perspectives about money, and that I do not have to understand theier point of view or experience.
  • I understand that it’s ok to feel negative about money occasionally, but I intend to quickly direct my thoughts to better feeling ones, as these bring positive results.
  • Although I know money will not manifest the moment I change my thinking, I do expect to see a steady improvement.
  • I know that the first substantiation of my alignment with money will be my improved mood, feeling and attitude, and then real changes in my finances will follow.
  • I can see evidence of the Law of Attraction’s response to my thoughts.
  • I am living an extremely abundant life, and it is good to know that I can achieve whatever I want.
  • It is great to know that I am unlimited.

It is explained that there is no right or wrong way to tell an improved story and it can be about experiences in you past present or future, but it is important that you tell a better feeling improved version, so that it is the way you want it to be.

Maintaining Your Physical Well-Being

Although most people’s idea of success revolves around property, money and other possessions, the greatest factor for sustaining a constant state of joy and well-being is by having a healthy body. A good feeling body is imperative for an ongoing good attitude.

Many people complain that it is easy to be positive when you are young and in good health, but that it is not so easy when you are older or have failing health, but the authors say they never encourage using health or age as a reason for not being positive as it is a limiting thought, that prevents recovery or improvement.

Whether you are feeling good and want to keep this state of well-being or have a health problem and are looking for recovery, the process is the same.

You have to learn to guide your thoughts to things that make you feel good and find the power that only comes when you are vibrationally aligned with your source.

If you do not feel good or like the way you look, then this has a way of spilling over into the rest of your life experience and this is why the authors stress the value of bringing your physical body into balance, as there is nothing that responds to your thoughts faster than the physical body.

Whenever you are somewhat unwell, you should immediately turn your attention to being well, as once this takes hold and you are sick you will notice how you feel, and in doing this will prolong the illness.

If you physical condition is good, focusing on your body and appreciating all that is good about it will maintain that condition, but if you want to make changes in the way you look or the way your body feels, you will benefit from telling a different story.

Your story should not only concern your body but anything that has caused you concerns, and as you start to focus positively, you will start to feel the power of the Universe flowing through you.

This is because only you create your experience and everything that comes to you is from the power of your thought, and telling better feeling stories about everything will have an amazing affect on your physical body.

Before you are able to make clear what you do want you have to be able to identify what you do not want, and there is nothing wrong with noticing a problem in order to find a solution.

However many people become more orientated with the problem than finding a solution, which only perpetuates the problem.

Likewise some will worry that as they are already sick, they cannot get well because they have given sickness there attention, but when you focus on positive results, you can change the outcome and become well again.


Reserve fifteen minutes and find a quiet place where you will not be disturbed, so that you can close your eyes and withdraw from your awareness of what is.

Imagine you are physically thriving, walking briskly and breathing deeply as you enjoy the taste of the air.

Visualize yourself walking briskly up a slope and see yourself stretching, bending and enjoying the flexibility of your body.

When you enjoy visualizing, your thoughts are pure and therefore powerful, but when you visualize overcoming something that is wrong, then your thoughts are watered down with the lackful side of equation. In time you will start to believe the new story, and when your beliefs match your desires, they will become your reality.

The only thing that stands between you and whatever you desire is your own thought patterns, because according to the Law of Attraction you are attracting more of the essence of your state of being and the way you feel.

Your Inner Being continues to evolve through the thousands of lives you live. A good feeling verifies that you are aligned with your source, so when you start telling stories that feel good as you tell them, you will have a steady connection with that Stream of Well-Being that is always flowing to you.

The role of thought in traumatic injuries is the same as it is for any other disease and healing can be promoted through thought as well. The authors state that it is an interesting fact that most people exhaust all the other options before they do what really works.

Your body’s cells are intelligent and they are always balancing themselves. The better you feel the less you interfere vibrationally with this rebalancing, but once an illness has been diagnosed and you turn your attention to that illness, it hinders it even more.

No matter what disease you have or how far it is progressed, you can direct your thoughts positively.

The authors say that some people might disagree with this point of view and say that they are being irresponsible for not influencing you to have regular checkups as a preventative measure.

Their answer to this is that if they did not understand the power of your thoughts, they might, but they add, if it makes you feel more secure, then by all means go to the doctor.

Doctors, medicines and all healing professions are neither good nor bad, but can be as valuable as your vibrational stance allows them to be.

A trip to the doctor when accompanied by love, joy or good feeling emotion is always valuable, whereas doing this when motivated by vulnerability, fear or any bad feeling emotion, is never valuable.

It is difficult to concentrate on what you want when you are in pain, but you can look for times when the pain is not as intense and then focus upon Well-Being. If it is possible not to think about the pain, then it will subside, but the more you give it your undivided attention, this perpetuates more of what you don’t want.

So when possible choose the times of lesser discomfort, and the best feeling times to find positive aspects and choose better feeling thoughts. As you continually reach for thoughts, which bring emotional relief, then this positive leaning will ultimately bring you back to Well-Being.

When discussing why some are born with physical disabilities the authors explain that these souls have deliberately came into the world wanting physical disability because they wanted to add balance to their perspective, and knew that they could get some benefit from it.

When Jerry discussed AIDS with Abraham he is told that there is no one, no matter how far they have deteriorated that cannot achieve perfect health, but if you believe that something is fatal and can’t be cured, then you will not.

However not surviving is nothing to do with the disease but your thoughts, so say to yourself:

I am the creator of my own experience, I do not choose death at this time, I choose recovery and you can recover. When you change your thoughts, it is law that your experience must also change.

It is your thoughts that allow vaccines to succeed, as they amplify your belief.

Likewise medical doctors, faith healers and witch doctors all stimulate belief in their patients, and bring about positive results. When science and medicine start looking for imbalances instead of cures, they will see many more people recover. When a doctor believes that your illness is terminal, then this is extremely detrimental.

If you have a friend or relative who is in a coma, it is still possible to communicate with them in vibrational way other than with your words. The main reason they are unconscious is because they are seeking a pick me up from the lackful thoughts that have been hampering them.

The best attitude to have with someone who is unconscious or in a coma is to tell them that you love them unconditionally, and tell them to do what is best for them.

Jerry ask Abraham whether it is possible to recover from the knotted and twisted joints of arthritis and memory loss of Alzheimer’s, and is again told that when you change your thoughts, the vibrational indicators must also change. The only reasons these diseases seem to be unchangeable and stubborn is because so are you thoughts.

You can change every experience but you have to start by seeing your world differently.

Your vibrational balance affects your physical wellness more than chemicals, such as alcohol, nicotine, or cocaine, but those who seek these substances come from a place of less alignment and use these chemicals to fill the void that is present because of the vibrational imbalance.

Likewise better nutrition and more exercise are less important than vibrational balance. They can add to your health, but unless you take the time to balance yourself first, it will be a lot of hard work for little gain.

The chief cause of illness is giving thought to unwanted topics, ignoring the negative feeling you have and keeping your attention on the unwanted until by the Law of Attraction more and more negative thoughts and experiences are attracted.

This is why it is important to disperse any negative emotion the moment you notice it, as it always gets bigger otherwise and causes physical deterioration.

“Old” Story about My Physical Well-Being:

  • My body has symptoms that worry me.
  • I feel less strong, healthy and secure, as I get older.
  • I’ve tried to take care of myself, but it hasn’t helped much.
  • I suppose its normal to feel worse as time goes on.
  • I am really worried about my health because I saw that happen to my parents.

“New” Story about My Physical Well-Being:

  • My body responds to my thoughts and the better I feel, the more I allow myself to be healthy.
  • I like knowing that there is a direct link between how I feel and my thoughts.
  • I like knowing that those feelings can help me choose better feeling thoughts, to produce better feeling vibrations and a healthier body.
  • I am becoming skilled at choosing my thoughts, and have the power to change any condition.
  • My physical health is just an indicator of the state of my constant thoughts and I can control both.
  • The human body is amazing. It is flexible, intelligent, seeing, hearing, tasting, and smelling, touching, resilient thing.
  • I love my life in my physical body and it serves me well.

 The list can go on, as there is no right or wrong way to tell your improved story as long as you intend to tell a better feeling improved version.

Perspectives of Health, Weight, and Mind

There is much value to bringing your physical body into alignment because people think more about their bodies than any thing else and everything is influenced by how you feel about your physical body, although medicine and science are slow to acknowledge the mind body connection.

When you accept your Being as a whole and make vibrational alignment your main priority then you can maintain your desired physical body, but if you gauge your health by the conditions, experience and opinions of others, you will have little control over your physical body.

There is no need to compare your body to others because you are all meant to be different, as you came forth with great diversity to add balance to this time and place.

So instead of analysing or assessing your physical body, spend more time looking at the advantages it offers you and to the balance of All That Is.

When you push against the unwanted you only attract more unwanted. So if your body does not look or feel the way you want it to, then you will see and have thoughts of lack regarding your body, and from this place you will only attract more of what you don’t like.

Attention to illness in the human race is why diseases are running rampant and you should think about wellness, not lack of it, what you want to be, not what you think you lack, as illnesses are only born because of your negative attention to them.

The potential for health or sickness lies with in you at all times, and whatever you turn your attention to starts to promote the manifestation of the essence of that thought, as thought is extremely powerful.

Everything you are living is as a consequence of the thoughts that you are thinking, and there is no immunity from that.

In order to maintain or regain your health, focus on things that make you feel good. You don’t have to fight against illness, just relax into your wellness, and find good feeling thoughts by repeating the steps in the previous sections, as your body is an absolute reflection of your thoughts.

Whenever you notice a negative emotion, it is your Guidance System helping you realize that you are offering thoughts of resistance, which will hinder the Stream of Well-Being, and are in the process of attracting what you do not want.

The authors repeat that the moment you notice a negative emotion you should stop and ask what it is that you do not want, so that you can turn your attention to what you do want.

There is no thing as death as you know it and it is up to you when you remove your focus from your physical body, but as long as you remain excited and interested in this environment, then there is no limit to the time you can stay focused in your body.

However your experience will be shortened when you focus negatively and cannot maintain your Connection to the Stream.

Weight Control

To control your weight the authors recommend visualizing yourself as the way you want to be so that you attract your ideal body. People often choose food in the same way others choose drink or drugs to fill the void when they are not feeling good.

The consumption of food and the burning of calories have little to do with your weight because your results are only about your alignment of Energy caused by your thoughts.

“Get happy, then eat. But do not try to eat your way to happiness”

If you believe you gain weight easily then you will, and if you believe that you can eat anything without gaining weight then this will be your experience, and what other people think about your body is insignificant.

The authors give examples of old and new stories about the body in the same vein, as in previous sections, and again there is no right or wrong way to tell your new story as long as you tell an improved version that brings about better feelings to change your point of attraction.

Careers, as Profitable Sources of Pleasure

Most people have a need to justify their existence by how they make a living.

The authors explain you should decide early in life that your main reason for living is to live happily ever after, and choose your career to lean towards those activities, rather than trying to find a job that will give you money to spend on things to make you happy.

When you are aligned with the Source within, then your beliefs and desires are in balance and you never feel you have to justify yourself to someone else.

If you feel someone is being judgmental of you or attack­ing you, it is a natural reaction to defend yourself. However when you are aligned with your Inner Being the need to defend subsides quickly because any vulnerability has been replaced with a firm sense of who you­ really are.

Those who are seeking status have traded their own Guidance System with seeking approval from others, and that is a rather unfulfilling way to live because these people won’t be interested in you for long.

If you think it is selfish and you are being uncaring to those around you by looking for what makes you happy, this is not the case, as you cannot uplift others unless you are connected to the Stream of Well-Being.

Everyone is born wanting to uplift and be of value, but most of the lack you feel is not because you are not providing value to others, but because your thoughts are not aligned.

When you are aligned with who you really are, you cannot help but uplift those around you, and the Law of Attraction does not surround you with discontented people when you are content, nor content people when you are discontented.

Your life is not what you do in your spare time or when you retire, you are in the throws of life now, and it is really a symbol of how you are feeling now.

If it is unfulfilling, difficult or unpleasant, it is not because you are standing in the wrong place, but because your viewpoint is misted over by challenging thoughts.

If your dominant intent is to feel joy when choosing a career, or going about your job, then you totally align with the Non-Physical aspects of your Being and this allows your growth to become swift and satisfying.


  • Freedom is the foundation of your life experience.
  • Joy is your objective.
  • Growth is the outcome of all that.
  • You will not be balanced if you believe you are unworthy.
  • You have nothing to prove to anyone and nothing to justify.
  • You cannot focus upon lack and have what you desire.
  • Your life will be as good as you allow it to be.

If you believe you have to work hard in order to be abundant, then it cannot come without hard work, but in most cases, hard work makes you feel worse, which doesn’t give you the results you wanted to be given for your hard work.

Frequently there are negative influences in your work environment but the idea of quitting does not feel good either so people are inclined to soldier on feeling trapped and unhappy. If you say to yourself that nothing is more important than feeling good, you will find yourself guided to different behaviors, words and thoughts.

As in all the previous sections of the book the authors explain that the simple exercise of intentionally looking for positive aspects in the people you work with and your job will give you an instant feeling of relief, which indicates a shift in your vibration and point of attraction. The Universe is then allowed to deliver your desires to you.

The quickest way to improve your work environment is to think about all the best things until you flood your vibrational pattern with appreciation, and allow new and improved circumstances in.

Appreciation is a tuned-in turned on feeling whereas gratitude is when you are happy because you have overcome a struggle.

When you take the time to see your life, as you want it to be, you tap into a power that is unavailable to you when you think about the problems in your life.

Whenever you find your work feels like a struggle it is necessary to remember that it is your conflicting thoughts, which introduce resistance into the equation, and thinking about what you don’t want wears you down and causes fatigue.

“Old” Story about My Career:

  • I have always worked hard in my workplace, but have never been appreciated.
  • I think my employers always take advantage of me.
  • I am tired of working so hard for so little
  • I’m going to start doing less.
  • Many people work less than I do, but earn more money.

“New” Story about My Career:

  • I know I will not always be doing the same work as I do now.
  • It is fun to anticipate where I am heading.
  • Where I am is constantly changing for the better.
  • I see evidence everyday that things always work out for me.
  • It is fund to see that everything works out for me.
  • Again there is no right or wrong way to tell your improved story, as long as your intention is to tell a better feeling story.
  • So – Its time to tell a new story and if your old story is about all the things that have gone wrong, sickness, the people who have let you down and lack of money.
  • Change it – To how well thing are going, how well you are doing, good health, people never let you down and abundance flows.
  • For when you main intention is to develop and amend your story your life will constantly improve because this is the powerful Law of Attraction.

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