What is the Spiritual Meaning of Dreaming About Dogs?

What is the Spiritual Meaning of Dreaming about Dogs

What is the Spiritual Meaning of Dreaming about Dogs? On the one end of the spectrum it means good luck, good fortune and is a sign of abundance. On the other end it can be a warning, an old friend reconnecting or call for you to reconnect.

They come in many shapes and sizes, from spy dogs to lap companions. Eevry dream can have slightly different meanings and I will try and cover some of the most significant meanings of them in your dreams.

Dogs are arguably the most wonderful family member and a house isn’t a home without one. But what is the spiritual meaning of dreaming about dogs?

There are many reasons a dog could be hanging about in your dreams and it’s not as unusual as you would think.

Dreams can be a window into our subconscious, a place where the phenomenal is normal and the mundane just doesn’t exist.

They can tell us our deepest darkest desires or point out things that we might need to deal with at some point.

They can be anxiety inducing or downright weird, but every dream has a meaning and everything within our dreams can be interpreted in a multitude of ways.

So, why are you are asking what is the spiritual meaning of dreaming about dogs? Let’s take a look at a few reasons that you might be seeing canines in your dreams and what this could mean for you.

1. What type of dog are you dreaming about?

The breed of dog that is beside you in your dream can be a big indicator of what this means for you. The traits of that breed could be a sign that you need more of that in your life, whether it is you who needs to display more of that feature, or that you may need that quality in someone else.

For example: Are you seeing a giant breed, like a Saint Bernard?

Their characteristics are of a quintessential rescue and protection dog. When someone is lost in the wilderness, they trudge through the snow to seek out and bring that person back safely.

This could mean that you feel lost and just want to be found and protected, or that you feel someone close to you needs your protection.

Are you seeing a loyal dog like a German Shepherd?

This could mean that you are worried about loyalty in your relationships and may need to reassess the relationship that you suspect of being disloyal.

Whichever breed is appearing for you, have a look at what that dog is known for and see how you feel about that characteristic in your life.

2. What is the dog’s mood like?

Another good indication of what it could mean for you, is how the dog is behaving in your dreams. Are they happy, excitable, and all over you, or are they foreboding, angry and snappy?

A happy and excitable fur ball can mean that you are being protected by someone, that they are supporting you to bring joy and peace into your life.

This could be within a family or friendship relationship or could even mean a spirit guide or angel is watching over you.

A dog that brings with it an unsettling feeling, one of anxiety or even terror, could mean that you are experiencing emotion from trauma.

If you have had an upsetting even in your life that still gives you uncomfortable feelings, then this is a very good sign that you may need to process it.

There are many ways that you can do this, from talking therapies, journaling, and meditation.

3. Good luck and abundance

When we think about man’s best friend, they bring immediate feelings of joy, peace, and companionship. In many cultures, the dog is a symbol of good luck, hope and abundance to come.

If you feel that your apparition of a four-legged friend is a good symbol for you, then many would agree that it is a sign of new beginnings in your life and abundance is on its way to you.

Use this time to have a think about what you would like to manifest in your life, because the universe is telling you that now is a great time to bring positive newness into your world.

Is it a new job, a higher salary, more you time or new love? What a time to be you!

4. Are you dreaming of a dog you once knew?

If you are dreaming about a family pet that you used to have, then this can mean a few things.

Are you receiving comfort from that pet? If this is the case, then it may mean that you need more familial support in your life that you may not be getting.

Or this may be telling you to reach out for help in times of struggle. Asking for help and support is never a bad thing and will only prove to strengthen your support system.

What about a pet that has passed over? Many spiritual people would say, that if your beloved pet is visiting in your dreams, then this is a sign that they are trying to reconnect, to assure you that they are watching over you.

What a lovely reason to be seeing your best friend at night.

5. What is happening in the dream?

If something specific is taking place in your dream, this could be an indicator of your internal feelings.

  • If you are walking a dog and it is calmly walking beside you: this suggests confidence and that you have everything under control.
  • An out-of-control dog may be a sign that you are feeling out of control and need to put some boundaries in place to make you feel safe.
  • Playing with a dog, especially if you are rubbing its belly, could mean you have a deep trust in someone and that this feeling is reciprocated, so not to worry.
  • Being chased by a dog can mean unprocessed emotion or anxiety. When we wake up from a dream breathing heavily and frightened, this is not such a good sign and means that you may -need to address some difficult experiences.

Training a hound, could be an indicator that you feel a bit out of your depth and gathering more information on the situation would make you feel much better about it.

6. Can you hear a dog barking?

If you are hearing a dog barking in your dream, then this could mean that you need to start paying attention. Dogs bark because they hear something and want to protect their space. This is the same for you. What is in your life that is causing anxiety for you?

A dog barking would suggest that your space is being invaded somehow and you need to protect that. You may need to start asserting yourself, just like the dog and give someone clear boundaries that this person needs to back off.

If you hear many dogs barking, then this could mean that you are not noticing something that everyone else has clearly noticed. This tends to be around relationships.

Are you being treated unfairly by someone or you are being taken advantage of? Then the pack is telling you to pay attention and address the issue.

7. The dog is just there all the time, happily by your side.

This meaning is a lovely one. Having a dog by your side and happily living his best life, would suggest that this is also what you’re feeling right now.

Something is making you really happy and content to just experience. If this is you, then the relationship you have with someone or something, is really good for you, so, just do like the dog and enjoy it with a big grin.

So, what is the spiritual meaning of dreaming about dogs for you?

Hopefully now you will have a clearer picture, it most likely reflects on your inner world and your subconscious mind. Take some time to understand what this symbol means for you and how you can apply that knowledge to your day-to-day life.

Or, it could just mean get a dog, everyone needs a dog in their life!


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