The Spiritual Meaning of Bumblebees

The Spiritual Meaning of Bumblebee

People have always wondered what the spiritual meaning of bumblebees is. The spiritual meaning of the bumblebee is a symbol of wealth, good fortune, fertility and harmony.

I always find it amazing to see just how well orgnized and coordinated bees are. Millions of them swarming all over each other yet they all seem to ‘just know’ exactly where they should be and exactly what they should do.

We all know that bees represent hard work.

Being as busy as a bee certainly does reflect one of their most obvious qualities.

The lush, rich and much sought after honey they produce is another.

There are many more deeply spiritual symbolic meanings that bees carry. Some include success, peace and harmony, spiritual messengers and intuition.

What Does a Bumblebee Symbolize?

Have you ever wondered what a bumblebee symbolizes? Let’s explore the answer to that question together. Bumblebees are dynamic creatures.

Intuition: A lot of hidden messages that they have to teach us. Bumblebees can notice which pollen holds a premium nutritious content. They use this information to better optimize their movements. When bumblebees fly near us, they provide us with intuition and focus.

They serve as our inspiration to keep our eyes on the prize and try to avoid life’s distractions. Try your hardest to reach your goals and ambitions. Pay close attention to your intuition and what it tells you, for that will lead toward the realization of your goals.

Color: Even the bumblebee’s color, yellow, is a symbol of the sun’s color. A color that is a representation of happiness and being optimistic. At festivals, mead, whose main ingredient was honey, was usually drunk. Seeing a bumblebee reminds us to search for peace and harmony in our lives.

The Queen Bee: The Queen Bee takes a great amount of time to find the perfect spot to build her nest, On the contrary, bumblebees, are a symbol of being patient. Patience is the best remedy when facing life’s struggles and hardships.

Fertility: Thanks to their ability to produce around half a million eggs in their lifetime, and the fact they can control their body temperature, bumblebees are considered a symbol of productivity. All bees are productive and they stay focused on what they are doing.

Community: Bumblebees symbolize community. Bees always move together, following a rule. They also symbolize brightness (hello yellow) and personal power.

Slow Down: Their legs are one of the most important and sensitive organs to bees. They use their legs to taste. Once again, they remind us to slow down and use our senses to get a taste of life.

Intuition: If a bee stung you, they are sending you a message, to WAKE UP! Listen to your inner voice, follow your intuition, and do as it says.

Divine Guidance: If a bumblebee finds you, then follow its lead. It will show you where you need to go and it will take you to the most suited destination for yourself.

What Do Bees Represent Spiritually?

The Bumblebee honeycomb represents the Heart Chakra. It is the sweet taste of life. Bumblebees are deeply connected to the Sun, light, and warmth. Bumblebees are important creatures to the Kama, the Hinduism Goddess of Love, and to the Romans.

In antiquity, Bees were seen as symbolizing the Sun, the Goddess, and the Community.

Later, Christian Monks lived in beehive-shaped huts, that represented the goal of a harmonious community.

Some old traditions associate bees with the Divine, the soul, and Heaven. The Celts believed that bees were messengers between two worlds, Earth and Heaven. In Ancient Egypt, bees were believed that represented the soul.

When the god Ra cried, his tears turned into bees upon touching the ground, to deliver messages to man.

Europeans believed that bees and eagles were the only members of the animal kingdoms who had access to heaven. Bees are integral to our ecosystem. Pollinating flowers and producing honey are two of the most important processes that bees help the ecosystem with. Other than that, bumblebees also serve as connectors.

They connect the spiritual kingdom and material kingdoms.

These little creatures can turn life force energy into matter. They represent how we can turn our dreams and desires into material manifestations.

They combine intuitive knowledge with inspired action. And that creates the ground for the magic to blossom and thrive, turning dreams into a reality.

Hives have a divine organization.

They use the power of interconnection and sacred geometry and they represent a model of inspiration.

The beehive is a model of how we can use the laws of nature to connect with others and awaken our intuition.

The power of the beehive is the high vibrational energy of harmonious co-creation. Fertilizing flowers requires bees to work. That’s why in many contexts, bees are spiritual representatives of fertility, birth, growth, and new beginnings.

Feminity rules in the kingdom of the bees. All day-to-day operations are governed by heavenly feminine energy. This feminine energy rules intuition, the subconscious, feelings, imagination, birth, and nutrition. Bees can activate the feminine energy within us when they appear in our lives spiritually.

Bees use their harsh stinger as protection. And even though bees are lovely creatures and we love them, we try to keep our distance from them.

We know the immense power of the sting, and it is bittersweet.

Spiritually, bumble bees represent how important it is to set the boundaries straight.

Spiritually, they also represent energy protection and ask for energetic respect from other people.

Are Bees a Good Omen?

Are Bees a Good Omen

Yes, in general Bees are considered a sign of good luck and prosperity. If a bee enters your house that is a sign of good luck, or it means that you’ll have visitors coming to your house soon. However, the luck will only hold if you allow the bee to stay or fly out of the house when the bee decides to.

Instead, if you kill the bee, then bad luck will follow you. And the same thing will happen if you chase the bee away. Again, if a hive of bees settles on the roof of a house that means that something bad will happen in that house.

A lot of people buy necklaces and charms shaped like honey bees because they believe it will attract wealth into their lives. The same thing goes for coins that have a honeybee symbol. If they’re golden then they’re even more powerful.

These charms represent Good Luck and a successful business.

Bees are magnificent creatures and highly productive in fact. They produce beeswax and honey which have a golden color. And the Golden color has always been related to wealth and being financially rich.

In Ancient Egypt, Bees symbolized life and its giver.

The Bee symbolized Birth.

It was believed that the tears of Ra became the first working bees. In Ancient Greece, bees were in gran parts connected to the nymphs.

Wild bees inhabited caves and tree trunks.

Those were the same places where people thought that the nymphs resided.

They have been referred to as ‘’birds of the Muses’’. Aphrodite had a honeycomb as one of her symbols.

If bees see you as a threat to their hive then they will attack. The chances are very high. After all, that’s the only thing they can do.

Bees in your house is usually a good omen.

When they are drawn to flowers and/or good smells it draws them into your home and the happy nature of bees are often associated with happiness in a home.

Why Do Bumblebees Represent Good Luck?

It was believed that Bee hummed at midnight on Christmas Eve to celebrate Jesus Christ being born.

In Cornwall, you were allowed to move a hive of bees only when there was a Good Friday. A Cornish saying followed that if you could throw a handkerchief over a bee swarm, you could claim the whole swarm and plenty of good luck.

Don’t buy or sell a beehive. It is universally considered to bring about bad luck.

If you’re buying them, pay for them with the first piece of honeycomb you get from the hive. Or barter with other items.

Bees departing from the hive was considered an omen of death.

And understandably, people were keen to keep them happy! It was important to talk in a calm voice to the bees.

And you should never swear in front of the bees.

Again, they might get offended and leave. In Wales, the family member needed to inform the bees about the death. He should do so before the funeral happens.

Some people even add a black ribbon to the hive in an attempt to keep Death away from paying the household another visit.

In Ireland, it was traditional for the family to decorate the hives with some black cloth. Bees even had their share of any food left from the funeral.

Women would often leave a piece of their wedding cake for the bees.

Their rich folklore reflects how much bumblebees are valuable to humanity. The extraordinary nutritious value of the Honey that bumblebees produce explains why they represent wealth and good luck in so many cultural traditions.

They are considered wise creatures, messengers for the gods, or bringers of good fortune, they’re a vital part of numerous ecosystems and indeed have a special relationship with human beings.


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