Can You Manifest Two Things At Once?

can you manifest two things at once

Can you manifest two things at once? Not only can you, but you already are. Every thought you think is manifesting in some way. Everything in your life is the result of your unintentional manifestation.

The real question though is whether you can manifest two things at once through your deliberate intent.

Once you start to understand the law of attraction you realize how your entire life at this very moment is the result of your past thoughts.

Taking charge of your thoughts and making a deliberate effort to change your life at the highest level, the level of thought is how you ultimately change anything and everything.

The challenge when you start to see the power of the law of attraction is that you want to manifest ‘everything’ all at once.

This can lead to numerous internal and external issues that create resistance and you end up feeling frustrated and even dejected.

By deliberately focusing on manifesting just one or two things at once you can really harness your own power and effectively direct your energy and attention to something specific that you desire top be, do or have.

The Reality Of Deliberate Manifestation

Every thought has a manifestation. At first this may seem a bit startling but the reality is that every thought you think manifests in some way.

The thought of a red Ferrari in your driveway does not mean the instant manifestation of this dream car.

What it does mean however is that every thought you think manifests something that aligns with that thought.

This could be something material. It could be that you manifest a person, some event or even just another thought.

Most people keep manifesting the same things simply because they keep thinking the same thoughts. We get caught up in patterns of thinking because of our memory, our beliefs and the way we react in predictable and repeat patterns.

When you start to consciously take control of your manifestations it all becomes clear. You start noticing how your past thoughts have manifested the life you live now.

You also wake up to the realization that you can deliberately start to manifest what you DO want.

The practise of deliberate manifestation relies on your ability to direct and control your own thoughts away from ‘reality’ and on to that which you ultimately want to manifest.

While this sounds simple, it is not easy.

You often need to break a lifetime of thinking patterns. You need to change ingrained habits of thought.

This is why most people usually only focus on one or two things they really want to manifest deliberately. It makes it much easier to align your thoughts towards one specific goal then to try and change your entire mind at once.

While you CAN manifest multiple things at once, the reality is that you probably won’t. This is simply because you may have too much resistance when you try to manifest a bucket list of all your desires.

Can You Manifest Two Things At Once

How many things should you focus on at once to manifest through your power of intention? For some it’s one, for others it is ten.

What I can say is that the more things you try to manifest at once the more resistance will come up within you.

When you focus and direct your energy and your attention towards one thing – one big desire within you that you really want to manifest then you can often overcome the internal resistance much easier.

The majority of things we want to manifest fall into one of 3 categories…

  1. Money and finances
  2. Love and relationships
  3. Health and body

These are the three areas of life that we also tend to have the most ingrained beliefs and emotional attachments to.

No matter what you want to manifest in any of these three areas, you will know your own beliefs and how they are ultimately responsible for why you do not have what you really want.

Beliefs are thoughts and they are thoughts that you keep thinking – most unconsciously. They are the thoughts that manifest because you think them over and over again with a lot of emotion.

Can you manifest two things at once? Absolutely! The real question however is not if you can manifest two things at once but rather can you change your thinking about two things at once?

Changing your thoughts and beliefs about food, diet and health for instance can take a lot of internal work.

The same goes for changing your habitual thoughts about earning money, having a great job or connecting with your soulmate.

Manifesting Two Contradictory Things At The Same Time

Something that comes up a lot when you try to manifest something is that you will often manifest the seeming opposite of what you intend.

This cause me a lot of frustration – especially when I had no idea what it really meant.

I had the intention to manifest wealth and financial freedom. Shortly after setting the intention and having the idea to manifest wealth all sorts of financial sh*t started to go off in my life.

Everything that could go ‘wrong’ did.

I had no idea why. I was angry, frustrated and very fearful.

However, at some deeper level I still trusted in the universe.

In hindsight I can now see how the universe had to ‘clear out’ what was in my life at the time to make way for what I really wanted to manifest.

It had to get rid of that business that had very little potential. It had to get rid of those bad investments. It had to get rid of the job that was holding me back.

Once all that was cleared out I could start to manifest everything that was in alignment with what I REALLY wanted.

At the time, it appeared that I was manifesting two things at once – that which I wanted and that which I did not want.

Manifesting ‘the opposite’ of what you really want is often a very exciting sign. It may not always seem like that.

It’s often painful to go through but when you have faith and you really listen to your intuition you will know that this is your deliberate manifestation at work.

When you know that everything is happening FOR you then you know that the universe has your back and that you are loved and cared for no matter what.

Everything you want in life is already here.

All you have to do is to allow it into your life through your deliberate manifestation.

The Best Technique To Manifesting Multiple Things At Once

There are dozens of amazing manifestation techniques.

It is my INTENTION to manifest X, Y and Z in my life.
Today, my GOAL is to be happy, grateful and to enjoy my life to the fullest.

This is very different to how I used to approach manifestation (and this is why I was so frustrated).

I used to have the GOAL to manifest X, Y and Z. Everything was about that goal. I tried incredibly hard with affirmations, visualizations and all sports of techniques.

In the back of my mind, there was the INTENTION to be happy 0 but that intention was dependent on when (or if) the GOAL manifested.

Can you see the difference?

Do you understand the major shift in energy between these two?

You can manifest two things at once. You can manifest ten thighs at once with this approach.

You have a subtle intention for what you really want. You are clear on what it is, you can see yourself having it.

You are light and easy about it.
You don’t try hard.
You don’t strain.
You don’t try to make it happen.

All your energy is not directed towards trying to manifest your desire. You direct your energy and attention towards your own vibration.

You focus on being happy. Doing things you love. Being grateful. Helping others. Sharing life and joy and really living your life to the fullest NOW.

When your happiness becomes dependent on some future manifestation then you create the ultimate form of resistance.

Not only does it ensure you never manifest what you want but you ensure that you never be happy.

Once great truth to realize is that if you can not fiend a way to be happy without what you want to manifest then no matter what you manifest you will never be happy.


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