How to Manifest Faster With Heart Energy?

How to Manifest Faster With Heart Energy

Learning how to manifest faster with heart energy is about tapping into the intelligence and power of the heart to originate and aplify the energy you emit into the universe.

Mind energy isn’t the only thing that fuels manifestation. You can also manifest with heart energy. In fact, you manifest faster with heart energy than with your mind energy.

You see, when your heart is open, and you send heart energy out into the universe, you open yourself up to enable more energy to enter your daily life, and when you send heart energy towards what you want, you attract it.

Mind alone won’t attract anything without your heart’s energy. Thoughts must become emotions and feelings, and only then can they lead you to your path and help you accomplish your goals.

Below, I will discuss heart energy in detail and teach you how to use it for manifestation, so let’s begin.

What is Heart Energy

Heart energy helps you overcome obstacles and see new possibilities, guides your path through life, and makes life easier. Using heart energy means aligning with the universe and asking for help with struggles, wishes, and dreams.

When you learn how to manifest from the heart, you will realize how powerful your heart really is. Heart energy is that quiet place inside of you. The majority of people never visit this place. However, the ones who do, know what I’m talking about.

Tapping into your heart energy can help you manifest anything, but you have to practice every day at first.

And once you master it, you will wonder why you ever manifested any other way before. Using heart energy is as natural as breathing!

Does Sending Heart Energy Work?

Sending heart energy works! In fact, it’s one of the secrets to making the law of attraction work every time.

Visualization and belief play a big role in the process as well. However, it’s when you tap into your heart’s energy that you really get results.

Belief, visualization, positive thoughts, and affirmations use only your mind’s energy. While you can still see results by manifesting with the power of your mind, it’s much easier and faster to do it with heart energy because it’s more powerful.

When you access your heart’s energy, you automatically line up every mental element of the law of attraction.

This means you automatically generate positive thoughts, which open your whole being to receiving anything you desire without any doubt.

How to Manifest Your Dream Life Faster With Heart Energy

Your mind’s energy springs from your mind, while heart energy comes from your heart.

To be more specific, heart energy originates from the center of your chest, where your heart chakra lies, but the heart chakra isn’t the one that activates your heart’s energy.

It’s you who can activate your heart’s energy. Then, your heart chakra will follow and activate the small amount of your heart’s energy it contains and complete the process.

Most people believe that heart energy comes from the heart chakra only. However, this is a misconception. And if you think the same, you will experience difficulties trying to activate your heart’s energy and use the law of attraction.

Now, let’s learn how to use your heart energy and practice faster manifestation.

Don’t Stress Much About Chakras

If you don’t know much about chakras, don’t worry because they don’t play a big part in manifestation.

Just know that your heart’s energy comes from the same area of the chest where your heart chakra is located. It is actually higher-level energy that has the power to manifest.

And when you start working with this type of energy and tapping into it regularly, it will become a part of your daily life. This means your thoughts will change.

Moreover, you will become a more positive, loving person in all areas of your life. And the universe will reward you for it by realizing your wishes. 

Focus on The Center of Your Chest

First and foremost, relax! Then, focus your whole attention on the center of your chest. Can you feel the energy and the love located inside your chest? That’s your heart energy!

Now, imagine your heart’s energy growing and spreading throughout your body until every cell is filled with it.

Feel it radiating throughout your whole being. Repeat the process daily and practice it until it becomes automatic. Anyone can do it, even the busiest people, so don’t look for excuses.

All you need is a strong will. Sit down, relax, and feel your energy expanding throughout your body. You can do this before and after manifestation.

Once your mental energy turns into emotional energy, your own heart will lead your way and help you achieve anything you want.

Become One With Your Own Heart

If you’re new to heart energy, it can take some time for you to connect with it and make it expand. At first, it can feel like nothing is happening but don’t worry. You will eventually connect with your main energy source, your heart.

The key is to stop living inside your head. Just stop thinking during this process. Your sole focus should be on your chest.

Once you connect with your heart’s energy and succeed in expanding it, you will notice positive changes in your life. In short, your whole life will change for the better.

Note that if there’s a thing that you want to specifically manifest, you need to surround it with your heart’s energy. You can do this by simply imagining the thing you want so bad as a part of your being, surrounded by your heart’s energy.

In other words, become one with the thing you want. It doesn’t matter where it’s located in the world or even if it exists yet. Just being at one with your wishes and sending your heart’s energy towards them will draw them to you like a magnet.

Final Tips for Heart Manifesting

I know that most people think mental energy is all you need for manifestation. However, think about it. Happiness or sadness doesn’t come from your subconscious mind. It’s your heart that’s responsible for your emotions and feelings.

Yes, thoughts get born inside your head, but they will never manifest things if you don’t convert them into emotions and feelings.

Once you do that, they will get born from your heart.

Heart energy is responsible for some manifestations failing. For instance, if you had a bad lover in the past, your heart will feel sad or scared when you start thinking about your relationship. But if you don’t stop thinking about it, you will attract similar things for yourself in the future.

Remember that your heart acts like a magnet. This means it attracts everything you hide in the depths of your heart.

Once you know this small secret, you can use your heart’s energy to your advantage right away. The following tips can help you in the manifestation process.

Happiness is A Choice

One of the ways you can manifest happiness and your dreams is by being happy. Many people don’t believe this, but happiness is a choice.

Life isn’t ideal, and there’s always something to be sad or angry about. However, there’s always something to be happy about as well.

Focus on things that make you happy such as your hobby, job, pets, family, friends, romance, or something else, and fill yourself with positive energy.

With the feeling of happiness, you will expand your heart’s energy naturally and fuel your new dreams to manifest faster.

Be Thankful for Everything

You can manifest your dreams faster by practicing gratitude daily.

You should be grateful for the things you already have and the things you want to have in the future as if you already have them. I suggest that you say positive affirmations the moment you wake up and before bedtime.

Start with “I’m grateful for…” and truly feel grateful for that same thing.

The key is not acting grateful for the things you’re waiting for or already have but having that abundance mindset before, during, and after the manifestation process. The law of attraction knows when you’re faking gratitude, so don’t do it!

Release Your Dreams

If you cling to your dreams too tightly, they can’t reach their destination.

Therefore, you should throw your dreams into space and see what happens. Wait and see what they will bring back. It could be a new life, new love, a new friend, a new job, etc.

Although awareness of your intentions is crucial for clarifying your wish and aligning your whole being with it, heart manifestation also includes releasing your dreams into the universe.

You can do this by visualizing yourself handing over your dreams to the universe and focusing on your happiness and internal peace.

It’s a gradual process that can’t be explained in full. However, start listening to your heart, and it will tell you what to do. It sounds cliché, but it’s true. Your heart is your inner compass.

If you allow your heart to lead your way, it will find shortcuts to your dreams.


Using your heart’s energy can definitely speed up your manifestation because it’s a special all-consuming energy. Therefore, you would be wrong if you ignored it and only used your mental energy and vision board.

If you’ve learned something new or valuable in this article, please share it with your loved ones!

Help the people you love experience positive emotions and spiritual awakening and unlock their true power with this rarely spoken technique.

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