Dreaming About An Ex Years Later (Spiritual Meaning)

dreaming about an ex years later spiritual meaning

Dreaming about an ex years later has spiritual meaning in that it reminds you to resolve the unresolved issues and learn the deeper lessons that you may have forgotten.

Dreaming about an ex is rarely about a specific person but rather about the relationship. It can even relate to a different relationship but the dream acts as a metaphor.

These dreams can be deeply hurtful and deeply passionate.

Many people dream about having sex with an ex and this can be very exciting. These dreams are not there to call on you to re-ignite the relationship but rather to reignite the passion in your life.

Dreams are very indirect in their meaning and dreams about an ex can have some great lesson to teach us.

Why Am I Dreaming About My Ex All of a Sudden?

I’ve been ticking along my life and then all of a sudden I start getting dreams about an ex that I have completely forgotten about. Why am I dreaming about my ex from 10 years ago?

All relationships act as a mirror to the Self. In our dreams, these ‘reflections’ tend to well up and confront us.

Dreams are not so much about premonitions or memories as they are a means of solving and resolving inner conflict and desires.

Dreaming about an ex years later has a spiritual meaning and significance that usually relates to one of two scenarios.

  • You have unresolved issues
  • You are longing for some aspect of that ex or what that relationship gave you.

Unresolved issues in relationships are very common. Relationships often break down because issues don’t get resolved and people drift apart mentally, emotionally, and physically.

The mind is faceted on closure and wants to have issues resolved. You can suppress this urge but eventually, it will catch up with you.

Your mind often uses dreams to try and find closure and solve these unresolved ‘loose ends’.

Relationships all fulfill certain needs to varying degrees of satisfaction. We often dream of an ex not so much because of the person but because of some aspect of that relationship that we long for in the present.

There are many unique situations and conditions that lead to specific ‘types’ of dreams about your ex – even years after the relationship ended.

All relationships are spiritual in their essence because a relationship is nothing more than a mirror that allows you to relate your Self to another soul.

Keep this in mind as we explore dreams about ex relationships and ex-partners.

Here are the 9 reasons why you are dreaming about an ex years later and the spiritual meaning and implications of these dreams.

1. Dreaming about the experience and not the person

It can come out of the blue where you all of a sudden dream about an ex from 10, 30 or 50 years ago.

It can be very perplexing and often digs up memories that were buried deep within the subconscious mind.


And what is the spiritual meaning of dreaming about an ex years later?

You are most likely not really dreaming about your ex but rather about some aspect of that relationship that you are missing from your current life.

Most of the time it is that intoxicating feeling of falling in love for the first time.

You may be in a stale relationship at the moment and the dream of your ex stirs up those wonderful feelings of love, joy and passion – which is something your spirit longs for.

The meaning of this dream is deeply spiritual. It does not call on you to go find this ex, but rather to find those feelings of love and joy within yourself again.

When you fall in love with another person, in reality, you connect with them spiritually. It is one soul loving another.

Even deeper than that though, it is your love for another that awakens the love you have for yourself and within yourself.

2. Unresolved issues

Our inability to truly express ourselves and talk about things often leads to relationships breaking down.

People leave relationships out of anger and frustration – leaving a lot of issues unresolved.

Dreaming about an ex years later has a spiritual meaning in that you have to ‘clear’ your karma from past relationships.

It could be from that relationship you are dreaming about or from another.

Regardless of what happened, you had a role to play. You have some responsibility in what happened.

Owning up to it is the secret to finally letting go and releasing what may still be holding you back.

You may have to apologize to someone. You may have to ask for forgiveness or you may even have to forgive yourself.

Unresolved issues will continue to ‘haunt’ you – especially if they are issues that you have control over and that you have answers for.

3. You need closure

Having unresolved issues because of a relationship that ended not on your terms. Maybe your ex left you (or any other ex) and you have many unanswered questions.

Regardless of how the relationship ended, you have many open questions that your mind is craving answers for.

This can impact your life in a very subtle and profound way.

If you are struggling with self esteem and loving yourself then this dream is a wake-up call.

You need to find closure with the person or the relationship because it is impacting you spiritually.

4. Dreaming about fighting with your ex

If you are dreaming about an ex years later and the dream is about fighting with them then it usually means you have an inner conflict.

You are not really fighting with the person (your ex) but you are fighting with some aspect of yourself.

Your life is not really lived in the world out there.

You live your life inside your mind through your perceptions, your thoughts, and your emotions.

If there is something about yourself that you are struggling with then this dream will help to highlight this inner conflict.

Pay close attention to what you are struggling with within your life and try and uncover what the real conflict is.

5. Restoring a family unit

Maternal instincts are incredibly strong in mothers. Although it is present for fathers it is often not that strong and can easily be affected by substance abuse.

When you are dreaming about an ex years later with whom you have kids then it is your subconscious mind getting triggered by your maternal instincts.

You may recognize or need either the stability or the support of a partner for the sake of your children.

The dream does not call on you to reunite with your ex but rather highlights the need you and your children have for another parent figure in your lives.

Children need the Ying and the Yang in their lives and some deeper part of you know that.

As a single parent, you often offer only a very one-sided approach to parenting and some deeper part of you know that.

This dream calls on you to allow other authority figures to help inspire, educate and guide your children.

You do not have to do it all yourself.

6. Getting ‘Revenge’

We’ve all been in relationships where we got hurt in some way. Revenge is often on our minds in the immediate aftermath.

Over time we heal and the revenge often dissipates.

When you are dreaming about an ex years later and the dream is about revenge then it reflects these unresolved emotions.

Dreams often act as ‘dress rehearsals’ that allows us to play out scenarios in our dreams instead of real life where there will be more dire consequences.

This may not seem like it but its a really positive dream.

It helps to prepare you and ‘warn’ you to not get into relationships and scenarios where you can be taken advantage of.

The spiritual message of this dream is not revenge but rather preparedness.

7. Reliving the rejection

If you are dreaming about an ex years later and that relationship ended in rejection then it is not the person you are dreaming about but the rejection.

Did you experience any rejection recently?

Are you in situations where you fear rejection?

Maybe you are fearing rejection in a new relationship or maybe you are fearing rejection with a job interview.

The lesson from this dream lies in dealing with the rejection effectively. We all get rejected. Never take rejection personally. Sometimes things are just not a good fit and the rejection actually serves you.

What is the lesson you got from the rejection you are dreaming about?

Can you see how it may have to lead you along a much better and much more fulfilling path in life?

8. You are dreaming about harming your ex

When your dream is about physically harming your ex, it can be a very vivid and even traumatic dream.

Sometimes you can even dream about kil*ing your ex.

The good news is that this does not mean you are evil or that you are caving in to your dark side.

It simply means that you are killing off some part of yourself that may be holding you back.

This is a very positive dream because it usually signals that you are finally moving forward and letting go of something about yourself that was holding you back.

In relationships, we often change ourselves to try and conform and make the relationship work. Eventually, this breaks down though and often leads to relationships being unhappy.

9. Dreaming about your ex in a happy relationship with someone else

Dreaming about an ex years later, the spiritual meaning of them being happy is very significant in your own life.

The relationship may only be a distant memory but now you dream about them being happy and you feel happy for them.

This signals a change within you. It means that any anger, resentment and negative energy that you harbored towards them is finally gone.

Spiritually this is very significant because it means you will no longer carry the Karma from that relationship with you.

You will start to feel ‘lighter’ and like a big burden has been lifted.

What Does It Mean When Keep Dreaming About An Ex Repeatedly

What Does It Mean When Keep Dreaming About An Ex Repeatedly

When you keep dreaming about an ex years later, the spiritual meaning can relate directly to that person or that relationship.

Dreams tend to be much more indirect but if the dreams are consistently about the same person or the same relationship then there is something from that ex-partner or ex-relationship that you need to resolve.

Unresolved matters – whether they be emotional, physical or spiritual needs to be resolved for your mind and spirit to be at ease.

If dreams keep repeating the same theme then it will be persistent until you resolve it.

  • What is the REAL common thread in these dreams?
  • Is there anything in your current life that relates to this?
  • Is my current emotional state triggering these old emotions?

Trust your intuition to guide you in understanding the meaning and messages of your dreams.

You have the ability to understand your dreams and simply asking your Higher Self to guide you in revealing the meaning and the lessons is a very effective way to get to the bottom of these dreams.

Dreaming about an ex years later can be challenging, but the spiritual meaning can also be responsible for great personal growth.

When I dream about my ex every night the spiritual meaning reflects an important aspcet of that relationship that needs to be resolved.

When it comes to you persistently in your dreams then you will need to address the deeper issue. Until and unless you do it will keep coming up in your life and in your dreams.

Does My Ex Dream About Me?

Does dreaming about an ex mean they are thinking about me? Does my ex dream about me? these are big questions that so many people wonder about – especially when they start longing for a relationship that ended.

Nostalgia can play a lot of tricks on your mind. Your mind loves what is familiar. It is what feels good and safe which is why we tend to stick with it even when we conscious know it is destructive.

You will probably never know if your ex dreams about you but one thing I do know is that any time you focus intensely on another person (even in their absence) you create some sort of connection with them.

We’ve all had the experience where you think about someone and the phone rings…its them! and they will tell you ‘I was just thinking about you’.

That is not a coincidence.

The spiritual meaning of dreaming about your ex-girlfriend, spiritual meaning of dreaming about your ex husband or any ex could be related to this fact.

They could be thinking about you in a very intense way which causes you to dream about them.


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