How to Manifest Money Quickly With The Pennies to Millions Technique

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You can manifest money quickly with this simple pennies to millions manifestation technique that uses the power of the law of attraction and vibration.

Learning how to manifest money quickly using the law of attraction is not about learning any new skills. If anything, it is about unlearning what already seems normal and natural to you.

Habits and beliefs that you hold unconsciously are the biggest barriers to allowing financial abundance to flow effortlessly to you.

The law of attraction dicates that what you think about is what expands in your life. The way most of us have been conditioned to think about money is based on fear.

The fear of not having enough and the fear of losing what we do have dominates most people’s thoughts around money.

Consciously you may have all the desire and intention to have more money. The challenge is that your subconscious program will always step in and handle the majority of your actions and reactions about money and financial situations in your life.

Fighting the subconscious mind and trying to forcefully “install” new thoughts is a hard battle to fight.

The way we overcome these fixed programs in our subconscious when it comes to money and our beliefs about money is to simply bypass it all.

Trying to replace lifelong ideas and beliefs will take a lot of effort and most people will give up long before they get there. It is far easier to simply “go around” these old beliefs and focus on creating new beliefs about money.

That is where the Pennies to Millions technique for manifesting money comes in. It is one of the most effective law of attraction techniques for manifesting money and all it takes it to “install” one new habit.

The Big Problem with Manifesting Money Using The Law Of Attraction

Many people are drawn to the law of attraction because of the “promise” that you can manifest money quickly “out of nothing”. The idea of working yourself to the bone, taking big risks and putting yourself out there to become rich seems to hard for most.

While the law of attraction will not make you rich by doing nothing, it will guide you along the path of least resistance to manifest all the money you could possibly dream of.

This one big mistake that almost everyone makes is that they start out and set an intention to “manifest a million dollars”.

This NEVER works because of one simple fact: in your mind a million dollars is something huge and even something that your mind believes is impossible.

Every time you think about your goal to manifest a million dollars there’s that sinking feeling in the back of your mind that it is impossible. Thinking about it really only serves as a reminder that you do not have it and probably never will.

Can you see how wanting to manifest that kind of money with those sorts of feelings puts you in a vibration that is NOT aligned with abundance?

The truth is that to the universe there is no “big” or “small” and $1 is the same as $1000 or $1 mil.

Its all just energy.

Your thoughts and feelings about that dollar figure is what will either attract or repel it.

You can try to “fight” your habitual money thoughts and with affirmations you definitely can change them.

However, you can simply focus on creating some new habitual thoughts around money that will put you in alignment with the vibration of abundance – without any resistance

The Pennies To Millions Manifestation Technique

The Pennies to Millions manifestation technique is all about “leveling out” your energy around money. You need to set away from this idea that certain amounts of money is “a lot” and others are not.

With this method you teach your subconscious mind that the energy of money coming into your life is all the same.

Your focus is not so much on the amount of money you attract but on the feeling of attracting money and having abundance circulate in your life.

Here’s the Technique for Manifesting Money :

Start placing your intention on manifesting a penny every day. It does not have to be “a penny” per say. It can be any coin or a dollar bill but it has to be a small amount of money.

It needs to be an amount of money that does not present a ‘big goal’ to you.

Every time you find a coin on the floor or a dollar bill in an old pocket, you will stop and pause for a minute. Say to yourself or out loud:

Thank you universe (of God) for this symbol of abundance flowing into my life. I now recognize that money is just energy and this is a symbol of my alignment to the vibration of abundance.

Thank you.

Thank you for reminding me that there is more than enough money and that I am worthy of receiving more. I now open my heart and mind to allow more money to flow into my life now.

Why Does This Technique Manifest Money Fast?

To manifest money fast and work with the law of attraction you simply have to be in a vibrational alignment with what you want to manifest.

If you want to manifest financial abundance you need to be aligned with abundance. What you think and feel about money needs to be “abundant feelings”. Like I mentioned earlier, most of us are not conditioned to think or feel abundant about money.

This technique allows you to feel good about money. The penny or the coin becomes a trigger that reminds you about the fact that you are aligned to money and financial abundance.

Seeing it and feeling grateful is another important step. It allows you to feel good about money coming into your life – how much it is is irrelevant because to the universe $1 is the same as $1 million.

Lastly, because it is now your intention to attract a penny or a coin or some other small and “insignificant” amount of money into your life it is “easy”.

It is not some big mountain of a goal and you will soon see that you will attract this into your life every day without fail because it is something that your mind accepts as easy.

How To Make The Pennies To Millions Technique Work For You

The big secret to make this work and for this to start amplifying in your life is to make this a habit. When you wake up in the morning, remind yourself that today it is your intention to attract a symbol of abundance into your life.

Then, let it go and forget about it. Don’t go looking for it. Allow it to come to you spontaneously.

Once this becomes a habit, abundance will start showing up everywhere. You will find yourself being grateful for it all the time and you will, start feeling good about attracting the energy of abundance.

Acknowledging the good that you already have in your life is the foundation for all abundance.

– Eckhart Tolle

The whole thing starts to snowball really quickly because once you are tuned in to the frequency of abundance you can not help but to attract more

Turning this into a habit is the key though.

You may have to remind yourself of this several times a day for the first week or two but pretty soon it will become a habit.

Even when you start attracting bigger and bigger things, never lose sight of the pennies and coins coming into your life and keep at it with the same habit of noticing them and being really grateful.

Some days you may attract a coin and some days someone might buy you a coffee or you may attract something small indirectly that puts more money in your pocket.

Notice this and always have the same routine of being grateful and acknowledging that it is a symbol of abundance in your life.

Final Thoughts on Manifesting Money Quickly

There is a lot of emphasis on different manifestation techniques these days – especially with how to manifest money quickly. every technique seems to promise more than the next.

Techniques are great because it can help us overcome stuck thoughts and often helps to get us out of a rut.

Its important to always keep in mind that techniques are only a means to an end. No technique in and of itself will manifest anything for you.

One of the reasons I love this pennies to millions technique is because it instils the habit of gratitude.

The spiritual substance from which comes all visible wealth is never depleted. It is right with you all the time and responds to your faith in it and your demands on it.

– Charles Fillmore

Gratitude is a vibration that opens you up to receiving more. The universe reacts in the same way you would when you give someone a special gift and they are ungrateful for it.

Think about that!

How do you react when someone is ungrateful for anything you give them?

How do you react when you give someone something truly special and they react with rejection and they are ungrateful?

You’ve been given the most special gift of all and that is life. You are surrounded by so much to be grateful for. Only when you are deeply grateful for what you already have can you receive more.


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